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The Sinking of the ROK Cheonan

March 27, 2012

March 26th marked the second anniversary of the Cheonan sinking off Baengnyeong Island in the West Sea. This tragic event left 46  brave sailors dead and many questions unanswered. Because of respect for those sailors who died, those soldiers who risk their lives everyday for our safety, and the importance of understanding history so as not to repeat mistakes, we will discuss this important event.

Task: Students choose one of the subcategories below and write a paragraph (8-12 sentences). Of course, your ideas my cross over several subcategories.

1. Disputed maritime border

2. Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

3. Family loss

4. Investigation results (trust or lack of trust in results)

5. Public skepticism

6. Speculation on perpetrator or cause

7. Neighboring countries’ views

8. Diplomacy

9. Trade

10. Future relations

11. Your idea for a subcategory

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  1. Ohmygoodness (c2) permalink
    March 27, 2012 10:36 pm

    I’m terribly sorry that we lost them. The Cheonan sinking off is more shocking than any other tragedies to me because my younger brother is army now. I express my regret.


    As you know, Korea is a divided nation. Although we have to do good job with all countries of the world, The Diplomacy with North Korea is the most important thing on this situation. But it seems want some doing. On that situation Jung Il Kim is dead and North Korea will be changed, we have to put a multilateral effort into good relations with them. First, we have to change our mind and attitude toward them. Old people have a lot of concern for North-South problems, but young people don’t. Even they don’t want to think of the problems and avoid from the situation with North korea. We need to pay more attention on North-South Korea. Second, we need to do political effort. It not too much to say that diplomacy depends on political area. So exertions of politicians and citizens is necessary. Third one is economic support. Honestly, North Korean need economic aids like food, money, living goods and so on. But we have to selectively support not unconditional. Above all, interaction between South Korea and North Korea is the most important. There are a lot of things we have to keep discuss what we’re going to do for diplomacy with North korean.

  2. Zakk (C1) permalink
    March 28, 2012 2:21 am

    11. Insensitivity of national security

    The most impressive thing I felt during serving in the army is that people in ROK are not aware of where we are. Almost everyone forgot the truth that ‘war is not over.’
    Frankly, when the Cheonan sinking off was happened, I just had a little information about the politics. But at that time I blamed our president by the reason of instigation. I heard many faults he made, but I got no more interest. what was worse, some people told me that there was conspiracy behind this tragedy, and I believed that, but I have realized that many spies from the north korea are on work to make trouble in our society. The government of north korea is still watching for a chance to overthrow us. Even if they are pretending to make peace, we should be awake. I don’t want to say to support our president, but when criticizing a policy, people ought to try to look through as many aspects as they can. We should see the facts critically and objectively. and again, we musn’t neglect the importance of National defence army force and must prepare for the future relationship between ROK and North korea.

  3. Nasri(C1) permalink
    March 28, 2012 11:11 am

    What if your son should spend 2 years for military service? I wouldn’t say your not willing to yours son to do that. It is necesasy ,however, we’re still engaged in battle but maintainning a cease fire. Being a soldier is really hard with mental and physical aspect someone might say 2years is too long and it is wasting their golden era. I also thought the same thing too ,then would it be just wasting their time? Strongly ‘No’ for this question. They can learn about social life ,which is cannot be learned from the book, how to act as their calss or position and hard training break there limits what they’ve made in their mind but never tried before. Hard training causes serious injuries sometime, physical aspect there might be serious disadvantages, however military service can make them mentally matured and to be a important part of in our social life.

    • Nasri(C1) permalink
      March 28, 2012 11:12 am

      2. Mandatory military service

  4. Sujin(C1) permalink
    March 28, 2012 12:04 pm

    3. Family loss
    How do you feel when you lost your family members by tragic accident? Most of people are heartbroken and shocked. Parents lost their sons, wives lost their husband and daughters lost their father when Cheonam shank under the West sea. Even though it is hard to console them for their misfortune we have to try something. Goverment gives them enough compensation payment and guarantee to other family members who lost their sons or husbands. Other ordinary people try to give them some good words by Internet or letters by regarding them as my family member. Also We have to remember all of them who died under the sea for our country by helding ceremony of respecting them every year and applaud them forever in Korea history.

  5. Chaily (T) permalink
    March 28, 2012 5:21 pm

    This is free writing, right? So, I’m going to take it this time as an essay form using “I.” My choice of subcategory goes to number 2. Mandatory military service.

    The two Koreas have been in the state of truce meaning a temporary intermission of war not the end. In account of that reality, all men have to serve in different kinds of the military for a long period of time; the elder generation for three years and current duty member for two. I am against any type of violence and murder and truly believe that all human beings are meant to be remained in peace. However, in order to keep that peace all available citizens have to serve and defend their nation and this is strictly stated by the law. I know how hard it is to be orderly and live under discipline within a large number of other companions – their freedom is deprived and the worst of all, it is compulsory. Whether you like it or not, you have to go. Furthermore, since it is all mandatory, the whole facilities and auxiliary supplies are still horrendous for soldiers, though the older service members might still delineate them become “awful better” than their times. Ministry of Gender Equality is even opposing to the military service extra-point system although it is only a least practical way of rewarding former servicemen (believe me, I’m not a chauvinist). People need to realize that their sons are struggling and dying there for the sake of national security. So if you CANNOT really support the boys in reality, give them some RESPECT!

    • Chaily (T) permalink
      March 28, 2012 5:29 pm

      Oh, and, and, for all those who try to avoid their service duties, they definitely need to be locked up in custody, especially the sons of chaebol!!!

