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Pet Peeves and Punishment

May 16, 2011

Is it safe to assume we all have pet peeves, little things that for some odd reason annoy us more than they might annoy other people? According to Wikipedia, “pet peeves often involve specific behaviors of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other. These behaviors may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships, and family issues. A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others, but not to you.”

In western culture, a common pet peeve of women is men who leave the toilet seat in the upward position. I can’t understand that, but then again, I have never accidently fallen into the toilet as some unfortunate ladies have.

A former girlfriend of mine used to complain that I spent too much time thinking about golf and not enough time thinking of her. I told her that if she were as interesting as golf, I wouldn’t be, and so she is my ex. However, I also didn’t like when she clipped her fingernails in public. Yuck!

Another of my pet peeves is people who spit on the ground. Not only does it look disgusting, it could potentially spread germs. Thus, if I were to be given the almighty power to punish spitters, I would force each and every one of them to lie on a busy sidewalk during rush hour outside a hotel that was hosting an international convention for spitters – without a raincoat, of course. Either that, or I would make them sit under Pavlov’s dog while I continuously rang the bell.  On a separate note, my strong arm of justice for people who clip their nails in public would be to force them to wear gloves at all times upon entering the public domain, even in summer. Of course, they could take them off at home.

Here is a list of pet peeves that you may or may not agree with. Unfortunately, it does not provide punishments for such ‘major transgressions’ (sarcasm, i.e., they are only minor faults).

Students: What annoys you? Write a list of your top three pet peeves with a description of why they annoy you. Then, come up with a creative punishment for each. By the way, if you haven’t realized it yet, this topic is meant to be very light-hearted. Remember that tolerance is a cornerstone of a well-developed character and we should strive to share our similarities while celebrating our differences.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    May 18, 2011 3:08 am

    proftodd! How brave! “I told her that if she were as interesting as golf, I wouldn’t be”
    how could you dare to say those words towards your (ex-) girlfriend? I can’t help bursting my laughter.
    1. Smokers
    Whenever I smell the cigarette smoke, I feel like almost throwig up vomit. They often spit about everytime they inhale smoke ,and they throw the cigaret butt away anywhere.
    If I were able to punish them, I would put each of them in a one-square-meter room, and let them smoke as much as they want to until they would almost die from lung cancer. I might check who survives for the longest time. I might generously let the last one live a little longer.
    2. Bossy leaders.
    They bug us and do not spare our own decision on a matter. They always supervise our work and never listen to our opinions.
    I would give them thousands of puppets without no human. They could make the puppets be located where they want the workers to be. The puppets without any complaint would be there. Though they could control even meticulous movements of the puppets’ finger, there may remain all the works they have to deal with, because puppets could make a pose, yet never carry something out. After that, I would give them enormous amount of task; it could be paper works, or cnostruction project.
    3. Bitchy girls
    I have ears so that I can’t prevent them from invading my eardrums. They are such a jealous children that they don’t know how to stop their gossips.
    I would but some straw magic puppets from a shaman, and write their names on them.
    Whenever I hear them say something bad about others, I would prick the puppets’ lips with a needle. I would record how long does it take for them to recognize the relationship between the pain and their bitch habits. Maybe it would take a lifetime.

    • proftodd permalink*
      May 19, 2011 9:43 am

      Haha. Great stuff Anonymous. I wonder if there is room in the government for you.

  2. anonymous permalink
    May 18, 2011 3:14 am

    I would like to fix two sentences.
    2. Bossy leaders
    They bug us with interrupting everytime and do not spare our own decision on a matter. They always supervise our work and want us to be wherever and whenever they call us.

  3. May 18, 2011 1:58 pm

    One thing that bothers me is people who stand around trying to solve a problem by spending too much time trying to find out who caused the problem in the first place, even though the problem hasn’t been solved!

    I’ll give you an example.

    When I was studying in England the boiler in the house broke in the middle of March – a very wet and miserable month in England. Anyway, we called the landlord who lived in Sicily and she found a plumber who called around to the house and did something to the boiler. I wasn’t there at the time and he dealt with my wife. He was quite rude to her and didn’t do a good job – he never came back to finish it and he didn’t leave a number so that we could call him back. More importantly, we still didn’t have hot water

    The landlord didn’t call for three weeks when we called her and asked where was the plumber gone (we didn’t have cold water for three weeks – we were in Ireland for two of these weeks for my brother’s birthday and some home cooking!).

    She came around to the house (yes, from Sicily, although I don’t think it was only for our benefit) and started looking through the phone-book for the plumber to complain (there must be hundreds of plumbers phonenumbers in the phonebook – a serious needle in a haystack situation). She spent the whole time complaining about the plumber and realtor without asking any questions about herself, and also without calling another plumber to come and fix our boiler – it was now early April.

    My point here is, she didn’t see that she should have just fixed the problem and then complained to the plumber on her own time. I didn’t care who or what the plumber wanted, or the fact that she didn’t know how to deal with a problem – like checking that the problem has been fixed – I just wanted a hot shower.

    Complaining doesn’t solve any problems in my opinion, getting down to the job and finishing it is the only solution. You can’t rely on other people to make your own life better, you have to rely on yourself and yourself only when it comes to fixing problems on getting on with your life – at home, in university, in work, on the street.

  4. May 18, 2011 6:17 pm

    1. Smokers, aggreeing ‘anonymous’ above:)
    Smokers are always my top pet peeve. They do have a right to smoke, but they do not have a right to make ME smoke indirectly! Some research says indirect smoking is worse than direct one. Whenever I spend time with a smoker, I can feel the yucky smell even I come back home. It remains on my clothes and hair and everything!

