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The Internet: How do you do it?

April 2, 2013

Do you use the internet?


I thought I’d start with a bad hook!

But seriously, the internet, isn’t it something? I read a tweet the other day (yes I’m on twitter @ConzieSays – are you?) by someone saying basically, that back in the day skeptics said the internet wouldn’t catch on because young people didn’t use it. I wonder how that’s got on?

The internet has developed at a rapid pace, and with smartphone and tablet ownership set to only increase, the internet is set to grow further. There is a new culture growing from our online activity which is changing the way we do everything. It’s exciting, but also a little scary at times.

I recall that back in secondary school the internet was just catching on, and it was a place with very basic websites with very basic information, with little opportunities to shop and connect with other people. Today, it’s anything but. we have incredibly interactive websites, video, film, music, and interaction with other people is put at a premium. In fact you could argue that the modern day success of the internet can attributed to this interactivity, personified by sites like services like facebook and twitter, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many cliches about the internet and our reliance on it today, not forgetting the usual ‘back in my day’ ones, but like it or love it, the internet is here to stay. Here are a few recent articles from Korea and around the world which deal with the modern phenomenon of the internet and computer technology.

Your assignment is to read some of the articles, and then comment on one of them. Questions have been provided to give you guidance. Please use examples to support your point.


The news has recently been populated with stories of cyber-terrorism, the act of terrorising via the internet. There are several ways that this can effect us – attacks on government institutions charged with protecting our safety, attacks on corporations in possession of not only money, but also vasts amounts of personal information (remember when Nate got hacked?), and when we are hacked and our own email accounts are accessed causing tremendous amounts of personal heartache.

Have a read of this story by Matt Honan, editor of Wired! who has his entire online profile attacked.

Also, read this story about a global cyber attack which has effected everyone: (*this story is related to the next question too)

1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised –  what happened? 

2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today?

Information dissemination

With so much information on the internet it can be hard to really understand what is right and what is wrong. With the internet, people can essentially say whatever they want online, and if they use a fake name or nickname, people will never know who said it. I think youtube comments can be a perfect example of this. But on a more serious note, is this characteristic of free speech and abundance of information on the internet effecting journalism and the way we interpret the world? Well yes it is.

Do you see that story above about a global cyber attack? Well apparently it wasn’t as serious an attack as was made out, but a crafty PR stunt by Spamhaus the company who claimed to be the victims of the attack. This story was reported on by none other than the New York Times.

Here’s a response by The Guardian newspaper from the UK (this is a very good source and I’d suggest you use this for much of your news gathering in English) which asks many questions on how information is interpreted.

Here’s another story which I came across relating to the medias response to a report that the new Pope’, Francis I, was involved with the Argentinian civil war in a not very nice way. You can see how this story was uncovered as a fraud.

3. How has the internet confused or misinformed you? 

4. How can the internet be changed to avoid problems of misinformation?

Making Friends

Twenty first century internet users are very social, and making friends and meeting friends regularly online is not as much a phenomenon as it was in the past. With sites like Facebook (of course) we can meet and talk with our friends who live on the other side of the world, and we can do it easily and regularly. But a new phenomenon which has many people concerned (or confused) is that of  making friends with people they don’t really know in person.

From my own perspective, I use the professionally geared social network Linkedin quite frequently. I find it very useful. However, I regularly get people who want to add me to their network even though we’ve never met, and the only connection is a slight similarity, such as they are in the education industry or they work in Korea, or something flimsy like that. Also, with Facebook, I only use that to connect with friends and family, mostly back in Ireland. I try to avoid adding people I have only met a few times, or of course those who I’ve never met. I also don’t add my students – not because I don’t like you but because I think it’s important I respect your privacy (I don’t really need to know what you did on the weekend, and if I do I’ll ask you in class). As for twitter and my blog….well they’re fair game!

Back to the point.

Here’s an analysis of this phenomenon on the website The Daily Beast about why young people can’t help connecting with strangers online. It’s quite lighthearted, and I think many will empathise with it.

And this is a translated article from the Dong A Ilbo about the same situation among teenagers in Korea. They call these people ‘Ghost friends’. This article looks at this situation as a little more problematic:

This story looks back at Napster, the famous file sharing website which has is reputed to have influenced the developement  of social media. I can’t imagine any of you remember Napster, but it changed EVERYTHING about the internet, for good or for bad!

5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends? 

6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

7. What was the world like before social media became so popular?

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  1. Betty(CR2-Todd) permalink
    April 3, 2013 11:09 am

    I think teenagers may think they are cool if they have many friends. So they obsessed with the number of friends even they don’t contact each other. A few years ago, teenagers tried to increase the number of visitors of thier Mini homepage(Cyworld). Now, people don’t use Mini homepage anymore but this phenomenon happen to Facebook and Kakao talk. Teenagers add many people as Facebook or Kakao talk friends whom they don’t know. I think this situation is not a big problem. It’s just characteristic of teenagers. When they grow up, they realize that ‘ghost friends’ is meaningless and being alone could be cool. From that time, they are going to do not care meaningless friends and concentrate on real relation. For example, I was one of the teenagers who were trying to make many ‘ghost friends’. But after entering University, I had enought time and experiences to think about real relationship. Now I reject when someone whom I don’t know asks me to accept him as a Facebook friends. Because now I know that kind of relation is nothing.

    • Chiodos(T) permalink
      April 5, 2013 11:59 pm

      I think this ‘trends’ of having more friend and having more visitors are not just the topic for teenagers. Many university students are still obsessed with those trends. I think this is because everyone is lonely. There’s one of my favorite phrase, ‘Laugh, and the world laugh with you; Weep, and you weep alone’ in Ella wilcox poem, ‘Solitude’. It shows man’s solitude and loneliness clearly. I think the reason why people care so much on their number of friends might be because they wanted to feel that they are not alone.

