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September 20, 2010

When I was in university, ‘chunking’ was something very different from the description offered in this article.

Take a look at it; as language learners I’m sure that you have all experienced both angles discussed.

On Language: Chunking

by Ben Zimmer

My ebullient 4-year-old son, Blake, is a big fan of the CDs and DVDs that the band They Might Be Giants recently produced for the kiddie market. He’ll gleefully sing along to “Seven,” a catchy tune from their 2008 album “Here Come the 123s” that tells of a house overrun by anthropomorphic number sevens. The first one is greeted at the door: “Oh, there’s the doorbell. Let’s see who’s out there. Oh, it’s a seven. Hello, Seven. Won’t you come in, Seven? Make yourself at home.”

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