    • Chaily (T) permalink
      March 29, 2012 5:55 pm

      Man, while I was devoting myself into talking about the mandatory service, I forgot to relate the story with the Cheonan incident. Well, personally I was serving in Korean Coast Guard by the time the warship had sunk. Whenever these kinds of accidents happen, only the enlisted men come to harm the most. This is because I think the military care less about them, and even treat them as commodities; officers still live in most cases. I know how scary and dangerous the dark, night sea is. The hardest part is that the parents of long-gone sailors have no one to blame except the ungrateful communist villains. They were officially dead in wartime. No matter how much compensation they receive, no matter how many medals they are decorated for, their loss of sons can never be compensated.

      • Gee(T) permalink
        March 29, 2012 11:39 pm

        Good! your writtng ability looks better than me!

      • March 30, 2012 10:22 am

        “Gee”, sometimes it’s not always the ability that matters, but what the person says.

      • March 30, 2012 10:31 am

        And that comment is not in relation to Chaily’s comment. I just felt it was important that you shouldn’t be so impressed by a person’s English ability when there are other more important factors at play.

  6. Jasmine(C1) permalink
    March 28, 2012 7:58 pm

    5. Public skepticism

    Honestly, I had no interest in the sinking of the ROK Cheonan. But I’m interested in this topic through this blogging, and I know why people have doubted the cause that the Cheonan ship sank into the deep sea with 46 sailors even until now. The government announced that the Cheonan ship broke into two pieces by a torpedo of North Korea. However, I think that the announcement of the government makes no sense. The first reason I think so is because it is not a logical explanation that the Cheonan ship armed by high-tech equipment didn’t know the submarine of North Korea were approaching. Also, another reason is that it is impossible to break the ship into two pieces with a small torpedo. In addition, if the ship had been exploded by a torpedo, the sailors in the ship would have gotten burned. But, the sign of a burn was nowhere to be found. These reasons considered, I think that many people have been doubtful the cause even now, including me. If the result of finding the cause was objective and appropriate, many doubts wouldn’t be intensified. I just hope that this kind of accident does not occur any more.

  7. Stella(C1) permalink
    March 28, 2012 8:50 pm

    5. Public skepticism

    When this event happened, people believed that North Korea attacked the Cheonan which was Republic of Korea Navy ship because the press reported North Korea was responsible for the incident. However, some people doubted the press and government. There was not enough reason to attack South Korea and government did not make a thorough investigation. So, they thought the President in office made this event on purpose to cover his mistake about four river refurbishment project even the government showed them some evidences which was investigated by an international investigation group. They should know that the government did not get any benefit, but rather they got economical damages from this incident. The stock market collapsed and exchange rate was raised. Needless to say, the relationship between South and North Korea were getting worse than before. This event ended with unsolved problems and some people still think that this event are conspiracy.

  8. March 28, 2012 10:36 pm

    11. Abuse the Cheonan incident politically

    The question that is currently proposed in Korea is the general election in April 4th. Every politicians and people who want to enter the political stage compete and sometimes or often fight against the opposite parties. They are raising voices about pledges to solve various problems such as taxes, housing prices, education, unemployment of young people and national policy. As long as the Korean peninsula are divided into two pieces and the North Korea keep threatening the South Korea or showing off their power, pledges about national defense and duty of military service for men would not disappear. That’s why politicians these days mention a lot of Cheonan incident and make a link between their behavior and the incident. They overemphasize on the death of people, heroize them and poke each other questioning ‘you’re in pro-North Korean forces, aren’t you?!’. Nowhere is the sadness of that tragedy, if is, that is also overstressed. The logic of power and the forces who are desiring to govern the power reproduce a politic meaning of their death. I’m often frustrated when listening their pledges and criticism using the incident without sincerity as it was.

    • Chaily (T) permalink
      March 28, 2012 11:39 pm

      The line by “the logic of power and the forces who are desiring to govern the power reproduce a politic meaning of their death.” – what does that mean? And isn’t the general election on the 11th of April?

    • proftodd permalink*
      March 30, 2012 6:46 pm

      An unfortunate political reality is that many, if not most, politicians are opportunistic and using a tragic event such as this for personal political gain, if that is indeed what they are doing, is disgusting. That being said, this is a legitimate issue that should be discussed between competing political parties because it reveals their views on national security, and since the elections are coming up, politicians should discuss it, albiet in proportion to other serious issues such as raising inflation, youth unemployment, stagnant wages, and so on. As citizens, it is important to observe politicians over a long period, paying attention to their words and actions to separate the more honorable politicans from the self-serving ones.

      • Chaily (T) permalink
        March 31, 2012 12:31 am

        Exactly, Mr. M! As the media report once said, out of all lessons the current administration taught us, the best was we indeed all need to pay attention to what politicians are actually enacting. And I believe, this time, the youth are SOOOOO ready!

  9. Cold(C1) permalink
    March 29, 2012 12:58 am

    2. Mandatory military service.

    9 months are left. I only have about 280 days to join the army. Just like many people, I do not want to enter the army. I do not want to spend my 2 years. However, as a healthy Korea men, It is mandatory. No eceptions are permitted. When I was young, even in the last year, military service was not a big deal, because I thought it would be a really far future, but last winter, many friends of mine entered the army, and It touched me alot. Thesedays, I often have a nightmare about the army. I am nervous about it. However, I hope attending a military service would be a great experience in the future.

