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Binge Drinking

October 15, 2012

Binge drinking, commonly defined as having more than five standard drinks in a row for men and four or more in a row for women more than once a week, is a serious problems with many negative consequences. As such, it makes for an interesting topic for this week’s assignment.


Here are two recent Chosun Daily articles on alcohol consumption.


Binge Drinking Rife Among University Students

Korea to Tolerant of Alcohol Consumption


Students: Consider ONE aspect of binge drinking and write a paragraph. (Note: First read other students’ ideas and try to write about something that hasn’t already been written.)


1. What causes students to binge drink?

2. What are the effects of binge drinking?

3. Describe a typical MT (membership training) or other student event, either formal or informal, where students have fun and drink. Is there any coercion or peer pressure to drink too much? (conform to the group)

4. Describe a time when you or someone you know binge drank. Remember to consider the five senses.

5. List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

6. List some alternatives to binge drinking.

7. Should the legal drinking age be raised to twenty-one years old?

8. Should the legal system be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses? Actually, being drunk has been used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment. Is this acceptable? For example, should a rapist’s sentence be reduced because he was drunk? Do you remember the tragic case of “나 영 이 사 건” The perpetrator’s sentence was reduced to just twelve years.

9. Compare the situation of binge drinking in Korea with that of another country. What are the similarities or differences?

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  1. Broccoli permalink
    October 16, 2012 12:23 am

    Question: List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    In Korea, binge drinking seems more acceptable than it is in other countries. However, as we see binge drinking can cause several serious problems, those drinkers have to think one more time before attempting one more glass of alcohol. Firstly, binge drinking might bring problems to one’s social relationship. When one drinks too much to look after oneself, he or she not only causes inconvenience to the surrounding people, but also behaves out of control. This would result in breakups of friendship, partnership, or even a family. Secondly, it can cause public problems. Beyond the range of causing social nuisance, a heavy drinker who cannot control his temper might end up with hitting, harassing, or even committing irreversible crimes such as murder or property damages. Last but not least, heavy drinking will help liquor business thrive. According to the articles by Chosun Daily, considerable amount of Korean people enjoy heavy drinking. This is likely to encourage selling of the alcohol, and naturally, buying of it, too. All in all, binge drinking give rise to many problems.

  2. Zhansaya +C permalink
    October 16, 2012 2:28 am

    1. What causes students to binge drink?

    Nowadays binge drinking is one of the global problems. So, why students drink alcohol? What causes students to binge drink? First of all, alcohol is freely advertised and it is not so many difficult to buy it in the supermarkets or small shops. Drinks are not expensive, the vast majority can afford them. The second reason is the craving for alcohol because of it’s euphoric effects. After drinking people, in this case students, feel themselves like they can do everything. All the problems and difficulties seem to be nothing. Thirdly, some parents themselves treat their children with wine. After that children get used to alcohol. Finally, there is a great role plays public opinion on drinking. If everyone thinks it is normal to drink soju after tiring day, so students just follow the mainstream. In conclusion, I’d like to say that most students do not realize all the bad points of binge drinking. If we want to solve this problem, first of all, we have to rebuild our consciousness toward denial of alcohol.

    • proftodd permalink*
      October 18, 2012 3:42 pm

      “we have to rebuild our consciousness toward denial of alcohol.”

      I’m not sure what you mean by this? Do you mean ‘we’ as a society through government regulation, or ‘we’ as individuals through self-denial? Some governments, most notaby the American government during the 1920s and 30s, tried to prohibit alcohol from society. This resulted in a gang-lead, violent underground system that caused many deaths; an abject failure which was soon repealed. Would government prohibition of alcohol in Korea lead to an underground system run by gangs, perhaps with violence. Individuals have battled alcohol demons since the invention of alcohol, so self-denial may not be possible for certain people. Some researchers suggest that humans, some more than others, naturally desire an altered state of mind, usually achieved by ingesting some type of drug, be it alcohol, cigarettes, tea, chocolate, etc. Assuming these psychologists are correct, that humans do desire an altered state of mind, attempting to deny certain people alcohol may be an exercise in futility. Perhaps attempts to promote moderate drinking would be better for most individuals and society as a whole. Unfortunately, research also suggest that some people’s brains are hard-wired to be susceptibe to addiction. For these people, not moderation but complete abstinence (your “denial of alcohol) may be best.