    They should know how it is feel like to spend a day with a disgusting stinky rubbish right under their nose.

    2. Waiters/waitresses who clean up tables as soon as I finish eating
    I personally think that it is my right to enjoy my meal with plenty of time whenever I go to any restaurants. However, becuase they want to get more customers, they try to make the people who already finished their dishes leave the restaurant. That is why they haste to clean up tables and I HATE it. It feels like I have to eat so quickly and sometimes it makes me to have upset stomach. I would set a CCTV right above their heads anytime they eat to punish them!

    3. Last but not least, people who push others on public transportations
    Everyone has their own destination when they take a public transportation. Some would get off the bus or train at the same stop. But why do they push others? Does that really help them to arrive somewhere on time? All they have to say to get through crowded area is “excuse me.” People would definitely step aside when they hear that word. However some would just push and push the crowds without a word and sometimes grumble about those who do not get out of their way. (I sometimes do my best to stay where I am, blocking their way when they try to push me harsh – it could be a good punishment;D)

    • May 18, 2011 10:22 pm

      Another thing that bothers me about waiting staff in some Korean bbq restaurants is when you order your food and they come over and put it all on the grill at once and it cooks too quickly and before you know it you’re finished and you haven’t had a chance to enjoy your meal and the company… gggrrrrr

  5. PCE permalink
    May 18, 2011 6:54 pm

    1. Street smokers

    Of course, I think that smoking is one’s taste and I respect their taste.
    However, I think it is very rude to smoke on the street. Even thoufh there are many smoking area, some people smoke on the street. Cigarette smoke from street-smokers makes following people stuffy. Futhermore, second-hand smoking is more harmful than self-smoking. It seems to be unconsiderable and selfish behavior.
    If I can punish them, I would like to keep them in a narrow room that is full of cigar fumes from other smokers for a few days. When they belong to the situation that they don’t smoke and keep inhaling cigarette smoke, they can feel how disgusting it is.

  6. Olivia permalink
    May 19, 2011 2:42 am

    My best pet peeve is smoking. Smoking is not only harm to smoker’s health, but also other people’s health. If I can punish them, I will show them ruined lung picture by smoking and talk about other diseases which caused by smoking.

    Second pet peeve is swearing bad word any time. It makes me uncomfortable and sometimes get angry. People should know how powerfully the word influence to human’s condition.

    Third pet peeve is spitting anyplace in building. I really hate the students who spit at the floor lead to lecture room inside the building. They never care about other people. If I could punished them, I will let them fall down on the floor where many people spit.

  7. QIAO MI permalink
    May 19, 2011 5:37 pm

    Sometimes I will give the understanding for people’s pet peeves. Just like teacher’s side his ex girl like clipped her fingernails in public. Because I think this is human nature. But the following 3 item I can’t intolerable.
    1.Screaming children
    Relative to the child, I can’t understand these children’s parents . Especially in the quiet public places such as coach bus. Children have been noisy but parents just sleeping in the next seat. If I can punishment them I will let them can not speak within the next day. Gad forgive me.
    2.Spit on the ground
    I agree with the teacher’s opinion. It’s very disgusting if just hear the voice. And it could potentially spread germs. I hope in the future there are clearly defined in the law. If people do that they can accept the $ 1,000 penalty. I think people will change the pet peeves
    3. Loudly people in public places
    This one looks like the first one but It’s different. People like talking when their get in dinner But if their talking loudly and affect others It’s very impolite .But I don’t have good idea to punishment it . what do you think teacher?

    • proftodd permalink*
      May 22, 2011 11:52 pm

      Unfortunately, some people do not display basic common courtesy in public, such as talking loudly. A suitable punishment for loud people in public places? Perhaps, they should have to endure a group of chatty middle school students in their living room during their favorite TV program.

  8. Chu permalink
    May 19, 2011 11:23 pm

    One of my pet peeves is the people making noises on a bus. I take the bus every day to commute, and there are a variety of people on a bus. While some people listen to music or play video games on their smart phones, others doze off or look outside the window in a silence. However, what bothers me the most is the people talking on their cellular phones too loud or chatting with their friends without purposes. I can still remember the most irritating experience until now. About a year ago, I was on a bus, and one girl suddenly sat next to me. And then, one boy sat the right behind my seat. At first, I did not care about them too much, but they had a chat with one another over and over again. Even though I did not want to be told their personal stories, but anyhow I had to hear them. If they had really wanted to say something to each other, they should have sat other seats behind the bus!!(There were many seats.) I was very annoyed at that time, so I almost said to them bad words. In other case, some people try to have unnecessary phone calls, which also annoy me. It seems to me that they do not care about other people. Bus is public transportation many people use every day, so we need to keep the rules: to be quiet and not bother others. I think that keeping simple basic rules can help our society to be better. In addition, if I were given the authority to punish those annoying people, I would simply not allow them to ride on public transportation for a year. In that case, they would feel how inconvenient and costly for them not to use it, thinking back over their unmannered behaviors, and regretting them. They are likely not to behave in that way, using transportation later.

