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A History Lesson

September 30, 2013

“History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” (Voltaire)


While much of the history one reads in school is the story of the powerful, remembering the many important historical dates, the people and the events is important.


Students: Write about an interesting or unusual piece of history that other students might be interested in reading. Choose it from a topic of interest (e.g., fashion history, music history, sports history, business, politics, etc.).


Example: Banking History

Did you know that the multinational British bank HSBC started in Hong Kong on March 3, 1865 by a Scotsman Sir Thomas Sutherland. (By the way, the ‘sir’ at the beginning of his name represents the highly-respected honor of ‘knighthood’ from the king or queen of England.) To start HSBC, Sir Thomas used money he earned from trading and selling drugs, opium, in China. Drug dealing was a very profitable business back then, but it so annoyed the local Chinese officials that war broke out – the Opium Wars. Interestingly, HSBC continues to be involved in drug dealing, albeit indirectly, by helping drug lords in Mexico launder their dirty money. And because money laundering is illegal, HSBC is able to earn high profits. I wonder how many people think about a company’s history – or ethics – when choosing to deal with or work for them?

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  1. October 1, 2013 5:28 pm

    History of coffee.

    Coffee, introduced to Korea in early 20th century by 유길준 from the United States, is one of the most favorite tea. At that time, coffee was a form of a powder mixed with water and sugar – not a form of drip coffee. By the time of 1920’s, as Koreans accepted western cultures, coffee became the symbolic representation of modern and the cafe called ‘다방’ started to open. As time passed by, 다방 became the place where people can enjoy variety of musics and spend pleasant times. In addition, instant coffee also became popular. Since foreign franchises were introduced, coffee is not only regarded as the culture but also as luxury item. Nowadays, however, Korea’s coffee market are growing 10~20% every year and coffee shops are increasing numerously.

    • October 3, 2013 1:18 am

      Your explanation makes me easily understand about the flow of coffee history. It’s interesting!

    • Angela permalink
      October 3, 2013 4:28 pm

      I like to drink coffee, but I didn’t know the history of it. It is an enjoyable history!

    • tnpqnp permalink
      October 4, 2013 10:27 pm

      I heard about 다방’s histoiy before in highschool. anyway, too much drinking coffee is harmul for our health. These days, I can feel about that…..

    • evergreen permalink
      October 5, 2013 11:55 pm

      Wow. you found another coffee’s history regarding Korea! I found some histories of coffee’s origin and spreading to the world, so I could read your writing having more interests. It was useful information to me to know about the ‘다방’ history.

  2. October 1, 2013 11:57 pm

    History of makeup.

    Long time ago, at Egypt, makeup used to prevent decomposition of dead person from animal and insects. It had incantatory meaning at first. But after that, makeup used to prevent
    skin aging and damage from solar heat and a steamy climate.
    Living in climate of desert, people had to protect eyes from dry climate. Thus they put eye
    makeup to stimulate the lachrymal glands so they could stave off eye disease,
    eye inflammation and dry eyes. All Egyptian worn makeup unrelated position.
    And makeup skills advanced when the Egypt’s queen was Cleopatra.
    But queen Cleopatra did not make up to temp man, just protection of eyes. 🙂
    So at first makeup was not expression of beauty.
    However these days, many women even man make up to express beauty and hide flaw.

    • October 3, 2013 1:23 am

      I didn’t know about that! It is really wonderful.

    • Angela permalink
      October 3, 2013 4:33 pm

      I have so many interest in makeup, so I heard it once before. However you you explained in a lucid and interesting way.

    • banana permalink
      October 5, 2013 12:07 am

      I must thank to Egyptian for introducing the concept of makeup.

    • evergreen permalink
      October 6, 2013 12:02 am

      I was so surprised that makeup wasn’t for expressing beauty in ancient time. Especially Cleopatra became known as a beauty, even though in those days, the makeup was for protection of eyes…I can’t believe it!

      • October 6, 2013 5:46 pm

        I ‘ve once thought about the origin of make up. But I didn’t find it.
        Now I know the history of make up thanks to you. Thank you!!

  3. October 2, 2013 12:23 am

    History of Hangul.

    Hangul Proclamation Day is coming. Celebrating Hangul Day, let’s check about the history of Hangul. ‘Hangul is a unique alphabet in Korea. It was called Hunminjeongeum and promulgated in the 28th year of King Sejong’s reign. Sejong the Great created the Joseon’s own written language for unenlightened people with Jiphyeonjeon scholars.’ This is a whole thing that most korean people know about Hangul. Although it is their own language, they do not have much knowledge about it. At this time, there is an activity to solve the problems. The nation’s first committee of ‘Hangul museum’ was launched at May 9th, 2013. ‘Hangul museum’ will be open in 2014. The museum will offer information about a course of Hangul creation to propagation and the present situation of using Hangul. Also, we will be provided some chances to understand the scientific principle of Hunminjeongeum and the meaning of Hangul in the world. I think it will be historically a special event. Lastly, I expect a rise of pride and grasp about a native language.