  2. JWJWJW(T) permalink
    April 3, 2013 8:52 pm

    [Making Friends]

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    Nowadays, most friends of mine have Facebook accounts. Also, they have smartphones, so they access to Facebook frequently. They always check it and know what their friends are doing. I also post a lot of pictures related to my life on Facebook a lot, so many friends look my pictures and they know what I do. It made my relationship with my friends change. My friends and I usually meet at cafes and talk about our daily lives after school in the past. At that time, we didn’t know about each one’s special events before talking with each other. However, nowadays, my friends have already known about my events even before we meet because they saw my pictures on Facebook. Thus, there is nothing to talk about with some of my frends who are not that familiar with me. Then I just meet some friends who are intimate with me in person. In addition, I usually talk with friends who are not that close to me through some internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

    In my opinion, I think that ‘ghost friend’ situation is one of the very serious problems in modern society because it makes people more and more lonely. Because of the development of social media, people can keep in touch with almost every person they know if they accept him or her as a friend. Then everyone can look the number of friends of a person. Most people think that a person who have a lot of friends in social media are very popular and has good personality. Thus, they want to make themselves as popular people, so they try to raise the number of friends in social media. It causes the problem that some people accept others whom they don’t know to raise it. It makes ‘ghost friends’ on social media. However, the problem is that people don’t have real friends actually. Even their number of friends in social media is very high, they don’t meet friends in person. It will make them more and more lonely and be separated from the real life. To sum up, I think that the ‘ghost friend’ situation is really a problem because it makes many people lonely in reality.

    7. What was the world like before social media became so popular?

    Before social media became so popular, the speed of delivering information among people was not fast. For instance, when I wanted to inform something to my friends, I had to send texts to them or meet them and give it to them in person. Also, I had to call or meet them to know their feedback about the information. On the other hand, nowadays, I just post information in social media to inform it, and my friends can see it as soon as I upload it. Then they can write their opinions about the information in social media right away. It means that I can also read my friends’ feedback immediately and share my opinion through social media.

    • Chiodos(T) permalink
      April 5, 2013 11:48 pm

      I totally agree with you. Though I met my old friend, there’s nothing to talk about cause she and I know all the events only by entering facebook.

  3. gdlabel(T) permalink
    April 3, 2013 10:25 pm

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    How much of your time is spent on using smartphone? At the present day, Using internet everyday is natural and very frequent phenomenon. Especially through the propagation of smartphone, web accessibility and the popularity of social networks continue to get higher between the users. Therefore, you couldn’t imagine your life without smartphone and there are already many smartphone addicts all over the world who are not able to put it down. You will find yourself too dependent on it. For example, 20s or 30s people spend amount of their time on Facebook, Twitter, or Kakaotalk. They meet people or build relationships at cyber-space since they can get enormous information much easier, faster and more effectively.
    Then, You can see certainly through this article.
    Social media is eating our real lives. We are even disturbed to communicate with our family because of the seductive gizmos. There is no real talk of parents and children or a joy of trifling daily lives is buried under stimulate and excitative smartphone world.
    Like a Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451”, It may be that this phenomenon is prelude to machine civilization’s futuristic dystopia. Although I acknowledge the convenience of smartphone in use, at least personal relationship should not be easy and we think it over and over again.
    In this process, a true concern for human, love and respect will occur among the people.

    • April 3, 2013 11:28 pm

      Interesting points, but I think you need to be careful how much you read into literature like that – social media is a 21st century reality and declaring it as destructive as this is only going get to you a little too much. I had similar experiences but with a different theme than social media.

      But I can empathise with you completely about the communication aspect. I had facebook for many years, but I found I was spending too much time on it and that I was growing disconnected from friends and family, so I deleted my account. I found that later, when I met with my friends in town that we actually had conversations where we caught up on the news because I hadn’t been updated over the past couple of weeks courtesy of Facebook.

      However, a while back I reopened my account, bascially because I realised I was fighting a loosing battle, but also because I wanted to share photos of my daughter with my family and friends back in ireland easily, and Facebook is the best tool for this.

  4. Micheal(T) permalink
    April 4, 2013 12:11 am

    What if the internet completely disappear? Perhaps, we could not live just a day. We cannot connect with friends on facebook and order what we want to buy at home. The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, thesedays, the problems about online security is on the increase. In fact, I had an experience of being hacked when I was in middle school. One day, I logged in an online game I had played over 5 years and found my all items and money to be gone. I was so confused. I panicked. I NEVER play the game again. Now, as precautions to protect myself online, first I am using V3, a vaccine program of AhnLab Inc.. V3 has a function of real-time checking and I regularly do detailed checking for my online security. Next, I made my password complicated; using special characters, capital letters, plus numbers. Also, I created different passwords for each site because even though I would be attacked, the others could be safe. However, I do not think that it is enough. As Mat Honan said in his article, hackers can destroy no matter how passwords are complicated. Many media reports the news about a hacking, but I think I cannot do anything but I mentioned above as long as I would not be an expert. In addition, I think that more and more the problems from the internet are becoming worsen. For example, I recently watched newscasting about ‘Smith Phishing’, which is a new way of committing crime. The victim lost about 250million won. The criminals said that they got many private data on the internet. This is caused because most people have relied on the internet; shopping, messenger, game, and, especially, banking. However, it is impossible for people not to use the internet. Also, the more the security technology is improved, the more the ability of hackers is also developed. Therefore, the security consciousness of them is the most important to protect their data.

    • transformer(C2) permalink
      April 4, 2013 1:01 am

      Oh!! I have very simmilar experience!! When I was 13, I frequently used “sayclub-tachy (it was a messanger like, nateon or facebook today)” and I purchased many items.. One day, I went to PC Room with my friends to play games and also to use tachy messanger. After the games I went to eat something forgetting to log-out the messanger…. When I realized something was wrong, It was too late. I lost every items I bought and I had to explain to friends because the malicious users sent my friends swear words.. After the happening I have checked logoff everytime when i use the computers and messangers.

  5. transformer(C2) permalink
    April 4, 2013 12:44 am

    1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised – what happened?

    I have known that using internet is not convenient but also dangerous because when we use internet we involuntarily spill vital personal information like ID, Password, and resident registration number. However, we can manage the personal information securely.
    First, I google my personal information regularly. For example, I usually check my name, my ID, and my cell-phone number with google. When I find information which could be used in purpose of hacking, I submit a report to google’s service team (click this linked page If you find a saved page which is including your personal information, you could request google that remove the related page or make the page invisible.
    Secondly, I use another useful page ( This web site is operated by Korean government, and this means there is no more safety website than the site. Checking this web page, you can find out the utilization history of registration number.
    With these two means, we can manage personal information securely.