  3. Dalin(T) permalink
    October 19, 2012 12:28 am

    What are the effects of binge drinking?

    (Professor Todd)

    Almost 6 million Korean adults consume alcohol every day and over 71 percent of university students have experienced binge drinking. In Korea, drinking culture is getting more serious, especially among university students and middle-aged men, which can lead to a number of negative effects. First of all, binge drinking is unhealthy. It has been proven that appropriate drinking is beneficial to one` health. However, according to the research from Holland, binge drinking, which means intake a lot of alcohol in short time, can cause malfunction of cardiovascular activity. Platelets are blood cells which play a significant role in the coagulation of blood and restoration of injured blood vessel. If someone drinks hard, function of restoring injured blood vessel declines so that cardiovascular system does not work correctly. In addition, binge drinking can arouse hypohepatia, liver cancer, and even death. Second, the possibility of making mistakes increases due to binge drinking. Alcohol makes brain cells move so slowly that judgement becomes clouded. Moreover, paralysis of the central nervous system makes drunkers lose their rationality, which might make them violent. Furthermore, binge drinking generates temporary memory loss and increases the risk of developing alcohol dementia in severe case. As a consequence, binge drinking has grave dangerousness of accidents.

  4. Shirley+C permalink
    October 19, 2012 1:11 am

    The phenomenon that it is getting much more generous to alcohol-related criminals is not desirable. I think the law should be more stricter. For example, think of driving drunk. Driving drunk is obviously an offense. But especially, in Korea, you can see many celebrities who drove drunk and do their work as if nothing happened before. And many people think driving drunk is not a serious crime. This means being drunk can be an excuse for reducing their faults. Another example is that there was an event which college male students raped a female student. After this event was known, many people reprehended. Now, they were arrested. Through these examples, I think it is wrong to reduce the perpetrator’s sentence just because of alcohol-related offenses. Nonalcoholic and alcoholic perpetrators must be treated equally. Even if they don’t remember what they did because of getting drunk, they must have the responsibility. Passing out is merely an excuse to cover their mistakes. I mean cause of doing mistakes is not being drunk, but oneself. Therefore, people should have tension when drinking and not too be generous to offenses related to alcohol.

    • Shirley+C permalink
      October 19, 2012 1:12 am

      8.Should the legal system be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses? Actually, being drunk has been used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment. Is this acceptable?

  5. Olivia Min permalink
    October 19, 2012 2:43 pm

    Prof. Todd

    7. Should the legal drinking age be raised to twenty-one years old?

    Unfortunately, we will not solve ‘binge drinking’ situation, even we change the law. We don’t need to focus on the age limit, especially one year doesn’t have a big difference. For example, these days, not only adults drink alcohol, but also most adolescents experience alcohol drinking before age 20, which is a serious social problem we are facing now. As a matter of fact, infinite curiosity makes teenagers to buy alcohol drinks in an illegal way, somewhat like still someone’s ID card who looks just like him or her. And then, they boldly go to market to buy alcohol drinks as if they are already an adult. But, I think we don’t have any rights to blame teenagers. Because the fearful world might have been made our children to act wrong. In my opinion, binge drinking is not about the age limit we have, it’s about young people’s way of thinking. Maybe it’s better to start some educational programs step by step to let us know the bad effects of binge drinking.

    • proftodd permalink*
      October 20, 2012 2:50 pm

      Educational programs to inform students about the effects of binge drinking sound like a good idea. Actually, a lot of problems could be solved through educational programs – teen pregnancy, bullying, binge drinking, and on and on; the list is long. However, educational authorities are already struggling to teach students the required curriculum as it is. When would they find more time to educate students on topics like binge drinking? During class time? Would students need to stay longer at school? Should teachers teach less math or history to make time to teach these other topics such as the negative effects of binge drinking? In theory, educational programs sound good, but in practical terms, there are many hurdles to overcome.

