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Some Links for You to Read and Think About

January 13, 2012

I thought I’d share some interesting and worthwhile articles from the internet with you today. As it is winter vacation, many of you may be wondering about what to do with your time, or even more so, many may be worrying about finding a job in the next few months. These links are good food for thought.


Here is a link to a great post from Forbes Magazine online.

The article offers encouragement on how to make yourself more interesting? You might think ‘but, we are all interesting’, which is true, but some of us are more interesting than others. This article holds true for your own private/personal life, and your future life both in university, and more importantly in work. Remember, what will take you forward in life is how you stand out from others. Yes, good grades are important in showing that you are intelligent and hard working, but it is just as important to prove that you are independent and socially intelligent – good grades don’t prove this. 

Of course everyone has different experiences and backgrounds, but how can you connect each of these 10 recommendations to your own life and future? Think about it.

How To Be More Interesting (in 10 Simple Steps)

If you’d like to share your experiences or opinions on these, please do! Just because there’s no classes, doesn’t mean you don’t have to work – think of it as laying a positive foundation!  


Here is anothe link I wandered upon recently.

When I was studying in university I originallys studied history. There was a lot of talk about what you could actually do with a history degree, and many people automatically said, ‘You can be a teacher!’. I’m pretty sure people said that same thing to you when you chose to study English. Of course, many of you do want to become teachers, but then there are some of you who don’t want to become teachers, you just want to study English because you like it.

This link shows that there is more to English than just teaching it, and with a good degree like English you have many more options than other more specific courses, such as engineering or design. Studying English perpares you mentally for so many areas as it teaches you language, and it also teaches skills that can be transfered to many different jobs. Skills like critical thinking, writing, reading objectively, analysing, learing to express yourself clearly, and how to think creatively. These skills cannot be taught in many other majors as they are skills which must be nurtured again and again, which is what happens when you study English.

Take a look at this link and see how you can use your English degree today (or more importantly, in the future)

What Ten Things Can You Do With An English Degree

Remember, an English degree doesn’t guarantee you these jobs, but it does make obtaining them a lot more realistic, but only if you work hard and think smart!


This post is about leadership and is well worth reading. Of course, not everyone can be an actual leader, but if you can think and act like a leader you will be respected and will go far in the world:

The Power of Idealistic-Realism: How Great Leaders Inspire and Transform


If you have anything to add, please write a comment in the comment section. Also, if there is anything you’d me to find some particular reading or theme please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



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