    2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today

    Hackers can easily access to personal information of anyone, even if to the Password. Furthermore, in these days, officially authorized certification which is used for electronic commerce could be the target by anonymous hackers. I think, anonymity is the most serious problem. With this characteristic, most people produce their own opinion and the anonymity protects them from hacking and indiscriminate attack. But on the contrary, It is hard of people (exactly officer) to investigate or to discover some clues exactly saying who is commit a crime.
    For the purpose of preventing these negative effects, public servants and entrepreneurs collaborated with each other. And they should develop some innovative security systems.

    • Betty(CR2-Todd) permalink
      April 8, 2013 11:42 am

      Thanks for useful information. I didn’t know about using google that way. And I don’t understand how anonymity protects people from hacking. I think, thesedays, anonymity is not that big problem becuase of IP adress. Furthermore most web sites require social identity number when people register their sites.

  6. Mary C1 permalink
    April 4, 2013 10:32 am

    1. I set up the program such as ‘Ahnlab’ which checks the virus, computer condition and optimize the hard disk. I actually feel better safer than without using it. When I was elementary school student, I received an email from the unknown site where I didn’t sign in. So I searched the cyber police site and sent the email to state my private information had been flowed out. Few days after, my mother got the phone call from the cyber police and she told me that the policeman said “You ought to pay the fine if your child’s statement was wrong.” I was so shocked that even I was true but I had to pay money for continuing such a complicated law suit. After the former experience, I never report to the social about my flowed personal information.
    2. Therefore, I think the flowing out the personal information is the biggest problem of using the internet. Also, related to the former problem, the anonymity leads to the bad replies which give psychological hurt to the people. So I think these are the most serious internet security problems.

    • Emily Jeong permalink
      April 5, 2013 11:13 pm

      me too!!! I have very simmilar experience!!
      my mother was very angry… Internet security problems very serious.

    • Chiodos(T) permalink
      April 6, 2013 12:06 am

      I didn’t know you ought to pay the fine if the statement was wrong. Then who’s going to take a risk?

  7. rainbow(T) permalink
    April 4, 2013 12:47 pm

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    Using social media brought great change to my relationship with people. Before I use smart phone, I didn’t know ‘kakao talk’ or ‘facebook’ and I only use ‘nate on’ and ‘cyworld’ to talk with friends on the internet. I can just use them in my home because it has to be online. Also, if I want to send text message to someone, I have to know the number. However, I use ‘face book’ and ‘kakao talk’ instead of ‘nate on’ and text message. These have more advantages like I can log on to the ‘facebook’ whenever and wherever I want, just using my smart phone! Not only this, I can find my old friends who were forgotten since I lost their phone numbers through the ‘Facebook’. For example, few months ago, I can get in touch with my old friend. We were very close friends at that time and graduate same elementary and middle school, but she moved another city. We lost connect but I can find her on the ‘facebook’ and I send text to her. Finally we met together in Seoul and still contact with each other. Therefore, social media changed my relationship with my friends a lot!

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

    Before I read this article, I didn’t know the problem like ‘ghost friends but I think this is a serious problem.( Recently, I read on news about crime that young female student meet people through the SNS and they meet off-line then, a lot of sex crimes are being committed. This is a serious social problem so it is dangerous to add stranger on one’s friends list. Although making new friend is the benefit of social media, but people must be careful when they add someone for their friends list for it makes serious crimes these day. Therefore, the trend that making ‘ghost friends’ is a really significant problem.

    7. What was the world like before social media became so popular?

    Appearance of social media makes people can communicate actively on online. Before social media became so popular, there is a limitation of communication. For example, celebrities post social problem on their ‘twitter’ there are hundreds of comments and it get a lot of attention from public and people have a lively debate on online. Before social media appears, there wasn’t a chance for people to express their own opinion and communicate social issue with many people. Not only this, social media can bring a great ripple effect on the whole community. In other words, video that posted on the Youtube can attract people’s attention more effectively in a short period of time than post on a newspaper or radio. Hence, I think there was less active communication with people on online before the social media appears.

  8. Seven C2 permalink
    April 4, 2013 1:47 pm

    [ Hacker ]

    1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised – what happened?

    Actually I am not good at computer so I don’t know which computer vaccine is needed or how to maintain my computer and internet from online hacker. But there are several things which I do for my protection. First, I don’t use internet banking. Many people can laugh at me and say “You are a primitive person!” But I heard so many news about financial fraud on the internet and I am not such a brave man who can take risk about my money. Whenever I need to pay online, I go to bank and do account transfer. Second, I have different types of password. Mostly people use only one password when they login. But I have my own standard of sites and set the different passwords. I think these are why I have never experienced hacker online. But in the article, writer said no matter how my passwords and ID are complicated, these are no longer safe. So I have to find new way to protect myself online. Some of my friends already experienced hacker. Fortunately, financial problem wasn’t aroused but their homepage, Facebook and E-mail were ruined.

    2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today?

    The biggest problem in terms of security is private information exposure. Since internet appeared, people have started to use and depend on it. It seem that it’s impossible to live without the internet. Of course nobody can’t deny internet has lots of strength which gives us a lot of convenience and so on. But it definitely has dark side too. As people are using the internet with their private information they can be targeted by criminals. Financial frauds and voice phishings are becoming serious and common. These are related to private information exposure. Private information exposure can cause not only financial damage, but also crime such as kidnapping and thief. So we should try to protect our private security online.

  9. James C1 permalink
    April 4, 2013 2:37 pm

    Making friends

    I have not been the kind of person who liked social media stuff. For example, I made my Facebook account after I entered university, even, it was not my will, but one of senior told me to make one so that I can be in the ‘Global communication major’ club.
    Naturally, I don’t even check my Facebook account these days.
    Thus, for me, social media has barely influenced my relationship with friends.
    However, I was once in online penspinning community when I was in middle school, and met some people there. There were some people who actually I met in reality (people who shared opinions each other to invent creative pen spinning skills), but most of them were just flattering me because I was good at it. I think the later ones are ‘ghost friend seeker’ mentioned in one of the article.
    The ‘ghost friend phenomenon’ itself does not look like a problem. However, the cause of ‘ghost friend phenomenon'(People wanting individualism but not wanting loneliness) is a real serious problem. It could be ok in western society because individualism developed gradually so there would be only little side effects. However, in Asia, where community center value is cherished, individualism has been just suddenly exported from western society that it has brought many side effects. I think ghost friend is one of the side effects.
    Before the rise of social media, people must have had deeper relationships with their local friends. It’s natural. The more people to take care of, the less quantity of time for each friends, which leads to shallow relationships. I was raised in social media era, so I can only guess.