  6. marlcocoroz permalink
    October 19, 2012 4:00 pm

    5. List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    It cause problem in two way. At first, There are physical problem. Drinking alcohol more than suitable cause serious damage on stomach and liver. Vomitting gastric juice hurt your throat. Alzheimer disease in one of the most serious problem of dringking. And there are many other compositive medical problems. Second, There are social and mental problem either. Drinking alcohol properly is good on your social life and sometimes it can be vital thing. However it can be serious problem when you cross a binge line. They can’t do their own duty like homework , preperation for an examination. And they will be a ‘peer’ in ‘peer pressure to let people drink alcohol’. So they make more Binge drinker and this vicious cycle is repeated. Finally the most serious problem caused by binge drinking is that binge drinke can develop alcoholic. Binge drinker make another binge drinker and some of them could develop alcoholic. And alcoholic can’t hold social and physical healthy life. In sum Binge drinking custom make not only health problem on each person but also factor of alcoholic by it’s own vicious cycle

  7. Ourabi + C permalink
    October 19, 2012 4:44 pm

    MT is a kind of vacation in university or college through which students know each other. In MT, students have a chance that students know each other and become familiar with professor. The purpose is nice. Knowing each other is one of the most important thing. However, There is a problem in night of MT when students play and drink. Drinking is not bad because it is one of the tool that people get familiar with each other. But There is a coercion or peer pressure to drink too much. Some students press other students think “Because we are one team, we have to drink all together”. Other students are pressed to drink to demonstrate they are one of the member of the team. It may be a uncomfortable experience to students who can’t drink or don’t want to drink.

    • Ourabi + C permalink
      October 19, 2012 4:46 pm

      3. Describe a typical MT (membership training) or other student event, either formal or informal, where students have fun and drink. Is there any coercion or peer pressure to drink too much? (conform to the group)

    • October 19, 2012 5:15 pm

      It says describe, not explain what might happen.

  8. Sally permalink
    October 19, 2012 5:31 pm

    Professor. Todd

    8. Should the legal system be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses? Actually, being drunk has been used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment. Is this acceptable? For example, should a rapist’s sentence be reduced because he was drunk? Do you remember the tragic case of “나 영 이 사 건” The perpetrator’s sentence was reduced to just twelve years.

    There are many crime problems like 나영이 사건, 조두순 사건enrage the people. I’m really angry whenever that case of news is announced. I’m angry about how human being commit a brutal crime, but it aggravate my anger that its sentence was reduced only because he was drunk. I think nobody know how he was drunk at that time. But why the law accept the undefined statement? I don’t understand. Drinking too much and committing a crime is object of additional punishment rather than reducing the punishment. Like above the news says, korean society is too generous about drinking. Developed country like England add to punishment to criminal who drink and commit crime. However, our society would like to understand their crime based on the reason they were drunk. That is wrong. We must prevent abuse of being drunk. So the legal system should be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses.

  9. christine permalink
    October 19, 2012 6:10 pm

    (Prof : Todd)
    1. What causes students to binge drink?

    There are many causes that make students binge drinker. Firstly, one cause is that we have low age limit. Even, there are not strict inspectations in many places such as pub, bar and public houses. At 19, count age in full, people can drink alcohol in korea. It is lower than USA where people cannot drink alcohol under the age of 21. Moreover, most of the stores sell alcohol(soju and beer) to everyone without the identification of age. It can cause serious problem, because anyone who is under age of 19 can get alcohol easily and make young people learn alcohol more early.
    Another reason is that there are not many alternative things students can do. Clubs in university usually has a drink meeting. And some of clubs has a purpose to promote friendship, so they spend most of meeting with alcohol. It could be better if they have other purpose such as sports, reading and conversation.
    Finally, the most serious cause is that there are compulsive atmoshphere in society that someone drinking much is nice. People recognize the more they drink, the more cool they would be. This social perception makes people drink much more than their drinking capacity. But we don’t need to drink much until we collapse. I think we need to change social stereotype that drinking is good. In conclusion, we can protect someone to become a binge drinker with altering these causes.