    Another thing that bothers me is making complaints and looking on the bad and negative side of the things all the time. It is undeniable fact that when we are under a lot of pressure, it is natural for us to complain about the cause of stress. However, what I do not like is the attitude of the people who always make complaints, but do not make effort or take action to solve the problem. I think only making complaints cannot solve anything in life. Life is the process of making decisions and doing something for us. Besides, looking only on the bad side of the things is not a good way to deal with our problems. If we only focus on the negative side, we come to think in a negative way, affecting our life in the same way. This is a kind of vicious cycle, which can lead to a negative influence on us after all. I thought about the way to punish those people, and I have a good idea. If they kept complaining about something, not trying to solve it or taking action, then it would better for us to complain something in the same way they did. We can just keep our complaints for a day, a week, or even a month. In that case, they would feel like seeing themselves in the mirror.

    Lastly, one thing that annoys me is the unkind servers in the restaurant. When they take an order, they sometimes get it in an inappropriate way. I usually try to order something in a polite way, but when they just respond it bluntly, in fact, it is hard for me to be as polite as possible. Sometimes, they almost throw the food I ordered, which bothers me a lot. Is this a right way to treat their customers? I think that not only the customers should act in a polite way in a restaurant, but also the servers need to be as polite as they can to their customers. I just try to forget about it when I am mistreated in a restaurant, but surely it is one of the things that many people feel uncomfortable. If I were to punish those unfriendly servers, I would let them invite a certain restaurant, and be treated as the same way they did. If so, they would feel how uncomfortable their customers felt while they were taking orders. In other case, if I were a boss of them, I would just throw them out of employment.

  9. May 20, 2011 5:22 pm

    I just got back from Homeplus where I was repeatedly reminded of another list of pet peeves:

    1. People who stop in busy doorways when they enter a building people who stop at the end of an escalator. Why? Why? Why? If you did that in car could you imagine the chaos on the roads? All these people need to do is take about ten steps forward and then take a look around thus allowing other people to go about their business.

    2. Drivers who forget the people can be killed when you drive over them until the last minute. I see it so many times, especially in Kyunghee campus and outside Homeplus, drivers who don’t care one bit for people walking or trying to cross the street. It’s really scary and drives me mad. I think I will start chasing these people in future.

    OK, rant is over now! Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂

  10. MIN.Y.K permalink
    May 20, 2011 11:25 pm

    At first, I can’t endure screaming children in public place.
    Some children are conceptless. They shouted in bus, cried in museum, ran in restaurant etc. Wow. It drives me crazy. I can’t concentrate on sleep, study, talk to peers. However, the problem is depending on their parents. They don’t spoil their children. I’m supposed to burst out in this situation.
    I think solution is home education. Parents need to stirct to their children. And children have to accept parents’s teaching. I’m very worried about future indeed.
    Secondly, arrogance is very severe problem.
    Most people live in society with own confidence. It is required. But, excessive confidence has an oppotunity to be a reason to people’s annoying. I think many young guys have an unneccessary self-praise. Oh, It’s really terrible. Today, people are easy to see it.
    If I were arrogant, I tried to change mind to be sound. The method to solve is only to convert their own consciousness.
    Third, poor driving etiquette makes me angry.
    Now, I’m not a driver. but, when I was a driver, I hated to go Suwon Station, Gangnam, Yeouido. There are many cars and traffic jam. I was affaid of car accident. Specifically, I avoided bus and taxi. They had no rule in road. Poor manner and etiquette are hard to fix in short time. I think severe traffic rules are needed. And a driver license is required to be more difficult to certificate.

  11. KSH permalink
    May 21, 2011 12:48 pm

    Personally, what most hinders me is
    1. movie kicker (who kicks the front seat with their feet)
    2. annoying bus passangers
    3. noise at late night

    When we go to the movie, there are some people talking and it is annoying, indeed. But what is more annoying for me is kicking! I don’t understand why they cannot let their feet camly down to the floor. When someone kick my seat constantly, I try to warn them by giving them a glimpse. Possible punishment for them is… tying their feet? I don’t know…. I cannot come up with something, its just annoying 😦

    What I mean by rude bus passangers is various. It can be someone talking on the phone too loudly or someone who are reluctant to give up their next seat putting their belongings eventhough it is empty. I think if they are not well aware of public etiquette, we can make them understood. For instance, they may read some etiquette statement outloud in front of other passangers whom they made annoyed.

  12. whosthisgirl permalink
    May 21, 2011 2:08 pm

    One of my pet peeves is smokers who smoke on a street. I don’t have anything against smoking or smokers but once I get to meet or pass by smokers who smoke on a street it becomes a problem. Smoking on a crowded street is annoying. They don’t care other people who don’t smoke and they ignore the fact that they can affect the smoke irritates people’s contacts and flares up my eczema and cause a second hand smoking which makes a bad health problem. I would like to blow smoke in their face as they walk by without a second thought I I can as a punishment.

    Another pet peeve is not washing hands after using the washroom. Gross!!!
    Ever since I watched a documentary film that showed all the yucky germs by not washing hands after using the washroom, it bacame one of my big big pet peeves. So whenever I go to washroom with my friends (not into the same toilet lol) and wait for my friends to come out or whatever, If I see them not washing their hands and are about to go out, I make them to wash their hands. I even used to ask them if they washed their hands when my friends came out first and waited for me. As a punishment, I want to show them the documentary flim I watched right after when they come out of washroom, not washing their hands. Pretty sure they would rush into the washroom and wash their hands right away after watching the film.

  13. Wow permalink
    May 21, 2011 10:53 pm

    I think I have two pet peeves.

    1. wearing full make-up in public

    Sometimes, women is wearing a make-up from make up base to lipstic even as sitting in the subway. I think make-up should be finished at home in the morning, even if they don’t have enough time because wearing heavy make up in public may cause other people to feel uncomfortable.

    If I have almighty power to purnish them, I will impose them to go out without make up for life time.

    2. getting dead drunk habitually

    Drinking is all right as long as people don’t do it to excess. But, some people are too fond of drink to remember what was happening that day. Some of them always make other people’s feeling bad for ther mistakes, but after that, they just appolize naturally for they don’t have any memory.

    So, if i have power, i would like to take pictures their behaviors, make them a movie and upload it on youtube. They may be really shamed.:)

  14. whosthisgirl permalink
    May 22, 2011 1:04 am

    Just came back to dorm from Seoul Bus Terminal meeting one of my old friends who recently lives in Jeonju. Meeting the friend reminds me of another pet peeve. Of course my friend is not pet peeve but taxies that make noise to get passengers are pet peeves are. I don’t think this annoying taxi culture started in Seoul at first. I found this when I first visited in Jeonju. Since two of my old friends live in Jeonju for school, I visit Jeonju once a while and my first impression of Joenju was the tons of cabs. Jeonju has a lot of cabs! Everytime I visit there, freaking cabs whiche make noisy klaxon sounds annoy me so much! Taxi drivers push klaxon so loudly when the car is empty. Unfortunately, I think this annoying culture has escalated in Korea since I’ve heard the taxi’s klaxon sounds in my hometown and Suwon and Seoul. I don’t get why do they make the annoying noise. I understand how much they want to get passengers in their car to earn money but basically they scare people and ruin the whole environment by noise pollution. One day, one taxi driver made a huge klaxon sound to me and my friend out of nowhere and I was startled and pissed off so bad.
    If I can, I want to throw a lot of eggs to their taxies and put a memo saying like “this is how much you annoy us!”

  15. April. Park permalink
    May 22, 2011 12:27 pm

    One of my pet peeves is the people using improper words. Many Koreans choose wrong expressions when they are speaking and writing something in Korean. One of the examples is ‘different’ and ‘wrong.’ I think that 70% of Korean says ‘wrong’ when they have to say ‘different.’ The people also often write wrong spells such as 찌개 and 찌계.’ It totally annoys me because I start to mind it as soon as I heard it. The other example of using improper word is ‘fault’ and ‘mistake.’ A lot of Korean also choose ‘mistake’ instead of ‘fault’ when they are speaking in English. If I were able to punish them, I would give them a compulsory ticket to learn the grammar of Korean and English.

    Another thing that irritates me is the people doing dirty actions in public. I saw the man sitting next to me on a bus with picking his nose strongly. He even attached his gross bugger behind the bus’ handle. I totally freaked out and almost got crazy because of his actions. Additionally, I sometimes saw a book with the repulsive bugger on the page when I borrow it. It is totally disgusting!!! The other example of doing dirty actions in public is the people throwing out small trash and shutting it into the subway’s gate. Plus, I saw some guys having feet odor took off their shoes in a class especially on a raining day. I REALLY HATE these kinds of actions!!! If I were able to punish them, I would put them into a place which can attract public attention and make them do what they did in front of the public.

    The final pet peeve of mine is the people taking photos by themselves in a narrow public place. I have saw a lot of people taking self-camera at transportations. About a year ago, I took a train to Busan to see my grandmother. At the train, a woman next to me took her photos all the way from Seoul to Busan. It annoyed me so much because I could not but see all of her faces which expressed cuteness, prettiness, and even the look of sexy. If I could punish the people like her, I would make them buy me nutritional supplements which is good for eyes.

  16. book permalink
    May 22, 2011 2:16 pm

    Firstly, one of my pet peeve is drunk person. I like drinking but I hate drunk person who different before drinking. Even I dislike my family, boyfriend or best friend, if they are drunk. Some people says ‘Alcohol exists to drunk’. But, I don’t agree with this thinking. Alcohol is good when it proper.

    Next, I hate a person who bite his fingernails and has the habit of sniffling. This two bad habit make me annoying. If anyone who has this habit seats next me, I don’t concentrate anything. Finally, I leave that place.

    I think that the above people experience some people who have worse habit than them. It may be most suitable punishments.

  17. S.A. Lee permalink
    May 22, 2011 2:56 pm

    1. street smokers or non-smoking area smokers

    I HATE THEM. Smoking is very very annoying me all the time. Smoking is not only bad influence to smokers but also more bad influence to second-hand smokers. The news that makes me freecked out is second-hand smoking could be the cause of lung cancer and the cause of nicotine addicting and many kind of diseases. Also, esepectially smoking one beside pregnant women or children even if the spot is non-smoking area, they are abnormal seriously. I think that is why the non-smokers right is always above the smokers right by the law in Korea. But this is not taking effect not yet. So, my punishment is wearing smoking helmet. If someone smoke with wearing this helmet, he drinks all smoke by himself not affecting others. The helmet become a walking smoking zone.

    2. Movie Talker
    I’m sort of very concentration person when I’m whatching movie. I even don’t eat anything during movie time. So, distracting people is my second pet peeve. I don’t understand… why some people chatting with ecah other out loud in a theater? I just don’t get it. Also, making a phone call in a theater… what is wrong with them? Am I too sensitive or too small mind? I don’t khow these things are quite tolerable or not. Well, I’m not sure which punishment is suitable. Cover their mouth with a duck tape? lol I don’t know .

    3. Make a noise in a public transportation.
    Making a phone call in a loud voice, whatching DMB without earphone, talking to each other with a slang. In a subway or bus, most people are calm. So do I, because I don’t want to annoy people. Unwanted sound are just a noise, and a noise make people cranky. It’s not a difficult thing. Lower one’s voice, checking earphone. For these people, I would recording what they did, and show this video to them. They could make an objective observation their own behavior. Then they chould khow how shame they are.

  18. youtopia permalink
    May 22, 2011 4:11 pm

    1. Smokers on the street
    I cannot understand why Korean government still don’t change street smoking as a illegal behavior. This is a problem not only to people who smoke but also who do not smoke! Whenever I smell of cigarette, it is disgusting to me… I want to vomit! To punish them, I want to make them stay in a room full of cigarette smoke.
    2. person who always say ‘pardon?’
    To say something twice is very burdensome to me.. why they don’t try to hear something at once?
    For them, I will record my word and let them listen to this 100time.
    3. person who always say ‘negative word or thought’
    People who always thing in a negative way make me restless. Also, they transmit that thinking to me. I try to think positively as much as possible, but they hinder my efforts. For these people, I want to introduce another negative friend to them. I’m wondering the result of double negativeness.

  19. sososo permalink
    May 22, 2011 8:07 pm

    This topic is very interesting.

    1. Movie obstructors

    In my experience, one man sitting in my back put his foot on the armrests my chair. I was so surprised and annoyed. I warned the man twice or three times but he repeated the behavior. In addition to this, there are many factors interfering with watching movie. I don’t understand why they do this.

    So I think some punishments. We stick a adhesive tape on their mouth and their bags in order to prevent their talking and using cell phone.

    2. Smokers

    Nobody want to be victims of secondhand smoke. But there are too many people who smoke in the non-smoking areas. Especially, I don’t forgive them who smoke at the bus stop. I will inevitably drink the cigarette smoke.

    When they violated the law, we must put them in the stuffy box all day. They should do smoked all day without a break.

    3. Poor Driving Etiquette

    Many people have bad driving manners. This is connected with a person’s life.
    So we should punish them much more harshly.

    When some drivers have a bad etiquette, we should cancel their driver’s license for six month.

  20. Actor permalink
    May 22, 2011 8:17 pm

    1.Mouth noises
    Some people make noises over the necessary. This kind of person should know their action can cause other’s irritaion. They also can’t distinguish where they are. For instance, that is, they don’t stop making noises ever in theater or somewhere.
    Punishment for them is that they are forbidden to talk. Or course, they can talk little bit. However, if they talk more than limit, they would have to lots of fee. Moreover, they never talk in public areas such as theater or library. If they want to talk other, they could send a massage to other via their phone.

    2.Chewing with mouth open
    Chewing with mouth close is common sense over the world. Chewing with mouth open is so bad manner because they chew with mouth open, though they can close their mouth. Person of the opposite side have to see the something disgusting in mouth of other.
    Punishment for them is that the government take them to military for a while. They can learn common sense like sort of chewing with mouth close because military is a class society. If they deny to learn that, upper class would hit them. It is compulsory for them to learn chewing with mouth open in military.

    In case of smokers, smoking is just freedom. Certanly, smoking is not guilty, however, smoker have to consider no-smoker. An involuantarysmoking can cause cancer.
    For this reason, Smoking should be forbidden. Punishment for this is just a huge penalty. Regulation of smoking in today is just norm. However, smokers should pay lots of fee for penalty if they would smoke public areas including a ordinary street from now on. They might consider others if they don’t want to be a beggar.

  21. Dongki permalink
    May 22, 2011 10:17 pm

    When I meet a smoker who is smoking at the bus station where many people wait for the bus, I am annoyed by a smoker. Most people know that a bus station is a public space. However, when I look at smokers who freely enjoy a cigarette, I am sometimes unbearable. they do not consider other’s health and feeling. I think that it is very an uncivilized action. What on earth, I could not understand their actions. Of course, They do not interest in others.

    2. Spread man’s leg

    When I bord a bus or subway, can look at a man who spread his double legs excessively( Of course, He sit in a seat which is used by other at the same time. He do not consider other also. he just sit in his private seat. Hm, I could not think punishment.

  22. Sunny permalink
    May 23, 2011 12:25 am

    1. People who leave doors open or go outside in the class’ way are my pet peeve. Especially, if one person keeps open the door, another noise(walking or talking in the hall sound people make in the hall) go into the classroom or library. They don’t seem to seriously think of this behavior, but they actually disturb the others studying, reading, or concenturating on other activities. Also, they come and go from the classroom or library to the outside; they sometimes say that their cell phones are suddenly ringing, or they want to pee, but that makes the others there be irritated is true. I think if they go outside on the class way, the teacher should minus their point related to their academic performance. Also, people who repeatedly go outside and back in the library are made to stop entering the library.

    2. I hate heavy-smokers in the street because they, in fact, harm others. I have a little bit weak lung comparing that of others, so cigarette makes me cough a lot. I would like to make them pay a kind of tax. Personally, I think that the tabacco companies should make their products more poisonous, this seems to be too much. 😉

    3. Finally, I often complain about people listening to music or watching video files using their Smart-phone or kinds of Portable Multimedia Player WITHOUT putting on earphone in the public transport. The sound is big enough to annoy others there. I want to give them earphone, but I think this is just a present, not a punishment.

  23. May 23, 2011 5:39 am

    People are different and each has their preference. This proposition is truth, but many people have felt annoying when close family or friends’ actions are contrary to their expectations. I also have this experience well known as pet peeve from close relationship. In my thinking the most terrible pet peeve is to spit and spit again whether people passing by in everywhere. This action makes the space dirty and unsanitary. According to psychologists, the people who spit on the ground want to exaggerate their strong power by imitating the gang’s action. Even though they have other reasons to spit such as lots of stresses this people should be punished. If I were a policeman or prosecution, I would make them to clean the road or the floor by wiping with using their tongue!

    Secondly, I dislike people who intrude my privacy without permit. In my experience, my roommate brought her friends without saying to me anything during the middle term. As they made some… lots of noisy when I studying, it was very difficult to tolerate their actions. After all, the next day, when I know her friends were also supposed to stay all day long in our room, I was very upset and told to my roommate about this problem. We usually see these troubles in dormitory because of the difference characteristics of people, but the main reason is not to consider other people feelings. In my opinion, the people who intrude roommates working without permit again and again have to be punished like serving for other people with not talking for a while.

    Another annoying pet peeve is talking loudly on the phone in the theater. Some people can whisper for a moment when having emergency, but talking loudly to the phone or next people is interrupting other people’s accrediting. If I can do anything, I would make them place in the noisy room with showing their favorite movies.

    Pet peeves might make some conflict between close relationships, while it is one of useful ways to understand and overcome the differences of people.

  24. Sylpid permalink
    May 23, 2011 7:55 am

    1. Movie talkers

    One of my pet peeves is movie talkers because they talk the story that I want to see and that makes me disappointed. They tell all the reversal of the movie and who want to see a movie when you know all the reversal? To punish them they should not talk any thing or don’t let them see the moive.

    2. Screaming children.
    Screaming children is also one of my pet peeves. Most of you have seen children screeming and runnung around the restaurant. It is annoying when children are doing it because I don’t want to be interrupted while eating. I think that parents should care and teach the childen not to do that.

    3. Bad service at a resturaunt.
    My last pet peeves is bad service at a restaurant. We pay money to eat at a restaurant and reception is a natural result. So good service is natural. Bad service loses customers.

  25. May 23, 2011 2:26 pm

    I think we all forgot to suggest a punishment!

    For me I’d like to glue the people who stand in doorway to the floor so that any time people have to pass they have to push past them!

    And for the people who try to find the answers without actually solving the problem I propose to ask them loads of stupid unrelated questions – such as “do you like to eat kiwi fruit with a dogs paw or a sock?”

  26. VVVera permalink
    May 23, 2011 10:40 pm


  27. May 23, 2011 11:57 pm

    1. heavy alcoholic
    for fun and friendship, alcohol is a part of good way.
    But heavy alcoholic is a part of pet peeves.
    in road or way, they fall asleep and zig-zag walking.
    that makes way messy. also, they impact on people who pass by.
    they fight or speak loudly….
    2. public noisy maker
    I go to school by subway and bus.
    when i go to school at morning, so sleepy!!!
    So i often sleep in bus and subway.
    Then cellular phone user make a noise through their talking with friend and other.
    also with a swear word….
    3. lier

    on one side, they talked something.
    but on the other side, they talked differently.
    especially, when they talk about topic of friend and known person.
    lying is more and more….. big

  28. May 23, 2011 11:57 pm

    In my opinion, the most annoying pet peeves are movie talkers, putting others down, and smokers.
    As lots of people agree, movie talkers are vey interrupting other people’s movie time. Due to these people, we cannot concentrate
    the movie and our emotion are taken offense. During the movie time, movie talkers who ask continuously like what is going on or who is that character
    in movie cause harm to other people, so they should consider other audiences and ask later when movie end.
    If this people keep talking, I think they should buy popcorn and beverage for other viewers as the meaning of apology.
    I also hate people who put others down. Of course elite men want to boast their ability and show off their power.
    However, putting others down is very unreasonable and makes offend other people. Therefore, these people should be undergone by actor who pretend to
    more elite person, and they feel unpleasant these treat.
    Smokers, especially walking smoker, are the worst. I really hate cigarette smoke, but walking smokers put off tabacco smoke everywhere and other people
    inhale their smoke unintentionally. Walking smokers should pay fine and take education about public etiquette.

  29. terry permalink
    May 24, 2011 12:06 am

    I was writhing yesterday. But I am wondering where my comment is.
    Anyway I defiantly hate someone who does not wash after using the restroom.
    When I have a date who I met first time I usually observe him whether washing his hands or not.
    If he didn’t, I never meet again. Even his appearance was good.

  30. soyoung shin permalink
    May 24, 2011 4:59 pm

    Among many things which makes me annoy, throwing away trash on the road without any guilty is the best I hate thing. I can’t understand why people do that. Road is not a wastebasket! Whenever my friends throw away garbage on the road, instead of giving a advice, picking up them. By doing so, I can make friends feel more guilty. If I could give a punishiment, I would make them to pick up more than one sake of trash. As they do so, they might feel sorry for other people and environment.

  31. Gabriel permalink
    May 24, 2011 9:28 pm

    For me, most of my pet peeves happens while driving. I get annoyed and stressed out while driving. Especially someone who who cuts infront of me while driving. There is a Korean saying that a person’s personality s known by driving habits. I can hardly understand people without manners while driving and I guess it depends on person’s personality and morality.

  32. Yang woochan - critical reading and writing2 permalink
    May 24, 2011 10:51 pm

    1. In my cases, one of my pet peeves is the people who swear in front of the children.
    They who are swear are utterly invectives against person relationship or social structure and so on from the children around.
    What will the children learn by cussing word people in and out of season?
    Adults must set an example for their children to follow.

    2. Also, second of my pet peeves is the people who make noises on public transportation.
    I usually take the bus every day to go to university, and there are a ungentlemanly behavior people on a bus. Several people talk on their cellular phones too loud or chatting with their friends without purposes. Bus is public transportation many people use every day, so we need to keep the etiquette.

    3. Finally, thild of my pet peeves is the resturant using unwholesome food or bad service.
    I am very upset when some resturant gives unwholessome food or so bad survice.
    We pay money to eat at a restaurant and reception is a natural result. So fresh ingredient of this food and good service is natural.

  33. VVVVVEra permalink
    May 25, 2011 11:49 pm

    I hope you guys extend your generosity for me commenting here late. If I make an excuse… I asked my dad to post my article on this website on behalf of me, (thesedays I am helping profeesor Lee publishing English textbooks and there are too many jobs for me) but apparently he failed. What he had to do was to click Control-C and then Control-V, which must have been a pretty hard job, I guess. Anyway I cannot blame him for this, knowing that it was initially my duty to do so. So I am doing it again!

    My first pet peeve is PDA in the public transportation. PDA is Public Display of Affection. I understand that couples hold their hand, sit together intimately and touch each other lightly but public transportation is different. There are people from all walks of life in transportation. Especially, in the subway there are a myriad of elderly people who do not tend to accept PDA. When I see couples’ PDA and elderly people’s faces at the same time, I become somehow irritated a lot. I feel they do not respect people in different ages, although I can accept. Thus, even though it is totally couples’ liberty to do so, freedom has to be dealt or extended within the frame where it does not hurt other people meaning that there has to be limit to physical contact in the public setting. Couples have to understand where they are, what kinds of people are around and examine if their public display of affection would be accepted or not. If I am a police official, I would like to make couples’ only section in the subway so that nobody’s feeling is hurt. In addition, I would like to charge them more than 500 won per head who enters the couple’s only section. If the couples show PDA in non-couple-section, then I will penalize them. The penalty is not paying money (I don’t want people cough up money on account of PDA because it is um.. not funny and humane) but I will give them movie ticket of compulsory education. Those who do not abide by the PDA law in public transportation are obligated to watch movie about the other people’s opinion and feelings about PDA.

  34. Choi Hui Young permalink
    May 26, 2011 8:46 am

    Recently I ride a scooter to school so I have got some dissatisfaction in road. So, my pet peeves is made in this point of view.
    First of my pet peeve is the people who have poor driving etiquette. It is really important issue because it can lead to accident. For example people who have poor driving etiquette change lane without signal and for outer driver it seems they change their lane in sudden and it lead outer driver to sudden stop which can cause big accident. Also, poor driving etiquette involves the person who ruin vehicular traffic. In korean AKA ‘김여사’. They drive their car very slow in showoff lane which increasing traffic volume. Of course they say that they do that for their safety. But it’s not even if in the highway there is low limitted velocity. So, their excuse can’t be a explain for their bad etiquette.
    And second thing is that people who ride their bikes in the road when a sidewalk is there. I can understand sidewalk is bumpier than street road but street road is for a vehicle which can gather very fast speed. Bike can speed around 50Km/h in particular space but their average speed is around 20~30Km/h I think. Average speed in street road is 60~70Km/h except for small road. bikes’ speed gives stress to a car driver because, if they hurt the bicycle rider they have to pay bicycle drivers medical expenses and have penalty. Well okay I can accept that young guy come out to street road but I can never understand old guys do that. They are week and slow so they are really obstacle to traffic. For their health riding a bicycle is really good thing and recommended but it is recommended when they ride it in sidewalk.
    My last pet peeve is street smokers. I’m not a smoker but I can understand smokers because my brother is a smoker. But I can understand the smoker who smokes during their walk. I sometimes said to my brother ‘If you ruin your health it’s okay but not to me.’ It is same. I want to tell them exactly like this. Because it’s not just ruin their health but ruin another person’s health too.

  35. VeraBB permalink
    May 26, 2011 4:39 pm

    My second pet peeve is customers being rude to waiters, waitress or sales reps. I am not an introversive person but I am kind of timid or reserved to an extent. Thus, I try to be nice and talk to other people, especially strangers, nicely because I am very afraid of hurting other people. It is natural for me to read other people’s face. Most of the time, I am too conscious of other people’s feeling. However, when I witness some customers being rude to young waiters or waitress, I cannot stand it. This is because I feel extraordinarily sorry for people on the receiving end for no legitimate reason. Those customers seem to mistakenly think that they have a liberty to treat them the way they want to. In addition, they seem to sense that those waiters deserve that kind of bad treatment because their duties are serving customers. Not everyone is mistreating waiters or sales reps. People who are in their forties or fifties tend reportedly to do so. If I were a scientist, I would invent a robot which detects mistreating people toward workers who are serving them in restaurants, department store or other shops and put stickers on mistreating people’s back. Having the sticky stickers which lasts for one week, those people will learn the lesson hard way, I hope. To add bonus, I would distribute free coupons to them so that after one week they come to the same place and this time treat them well as one of human beings.