    • Christine(T) permalink
      April 5, 2013 11:25 pm

      I agree with you. People can use the social media, but they are required to have deeper relationship with others before using it. Of coure It’s natural. Moreover it will help to enhance their relationship. Supposing that they have only superficial relationship. It would make their lives more lonely than before.

  10. Ronie(T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 12:18 am

    Information dissemination
    3. How has the internet confused or misinformed you?
    Information on the internet affect ideas of many people. The information can be edited as the editor want. If someone read about that, he or she may be easy to tend to be biased. This situation can apply to me. I like to read sports news of soccer on the internet. Evertime near seasons of transfer window, there are lots of rumors of players who want to transfer to another team, coaches to be supposed to be appointed and disharmony between players and coaches. Due to various tendencies of medias, readers including me can be confused what the truth is and argue with others.

    4. How can the internet be changed to avoid problems of misinformation?
    I think there is no way to get rid of problems of misinformation on the internet. Because many medias and people deal with information and edit as they want. If a country or another powerful organization monopolized the media, there would be less misinformation. However, even monopolized information could be fake.
    Anyway, to try to avoid problems of misinformation, information provider should make sources of their infomation clear. It should be forced by the law.

  11. bianca C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 12:55 am

    How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    If I see people around me, everybody is holding cell phone and do many things like reading news, listening to music, and doing face book. Every thing requires internet for us to do these things. I can communicate with my friends without meeting them. The internet made so much easier for us to meet others. However, the problem happens when I don`t use the internet. There are many funny jokes and information is provided in the internet. So everybody talk about those specific topics. For example, parents watch entertainments or dramas to talk with their children. Internet is a two edged sword. I prefer to have the internet. It makes everything easy and fast.

  12. Adrian+C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 1:38 am

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    About one billion people are using Facebook. It’s an amazing number, considering 1.5 billions of Chinese are not allowed to connect to this addictive social network. I also have an account of Facebook. It’s an undeniable fact that using social network has brought big change in my networking.

    Before the rise of Facebook, for me, networking is drinking. I thought that using social network was meaningless and wasting time. I couldn’t imagine how people could possibly build relationship without actual meeting. Sharing food or drinking together is a sign of fellowship in Korea. Back then, I used to connect to ‘Cyworld’ for sharing my photos with my friends.

    New technologies, however, have something different, something smart. I still remember that how surprised I was when I logged on Facebook for the first time. The first page showed me a list of recommended friends, according to my personal information like my hometown, school, and employer. Some of them were friends with whom I missed connection for several years. It was amazing function and I still love to use it.

    When I log onto Facebook, I feel like I’m actually interacting with other people even though not as much as drinking together in a pub. It’s a great icebreaker when I meet someone whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I can express sympathy with their post, or some pictures by clicking ‘Like’. I think this is a powerful driving force of Facebook which enthuse people.

    Sometimes Facebook really annoys me. It shows too much private information to others than I want to. It also show me what I don’t want to see such as talking behind their boss. I don’t want to know how cruel she is.

    Nevertheless, I’m still big fan of Facebook. It helps me to keep in touch with my foreign friends. No matter where they are, I celebrate their birthday, I can say hello to them. Social Network can’t be better than actual socializing, but I think it can be a good assistant to make people get closer.

  13. jenny C1 permalink
    April 5, 2013 8:24 am

    5. How has social media changed you relationship with friends?

    Social media make a big of changing about relationship with my friends. Thanks to the social media, I continue to contact my friends who live in other countries. Although I didn’t face to face, I could talk with the friends. And when I listen to their lifestyle, I can read it through the social media. I didn’t meet them every day, but it is make me felt friendly with them. Face book is good example. When I saw Face book, I could find out their favorite programs, companies, foods and so on, and they always posted sentence about their feeling. So I don’t need to call the friends to know their story.
    But social media has disavantages. If I made new friends through the social media and met them face to face, I felt awkward about new friends. And when I met friends, we didn’t often talk anything. Because we used the phone, we even didn’t feel necessity of conversation. As phones was used widely, social media make a great impact on relationship with friends

  14. Lia (C2 T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 10:31 am

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?
    Nowadays, more and more people want to be popular on the internet. For example, blogger want to be friend with other bloggers. Also, people want to make many friends on facebook. I think that this phenomenon occurs because of a full of transparency. Transparency means that people can check how many friends others have on the internet. Everybody can see other’s friend number. That’s why Korean teenagers are looking for ‘ghost friend.’ This situation can be severe problem because people tend to estimate others based on friend number these days. Especially, this situation often occurs during adolescence. I think it can affect their emotions and future relationship with others. If they stuck in the fake relationship on the internet, they might be hard to aware how connect with other people in person. Furthermore, if they can’t form real relationship, they can easily get depressed. People who are looking for a ghost friend tend to be acknowledged as a popular person. If they realize that their real relationship is not plentiful, they can suffer from lack of self-esteem. Imagine that the society is full of a person who only relies on the internet relationship. The society turns to be bleak and desolate place. For these reasons, looking for ghost friend has a harmful influence on personal emotion and even circumstance of society.

  15. Julie(C2) permalink
    April 5, 2013 1:12 pm

    The world is full of digital devices, especially smart phones. Most people in Korea have smart phones and use them every time regardless of time and place. Even most of the teenagers who do not necessarily need smart phones have them! Teenagers usually have not much self-control and judgment. So, they can easily get addicted to the smart phones. Because of this reason, many problems, including ‘Ghost Friends’, occur. It seems that this ‘ghost friend’ situation is not that big problem for the present. However, teenagers gradually will forget the real meaning of “friend” and friend’s preciousness. They will pay no attention to reality relationship but will concentrate to the virtual friends. I think teenagers must use smart phones less and should get an apportunity to make a healthy relationship with real friends.