  10. Jin permalink
    October 19, 2012 9:30 pm

    (Prof : Todd)

    9. Compare the situation of binge drinking in Korea with that of another country. What are the similarities or differences?

    Each countries has their unique drinking culture. Above all, korean has binge drinking culture that mostly happened in young people. In korea, generally, people offer a drinking to others who belong to same drinking party. If you get a glass of alcohol, you should drink instead of refusal that is considered as virtue. This culture may seem like barbarous custom to foreign people but, in korea, this culture means familiarity between co-workers. And, when korean are drinking, people tend to drink too much at a time and caved in after drinking all night. In contrast, french drinking culture is different form korean’s. First of all, french drinking culture is full enjoyment of their life and is as usual as for them. In france, drinking culture is related to food culture. French are mostly drink a wine during a mealtime. In mealtime, they drink wine ,but they are savoring a glass of wine by sipping slowly. And most of french don’t drink all night. Like this france and korea have different drinking culture. But this two country have similarity that is both drink for friendship with other people.

  11. kelly permalink
    October 19, 2012 11:31 pm

    (Pro. Todd )

    7. Should the legal drinking age be raised to twenty-one years old?

    Binge drinking is one of the social problem. To solve this problem, some people say the legal drinking age has to be raised. But I think raising of the legal drinking age isn’t a solution about binge drinking. Because the cause of binge drinking is not an age. Binge drinking exists in middle age people as well as young people in their twenties. If we raise the legal drinking age to twenty-one years old, the number of binge drinkers in their twenty will decrease. But in spite of this decreasing, the total of binge drinkers is probably not a great deal of difference. In my opinion, binge drinking derives from the bad alcohol culture in Korea. Thus, people need to realize the negative effect of binge drinking and make a right alcohol culture.

  12. yuji + c permalink
    October 19, 2012 11:46 pm

    8. Should the legal system be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses? Actually, being drunk has been used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment. Is this acceptable? For example, should a rapist’s sentence be reduced because he was drunk? Do you remember the tragic case of “나 영 이 사 건” The perpetrator’s sentence was reduced to just twelve years.

    I think korea must stricter the legal system about punishment for alcohol-related offenses. It is too weak so crimer’s did it more frequently. Also crimer’s did offense calculatedly because alchol-related crime can reduce the penalty. But i think being drunk that used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment is unfair. And i think drunk can not be a excuse. It just mean he can’t moderate it. If someone did offense with alchol, it means he can’t control himself. He can stop drinking enough, but he could’t. It’s his fault,i think. I investigate sexual offense with alchol called ‘나영이 사건’. It made me crazy. When ‘나영이’ was going to school, 조두순 the assailant of this crime took her to church toilet, and raped. She was just 9 years old at that time. After that, she have ruptured anus, intestine. And that organ became permanent disability. Also, she lost her genital. So she put on the small pocket during her’s entire life.But he excuse that he was drinking, penalty was reduced. I think it is so unfair. She can’t lead her life after that incident, but he can live normally. I think we must legislate the powerful law about alchol-related crime.

  13. lhnhsms C permalink
    October 19, 2012 11:55 pm

    4. Describe a time when you or someone you know binge drank. Remember to consider the five senses

    It was last year, April Fools’ day. My roommate and I wanted to fool our friends. We went to drink with them. And our friend’s planned to fool us, too. My roommate and I noticed that earlier than they tried to fool us. So we(me and my roommate) were planned to pretend like we were upset about they tried to fool us. And it worked. My roommate is heavy drinker. She used to drink a lot more than guys. So she overdrank unexpectedly, I didn’t even know she was going to drink like that to fool them. And then things went wrong. She drank too much in short time to try to be seen as angry. It was such a stupid act. So she went to restroom, and other friend’s thought she was really upset. we fooled them, but my roommate, she wasn’t alright. She drank too much, and she wanted to puke. I felt so sorry for her, worried about her. She walked shakily. I had to helping her by holding arms. She looked she was sick. Alcohol smelled from her. And she was laughing for no reason. She couldn’t handle herself enough. After that day, she never get drunk. She afraid of being drunk. I think binge drinking is so harmful physically and mentally. I regreted bitterly that day and realized that binge drinking cause many unhelpful consequences.