  10. Kij(C1) permalink
    March 29, 2012 8:16 am

    3. Family loss

    March 26th, bereaved families kept the second anniversary of their familiy’s death. Who is to blame for the tragic? What is making families tears? This questions are not important. Most importantly thing is the grief losing their families itself. Of course, consider geopolitical factors are the important factor. But human life cannot and should not be measured in national interests. Recently bereaved families felt bitter sorrow and will repeat in lifetime. The government must be based on the values of human being and should draw up measures to support bereaved families who lost innocent soldiers. This stupid tragic must never happen again! Please accept my deepest sympathy.

  11. Chrono(C1) permalink
    March 29, 2012 10:45 am

    2. Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

    As a military-gradutated man, I can tell that military service is good for our national security. Most of men who have to go military in the future are not happy to go military. I was too. But it’s very honorable job that every guys have to do. We are not safe position because we confront the enemy right up in north. They outnumber our force. Why someone think that we don’t need mandatory military even this circumstance? Without military service, we could lose whole island or more 2 years ago. They fought, protected, and sacrificed for us. When I see some military men on duty, I proud of them that I was one of them.

  12. Energizer0105(C1) permalink
    March 29, 2012 1:17 pm

    *. Family loss

    What if president of Korea’s son or minister’s son were died in sinking Cheonan ship? Do they just remain this situation just happening? To tell the truth, I went military service and I had hard time too. That’s because, for every korean man, serving army is our mandatory. It’s our duty.
    Be that as it may, the death is not our duty or mandatory. Of course, It’s not duty for their family.
    When this happend, I was in army. So, not only my parents but also many parents who have their sons serving in military worried about it. And the families of Cheonan ship are still surrounded by unanswered questions over the military’s response and rescue efforts.
    In a nutshell, they are still so sad because of their son’s death.

  13. SUN(T) permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:46 pm

    The main diplomacy of MB is security. Unlike the last government, MB government puts much effort into pressing North Korea to open its policy-door and give up nuclear power. Unfortunately, MB’S strong policy is obviously failed by Cheanan accident. Therefore, many experts argue that we have to stop severing diplomacy relationship with N.K and try to improve N.K relationship through conversation. My view, however, is that N.K relationship cannot be improved by conversation or cultural-industry, but by neutral policy, which means that we should not give economic support unconditionally. Of course, we should give them humanitarian assistance. But except it, we don’t need to aid N.K with lots of resources. N.K will employ resources to make nuclear weapons and threatens our security whenever they need economic supports. Therefore, balancing between strong security and conversation, we should support N,K if only N.K admit the fault(Cheanan) and do its best effort to improve South and North relationship.

  14. SUN(T) permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:49 pm

    I forgot to write the number I chose. I chose no.5 diplomacy!

  15. Miss Kyung Hee (C) permalink
    March 29, 2012 4:11 pm

    I’d like to talk about mandatory military service and why I think it has it’s many disadvantages.
    I don’t know much about the army so maybe my facts may be a liitle off, but just through my own personal experience and many conversations, i managed to come up with a short paragragh.

    Mandatory Military Service

    All well-bodied, full funtional, Korean men over the age of 18 must enlist in the army. Observing my peers go and be discharged one-by-one, I often hear many stories about army life, some realistic some exaggerated. I believe most people would agree with me when I say, “Army service is a hassle.” First, soldiers must sacrifice their personal time of nearly two years to be prepared for a seemingly indefinte cold war between practically the same country. When young women are studying or preparing for the “real world”, young men are forced to live by a schedule against their own will. There is also the problem with basic human rights being violated within army camps. There was a lot of buzz on the media with sexual harassment and violence among soldiers from some years ago. Since the army is a closed society, a large amount of incidents are covered up or kept secret among themselves. While the purpose of serving in the army for the security of one’s country is honorable, to actually have to enlist and train could be making a huge sacrifice with unsatisfying rewards.

    Not having a wide knowledge of military life, I had a hard time writing about it. I was wondering if anyone could inform me of some terms one might use when writing about the army??

    • proftodd permalink*
      March 30, 2012 12:56 pm

      ‘Hazing’ is a common term to describe the violence and humiliation used when someone joins a group. This often occurs with new military ‘recruits’ but also to college freshmen. Other words you can try are ‘regimented’ as in soldiers must live a regimented life, and ‘undisclosed’ instead of secret.

  16. wipa(c2) permalink
    March 29, 2012 8:15 pm

    2. Risks of Mandatory military service.

    Recently, we can often find the tragic articles about the death of soldiers. More seriously, the death is mostly suicide caused by maltreatment from other military members. For instance, senior soldiers repeated harsh treatment on the soldiers, including not only physical violence but verbal abuse. The most critical problem is that, despite the continuous suicide of soldiers, the military executives themselves didn’t much care about this, most of them just trying to conceal the accidents. However, I think that these kinds of tragic death reveal that the system in the military has serious problem. Therefore, to prevent an even worse tragedy and make the military service more safe, the military executives should pay more attention to the details. Also, there should not be harsh treatment from senior soldiers, escpecially to introverted soliders.

    • March 30, 2012 9:57 am

      UMM…There is unavoidable treatment from senior soldier. that is true. but Millitary is very unique organization. The main function of millitary is definitly protecting people from enemy.
      Treating each soldier detailly and increasing combat skill are very hard things to do at the same time. Soldiers are not children.isn’t it?

      • proftodd permalink*
        March 30, 2012 1:16 pm

        Military suicides are a frustrating challenge for military leaders in any country. However, in Korea, there is a strong stigma attached to mental health care. The male-dominated military needs to rethink the initiatives it uses to identify ‘at-risk’ soldiers, figure out what triggers (risk factors and ‘stressors’) lead to suicide, such as relationship issues, financial pressure, violence, humiliation, etc., and provide health care councelling in a more easily accessible, non-humiliating environment.