    → Article:
    Web site:
    UCC in English:
    Video clips in Korean:

    • Angela permalink
      October 3, 2013 4:35 pm

      Thank you for your friendly video files. I really enjoyed both your short paragrath and video files!

    • Rachel permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:44 am

      Your writing reminds me of why I should respect King Sejong and how wonderful Hangul is. Next wednesday, October 9 is Hangul Day. So let’s celebrate Hangul Day to express our respect for King Sejong and Hangul!

    • haruharu7070 permalink
      October 10, 2013 12:09 am

      Wow! It was very interesting. Today It is the celebrate day of Hangul.
      So I think we don’t deserve it just horiday. And we should thank to King Sejong’s effort to make Hangul.

  4. Daniel permalink
    October 2, 2013 1:12 am

    History of HipHop

    Everyone have ever heard hiphop more than onetime. But nobody knows the history of hiphop well. Hip hop is originated from the free and impromptu culture of poor African Americans in 1970s and the word means “hopping hips”. People had not known hiphop by early1980s. But for 10 years from the 1980, hiphop culture spreaed quickly all over the world. And famous musicians like Schoolly D, Ice T appeared and leaded the hiphop music. In 1990s, Dr. Dre who most of people knows turned up and the hiphop became popular. And now there are many different style of hip hop music and the hiphop culture impact on other musics or cultures.

    • October 3, 2013 1:27 am

      You have many information about HipHop. I hope to feel what is HipHop like you. Can you recommend HipHop musicians for me?

    • Angela permalink
      October 3, 2013 4:40 pm

      I enjoyed hiphop music everyday but didn’t know the history of it. Thanks to you, I know the history of hiphop from today.

    • Katherine permalink
      October 4, 2013 1:15 pm

      I love hiphop music and dance. It is so free and dinamic. I want to know your favorite musicians. I think we will be on the same wavelength.

  5. haruharu7070 permalink
    October 3, 2013 12:49 am

    Pizza History.

    Today, Many people enjoys eating pizza anywhere in the world. thus, I would like to talk about the history of the pizza. The first is In Greeks, there were the documentary that people in Greeks eats bread with put on olis, herbs, and cheese. And In Rome, the people ate a thinner batter that topping over honey, cheesses and then spiced laurel leaves. Then the modern pizza is originated from Neapolitan pies, and In 1889, the chesses have been used universally. In one documentary in the middle of 15 century, the Ferdinando Ⅰwho was the king of Neapoly usually visit the slum disguised himself as a commoner. This was why the queen prohibited eating pizza at a palace. Then the pizza went over to America and industrialized to become popular. For these reasons, the Americans create the Mass merchandising store and brands of the pizzas. Therefore The pizza can be common food in all over the world.

    • October 4, 2013 12:01 am

      It is a night to feel like eating pizza! The story about the prohibited eating pizza by the queen is very interesting.

    • tnpqnp permalink
      October 4, 2013 9:34 pm

      I think my mom and the queen are sharing same idea about eating pizza!

    • Gavin permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:27 am

      Wow… I didn’t know that pizza is from Greeks. I thought that it was from Italy. I must say thanks to someone who industrialized pizza!

  6. Angela permalink
    October 3, 2013 4:26 pm

    History of tour

    – Long time ago, at the time of Roman Republic, there were some places to tour only for the rich. Tourism grow a little more after the narrative of Marco Polo in the 13th century. However, tour still had no popularity to usual people. For example, in the 18th century, there was a word ‘grand tour’. This grand tour was for the wealthy young Englishman. Modern tourism developed much more because of the discovery of many transportations that the public can take. These days, world become richer and because of the development of economical situation, tourism industry is one of the biggest industry in the world and it continues to grow.

    • October 4, 2013 12:04 am

      I couldn’t think about the history of tour. Your presentation is really helpful for me. It is awesome!

    • tnpqnp permalink
      October 4, 2013 9:24 pm

      Thanks for your presentation! I think that we are living in a convenient world thanks to many transportations. Anyway,there are so many place that I want to go !!

    • haruharu7070 permalink
      October 10, 2013 12:07 am

      I agree with that in 18~19C, only the rich can tour around the world. Especially I saw a lot of these by reading a noverl that discribe that time. So, I also would like to go Europe soon.

  7. Katherine permalink
    October 4, 2013 1:00 pm

    History of Smart phone

    Nowadays, smart phone is indispensable thing to people. Then, what is a smart phone and smart phone’s history? First, smart phone is a cell phone with computer feature. It enables people to use computerized systems, many applications and access the internet quickly. Smart phone is developed feature from PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The initial smart phone was ‘Simon’ that invented by IBM. Afterward ‘Blackberry’ was released in 2001. But smart phone was attracted attention by unprofessional companies about cell phone such as ‘Apple’, ‘Google’. And, in 2008, ‘I-phone’ was released with 3G. It was real start of smart phone. Now, smart phone becomes smarter and smarter with developed OS (Operating System) and Wi-Fi. But you should be aware that smart phone can make people stultifying.