  14. Niles permalink
    October 20, 2012 12:00 am


    1. What causes students to binge drink?

    Nowadays, binge drinking is become a serious social problem. Every years, the accident has occurred because of binge drinking. Especially, the drinking culture of students became a grave situation. So then, why the student has a drinking binge?

    The case of the Korea student, first, we should drink the alcohol in order to become intimate the other people. The other words we have to drink alcohol adjust to college life. If we do not have drink, we might be difficult to their friend.

    Secondly, we drink alcohol because of stress. We are suffering from our lives. We should study hard and we always feel pressure from exam. So I think that We get fid of stress from alcohol with friends.

    Thirdly, we have no mass entertainment except to drink. So If we meet friend or people, we are go to bar.

    In these things, the student fall into alcohol. We need to establish a healthy drinking culture.

    • Artpen permalink
      October 20, 2012 1:29 am

      The facts are true. Korean drinking culture is very different form other countries’ drinking culture. I think there has to be a controlling system to prevent problems of over drinking.

    • proftodd permalink*
      October 20, 2012 6:39 pm

      “We have no mass entertainment except to drink. So if we meet friends or people, we go to bar” What does this mean? Can people not do group activities that do not involve drinking? Coffee shops are popular? Movie theaters are popular? There are numerous outdoor activities.

  15. hehe + C permalink
    October 20, 2012 12:02 am

    8. Should the legal system be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses? Actually, being drunk has been used and reused as a viable excuse for reducing punishment. Is this acceptable? For example, should a rapist’s sentence be reduced because he was drunk? Do you remember the tragic case of “나 영 이 사 건” The perpetrator’s sentence was reduced to just twelve years.

    My answer is the legal system must to be stricter with punishment for alcohol-related offenses. Because it would be abused and indulgence for the criminal. Even if they did’t drink, they can say ‘Because of the alcohol, I didn’t want to kill’. It’s like they have no plan to offend someone but alcohol makes them(the criminal) kill or sexual abuse people. Like the example of 나영이 사건 or 오원춘 the cruel murderer. I think it’s unresonalble and unfair. They just shift the responsibility to the alcohol. It’s not make sense. The victims are more resentful when heard the criminal got commutation because of the alcohol. The crime happens because of a madman not alcohol.

  16. Ronie permalink
    October 20, 2012 1:17 am

    professor Todd.

    4. Describe a time when you or someone you know binge drank. Remember to consider the five senses.

    It might be on the first week, October, 2010. I was studying for an entrance exam in a small room in Seoul. This was my second time of challenging an entrance exam so I was too dpressed at that time. I called a friend who lives near my town in Seoul. I was going to drink alchol much to be unaware of gloomy life. I and the friend ordered some bottles of soju, beer, chicken, fish cake and other food. I had never drunken soju and beer much at that time, so I couldn’t control my pace well. At first, I felt better than the past time. More drunken and more, alchol and the food tases more yummy. But, when I was over my pace, the world began to change. My sight started to be weak and overlapped. I felt it seemed to be flash bangs in games. Also, my voice became inarticulate. One thing did’t change but okay was hearing I think. On way to my room, out side was too noisy even it was late night. I got off the subway and was going up stairs. I vomitted and it smelled disgusting. After come back the room, I felt down the bed. Next morning, it was little damp under my chick. As I opened my eyes, it was terrible. I vomitted again and couldn’t memory I vomitted while I was sleeping. A stinking and wet vomit had made me not to drink alchol for some months.