      • wipa(c2) permalink
        March 30, 2012 6:53 pm

        I totally agree with you. They are not childeren at all. So, what I mean is that they can understand and learn the military combat skills, without any physical or verbal violence from their seniors. Thank you for replying. 🙂

  17. savanna(C1) permalink
    March 29, 2012 10:47 pm

    5. Public skepticism

    When I first heard the breaking news of the Cheonan sinking, I immediately suspected North Korea. It seemed to me apparant that there was no other country to do this obvious act of war, because North Korea is the No.1 country we are in confrontation with and they often do outrageous things. However identifying the truth was not easy at all. To tell the truth, I’m still not sure about the incident 100%. There have been ceaseless conspiracy theories concerning the Cheonan sinking. One factor which made things worse is the process of investigation that lacked transparency. The authorities changed their words on critical evidences several times, giving the impression that evidences might have been forged. Also, politicians seemed to try to support different stances which conformed to their policies, rather than to seek the truth. It is no wonder why many people were (or are )confused about the incident and distrust the government. I think the government should have dealt with the incident outright for the sake of the victims and national security.

  18. March 30, 2012 10:26 am

    8. Diplomacy
    Before The Cheonan sinks off, North Korea government was in a serious dilemma that can make their dictatorship weak. At that time, Kim Jung Il was not healthy. Many experts forecast his days are numbered. But the inheritor of Kim Jung Il, his third son, Kim Jung Eun was too young to receive whole power in North Korea government. There was no times and justification to descent safely. So they decided to make Kim Jung Eun become a war hero. Through the attacking of Cheonan North Korea government advertise Kim Jung Eun as a new powerful leader of future. And now, his Father Kim Jung Il died, He became the ridiculous despotic monarch in 21st century. We must don’t forget the event of Cheonan.

  19. Nathan(C1) permalink
    March 30, 2012 10:32 am

    Public skepticism

    The investigation said North Korea shot a torpedo and it made Cheonan sink down, because they found a wreck of the torpedo which has a number 1. And the government decided to give a lot of money to the soldiers and their family. Also, the commanders did’t get any punishment. Those two events are so irony. How could the number 1 mark remain in more than 300 degrees. It doesn’t make sense. Even though this is very sad story; 46 soldiers died, If this event was happened by NK, Cheonan failed their mission, so the government did not need to give money them. the commander, of course, should have been accused to military trial. Think about Yeon-pyoung event, two soldier and two civilian died, but they got less compensation than Cheonan even wounded soldiers who became disabled. Many people have a question why the government made Cheonan become hero despite they defeated. And government should open the result clearly.

  20. Ferrari(T) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:35 am

    First of all, I’m sorry to hear of their death.

    When the Cheonan sinking off Baengnyeong Island in the west sea was broken, I had serverd my military duties. At that time, the Ministry of National Defense(MND) was put on emergency alert. 46 navy soldiers were dead and the whole country mourned over their death. But the MND had not did any proper response. In addition, there was been a lot of speculations that tragic incident was not happend by the North Korea. I think the MND was insuffcient for response and it led to the second incident on Yeonpyeong Island. In return, the MND fired back at the North Korea, however it looked like ‘to lock the stable door after the horse is stolen.’ In future, We, the MND, have to confront the North Korea squarely and declare our intentions clear to do not ignore the Republci of Korea.

  21. IDGOMIN(T) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:57 am


    Have you ever heard about FTA? FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement. Korea reached this agreement with Chile and Singapore. Additionally, Korea was the first in Asia to reach this agreement with USA as well. However, there is an issue about FTA agreement: the biggest issue of FTA is that much of the recent anti-FTA members are dissatisfied with it and are not cooperating even though it is already in action. One of the problem is that farmers are under pressure to open their agricultural market and drop their prices on farm-products. They said that they would not be able to make a living with the amount of money that they would gain from selling their products. The government is trying to persuade and support them, but they are not accepting government suggestions. In my opinion, I think FTA provides various choices for consumer as well as lower tariff. This might be able to provide us with higher quality merchandise for lower prices, which would be a win-win situation for us. Also, in order to improve our economy, I think FTA is needed. With globalization, our country needs to open up our trade system around the globe so that we could spread Korean made products all around the world. With that stated, what is your opinion in FTA?

    • proftodd permalink*
      March 30, 2012 1:21 pm

      Please try to connect your comment on trade with the Cheonan tragedy. For example, do you think trade with N. Korea should be affected by this incident? Should trade matters be separated from security issues? Should trading be reduced because of the event?

      • IDGOMIN(T) permalink
        April 6, 2012 10:26 am

        Have you ever heard about FTA? FTA stands for Free Trade Agreement. Korea reached this agreement with Chile and Singapore. Additionally, Korea was the first in Asia to reach this agreement with USA as well. However, there is an issue about FTA agreement. The biggest issue of FTA is that much of the recent anti-FTA members are dissatisfied with it and are not cooperating even though it is already in action. One of the problems is that farmers are under pressure to open their agricultural market and drop their prices on farm-products. They said that they would not be able to make a living with the amount of money that they would gain from selling their products. The government is trying to persuade and support them, but they are not accepting government suggestions. Another problem which might rise through FTA is that although the agreement was reached after Cheonan tragedy, North Korea might have issues with its relationship with us, South Korea, because it is an agreement with America, which North Korea does not have positive feelings for. Additionally, I think it is possible that this agreement could affect relationship between North and South Korea. This is because in North Korea’s view, seeing South Korea hand in hand with a powerful democratic country like America could make them cringe at the possible power that South Korea could gain through help from America.

  22. Austin(C2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 2:42 pm

    4. Investigation results (trust or lack of trust in results)

    North Korea has a plan to threat our right to live safely again. I can’tstand it as one of the people in Korea and the army reserve. We remember that North Korea always denied what they did terribly to us in spite of its scientific survey with obvious evidences such as KAL airplain explosion, Rangoonbombing.The final report has been already released that a North Korean’storpedo attacked our Navy ship Cheonan. According to South Korean andU.S. investigators, they show that there are evidences to revel the truth.First of all, We’ve revealed the truth of the case that the torpedo ofNorth Korean has own its identification number same as missiles whichexploded on Yeonpyeong lsland two years ago. secondly, The Navy shipCheonan was cut possibly by torpedo had occurred underwater with apowerful explosion. Now, we rely on a new theory of analysis of achanging seismic wave at that time.
    North Korea announced that they planned rocket launch a full fuel missile towardSouth Korea around the middle of April. Before they do it again, weshould insist them our strong opinion.
    It doesn’t have any future if you forget the History. That’s why we have to remember everything happening in our land.

  23. soojpoo(c) permalink
    March 30, 2012 3:39 pm

    2. Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

    It is truly unfortunate that we, North and South, are the only remaining countries to be put in a state of armistice. Considering the fact that the Korean peninsula is divided into two sectors or let me say two separate nations, mandatory military service for males is inevitable to protect ourselves from those aggressive and inhumanly actions taken by the North. And the sinking of the Cheonan incident is one horrible example. Despite the fact that mandatory military service is more than necessary to strengthening the national security, I believe it also services as the most important social institutions for males in which they learn responsibilities, brotherhood, and have patriotic consciousness. However, various systematic problems, which make the lives of our soldiers more difficult, are still found. The most serious problem those men have to face is regarding the life-threatening risks due to the poor security system within the military force. If the government does not step forward to make changes to have bigger responsibilities and compensation in protecting their soldiers, there would be an ineffaceable distrust created between the government and the people. And this would then eventually lead to an irrevocable situation where no one has devotion,care and love for its country.

  24. Gee(T) permalink
    March 30, 2012 5:14 pm

    11. Diplomacy

    Have you ever been hit by someone without any specific reasons? How could you response to your batter?

    I already know that diplomacy is not a personal relationship and it is more difficult than a personal relationship but it is clear that our government needs to change or modify the diplomacy of NK.

    Unfortunately, the attack is not first, through history in Korea, There were lots of aggressions: The Sinking of the ROK Cheonan, bombard of Baengnyeongdo and infiltration of submarine etc.

    Government is not a business company. Government has a duty of protecting its nations

    If you look over the way that government’s policy it just focuses to economical problem but too much sorrow it didn’t work well.

    Is it ok? Just earning money for nations, not protecting them?

    I am not a supporter of war but I think we need to appear clearly our nation’s will to NK for protecting our land that our ancestor protected.

  25. hw7599(C2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 6:14 pm

    3.Family loss

    Can you imagine your family member died because of accident? If I face this situation, I can’t believe this fact and get a shock. 2 years ago, some people lost their family member by the sinking of the ROK Cheonan. Government compensated money and other people were sent money and relief supplies. But, nothing can compensate for the loss of family. Government should have prevented this accident in advance. From now, thwy must make efforts to prevent the recurrence of accidents. protecting people is the duty of government. There should be no more victims.

  26. Jess(C2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 6:31 pm

    3. Family loss

    Out of all those subcategories listed above, I personally think that ‘family loss’ is the most important and tragic aspect, that needs be discussed further on. The Cheonan sinking was a catastrophic event not only for the South Koreans but for most of the countries as well. Nevertheless, no one would be able to comprehend the pains and sorrows of those who have experienced family loss through this event. However, sadly there is no way for anyone to help these people to have those loved ones returned back home. Although we might be able to investigate further and find out about what and who caused this tragedy, loosing one life is something that we cannot restore. No matter how much people and the world try to prevent things like this to happen again, they won’t be able to cure those family’s heart from great sadness. Life is about one’s relationship with others and there are many problems that arose due to relationship just like Cheonan sinking. Only if North Korea and South Korea’s relationship wasn’t as today’s, who knows? It might not have happened and people wouldn’t have to through all these different kinds of sufferings……

  27. March 30, 2012 8:24 pm

    tae woong(C1)
    Family loss
    Family is my all. They always with me. I love them.
    I think family loss is the most tragic thing. It happens after all. but it is the thing that must not happen in our life. I love my family and m family love me. Our emotions each other are same. If I lost my family because of that accident like sinking of the ROK Cheonan, then I never forget those experiences. That tragic accident never happen again.

  28. Laura(C1) permalink
    March 30, 2012 9:19 pm

    Military service

    It is necessary to get some training in the army if you live in the country where is needed solider in a case. In Korea, we cannot let male go to enjoy their freedom because of the situation of our country. Even though it seems like unfair to them, it has some advantages. First of all, we can keep our country safely from other countries. Also, the males usually grow their mention up in the army. In other word, they catch the opportunity to change their mind. In addition, they inspire patriotism after living in the army. It is good for the country. In summary, going military can be benefic such as keeping country, making new mind and patriotism.

  29. mintlover(C1) permalink
    March 30, 2012 10:56 pm

    10. Future relations

    Cheonan sinking off was not the first event that North Korea(NK) makes people doubtful if NK did or not. Even though South Korea try to build a good relationship with North, they don’t express their real thought in mind. That makes reconciliation difficult. They only take advantage of relief of South Korea for strengthening army.
    As two years go by, they didn’t show any regretfulness in public. North Korea is still interested in reinforcing their army only. If South and North want to compromise with each other, North Korea apologize and acknowledge the truth first of all. The relations between South and North Korea is not only our business. And nobody want to be faced with the World War3. I want to urge other countries who can influence this tragic relationship to come out and claim that what should come first for human-being.

  30. Molly(c1) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:07 pm

    Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

    This is really sad story. Why mens have to go military? And Why they have to learn how to use weapon weaponry? sometimes, I feel scary when I heard news about missile. Everyone knows about cheonan accident. My brother and my friends went army. When I heard news about missile or accident like cheonan accident, I feel tension and sad. Why I have to worry about war. Even I can scary , how soldiers feel. May be I can’t imagine thier feels.
    They can be injured . They can lose their arms or legs of their lives. I heard that someone lose his a leg because he step on landmine which buried at 50’s. Go to army is not easy. During army period, mens can not live their own life. They wake up at same time every mornig and they go to bed at same time every night. They graduate university at least 2 years later. They works at least 2 years later. Where is their 2 year? Once, my brother told me soldiers do not think about that. So I really surprised and asked the reason. He answered “Because they do not need to think about it. The truth that I should wake up at early morning again is never changed. If I worry about it my head will be sick. And acually we don’t have time even think about that kind of things. when I come back my space I feel a sleep immediatly. ” It is really sad story. But stiil, they should go army. And there is no another answers.

  31. Jack (c2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:07 pm

    11.To resolve a conflict
    The Cheonan sinking off causes many severe conflicts. The government announced that this event is a sinking by North Korean attack. After the announcement of the government, many controversies about this announcement occurred. ‘ ‘Actually North Korea attacked or not ‘is the key of the controversies. And then many conflicts like conflicts between nations, conflicts between parties and conflicts between ideologies occurred on this controversies. The Cheonan sinking off is one of the most important events in the respect that it made enormous conflict in the modern history. We can learn solution when some controversies occur from this event. In this event, the government kept its silence when people criticized the government and raised a question. However, we must not keep silence and have to exchange opinions co-equally whenever a controversy occur. A chaos that we can not know what is right or not will come in the future. In the chaos, new controversy will come too. If we do not resolve the controversy quickly, the controversy makes distrust and collapse. At that time, we have to change opinions and wear our heart on our sleeve so we can solve the conflict.

  32. Julie permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:22 pm

    Family loss
    It has been 2 years since the sinking of the ROK Cheonan, and the most of us forgot about it. Do you remember how many people died from the Cheonan sinking accident? The accident took 46 precious lives. Do you think the family members of the deceased can forget the 46 sailors? They never cannot forget the 46 sailors who were their precious fathers, brothers, and sons. 2 years ago, when the sinking of the ROK Cheonan happened, South Korea society was very shocked and felt in deep sadness. However, nowadays a lot of people forget about the incident. How can we help and console the families of the deceased? First of all, we should thank for their sacrifices and not forget the 46 sailors. I think it is the best way to express our gratitude. Second, the government of South Korea compensate for their sacrifice. We should help people who lost their head of household. We should thank to 46 brave men who sacrificed so much for our country. Because of them we could live in safe country.

  33. HJE(T) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:31 pm

    2. Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

    My brother went to army 2 months ago for mandatory military service. My family, especially mt parents are always worried about him and pray for his safety everyday like those who sent their young sons, brothers and even boy friends to army. Most of the Korean men in age 20s are required to serve in the military. Although it’s been 60 years from the Korean War, North Korea keeps hostile attitude toward South Korea saying that they will make Seoul be in flames. In this situation, the only thing Koreans depend on is army. They think it as a matter of course serving in the military of young men. However, the soldiers in young age are having hazardous times in the army They should be placed on alert every night, and get over the harsh trainings. Moreover, whenever North Korea provokes us, our young boys are strained more than double the citizens. Most of the sailors on the Cheonan were in this mandatory military service. They lost their lives saving the country, but their families and friends lost their sons and friends indeed. How can they get compensated for this such a big loss? For soldiers who serve mandatory military service and their families, government should implement a proper policy.

  34. Ray(C2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:32 pm

    4. Family loss
    People will be die someday but most people forgot this fact and think they live forever. Likewise, It is a huge wound that losing someone who always be with you. It is natural to wake up in the mornig, eating together with family and come home watching TV together with family. However, when they are leaving, we knew a vacancy. In the world, there is so many unnormal family such as separations, divorces, and broken families. Person who has normal family have to appropriate what they have. Also, person who has abnormal family have to take care people around. Love make better world.

  35. ROTC (C1) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:48 pm

    Mandatory military service .

    Our country, Korea, has a Mandatory military service system. Men who are physically fit have to go army. We have to be careful anytime because north and south korea are in a state of armistice. We don’t know when they will invade our country again, so we ought to beware of war. That’s why korea has a mandatory military service system. However we can’t regard the men going to army as natural. 2 years , term of mandatory military service system, have to be compensated. By compensating , the side effects or problems of military should be disappear. At the end , all people, especially men can’t think mandatory military system or 2years in army is just a time wasting.

  36. claire (C2) permalink
    March 30, 2012 11:53 pm

    Mandatory military service

    Mandatory military service became a social issue after cheonan sinking off event. Even though this event was tragic, I think that mandatory military sevice still has positive side more. First, In korea we are still in war. In fact, war is stopped not ended. Even worse, north korea has huge and well-trained troops, so we have to prepare army too. Second, if suddenly goverment abolishes madatoy military service, it might cause chaos. Only few people want to go to army by themselves, their salary fixing also can be a problem. I know many young men don’t want to go to army forcely, and it’s waste of human resources and has a sort of invasion of human right. But concerning our situation, mandatory military service system is a necessary evil.

