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Koreans in the Media

May 30, 2011

Korea has been recieving, what some would call, negative press recently.

The first is an article on CNNgo which offers expats 12 tips on how to survive/live in Seoul.

What has been most interesting has been the response from the expat blogosphere. Here are a few of the more significant bloggers’ responses:

Roboseyo: CNNgo Trolls Bloggers; 12 ACTUALLY useful tips for Expat life.

Paul Ajosshi: One Rule For Expat Life In Korea.

Re: 12 rules for expat life in Korea | Chris in South Korea – Travel and life in Korea.

12 Rules for Expats in Korea | David S. Wills.

If you google ’12 Rules for Expat Life in Korea’ you will probably find even more blogs giving their opinions on this (even mine!).

What do you think about the stereotypes this person is presenting? Is the writer right or wrong to share this view with the world? Often stereotypes, while wrong to impose, can be very correct assessments of a society – Irish people eat potatoes and drink lots, American people only eat fast food and are fat, Germans are punctual, Koreans are… 🙂 How can Korea or Koreans work to change this image?

One thing that kept popping up in the comments section of the original article is that people found the post funny or sarcastic. What about you? Did you find it funny or sarcastic?

Another piece of damning press from the Korean papers today. An article reports that a study found Korea the fifth most restrictive society in the world!!! Have a read of the article here – (please be sure that you read this article before you comment on it)

Well, what do you think?

Remember that, while Korea has changed and advanced a lot, has it changed that much? Places like Gangnam and Hongdae stand out as examples of this, but what about other areas around the country? Or even in Seoul? What kind of an impression this presents to outsiders and to people who believe that Korea is a globablised society?

In terms of the article itself, do you think the writer could have done anything to make the message more transparent?

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  1. Hyo Yeol Kim permalink
    June 1, 2011 10:50 am

    From past to present, Korea has changed all areas. So Korean often think that they have not only Asian’s cultures but also American’s cultures.(I think, in these day, globalization is americanization because U.S.A wield strong power to others.) While Korea has changed and developed all aspect, Korea has been affected by U.S.A so Korean often think the best things is made in U.S. Also they hope to have U.S open cultures.
    For example, in past, Koreans did not wear short-skirt and low-cut tops but today doesn’t. And couples did not kiss on the street, but today most couples can do that.
    When Korean wear short skirts and kiss on the street, witness feels so bad. The reason is Korea is not completely open so far.

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