    • Woopia permalink
      October 20, 2012 4:12 am

      Professor: Todd)
      4.Describe a time when you or someone you know binge drank. Remember to consider the five senses.
      First story
      This story is one of the memories to me. I’ll introduce stories When I was a middle school student sleep at night in my house. That day, I was sleeping in my room. The house was very quiet, dark and just streetlight of outdoor was bright. It was winter after snow coming down. And that time was dawn. Suddenly, Someone who didn’t know was throwing up. And that sounds make me woke up. And this vomiting sound was terrible to me. I can’t sleep at night. Furthermore, next morning, the streetlight in front of my house was covered with vomit. (Unfortunately, I saw that when I went to school.)
      Second story
      This time was when I went to OT for freshman. I thought the OT would be enjoyable. However, this hallucination was broken. When the at night, most of the student did do game. And the loser of game have to drink Soju. Actually, my game skill was very poor, so I have to drink so much. In an instant, I had a headache and the soju which has in my ‘soju glass’ looks like a poison. And I told to other senior students and I go to sleep. And I was sleeping in room like a log.
      Next morning, I had a stomachache. I feel fire in my stomachache. I think the OT was very good, but binge drinking is not.

  17. Artpen permalink
    October 20, 2012 1:25 am

    5. List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    Prof. Todd.

    __________Have you ever experienced binge drinking in your life? In majority we do, but there are things that need to consider about binge drinking. There are several problems that can occur to you when you get drunk and most commonly we got the following three problems. First of all when you binge drink is very common to have a hangover the next day. Having a hangover can cause you headaches and nausea which just makes your day a terrible one. It requires hours to recover from hangovers. Another problem that binge drinking can cause are bad habits like vomiting. Vomiting destroys your pharynx because when you puke the digestive acid from your stomach comes up damaging everything in its way. If you constantly vomit your pharynx is going to hurt and hopefully you can get recovered with treatments. Finally, not very common but another mortal problem of binge drinking is liver and brain damage. Alcohol has never been good for the health and it is proved that heavy drinkers suffer more from liver diseases than normal drinkers. Also heavy drinkers tend to have poorer memory. Drinking alcohol can be good in a way if you control your drinking habits. In sum, problems of binge drinking can be prevented with responsibility such as setting your limits and be aware of what you are drinking.

  18. yoon +c permalink
    October 20, 2012 1:45 am

    2. What are the effects of binge drinking

    The society is adversely influenced by binge drinking. First, indiscrimination crimes are occuring in succession because of binge drinking. Binge drinking makes people be devoid of rationality. So if most people drink havily, they may change their skin. For example, people who drink too much can provoke a quarrel and fight against a passing craowd. It can also lead to an accident which is a case of murder. So the government has considerable concern about the crime rate that is infulenced by binge drinking. Second, people who have binge drinking can’t enrich their lives. Because binge drinking makes people lose the will to live and look like being crippled. So they can’t live better than other people who don’t have binge drinking. They may be removed from the workplace by their superior. Finally, their lives are gradually miserable. These two effects of binge drinking are terrible for people and society. The effects of binge drinking are a lot above these. So we should care about drinkig too much.

  19. Fresh permalink
    October 20, 2012 2:08 am

    Professor Todd.
    6. List some alternatives to binge drinking.
    If you drink every day a little like ‘Many drops make a flood’, you have to change your drinking habits. Frequent alcohol ingestion can lead to binge drink. I’ll give you some good tips on dealing with binge drink. First, you can arrange ‘Don’t Drink Day’ several days a week. Another thing you can do is that you must avoid drinking when you are upset or depressed. Because, when you are angry, you might drink too much to forget your troubles. Although, drinking can provide a positive outlet to allow people to wind down, to hit the booze is very bad to your health. Finally, when you feel dizzy a little, you have to refuse to drink or say ‘I need to sober up a little. No more for me.’ If you refuse an offer to drink politely, you just got one step closer to success or to overcome binge drink!

  20. We-ro permalink
    October 20, 2012 11:36 am

    Professor Todd

    4. Describe a time when you or someone you know binge drank. Remember to consider the five senses.

    When I was a freshman, I took part in a membership training with my schoolfellows in May, 2009. All the member were very excited before the MT. After arriving at the MT place in Gapyeong-gun, we went to a sandy beach. In this area, We began the game, Coke and Soju relay. The rule of it was that after spinning round and round 10times with elephant trunk pose, the man had to go to drink 1.5L coke which was 10M from stating point and one bottle of soju which was 20M from starting point and then turn back to starting point and then next member had to do so. One team was made up five people and that meant one member had to drink about 1/5 coke and soju. In first game, I was second of our team. Because I haven’t like coke, I didn’t drink coke even a drop. That time, Not only our team but also other schoolfellows hissed and pulled faces. I was absurd and upset. So I went to one bottle of soju and drank it to the last drop. Then, all the people cheered. I’m very happy. But my throat and stomach became hot. In next game, I didn’t drink coke but I drank one soju bottle once more. I felt dizzy despite all the cheering. After that, my all memory of three hours disappeared. Fellows told me, “you continued different games and took a picture with us.” Looking at the photo, I was in it! But I couldn’t remember that. I realized binge drinking make me different me. It is horror. I promised I won’t drink alcohol excessively in any case.