    My last pet peeve is skinny jeans. Hahaha I did not find men wearing skinny jeans weird or strange, but many of my friends used to hate it. The most significant turning point that I become strongly against the men wearing skinny jeans is after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. He was a seriously skinny man. As a matter of fact, He was skinnier, thinner, and slimmer than me. I kind of was not content about it but while I dated him, I did not bother to bring it up in my mind. Unfortunately, he turned out to be not good boyfriend and I wanted to break up the relationship. It was really hard to sever the relationship. After all, I hate every single thing about him and hate every single thing associated with him. Therefore, my number one abhorrence about a man is a skinny man. I can barely stand a myriad of men on the Kang Nam streets wearing such a black skinny jeans. Well, speaking of punishment toward skinny jeans men.. It is very difficult. If I were to be given the almighty power to punish them, I would be a girl friend of every single man who wears skinny jeans four times a week. I will date them and sweet talk them out of wearing skinny jeans. If it does not do the trick, then I will ditch them like a hot potato. Until no male in Korea wears skinny jeans, I will devote my life for a skinny-jeans-free world. I think somehow this blog activity makes me have a screw loose. lol I am not this much weird person if you see in person. Don’t get me wrong lol I am as decent as you are. lol

  36. Joo permalink
    May 26, 2011 10:59 pm

    One of my pet peeves is smokers. While I was waiting for the bus, some man was smoking infront of me. The smell emitted the whole place and there was a baby as well. In addition, it was a non smoking area. So I had to move.
    We should strengthen anti-smoking education and punishment.

    My second pet peeve is anyone trying to cut in. When we wait for the subway, there is a number of people who stand next to the line. When the subway arrives, some people push in the line from the side of the line. It is obvious that people have to get into the subway after people finish getting out of the train. I hope that people have good manners and etiquette at these public places.

  37. LJH permalink
    May 28, 2011 11:25 pm

    1.When I take a bus, someone push in front of me. Especially old people.
    In our cuntry, young people concede to old people. For example, in a bus, we give our seat to old people. Like this, old people think that
    they are conceded by young people in everywhere. But, they also should be well-mannered somtimes. Whenever they are conceded by us who are young, I am very annoyed.
    2. people in this country don’t know etiquette in public place. For example, in theater, some people eat something, talk to other people, and move around in front of people who watch a play or movie. And in restaurant, some mother don’t control their children who run around noisily. They can’t think that their children disrupt other people around them.
    we should try to clean up our selfish behavior.

  38. Adam Lee permalink
    May 29, 2011 11:28 am

    the first three pet peeves of mine that come to my mind are: queue jumpers, impolite children, and hauty people.
    here’s the reasons ^^
    queue jumpers: there are a lot of queue jumpers in china, from young children to old poeple. i think jumping the queue is a bahavior that brokes the social agreement and moral. i hate queue jumpers because they are so selfish that they don’t considerate other’s time and feelings even their own faces.
    impolite children: a well educated child should be pretty and also polite. a child who does not know how to be modest and respect other poeple could not be good at others. the impoliteness also reflects the failure of the social and family education.
    hauty people: once a person being hauty, also shows his ignorance. thus, the reason why i dislike hauty people is similar to the 2 above. hauty people are not only inconsiderate but also uncultured.

  39. Adam Lee permalink
    May 29, 2011 11:32 am

    the first three pet peeves of mine that come to my mind are: queue jumpers, impolite children, and haughty people.
    here’s the reasons ^^
    queue jumpers: there are a lot of queue jumpers in china, from young children to old poeple. i think jumping the queue is a bahavior that brokes the social agreement and moral. i hate queue jumpers because they are so selfish that they don’t considerate other’s time and feelings even their own faces.
    impolite children: a well educated child should be pretty and also polite. a child who does not know how to be modest and respect other poeple could not be good at others. the impoliteness also reflects the failure of the social and family education.
    haughty people: once people being haughty, also show their ignorance. thus, the reason why i dislike haughty people is similar to the 2 pet peeves above. haughty people are not only inconsiderate but also uncultured.

  40. lalala permalink
    May 29, 2011 5:49 pm

    1. Smokers
    I know the bad effects of smoking and also its sickening smell is really bad! Smokers doesn’t know what harms they are giving us!!! We should put smokers in CBR training and see how they writhe in a desperate agony! It will teach them how non-smoker feels when they are smoking around us!

    2. Screaming children/ temper tantrums
    Actually i am not a children-lover but I like some of them except four-year-old crying kids. I hate kids screaming and running all around. It is really noisy and makes me frustrated. Children often have temper tantrums at the age of four. They act as they want and think that world exist for them. I understand their lack of responsibility but still I can’t stand them. What about telling them Santa Claus hate kids screaming?

  41. kim soo min permalink
    May 29, 2011 11:38 pm

    All of the lists in the article make me go crazy. But I would give examples of my cases. I am working in an icecream shop near my village, and there are countless of ‘pet peeves’ in many ways.

    1)Speak impolitely to us(workers).
    Some of customers are totally uneducated. Maybe they have no concern to everyone. They speak in a commanding tone to me and get angry easily when I did a small mistake. I think these people should be banned for entering stores.

    2)Noisy kids
    Because of my working place, I am always surrounded by children who love icecreams. However many kids make a round of store loudly and laugh till one cries. So they make other customers mad. My alternative plan about this situation is worker’s warning. Actually I cannot say to noisy kid’s children to make them silent. But I think we have the right to keep the store quiet. Therefore warn to parents is the most appropriate way to make kids quiet.

    3)Smoking people
    This is my intimate opinion. I hate all about smoking. I really hate its smell. But smoke in the store’s terrace is legal. So I cannot do anything about it. Although they smoke at the outside of the store, its bad smell comes to my nose.

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