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Quite literally…English idioms and expressions explained.

August 31, 2010

From the PearsonLongman publishers!

These short videos, while mostly British English, will help you understand where idioms  and expressions come from, and hopefully when you hear them you’ll be able to picture the situation and develop an understanding of what’s actually being said.

1. ‘It’s not my cup of tea’

2. ‘Come on! Let’s hit the road!’

3. ‘…got a bun in the oven.’

4. ‘Who let the cat out of the bag?’

5. ‘Pull my leg’

6. ‘…a hot potato’

7. ‘Fishing for compliments’

8. ‘Oooh! That’s a nice bit of crumpet!’

9. ‘Thick as two planks’

10. ‘Pick up the pieces’

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