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September 20, 2010

Do you know what a ‘spoiler’ is?

Well, to spoil means to make something bad or unusable. Like if you left milk out in the sun for two days, in the end it would be spoiled. However, a ‘spoiler’ refers to information in a movie, tv show, or dram/play that ‘spoils’ the ending.

If you ever have a look on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), you’ll see reviews with comprehensive details about the films they talk about (basically every film), but they warn you about ‘spoilers’… well apparently Wikipedia isn’t as concerned about spoilers as those in the business of creating nail-biting endings (Inception, The Usual Suspects and many more).

Take a look at this article from the IHT:

Spoiler Alert: Whodunit? Wikipedia Will Tell You

by Noam Cohen

At the end of each performance of the Agatha Christie play “The Mousetrap,” the person revealed to be the murderer steps forward and tells the audience to “keep the secret of whodunit locked in your heart.”

Even after 58 continuous years of performances in the West End of London, the play’s twist ending has been largely preserved by reviewers, guidebook writers and the great bulk of the estimated 10 million people who have seen the play.

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