  21. May ( prof.Todd) permalink
    October 20, 2012 2:23 pm

    5. List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    We tend to believe only false rumor ‘moderate alcohol is beneficial for the body’.
    I think this is a generous thought about drinking. Stress a short time to blow in alcohol, but alcohol accumulate in the human body so it makes an incredible impact.
    So why should refrain from drinking from now on, I will speak about the necessity of the quit drinking. First, Alcohol rots the brain and bones. To be specific, If you eat a lot of alcohol, you will reduce brain volume and destroy brain cell than nomal. people who the film broken phenomenon can be caused alcoholic dementia.
    Another reason of the quit drinking is the liver disease. Because, the liver is known to be directly affected due to alcohol. Finally, Alcohol inhibit the people’s controllability and causes many kinds of accidents like violent fightings and car accidents while drunken driving. As a result, the unfair victim arises. This is a very irresponsible act. The next day you’ll regret, no amount of alcohol is to eat
    This is a very irresponsible act. If you don’t have the ability to control, you equated to animals. For these reasons, We need to abstain from alcohol.

  22. Ann C permalink
    October 20, 2012 4:31 pm

    3. Describe a typical MT (membership training) or other student event, either formal or informal, where students have fun and drink. Is there any coercion or peer pressure to drink too much? (conform to the group)

    There are many student events like MT(membership training) , athletic meetings, opening or ending party and so on. As a goal of these events is to make people get closer than before, people(especially the seniors) tend to push students to drink. Because they think it is easier to get close after drinking sojus or somethings like that. Actually it is true, but the problem is that they give too much pressure to drink. So it is not an exceptional thing that students drink more than they could and finally it causes students to binge drink. This is one of the biggest problems that korean unniversities are facing.

    • Tank permalink
      October 21, 2012 9:09 pm

      I also agree that MT culture should fix more democratic and selectional to enjoying student.

  23. Harry permalink
    October 20, 2012 4:45 pm

    9. Compare the situation of binge drinking in Korea with that of another country. What are the similarities or differences?

    Professor Todd

    It is easy to see people’s binge drinking In Korea and It also possible to see binge drinking in another country. But there are some difference between Korea and another country.
    First of all Korean usually drink with several people. Korean prefer Collectivism such as official meeting or special event, so they scarcely drink alone or with minority. on the other hand, another country They drink in personally or with minority. For example, After leaving the office, they often didn’t get-together. But It is often showed at tv or movie that person drinks alone or with minority.
    Another difference is level of freedom. Korean usually impose alcohol to people regardless of drinking capacity. They think it is kinds of being friendly. Whereas another country respect people’s demand, so they can drink what they want.
    Finally strictness is different between Korea and another country. In another country it is very strict to drink. It is free to drink a lot. but if someone who drink much cause problems, they will be punished rigidly. In contrast, Korea society reduce punishment for people who drink a lot and make some problem. As a result nowadays Korean think that binge drinking culture has to changed because of many problems like murder, rape, and so on.

  24. handcream permalink
    October 20, 2012 10:49 pm

    6.professor Todd

    These days many students are into drinking. They say that they drink alcohol because they don’t have something when they meet their friends and drinking makes them more friendly. But there are many more interesting things you can with your friends. Firstly, sports is good thing. Many sports-soccer, basketball, tennis- are good to your friendship and healthy too. Playing team-sports game, you can feel corporation and collaboration with your team member and after showering by sweat you maybe feel brimful. Playing some music instrument is also interesting thing. For example, if you would teach playing piano to your friend who can’t play the piano, you would be friendly with your friend without drinking. Lastly, visiting delicious food store is fantastic. By finding delicious food and tasting that, you will be have great time with nice food without alcohol obviously. By these ways, you will make friends and have interesting time without drinking.

    • handcream permalink
      October 21, 2012 12:05 pm

      1. What causes students to binge drink?

      These days, drinking is not uncommon. They think drinking is right thing to do but it would provide the risk that they will be a binge drinker. Then what causes students to drink too much alcohol? First, Korean high school students are tired of their school life. To enjoy their freedom of university after study suppression, they might drink alcohol. Another causes of drinking is enforcement. Students can’t avoid drinking meeting if they have MT or club. People impose drinking because of their friendship and relationship. Finally, Students don’t have many things to do except drinking. Many students say that they go to pub because they don’t have something to do when meeting friends.. There are many causes which students often drink alcohol. We should find solutions of this problem and avoid students to be binge drinker.

      I did it again because first is not good….
      I’m sorry to be late this week T,T

  25. Orange juice permalink
    October 21, 2012 10:37 am

    Professor. Todd

    5. List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    Excessive drinking commits mistake that can not turn around at the slightest slip losing controls.
    Drinking raises big women’s deformed child delivery.
    Drinking causes problem of violence, vehicular accidents etc..
    Can become alcoholist.
    In this way, because wine loses ability to control own, case that do not judge whether did some mistake at that time by oneself is much..

  26. Tank permalink
    October 21, 2012 9:07 pm


    3. Describe a typical MT (membership training) or other student event, either formal or informal, where students have fun and drink. Is there any coercion or peer pressure to drink too much? (conform to the group)

    Surely, I can describe the typical MT accurately, because I have been to MT 4 times more. But it is my informal description. At least, my major department; global communication, dont’ drink too much. Rather than, have lots of games, and team match. like cook festival, or miss global communication (some men dress up as a woman) etc. And we enjoy together with professors. After finishing many events, almost 12:00am. At that time, we start to drink some alcohol. Usually, many students are being tired this time. Some students go to sleep. So only a few people drink some alcohol. And then, drunken people usually happen that time. I was one of them in this MT. I passed out I couldn’t remember anything. Some peers told me something funny. I think our department don’t coerce about drink. So many people can enjoy their own capacity.

  27. Jacob permalink
    October 21, 2012 10:28 pm

    1. What causes students to binge drink?

    Thesedays, there are many students who do binge drinking. And i think there are several reasons why they do binge drinking. First reason but most influential reason is that after we enter university, all the seniors make us to drink a lot. They tell us it’s just some kind of tradition. They pour all the drinks in some bowl and tell us to drink it at one go. And all the freshmen think that’s how we drink. They think that’s how they should drink. And this might cause binge drink. Second is that, all the university students got stress from their high school life, so that unconsciously they try to get rid of that stress by drinking. When they were high school students, they didn’t have any free time. And all the stress that were piled up in their mind blow up by drinkg after they enter the university. As a result, since there are lots of accidents by students because of drinking, they should control themselves not to binge drink.

  28. Jacob permalink
    October 21, 2012 10:28 pm

    pro. Todd

  29. Kitty+ C permalink
    October 21, 2012 11:48 pm

    List some of the problems that can occur from binge drinking.

    Binge Drinking.

    Binge Drinking causes many personal losses.
    NO 1. The stuffs. If you go on a binge, you must be out of control. then, you couldn’t remember where your stuffs are. (like phone, wallet, bags.)
    NO 2. The people who around you. If you married, there is no one who like their wife or husband go on a binge. that causes many problems that risks your marrid life like financial problems. They must leaves you. Also, you could lose your friends. many people who is drunk so much, they use to mistake to people who around them. they could curse that makes their friends feel bad. or they could act really bad to friends. Even if they are your friends, they wouldn’t understand you every time.
    NO 3. Your life. If you fall down on the street because you are drunk on December or January, you will freeze to death. or If you have no money to live because you spent all money on alcohol and your family and friends leaves you, you would like to suicide.

    Like this, Binge drinking take our valuable things. Let’s take moderate drink.

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