  16. Nellyboys - c2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 2:43 pm

    1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised – what happened?
    Actually I don’t protect myself online. My passwords for each website are same and also ID. And I installed only V3lite for my Windows and nothing for my Mac. I hardly use Windows but only for internet banking. I know internet banking could be targeted by hacker so I just scan Windows for hacking and virus. Since I bought my smartphone, I use Smart Banking. I don’t feel safe, but I have never been hacked. That’s maybe I don’t care about the safety.

    2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today?
    The password system and hacking have became biggest problems. I saw a movie clip that showed how fast hackers can get through the passwords. It didn’t take even a minute. (After I watched that movie clip, I changed the password but since that day, I haven’t change the password.) If the hacker has ability to operate that system, it would be easy for them to break the security system on any website. There was a Korean internet news that informs precaution not to install the ‘activeX’. Hacker hacked a website and made activeX pop up on users screen. If users download that activeX, their computer would be infected and loses their private information.

  17. Isabelle-C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 3:25 pm

    Information dissemination

    3. How has the internet confused or misinformed you?
    I like to read many blogs and go tho the shops bloggers recommend because thay posted pictures about the stores. I can get information about menu, taste, opening and closing time and atmosphere. Especially, when there is a chance to go unfamiliar town, it’s very useful and helpful.
    Last winter, me and my friends went to a 7-day trip by train. The office of Korean National Reilroads offers a ticket for people in their early 20s. Using this ticket, you can go everywhere in Korea by train! For students like us, who have not enough money, this is really fantastic chance to travel around Korea. In the train from Seoul to Busan, we were searchind a cozy accomodations in Busan. During the vacation, many hotels and guest houses are in great demand, so it was not easy to find the one satisfying us. Suddenly, I found a cheap, clean one. It was also very close to bus station. We decided to stay there immediately because we all were exhausted to look at the websites on the smartphones.
    However, we got very angry as soon as we arrived. The manager required extra charge for two more people and bedding. He said the cost we saw on the internet was just for two people and didn’t include any options. We claimed that there were incorrect information on the website, so we misunderstood. But he didn’t apologize and answered with a proviking attitude. In fact, there were very very small, tiny sentences announcing these conditions at the very last page. Smartphones have relativery limited-size mornitor, so we couldn’t read them. After paying for an additional fee, I could get to realise that people can make someone confused easily on the internet.

  18. perfect guy (Cr2) permalink
    April 5, 2013 5:33 pm

    5. How has social media changed you relationship with friends?

    Nowdays , many korean students use facebook. But from facebook, We become know unuseful and privacy informations of friends. Becauase facebook is kind excessively. It guide to us who we may know and send alarm when comments of others are uploaded. And it shows picture or message that we press ‘I like it’ to our all friends. Because of this system, I become know my friend’s friends who never met before. If friends of my friends also know me, it will comes scary. It shows so many things to unfamiliar friends. So,today, I use unpopular social network that I can use with my close friends.Through this network, I become write my true stories and know my friend’s real life. And my relationship with friends are more better than before because we can talk about trust stories in social network.If you want true social network with real friends, I’ll recommend unpopular other network

    • Christine(T) permalink
      April 6, 2013 12:00 am

      I didn’t hear about unpopular other network! But I think it is also good! I will try it!
      In addition, I think social network gives us benefits like contact each other whenever we want!

      • April 6, 2013 12:49 am

        Surely you have heard of the telephone?

  19. Alice(T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 6:09 pm

    [Making friends]
    Until last year, I was a kind of defensive person. For me, social network system like Facebook was a mean to contact my old friends and space to write my daily life. I received some requests for being ‘friend’ in cyber space but I did not permit any of them who have never met before and live foreign countries. However, having interest in outside-university activities to support a enterprise that only university students participate in, my habit of using SNS totally changed. Basically, these activities want students who are active in social media and had many online connections with ‘friend’ so that enterprise can easily promote their image, events, and even products to a large number of people. To be a university students supporters, I added some people actually did not know but have in common like same major, same high school.. Now my Facebook friends are upper than four hundred. Except for only cyber friends, there will be 300 real friends. Nowadays, a feeling of skepticism come up with my mind about cyber relationship so I am trying to say hello to my only Facebook Friends. First time to talk them, they smack their knee to recognize me. ‘She was her!’ It needs lats of courage to change cyber relationship to real friend. I think I am doing well in this sense and if I want to be friend with someone who did not talk before, I will send him(or her) the request of being Facebook friends!

  20. Yeonny + C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 6:09 pm

    These days most of people, including teenagers, have their blog or community so lots of people communicated mainly through the internet. They used to ask how they were doing by using kakao story or facebook pages. On the internet, especially on social network service, it is relatively easy to make new friends and then some people have ‘ghost friends’ to increase the number of friends list. I think it is just way of ostentation. They want to be recognized as a popular person, so I agree Professor Jung’s opinion which is people don’t want to look like an outsider and can’t stand being alone. Actually few are interested in others friends list, but a fair proportion people have an obsession about ‘number’ of friends and it is not a simple problem in teenagers, it’s adults too. Also the leaking of private information is so serious problem in the internet, so it is very dangerous to make new ‘ghost friend’ who is never meet before and after. One click makes fake friends so I think that the Internet allows crimes to be committed with ease. Thus, I suggest that when you feel alone, meet your ‘real’ friends not make ‘cyber friends’ which is no advantage to you.

  21. Clock-C1 permalink
    April 5, 2013 6:15 pm

    1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised – what happened?

    In fact, a few days ago, I got a virus into my laptop computer. So I went to LG service center and got a checking. The engineer said that the virus broke into my computer through the internet, perhaps through the virus the hacker might break into my computer and see all of my files, and it has a little possibility that through my cam that is equipped with my computer the hacker has been seeing me. Furthermore, he said that because I had not dealt with banking, I didn’t get any breaking into my banking accounts. As soon as I heard that, I felt afraid. Until now, I have never had any precaution to protect my computer or individual information. And I felt that all of my information, account, and so on is not safe. I think that the best precaution is not using the internet………(It seems impossible…….)

    2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today?

    I think that hackers are the biggest problem in itself. If they didn’t exist, the internet would be the safe world in terms of individual information. In addition to this, since the passwords is also one of the biggest problem, instead of the passwords, like movies, the governments should introduce Iris Scan.

