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Do any of you have problems ‘disconnecting’ from the internet?

September 20, 2010

This is a very popular column from the Guardian newspaper in the U.K.

The columist talks about dealing with internet addiction and the onslaught of technology which many of us struggle to deal with, myself included. I remember when I was writing my MA dissertation (15-20,000 words) I had to get a computer with no internet and take occasional email/facebook breaks to maintain my sanity. In the end it worked.

 It’s nice to know, courtesy of this article, that we are not alone in dealing with the mesmerism of new internet technology which seems to be unknowingly forced upon us.

Google Instant is trying to kill me

For the sake of my sanity, and my attention span, the war against the machines starts now

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on this matter in the comment box below!

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