  37. Dalin(T) permalink
    March 31, 2012 12:49 am

    5. public skepticism

    After the Cheonan sinking off occurred, situation was not revealed clearly even after the monthlong investigation. The government only made a public statement that the reason was a torpedo attack from North Korea. However, lots of people are skeptical of this statement. There are several reasons why. First of all, the government kept changing their insistence about the reason. Some people guessed that the event could be used as a scapegoat for election. The most strange thing is that the manager who failed guarding Cheonan warship still continues military life normally. Also, people who were submitted to a formal disciplinary action released after forgotten by people`s attention and they live an ordinary life now. More surprisingly, some are even promoted. Resultingly, no one got fired or got summoned before the court. How could this happen? In this respect, a number of citizens doubt the truth. The government don`t open to the public about circumstantial evidence in the name of military secrets even now. To rectify the situation, the government should reveal the truth of the case to the citizens clearly.

  38. (T)Mary permalink
    March 31, 2012 10:27 am

    2. Mandatory military service

    Some people say that when many men enter the military, they get some time to think about their life and can do many things including learning second langugaes, reading many books, meeting new people and so on. It is true that many men improved personally after having military service. They experience living as a group which is slightly different from a school. Also, many men change their mind from “impossible” to “possible” They get confidence in doing many things. It is because they go through many trainings including rifle drills, cold weather training, etc. Although these benefits, people are unwilling to do army duties because of many risks and disadvantages. Many Korean young men enter the military between 19 and 24 years old, and usually serve army duties for 21 months. The worst thing is that they get less money but have to endure many life-threatening training. We don’t know what will happen in army. The Roks Cheonan sinking is one example. Also, serving army duties in young age takes many chances away. They have to give up many things such as studying, traveling and sometimes their girl friends when they become a soldier. It is also need some time to readjust to their societies when they come back from a military. Like this, there are much more disadvantages and risks of taking miliatry service than benefits.

  39. Elena(T) permalink
    March 31, 2012 2:25 pm

    10. Future relations

    During the MB Administration, there were so many tragedies to us. After the tragedy happened, our correspondence was inadequate always. We are too generous to them.
    Ofcourse they are our family, but they attacked us first. We should not be generous to them anymore. So far, we support them financially and materially. However, they betray us and use that supports to make weapons. For people who suffered from North korea, we have to change our policy. We should not take care of them anymore in the future before they give up the nuclear waepons.

  40. Celine(T) permalink
    March 31, 2012 4:09 pm

    4. Investigation results (trust or lack of trust in results)

    It has passed already 2 years that the ROK Cheonan sank by the attack of uncertain perpetrator with an unaccountable reason. The Korean government regards the North Korea as the assailant of this affair but they claimed that they are not associated with it at all. They keep asserting that it is nothing but a fabricated problem which is made by the South Korea. The government of SK has investigated this since the tragic happened to reveal the truth of the matter. However, the assertion that NK attacked ROK Cheonan still has a lot of weak points to support its ideas. It has at least more than 10 suspicions to answer. The unreasonable hypotheses which are stated by SK were enough to be sneered at by international society. It even brought disgrace on the reputation of ‘the best country in shipbuilding industry’. It still remained as an unsolved problem that we should explain as long as the truth is exist. The government and the related department should make more thorough effort so as not to nullify the death of 46 patriotic sailors, repeat the tragic and to straighten the national security.

  41. March 31, 2012 5:03 pm

    Public skepticism

    I feel terribly sorry for those who died in Cheonan accident. Korean Government has announced that this attack was done by North Korea. But there are some suspicious facts too. The biggest doubt is about report of Russian investigation team. They did not think it was done by North Korea. Russian investigators concluded that battleship Cheonan had suffered some kind of malfunction, and the screw of ship got tangled with abandoned nets, which triggered naval mine. They say it blowed the ship up. This report might be right, or wrong. One thing sure is that this report certainly is worth to go over the accident again. But Government has closed the investigation too fast. They not only ended it fast, but also sabotaged the evidence found by outside specialist. These behaviors of current government are reproducing another skepticism among crowds. I wish a new, thorough investigation, which leaves no question marks, to be carried out.

  42. March 31, 2012 8:13 pm

    2.Mandatory military service

    It is every Korean men’s duty to serve in the military. Recently, women go to army. But the difference between men and women is a choice. Men have no choice, unlike women. I think because of considering duty of men’s military natural, young men’s sacrifice is not highly regarded. I think proper compensation is necessary for their valuable time. There are two many people opposing this suggestion. But If this reward system is formed, entering the military won’t be thought just a troublesome job.

  43. Wicked(T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 2:05 am

    7. Neighboring countries’ views

    International relationship is complicatedly entangled. In this case, neighboring countries’ views are very delicate issues because taking a stand on this could have great effect on the relationship with both South and North Korea. Two neighboring countries, Japan and China, stated a little bit different positions. China, at first, just said that it is very unfortunate incident and they “urged stability of the peninsula”. In addition, they mentioned that international reports about North Korea’s action are just press report and speculation. They minded their languages about North Korea. On the other hand, Japan said that North Korea is doing unreasonable thing and international cooperation will be needed to fight against them. Japanese government also stated that International community should give South Korea support. South Korea, North Korea, Japan and China are geographically close areas. However, there are sharp conflicts of opinions on this point.

  44. watson (T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:36 am

    2. Mandatory military service

    In our country, mandatory military service has been mandatory. So, I took military service for granted.
    But I realize that I was thoughtless. About two years ago, our young navies are sacrificed by accident ‘The Sinking of the ROK Cheonan’. At that time, I was shocked by the disastrous sight and very young victims. I was sad and pitiful by thinking their pain and fear and sadness of victims’ families. After that, there are some accidents. Now, my brother is in the military service. I am so worrying about and missing him. Surely, men who do military service can be strong and grow up by the military service and they take some time for introspection. So, the experiences can be foundation for their lives. On the other hand, they are in the potentially dangerous situation. Also, they must spend two years of their private time doing military service and give up many things. Servicemen and their families and friends miss each other.
    As our country is in a state of armistice, mandatory military service is needed but the reward of their efforts must be extended.
    Also, we must always thank them because we could be safe thanks to their hard work.

  45. gom0509(C1) permalink
    April 1, 2012 6:33 pm

    2. Mandatory military service (duty, risks, benefits, disadvantages)

    If you are South Korean and brave man, it is mandatory to serve military. Most Korean men would feel different after serving for two years. I’ve heard very few advantages and a whole list of disadvantages. Advantages for serving military would be free food, clothes and free stay. I am pretty sure there are few other advantages, for example, regular exercise and routine would make their body healthy. On the other side, disadvantages would be separation between family and loved ones and have to do what they were told. Of course, there would be a lot of tears and hugs when they say goodbye for the last time. However, being told what to do and pushed around probably will give them a lot of stress at the end of service. Serving military has both advantages and disadvantages at the same time. I think the word “Mandatory” is much more stressful than any others.

  46. YSY(T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 9:19 pm

    3. Family loss

    Two years ago, there was an incident called the Cheonan sinking off Baengnyeoung Island in the West Sea. By this incident, forty people were dead and six people were missing. What if I heard that one of my family members died suddenly? I don’t even want to think about it. There is a saying “Blood is thicker than water”. Of course, national relationship, public skepticism, and trade are important, but there is nothing important that sadness of the families of the war dead. There are so many people who don’t care of it only talking about relationship of countries. I was shocked that 57% of the people don’t know when the incident happened in a poll opinion. We should remember their sacrifice and sorrow of their families. This incident involves a lot of controversial issues and we have to take clear action. However we should not hurt the bereaved again.

  47. Amy(T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 10:53 pm

    9. Trade

    Despite of division of territory, North Korea and South Korea have traded with each other.
    In trading, South Korea is in the position to give many things to North Korea, such as food, goods and supporting many industries in North Korea. Then, after attaking the Cheonan ship, how did the trade change? President MB announced a statement that South Korea had suspended trading with Nk. A lot of nations say it is an appropriate contermeasure. So do I. I don’t think we have to try to maintain the relationship with NK which does not even think about national safety. Thesedays, we can hear NK is getting ready to launch a missile from the news. We should take a firm stand. I don’t think we need to show mercy to the country which is trying to break the peace of the Korean Peninsula.

  48. Heather(T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:50 pm

    6. Speculation on perpetrator or cause
    About two years ago, on March 26th of 2010, the ROKS Cheonan Sinking caused a great sensation in South Korea and many other countries. Many people have speculated the cause of it but they haven’t reached the final conclusion yet. No one was sure what was the cause of destroying the ship but lots of countries in the world firmly believed that North Korea was involved in the event while Russian Federation and China took sides with North Korea. Even though there have been other assumptions such as the U.S. submarine’s accidental firing of a torpedo or a West Sea’s geographical characteristic – many rocks, the majority of people still suspect North Korea of attacking the ship based on a few grounds.
    First, according to the paper, Kim Jeongnam mentioned the event to his father while they were in China. Kim Jeongnam said that his brother, Kim Jeongeun, planned all of this because his currency reform was failing. Based on this news people think the fact that North Korea is the perpetrator of the event is undeniable.
    Second, the news also said people had found the letter ‘Number 1’ on the fragment of the torpedo and it was very similar to North Korea’s typography.
    However the reasons people rely on are rather unclear and debatable. There are no clear evidences to prove them completely. The cause of the event still remain unsolved and this tragedy is fading away in our memories. We, members of South Korean, should take this event to heart forever. Furthermore, South Korean authorities must prepare for a possible threat that can happen in the future and guarantee the stability of its citizens.

  49. Ann(T) permalink
    April 1, 2012 11:55 pm

    9. Trade

    Trade is largely affected by foreign relations especially in South Korea. Because South Korea and North Korea has divided countries but has been in conflict each other over 60years, not only the trade but also stock market is varied by diplomatic relations between two countries. Due to it, South Korea government has to change policy that is hostile to North Korea. However, The soldiers is brave men and government makes a thorough investigation into it regardless of trade.

  50. angela11( CR2) permalink
    June 21, 2012 7:45 pm

    When I saw on TV about “Cheonam” accidant I first thought it was a movie. Because cant really believe it really happened here in South Korea. I was really sad at that time. I really cant stop crying when I was watching that on TV. and the solders were really younger than me . Its because that I have a brother who also have to severe military as a Korean citizen’s duty. I personally think that the military should not be mandatory. Its because some students also want to become solders in the future and however, other students dont want to serve the meiltary and they basically think its wasting their time. Since Korea is divideded in to two nations we cant really do anything. But I feel really feel sorry for young Korean boys who have to serve the military. If I have a power I really want to make it that only a people who like to be a solder they should serve the military. Some people will say to me than are there be people who wants to become a milirary solders?
    yes there are many students who wants to have that as their career. And their is a university for that too. Its actually school is in high ranking.

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