  22. Lemon tree -C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 9:38 pm

    Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?
    Actually my answer is ‘No’. I think that making friends through the internet is not a problem. Many people said that ‘ghost friend’ is a big social problem. Because it cause many other problems. For example increasing of recluse, distortion of friend’s meaning etc. Especially teenagers make ‘ghost friend’ just for show. It is one of the problems. I agree with this opinion that ‘ghost friend’ can make other problems. But ‘ghost friend’ has their own advantage.
    People can talk about their secret with ‘ghost friend’. I think everyone should have a friend to get it out. ‘Ghost friend’ is suitable because they don’t know much about me. They just know name, age and phone number. Especially teenagers have many worries about their school life like friends and grade etc. I mean, teenagers have secret which can’t talk to their ‘real friend’. So I think teenagers need ‘ghost friend’ more. Also most of teenagers experience very little change in their daily life. They meet people who they have ever seen like family, school friends and teacher etc. So teenagers can relieve stress by talking to new people.
    Like this, ‘ghost friend’ have both advantage and disadvantage. If teenagers were not deeply into making a friends through the internet, ‘ghost friend’ can have a good effect on teenagers.

  23. April 5, 2013 10:21 pm

    Some great answers so far everyone!

    Is Ahnlab really the be all and end all? I’ve heard a few less than flattering compliments. One thing which would concern me is that as it’s mostly used in Korea its virus and malware database may not be as extensive.

  24. Misty(C1) permalink
    April 5, 2013 10:43 pm

    1. I set my password complicate. I change my password about 6 month. I don’t feel safe. Because there is an accident that my naver id is logon during my classtime.

    2. Anyone can access the internet if they know id and password.

    3. On the internet, Anyone can write the information. And That can be wrong information.

    4. First, You can get information on the internet. Second, You should check through the book,magazine and experts.

    5. I rarely meet my friends. We just contact through kakao talk. And we already know each other’s recently situation, because of facebook.

    6. I think ghost freind is not problem.To ghost friend, I share personal troublems easily. It ease my mind. And ghost friend keep my secret because ghost friend dosen’t know who I am in reality.

    7. We listen carefully. We keep in contact through real life. We don’t know personal life until they tell to us.

  25. Cookie (T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 10:51 pm

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

    How can we say ‘ghost friend’ is a ‘real friend’? ‘Ghost friend’ is just a stranger, not a friend. Many young people are addicted to social media, trying to increase the number of friends. I have also been asked about the number of Kakao talk friends from my 12-year-old cousin. (I said, “Does it matter all that much?”) For teenagers, they do not care about real human relations, but only think what other people might think themselves and how to make superficial relationship. It is not a problem if they keep in touch with unknown friend or communicate with one another. However, adding random people for expanding friend numbers is time consuming and obviously inefficient. And for some people, their personal information can easily be abused by ‘ghost strangers.’ More than all, it is necessary to change teenagers’ way of thinking that a small number of friends on their social media makes them look like an outsider.

  26. April 5, 2013 10:58 pm

    One thing about ‘friends’ is that the whole idea of a friend has now been confused by lose and intangible relationships built through social media. I used to like friends but now I feel that the relationship which I had has been confused by this new loose interpretation. but maybe I’m think about it too much.

  27. Leblanc (C2) permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:27 pm

    1. What precautions do you take to protect yourself online? Do you feel safe? Have you or anyone you know had their internet security compromised – what happened?

    Few years ago, my game ID was hacked and I had to send a long piece of writing on the game site to restore my ID. After my ID was restored, I thought carefully about why my ID had been hacked. The reason was that my password was so short and easy to find out. After this, I have concered about protecting my private information. First of all, I changed my password more difficult and longer and tried to use several passwords. In addition, I installed the vaccine program to protect my computer. By doing so, I could prevent hacking programs from being installed in my computer. Finally, I have utilized other certification means. For example, I have to input the certification numbers from cell phone whenever I play the game. In other words, the system has the double certification system. Through these methods, I have tried to protect my personal information.

    2. What are the biggest problems in terms of security that the internet presents today?

    I think the biggest problem in terms of security that the internet presents today is private information exposure. We should input our precious information on any internet sites to become a member. However, some sites don’t value our informaion and sell the informaion to hackers. This causes hackers to use people’s name illegally and incur a great loss of property. Furthermore, once the information is widely spread, it is very hard to reset the situation. Therefore, the information will continue to be used by hackers. The useful way to stop it is to use difficult passwords or several certificaion programs.

  28. Avec des Fries -C2 permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:32 pm

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    Now, we are spending much time on Facebook.
    We want to know how our friends life, to be honestly, how they are enjoying their life. Then, do we feel good when we are looking other’s Facebook? No. We are depressed and even get lonely. According to the research of Harvard’s communication, 70% of people get depressed when they look at other’s pictures in Facebook or Kakaotalk. We should consider the effects of the social media on us.

    “I am traveling in this beautiful and fantastic spots! I am so happy!”, happy, happy… Wow!!We can find these kinds of writings in Facebook, where in fact most people want to boast themselves. It seems that everyone is happy. Our friends look delightful without any trouble. However are they really happy? Isn’t there any problem in their life?

    We often envy of them and sometimes we are jealous of them. But the biggest problem is we get a melancholy feeling because we think, “I’m the only one who can’t live happily, my friends are now enjoying their life but why my life is so bad ?”. That’s a tragic result, isn’t it? We are constantly comparing us with other who are intentionally exaggerating their life to broad themselves. As a result, we cannot get a real relationship where we can share our thoughts sincerely.

    As I said, it’s not a good phenomenon. We are pretendingly making up our daily life even though we’ve frustrated by a sense of inferiority looking at other’s facebook.

  29. Chiodos(T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:44 pm

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    Social media’s everywhere we go. It chages the world. In my case, social media especially facebook, makes me look like a rock star. I never mentioned a thing except about performances cause it’s my favorite topic. Many of my friends think of me as a popular who is related to performances all the time. Though that’s not true, many of them expect me as that type of person. To fulfill their expectation, I sometimes act as one. Now the social media has made me think twice when uploading pictures or simple notes. Social media changed my relationship in to a more superficial, ideolistic way.

  30. Christine(T) permalink
    April 5, 2013 11:55 pm

    [Making friends]
    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?
    I agree that social media changed my life a lot. Actually I didn’t have a contact with my friends when I was in elementary school, before I met a social media. However, I got a cell phone after I entered middle school, and I couldn’t leave my phone whenever, wherever I was. I always made contact with my friends about trivial things like studying, meeting, gossip and whatever we wanted. I could feel close relationship when I make a contact. It made us much more intimate even though we lived very busy life, compared to the time when my parents lived, coming and going school and academies. However the most bad point of social media is that I cannot fully concentrate on my studying. Cause I had to check on whether I got messege or not. Social media made many students distracted from their studying. I think social media has both positive and negative points. Learning how to balance the point is important things.
    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?
    I think that ghost friend situation could make a problem. For me, I don’t want to make ‘ghost friends’. That superficial relationship will only make people more lonely. In my experience, I had so many superficial friends in my phone when I firstly entered university as a freshman. But only few people were with me when I feel sad or happy. I felt really sense of shame, cause I confused that all who I had in my contact list are good friends. If teenagers will have more friends in their phone, they would maybe feel popular, however that superficial friends will not be maintained for long time. This will only make them more lonely. I am worried about that teenagers are more hurt if they realize that they don’t have real friend even though they have so many superficial friends in their contact. It would make them more lonely in the future.

  31. lullu+c2 permalink
    April 6, 2013 12:02 am

    1. There is a vaccine program, naver vaccine, in my computer and I check virus every week. So I feel safe a little but I have experience of virus, called troy. When it happened, i had to reset windows because it was not deleted by vaccine program. It was terible.

    2. In the wrong hands information about individuals can easily be abused.

    3. Some rumors make me confused. Expecially, it happens in entertainment field such as a witch-hunt.

    4. Using real names should be required for others when people write in web. I think personel liberty should be observed in respecting the human rights.

    5. Social media has made our relatioship wide. we can find any friends if we have not contact now.

    6. I think ghost friends is something new or different from something existing, not wrong or bad. It’s just products of our changing society.

    7. Maybe the world was indiffernet each other, not global society.

    • lullu+c2 permalink
      April 6, 2013 12:09 am

      OMG.. I think I made a big mistake. I’m so sad for my wrong and crazt comment. Next time I will read well. I’m really sorry, Professor!! T.T

  32. Dreamcatcher C2 permalink
    April 6, 2013 1:52 am

    Generation Naive: Why Young People Can’t Help Falling for Strangers Online

    It’s true and it is such a strange phenomenon that young peope including myself have become comfortable at revealing identity online and sharing pictures with the real name. The Internet have made us to become really comfortable and want to seek for more relationships in the broader, 3rd space. We are not satisfied with limited, predictable offline relationships anymore.
    This influenced the young generation who have been using the Internet and the computer since their childhood to create their own world; a pool of relationships related to their own interest or a particular field.
    I think this is why Millenials are analysed as a generation that is individual but not so independent. We act individually offline- less conversation with families, and always holding mobile phones while with others, but since we desperately keep searching for peers to communicate and to be influenced online, we are not independent.
    The special characteristics of the generation influenced by the Internet are good in the way the generation is more creative, flexible, and liberal. However, the negative side is that the young people do not have the sence of respect to others, especially to the older, and they lack in caring for others.
    This big gap between different generations are especially severe in Korea, I think. It is because Korea went through a rapid development and the faster spread of IT than in any other countries. Therefore, diffenerent generations often crash with the different values persued in life, especially in human relationship. I think it is a huge and important task for everyone to try to understand the background that attributed to the formation of such values in other generations.

  33. James(T) permalink
    April 6, 2013 3:00 am


    I found an article showing the biggest problem we are facing about cyber attack! I was really shocked after reading the article. Hackers are getting smarter and the number of professionals who can protect us from being hacked is lack. Then how could we prevent being attacked? Honestly, don’t you think it is annoying to be asked to change your password when you sing in your e-mail or any account in online? I am always get annoyed when there is a pop-up message asking me to do so. There are so many other things to care about but thinking both secure and easy-to-memorize numbers or combination password is waste of time. For the first few time is not a problem but people are keep bothered by the messages asking to change their password regularly. After reading the article, I just had few minutes and thought of myself to be an expert but.. I couldn’t imagine myself being one of them. I just hoped there would be many smart people considering to be expert to protect my online security.

  34. kelly +C1 permalink
    April 6, 2013 3:04 am

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

    In my opinion, ‘ghost friend’ situation is a problem in modern society. In modern society, internet have changed our relationship through social network such as Cyworld, Facebook, or Kakao story. ‘ghost friend’ is widely liked many people, especially teenagers, because they think having a small number of friends on their social network service makes them look like an outsider. However, many people update self photos and write self information in these social network. Then, if in this situation, someone add you on list, the person can see your image or information that you write about yourself. It can cause expose information related you and violate your privacy because someone who you don’t know can see your photo and text easily. Also, ‘ghost friend’ situation can give teenagers a wrong perception about friendship. For example, it can make teenagers think quantity of friends are much important than quality of friends. For these reasons, I think ‘ghost friend’ situation is really a problem.

  35. Brad permalink
    April 6, 2013 3:49 am

    Making Friends

    I can say that I was not addicted to social media. However, social media had a lot of effect on me. For example, in my case, information at internet cafe gave a help for me to enter my university. I don’t know who they are, except their internet ID. However, it is sure that they a lot help me.

    I don’t know about ‘Kakao story’ because I have never used it. However, I used ‘Cyworld’ which was most popular 3 or 4 years ago. Cyworld also had a function to add random friends who gave many helps to me. At that time, I was interested in a trading company and he gave me many advices. I think that making a ghost friend to prove own popularity is not desirable. However, I think a good online friend is as desirable as real friends. So, what I want to say is that it is not proper to make ghost friends for showing off our popularity. Whether it is offline or online, Relationship with people should be earnest.

    Our society before social media develop, popularity was proved from local people, unless they are already a celebrity. However, now anyone can be a celebrity through Facebook and many SNS, which can affect entering an entertainment industry. This kind of effects of social media attract many young people so they show desire to boast their popularity. This hinders a proper use of social media in terms of causing social malady like an appearance-oriented view.

    • April 6, 2013 9:29 am

      Which class ‘Brad’?

      • Brad permalink
        April 6, 2013 1:26 pm

        Sorry, I missed writing my class ;(
        So I posted again with my class

      • Brad permalink
        April 6, 2013 1:28 pm

        I am C1 🙂

  36. Brad(C1) permalink
    April 6, 2013 3:50 am

    [Making Friends]

    I can say that I was not addicted to social media. However, social media had a lot of effect on me. For example, in my case, information at internet cafe gave a help for me to enter my university. I don’t know who they are, except their internet ID. However, it is sure that they a lot help me.

    I don’t know about ‘Kakao story’ because I have never used it. However, I used ‘Cyworld’ which was most popular 3 or 4 years ago. Cyworld also had a function to add random friends who gave many helps to me. At that time, I was interested in a trading company and he gave me many advices. I think that making a ghost friend to prove own popularity is not desirable. However, I think a good online friend is as desirable as real friends. So, what I want to say is that it is not proper to make ghost friends for showing off our popularity. Whether it is offline or online, Relationship with people should be earnest.

    Our society before social media develop, popularity was proved from local people, unless they are already a celebrity. However, now anyone can be a celebrity through Facebook and many SNS, which can affect entering an entertainment industry. This kind of effects of social media attract many young people so they show desire to boast their popularity. This hinders a proper use of social media in terms of causing social malady like an appearance-oriented view.

  37. Karen C1 permalink
    April 6, 2013 10:47 am

    Our lives have changed forever thanks to social media. It has changed the way we communicate and build, maintain, and manage our relationships. Some of these changes have been for the good and some for the bad, Well mine has been great. Social media has made me more aware of the world at large. Social media has shown me that we are not alone. Social media gives a public voice to people whose views mean Social media has shown me that no matter what our differences might be, we are all the same in our desires to do well in our jobs, make friends, and make a difference in the world. I am not the same person I was nine years ago. I’m not merely different, I’m better. Not great, but better. Happier. Braver. More confident. Social media makes people more aware, and being aware makes people notice and think, and noticing and thinking make us change, and oh-so-often, changing makes us better. It did for me

  38. choco(T) permalink
    April 6, 2013 12:06 pm

    5. How has social media changed you relationship with friends?

    Compared with previous social media like Cyworld, since smart phone came out, present social media has made a lot of effects on our life. Use of smart phone which nowadays all people hold boosts development of social media swiftly. These days Kakao talk and Facebook are making social networking actively. Through these medias, people can communicate each other everytime and everywhere regardless of hour and place. To addition, people can make broader range of social network and keep their networking easier.
    Kakao talk is the app which people use with Wi-Fi not phone charge. Therefore people freely communicate regardless time to utilize. People talk much faster than before because it’s form is chatting. These helps people send message easily while they has a limit for sending messages to everybody when this app did not come out. Now we are not worried about charge and length of messages. Function of kakao talk also helps people make closer relationship. It has sending a photo, video , other’s phone number and voice recording. Taking advantages of these functions we are having a good time with our people. Facebook has taken a role to help people make broader relationship and keep it. Through facebook we can meet diverse people who I don’t remember but I knew before and I know a little but I want to become intimate with. It provides them kindly. Additionally, Sharing our photo, video, information and thoughts in facebook, we can express ourself and in the same time we can go with all friends.
    I am really pleased with that I can use social media everytime everywhere. I can easily talk with my friends whether it is long or short and share my everyday life even trivial things. Thanks to social media I can hear news of friends whether intimate or not ,So I can access to them easily and share my thought about that. Social media makes way to develop busy and complicated modern relationship.

  39. Suffle_C2 permalink
    April 6, 2013 12:14 pm

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?
    I think that there is a really ‘ghost friend’ situation in Korea and it is very serious problem than adults thought. As you have just read the articles, teenagers have an obsession about the number of friends. It is not for real friendship, but for showing to other people. This make teenager be raised by lacking of spirit of independence. So, Korea will be full of those who don’t have clear-cut faces and who do not stand out in the crowd as much as others.

  40. Emily Jeong permalink
    April 6, 2013 3:30 pm

    7. What was the world like before social media became so popular?

    Before social media became so famous, the speed of delivering information among people was not fast. How did we socialize before facebook and twitter?
    Can you imagine that a person would have to actual pick up a phone or even worse pick up a pen and write a letter? I have not written a letter by hand in years and years. Nowadays, every people used e-mail. and I just post information in social media to inform and my friends can see it as soon as I upload it.
    Then they can write their think about the information in social media right away. also they move on to social media web-sites. Because social media is such a broad term, it covers a large range of web-sites. But the one common link between these web-sites is that you are able to interact with the web-site and interact with other visitors

  41. Beginner (T) permalink
    April 6, 2013 7:15 pm

    6. Is this ‘ghost friend’ situation really a problem?

    I just realized that there is a ‘ghost friend’ and so many people including students, adults want to make ‘ghost friend’!! I think it is really a big and terrible problem. When Social Network Service (SNS) was first introduced, I thought it has many merits because I can communicate with my friends or family who are far from me. However, the drawbacks of SNS are gradually increasing. And the ‘ghost friend’ is a problem because it is a virtual relationship. Making friends is important in life and human relationship needs time. But, ‘ghost friend’, which means having friend who is anonymous is made from only website or SNS ID. It can lead to cybercrime or even real criminals. In addition, the more people have friends in their smart phone, the lonelier they will be because they acknowledge and realize that they don’t have true friends.

  42. Kitty C1 permalink
    April 8, 2013 2:43 am

    Why young people can’t help connecting with strangers online

    I think this writing pointing a realistic true of these days. when I read this writhing, the first thing cross my mind was ‘facebook’. Today, facebook is very popular all around the world and as in this writing, we grant strangers’ request allowing them to see my privacy. this is what we had done these days but before I read this article, I never have thought about what this have effect. I think all of us recognition the things that we do everyday unconsciously. we accept that lightly but we have to think what this would effect to us.

  43. misskim(T) permalink
    April 17, 2013 2:21 am

    5. How has social media changed your relationship with friends?

    I love meeting and talking with people. So after the social media appears, I took more benefits than negative effects of it.
    Through social media, i could have more opportunities to meet people in various ways, while others rely too much on it that they keep staying away from people.
    For me, Social media, especially facebook and kakao story is the only one that gives me a lot of fun by uploading pictures and videos that i took, keeping a record of the places when i met people,
    and leaving all these as good memories.

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