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Time to Speak Up!

March 29, 2011

Last month the world celebrated International Mother Tongue Day – did you?

Here is an article I plucked from the Guardian newspaper. It discusses the importance of learning in your first language, and whether or not students – especially younger learners – should be taught in the first language or the language which their government determines. This is a controversial issue in many Asian countries where a lingua franca is used to communicate among populations that have many different languages.

Speaking up for the mother tongue

Denying children education in their first language is holding back communities and development goals

by Susy Ndaruhutse
Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 8 February 2011

In relation to Koreans learning English and travelling to other countries – which I know many students have done – how do you think that this issue effects Korea today? Why do people do it? Is it only to learn English? If it is for English, why do people think that speaking English like a native speaker is so important? Should Korean education focus on English or different languages?

What about the article? Do you see any problems with the content? Does it answer all your questions? Could the author have included some more information to help you understand the subject more?


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