    • tnpqnp permalink
      October 4, 2013 9:14 pm

      wow…. It is extremely suprised that ‘Blackberry’ was the initial model on smart phone world. I’m so curious how second movers such as ‘Apple’, ‘Google’ became the dominant company on smart phone area. and I also wonder a process of development of them.

    • Gavin permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:32 am

      It’s not that surprised that IBM invented the first smart phone called ‘Simon’. I’m using a smart phone, and I’m a tech-savvy so I must thanks to the inventors and scientist. At the same time, however, it makes me sad that some patent trolls like IBM, Apple, and Samsung are having control over global markets.

  8. tnpqnp permalink
    October 4, 2013 10:16 pm

    -Baseball History-

    Unlike professional basketball and football, interest in baseball has not been sweeping the globe. Despite such adverity, baseball always occupy an important place in American. While the exact origins of basball are unkown, most historians agree that is based on the English game of rounders. It began to become popular in America in the early 19th century, and many sources show the growing popularity of a game called “base”, or “baseball”. Small towns in the early America formed teams, and baseball clubs were formulated in larger cities. Cartwright, called baseball’s father, fomulated a rules, and amateur baseball contest became more and more popular. Charging admission to games started to become common, all the teams wanted winning games because they needed finance suppport by donations. In 1869, the Cincinnati Red decided to become a completly professtional team, and Brothers harry and George wright recruited the best players from around the country.Now,also Reds is the team in which Korean major leaguer ‘Shin-soo Choo’ is playing.

  9. banana permalink
    October 5, 2013 12:02 am

    History of pasta

    When you think of pasta, you would probably imagine yourself eating a nice plate of pasta outside the terrace in Italy. However, did you know that pasta is actaully from Arabians? Arabians at that time were crossing the desert for trading. so they needed something easy to store and carry, and that’s where dry pasta fisrt invented. Soon pasta was introduced to Sicilia,Italy and it was Napolie where pasta get popularized. Unlike today’s pasta, people had it without sauce or some cheese powder. It took a long time to use tomato sauce because tomatoes were considered as a toxic fruit. and in 1839, finally tomato sauce pasta was introduced and since then it became more popular then ever.

    • Gavin permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:56 am

      I didn’t know that tomato was considered as a toxic vegetable. I thought of a movie named ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ after reading your paragraph. This movie’s background place is Italy and has lots of scenes eating pasta. I recommend you to try watch this movie when you have enough time to kiil with Julia Roberts.

  10. Zion H permalink
    October 5, 2013 3:52 pm

    [History of Dance]

    Dance does not leave behind clearly identifiable physical artifacts such as stone tools, hunting implements or cave paintings. It is not possible to say when dance became part of human culture.
    Dance has been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations. Archeology delivers traces of dance from prehistoric times such as the 9,000 year old Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka paintings in India and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures from c. 3300 BC. One of the earliest structured uses of dances may have been in the performance and in the telling of myths. It was also sometimes used to show feelings for one of the opposite gender. It is also linked to the origin of “love making.” Before the production of written languages, dance was one of the methods of passing these stories down from generation to generation. Another early use of dance may have been as a precursor to ecstatic trance states in healing rituals. Dance is still used for this purpose by many cultures from the Brazilian rainforest to the Kalahari Desert.
    Many contemporary dance forms can be traced back to historical, traditional, ceremonial, and ethnic dance. For example, some Sri Lankan dances are related to aboriginal, mythical devils known as “yakkas”, and according to local legend, Kandyan dance began as a ritual that broke the magic spell on a bewitched king.

    • proftodd permalink*
      October 5, 2013 4:25 pm

      If any other student is interested in the history of dance, they can go to Wikipedia to read the rest of this information. It’s almost EXACTLY the same. Perhaps a paragraph on the history of copying and pasting would be apropos.

  11. evergreen permalink
    October 5, 2013 11:50 pm

    The Origin and Spread of Coffee

    The origin of coffee cannot be sure, and it is always interesting subject of study. There is a variety of views about the origin of coffee and the most famous theory is about the dancing goat. In AD 500, a shepherd boy found some goats which were extremely excited after eating red fruits. He wondered why they being excited, so he tried red fruits too. After trying, he felt he was refreshed by them. A shepherd boy informed an effect of red fruits, since then it spread out to the world. It could be the one of the story, not a fact. However, the clear thing is that in the B.C, fruits of coffee have existed in the whole east Africa region, and a place of origin is Ethiopia. Subsequently, the spread of coffee start from Africa to Arabia during the years in 525 ~ 1500. Diffusion of Islam to the North Africa, East Mediterranean, Asia, and the India made coffee to be disseminated. Around the 14th century, coffee had been recognized by one of drinks, not a religious thing. At that time, the world’s first coffee shop ‘Kiva Han’ was opened in the Constantinople. Coffee was introduced to Europe when the Crusades about 1500 to 1700. In 1713 to 1723, coffee spread out to the America and during in 1727 to 1800, Brazil became the coffee power house. