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Me and My Music

October 2, 2012

I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable Chusok with their family and friends. Now, party time is over and it’s back to school!


This week’s assignment for both Todd and Conor’s classes is to choose a music video you would like to share with you classmates. Please provide a  link to the video and describe why you like it. For example, do you like the song, the beats, the melody, the feelings it envokes, the memories it brings back, the video, a combination of aspects, etc.? Try to be specific.

Note: Pay attention to the videos that other students post. Try to avoid duplication, please.

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  1. Woopia permalink
    October 3, 2012 8:45 pm
    Psy:Gangnam style
    I don’t know not very much about music, but in these days, I recommend ‘Gangnam style’. (I think many people already know about it.)
    I have a few resons why I like this music video.
    First, When I heard this music, it’s very excited. Especially melody, I feel it sounds like a party.
    Second, As you can see in this video, the dance is very funny.
    Psy was dancing in this video(This dance was called ‘말춤’).
    And one of the funny scene is ‘elevator guy’.- Maybe you already know about him.
    Enjoy this music video, Gangnam style!

  2. Ronie permalink
    October 4, 2012 5:29 pm

    Professor Todd.
    Robbie Williams-Let me Entertain you

    ‘Let me entertain you’ is one of my favorite songs. I have listened to it for 4 years. Most of my favorite songs are types of exciting, fast and various beats. Actually, I enjoyed this music through MP3 or just listening. But I watched a music video of it many times. First of all, I will tell you why I like this song with aspects of the song except images in the music video. The genre of ‘Let me entertain you’ is rock, so it has exciting meldodies and cool drum beats. Especially, the phrase ‘let me enertain you’ mainly sung in the song makes me vibrant. Entertaining someone is funny and interesting because I want to make my partner happy.
    Images of music video is also interesting.Williams’s face made up seems to be Joker in ‘Batman series.’ It looks littel odd but acting and dancing of Williams look cool.

  3. Olivia Min permalink
    October 5, 2012 12:07 am

    Prof. Todd

    Let me introduce this hot song performed by ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ name ‘BEEP’
    I have known this song for about 5 years. I usually listen to this song when I exercise.
    Especially, it gives me an energy to endure hard diet programs. Also, the beat of this song
    makes me so exciting, so I am unware of the passage of exercise time. Second, it makes
    me homesick of life in America. When I listen to this song, I feel like I am still in America.
    It reminds me of the party that I had had with my American friends or traveling with my family.
    Above all, I love their voice. I enrolled in a rock band these days and I am pretty interested
    in pop song. Plus, I am a lead singer of our band, so I used to watch this video as a voice training learning material

  4. Kelly permalink
    October 5, 2012 3:06 pm

    Travie McCoy – Billionaire
    ‘Billionaire’ is one of my favorite pop-song. Because, the melody of this song is good. Also, this song’s lyrics touched my heart. At the current society, most of the rich doesn’t give their earned money back to the society. As a result, the rich-poor gap is much more enormous. But a singer sung this song doesn’t like this circumstance. So the singer hopes to become a billonaire, give his entire fortune to all people. I feel sympathy with the singer.

  5. christine permalink
    October 5, 2012 5:00 pm

    R Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
    There are so many songs I like. But after deep consideration, I select this song. This song is out-dated but really famous and many singers used to sing or remake it.
    There are three reasons why I like it. Firstly, I like the melody. Different from strong and rhythmical songs, it has really soft mood. This soft melody makes me comfort whenever I heard it.
    On top of that, I usually heard this song when I was working as a part- timer. I worked in a family restaurant one year ago. Work is really harsh for me. But I could become energetic after I listened this song.
    Lastly, the lyrics of this song is amazingly impressive. The song includes passions, enthusiasm and Confidence towards one’s life. I think the meaning of lyrics makes people keep up with their life.

  6. handcream permalink
    October 5, 2012 8:11 pm

    Professor Todd

    ‘All for you’ is the OST of the drama ‘응답하라 1997’. I like this drama so often listen this song. This song evokes the memories of first love about 1 year ago. I have good memory of my first love which this song is telling about and I think this song is my story!! When I heard this song, sometimes I thought about my first love. Also, the voice of boy and girl is so sweet and melody, atmosphere and lyrics of the song is very lovely. I hope everyone who have nice memories of first love would listen this music!!

  7. October 5, 2012 9:26 pm

    This one is dedicated to Todd…

  8. Jacob permalink
    October 5, 2012 9:50 pm

    Pro. Todd

    The song of this music video is ‘Mr.Flower’ by Cho sungmo. There are many reasons why i love this movie. First, i like the song of this movie. It’s soft but also has powerful part that attracts me. Second the story of this movie is really great. It’s like we are watching one action movie that also has tragic love story. I like two parts of this movie. First part is the beginning when the main character(So ji-sup) fights against several bad guys. Because he looks so cool with the gun and even if i’m a guy, i think he is so handsome in that scene. Second part is the elevator scene. It was so lovely that he grasp the girl’s hand secretly. Their facial emothions were so nice and that music matches with the scene very well.
    I’m so sad that their love end up with sadness but still, i love this music video. Anyone who likes action movie or the main character should watch it and i’m sure that they’ll enjoy it.

  9. Fresh permalink
    October 5, 2012 11:04 pm

    professer – Todd
    Glee cast – Lean on me

    I would like to introduce a song which is very special for me. ‘Lean on me’ is one of most favorite songs. I heard this song first time when I was young. When I think about this song, the particular moment stands out in my memory. Last year, I was high school senior. In that time, I was too sensitive because I studied at full strain. So I needed someone to lean on. But all of my friends were same with me. Every single day was quite demanding too. Then one day, I heard this song by chance. The song lyrics were pathetically touching and the words exactly fit the reality. So, I usually heard this song in hard times.

    p.s – This song’s original version is ‘ Bill Withers – Lean on me’ But I like glee cast version, so I find the address of a video file of ‘Glee version’

  10. Tank permalink
    October 5, 2012 11:24 pm

    It is my favorite pop song. I didn’t like pop song before. Also I don’t enjoy it until now.
    5 years ago, I was litening the radio. At that time, I listened this song, weezer – butterfly. Its melody was so impressing. But also, lyric made me sorrowfully. It didn’t have about love. It describe only butterfly. Vocal voice is so nice. He looks like comfortable, but his voice is too deep. After listened to this song, I searched to find this song. it still give me deep inspiration.

  11. hehe C permalink
    October 5, 2012 11:25 pm

    The reason I choose this music video is the music video director’s amazing imazination and direct skill.
    In the music video, every scene is almost same, similar situation and somewhat repeated, but it’s not boring because each scene is interestingly connected and has probability. For example, the woman drop a document, then next scene the second woman come up and pick it up. The second woman looks same with the droping woman. And the same situation is repeated continuely.
    And the atmosphere of the music video is sit well with the song I think. Misterous and unique.
    The music video was released 10 years ago but it doesn’t looks old fashion. I think it’s very fresh for these day people.
    Actually, the music video derector is famous for movie director, too. He is Michel Gondry who is famous for individual direct style. He made famous movie ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ which many people like.

    • hehe C permalink
      October 5, 2012 11:27 pm

      Kylie Minogue – Come into my world

  12. October 5, 2012 11:27 pm

    I like a singer named Charice. I knew her by a Korean TV program ‘Starking’ at first. She sang very well on the stage and I was touched by her story. She was born in Philippine. Her family was very poor and her father was violent. So she and her mother escaped from her father. Her mother taught her singing. Through the program ‘Starking’, she became known to people from many other countries. As a result, her debut album was released in the United States. The title of the album is ‘Pyramid’. When you listen this song, you can know her ability to sing. In this song, the melody is very good. And the lyrics tells that the love is very strong enough to overcome whatever the trouble is. So I also like the lyrics. The melody fits very well to her fascinating voice. She looks as if she can overcome all difficulties like lyrics because her voice has a power. Anyway, I love the song ‘Pyramid’ and I recommend to try listening this song. And I hope Charice will succeed.

    • Shirley + C permalink
      October 5, 2012 11:29 pm


    • Shirley+C permalink
      October 9, 2012 11:47 pm

      I want to add more some words.

      In the music video, she looks confident and she really enjoys her music. Iyaz featured ‘Pyramid’. His voice and Charice’s voice are harmonious. Through her music, I could gain hope.

      When I posted the comment on Friday, it didn’t work until next day.
      So I posted once more on Saturday. Now, I realized I posted twice.

  13. Harry permalink
    October 6, 2012 12:06 am

    Professor Todd

    The song is ‘Let it be’. Songwriter was John Lennon and Paul McCartney did composing. It is very famous song in Korea.
    Actually I like old pop songs. Because old pop songs have a nice melody and lyrics than nowadays songs. ‘Let it be’ is also have good points such as melody and lyrics.
    when i listen this song, I feel very comfortable because of the melody like the song ‘yesterday’
    And the lyrics makes me think everything easy. especially I like this lyrics ‘ there will be the answer let it be. When i listen it I think Everything will pass, so I don’t have to worry.

  14. Jin permalink
    October 6, 2012 1:32 am

    Professor :Todd
    I’ll introduce one of the my favorite music. Although this is not music video, the reason why I introduce this live performance video is that viewer can feel song’s mood and see musician’s fancy performance better than music video. That is sum41’s ‘over my head. I know that song because band club team i affiliated in will perform that song about 2weeks later. Although i’m affiliated in rock band club, i’m not enjoy listening rock band’s music. But when I first listened that song, I’m fascinated by song’s rapid beat and excited melody. I’ll hope you will be fascinated this exciting song as I was. Then, listen up this song!!

  15. We-ro permalink
    October 6, 2012 11:11 am

    I enjoy the song, ‘So-Ju Han Jan’. The first reason is the lyrics of this song are very emo and sad. I enjoy sad and emo songs especially ballad songs and consider the words of song. The song ‘So-Ju Han Jan’ correspond such my taste. And the second reason is the music video of this song have high quality. Im Chang Jeong singing this song also acted the main character in this music video. When this music video was made, He also played in ‘Sex Is Zero’ in 2002 and in ‘Reversal Of Fortune’ and ‘Great Expectations’ in 2003. Acting ability of Im Chang Jeong improved by playing in the movies made this music video perfect. If you see this music video, even without sound, you are so surprised that you are a fan of Im Chang Jeong. His Acting ability is that good and this music video is also good. I want you enjoy this song seeing and listening like I do.

    • We-ro permalink
      October 6, 2012 11:14 am

      Professor Todd.
      ‘So-ju Han Jan’ is one glass of so-ju.

  16. Dalin(T) permalink
    October 6, 2012 12:53 pm

    (Professor Todd)

    The music video which I chose is ‘Complicated’ sung by Avril lavigne. I saw this music video when I was a middle school student with my friend. There are a couple of reasons why I picked this song as one of my favorite music videos.
    The first impression that I got from this music video was free. In realty, people can not behave whatever they want because they feel fear about losing reputation. However, in this music video, Avril`s party act freely like brats. For example, they decided to crush the mall so that they jumped into the pool, punched mannequin and threw foods to one of employees. These kind of acts are quit hard to do for normal people. As a consequence, I derive vicarious pleasure and comfort from this music video.
    Another reason why like this music video is that the rylics encourages me to think about my everyday routine carefully. I usually think too much so that it makes me really feel complicated about life. However, this song ask me ‘Why`d you have to go and make things so comlicated?’. As soon as I heard it, I felt as if I have taken head shots. It was me who made the things more complicated. This song gave me a wisdom of life which helped me to mellow out.

  17. May ( prof.Todd) permalink
    October 6, 2012 2:42 pm

    the western sky – Ooh La Session

    The original version song is Lee Seung Chul. This song is ost movie music called Cheongyeon. Movie Cheongyeon is the first female pilot in the Period of Japanese Occupation. Shown in this film, actor Jang jin young had stomach cancer. Ooh La Session wrote a new arrangement of the old song. Do you know Ooh La Session? Ooh La Session pass an audition Superstar K3. I was impressed that this song.
    Similar to the main character in Cheongyeon movies, one of members in Ooh La Session get cancer of the stomach. Their purpose made ​​music video is to remember her. To be specific, Ooh La Session mourned over the death of Jang jin young. So I feel more touched. It was the mournful tone of the Ooh La Session. Furthermore, The song lyrics were pathetically touching. This song is very good. That’s all there is to say. Match in the fall, Listen to this song.

  18. Shirley+C permalink
    October 6, 2012 6:02 pm

    I like a singer named Charice. I knew her by a Korean TV program ‘Starking’ at first. She sang very well on the stage and I was touched by her story. She was born in Philippine. Her family was very poor and her father was violent. So she and her mother escaped from her father. Her mother taught her singing. Through the program ‘Starking’, she became known to people from many other countries. As a result, her debut album was released in the United States. The title of the album is ‘Pyramid’. When you listen this song, you can know her ability to sing. In this song, the melody is very good. And the lyrics tells that the love is very strong enough to overcome whatever the trouble is. So I also like the lyrics. The melody fits very well to her fascinating voice. She looks as if she can overcome all difficulties like lyrics because her voice has a power. In the music video, she looks confident and she really enjoys her music. Iyaz featured ‘Pyramid’. His voice and Charice’s voice are harmonious. Through her music, I could gain hope. Anyway, I love the song ‘Pyramid’ and I recommend to try listening this song. And I hope Charice will succeed.

    • Shirley+C permalink
      December 4, 2012 11:45 pm

      I posted my comment before.
      October 5, 2012 11:27 pm

  19. Sally permalink
    October 6, 2012 10:16 pm

    The music video which I choose is “Love will show you everything” sung by Jennifer Love Hewitt . It is the OST of the movie “IF ONLY”. I was very impressed by the movie. Especially, this scene(music video) had an impact to me. Because the scene is the moment woman who singing song break her limit. She is the violinist but she is really good at singing. However, she had no bravery so she didn’t try to sing. But Her boyfriend really loves her helps her to sing and come true dream. Finally she sung and the crowd gave applause. she did it! After watching this scene, I was encourage to do thing I had fear like her. If my soul mate would trust and support me. So I hope everyone overcome their fear by power of love like this music video.

  20. Niles permalink
    October 6, 2012 11:11 pm

    Professor: Todd

    I would like to introduce the best music video in my life. The tilte is “Oh!” of girls generation.
    Girl’s generation is the top of the korean girl group. they are beauty, pretty, cute, sexy and so on..
    Every time new song comes up they are transform various shape. Anyway, The reason why that these music vidieo released when I was private soldier in military. At that time, I had suffered very hard time. Because I was joined only three months, so evreything is strange and difficult. My only pleasure was watching TV. Especially girls generation became big force to me. Also these music is very powerful and cheer up messages contain. Girl’s generation dance was impressive too. So I never forgot this music video.

  21. ourabi+C permalink
    October 7, 2012 8:12 am

    Let me introduce my favorite song. This music video I choose is ” 비상” which means ” a flight” This is sung by “Yim Jae Beum” who one of the legend singer in Korea. The reasons why I like this song are two things.

    Before I listened this song, I had not known why lyrics is important in song and How I feel lyrics. But after I listened this, I knew what lyrics said and how important lyrics is when listening to song. Whenever I listened to it, I felt as if it said to me “cheer up” or “You can do it”.

    I like “Yim Jae Beaum” who I think the best singer in Korea. I like his voice very much. his voice is very harsh like a metalic sound which I like more than any other voice.

  22. yuji + c permalink
    October 7, 2012 10:31 pm

    Let me introduce my favourite pop song. It’s ‘Lady Marmalade’ sung by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink . It also Original Soundtrack of Moulin Rouge. I really like movie too. This song is very famous. The reason that i like this song is i can feel women singer’s power. I like them all, because they have great sing ability. Especially i like Christina Aguilera, i like her voice color and technique. When I heard her voice, i got goose bumps. So this is the reason why i choose this song.

  23. Zhansaya +C permalink
    October 7, 2012 11:23 pm

    I decided to share this link with you because, in my opinion, the song “If You Were A Song” by Mark Sholtez helps me to relax after tiring days. Every day we work hard and usually we are exhausted in the evening. I like this song because it helps to forget for a while about daily problems and clear my mind. It’s better if you wear headphones while listening to this song) I really love the creation of Mark Sholtez. Almost all of his songs are quiet and relaxing. I listen to his songs every evening. Sometimes the song “If You Were A Song” made me feel lonely. While listening to this song I think about the meaning of life, or universe, or the role of human beings, about what I have done or what I should do. Listen to the song and does the music reflect your personality – is it fun and upbeat or quiet and meaningful?

    • Ann C (Professor Conor) permalink
      October 8, 2012 1:27 am

      The song that I want to share with you is “Dear mother” which is sung by G.O.D.
      Since I was young, I used to listen to the music , but I rarely find music videos.
      Because it was just okay for me to listen to the music without watching the music videos.
      But one day, when I was about sixteen, I listened to the song ” Dear mother” for the first time. Even though it was an old song, it really impressed me.
      This song was about a mother. In this song, the mother had gone through hardships during her whole life, but she didn’t give up her son. After few years, her son finally grew up and opened a small restraunt for her. But unfortunately, the day when her son opened that restraunt, she died. When I listen to this song, I feel very sad about the story and happy for having mom. Anyway, I want you to feel the same thing as I do, while listening to this song.

      • Ann C (Professor Conor) permalink
        October 8, 2012 1:30 am

        I think I did something wrong. But I don’t know how to delete it. Sorry… 😦

  24. Ann C (Professor Conor) permalink
    October 8, 2012 1:28 am

  25. October 8, 2012 1:37 am

    Itaewon freedom – UV

    This is my favorite music video. and this singer is also my favorite. 유세윤 is One of UV’s member. He is comedian too. I think that’s why All of their musics are so funny. This music video is funny too. Especially, I like dance in this music video. It’s so funny!! Even when I was in high school, at the school festival, I did dance performance this song with my friends. It was a big hit. I love more this dance than gangnam style. It’s easy to learn, and looks so funny. anyways, their lyrics are so funny too. In this song, the lyrics mean Iteawon is good place to have fun than anyplace like hongdea, sinchon. It sounds so silly. But I really like this kind of music. But funny is not a only one reason wht I like this. this melody make me feeling up. I’m so excited everytime I listen this. If you listen this music, you may like to go Iteawon. It means, It’s good song to advertise Iteawon! actually, because of this song, UV became a honorary ambassador of Iteawon. I think this fact is also funny.
    I like this music video soooo much!

  26. Artpen permalink
    October 8, 2012 2:14 am

    ___The song is called Moves Like Jagger from the band called Maroon5. I like this song because it has a catchy rhythm which really fills me up with energy. The most catchy part is the beginning. There is a whistle that makes a funny rhythm and it is inevitable to whistle with it. Also the song has a special guest, the pop song singer Christina Aguilera who has an incredible singing ability. She makes the song even better. The great combination of both Maroon5 and Christina Aguilera just drives me crazy. The song is FANTASTIC.

  27. yoon +c permalink
    October 9, 2012 2:24 am

    I’ll introduce my favourite song that is Payphone of Maroon5. My younger brother listened to this song every day so I naturally listened to Payphone of Maroon5. Its melody is very good and is easy to sing to. The beat and the style of this music are a bit same than what Koreans are used to. And this music video is formed with animation version.It is interesting because of its animation version.This music’s refrain is impressive and I feel sympathy from this music’s lyrics. When you listen to this song, you can’t help falling with it. So I choose this song!

  28. Broccoli permalink
    October 9, 2012 2:41 am

    Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

    This song I got to know when I was in high school. When we had some time at the end of a class, the english teacher used to show us music videos. I especially remember this one because of three reasons. First, I love the sound of this music; the singer’s voice is nice and clear, the guitar sound is rhythmical, and I like the overall exciting mood of this song. Second, I like the lyrics. It’s about a girl having crash on the boy living next door. The shy girl keeps comparing the boy’s girlfriend and herself and gets sad but doesn’t give up hope. Finally at a party they finally get together and I like this happy ending. The last point is that the two girls in the music video are actually one person, Taylor Swift. I thought it was quite amusing because I didn’t realize it before my friend tells me. After all, this is one of my favorite music video.


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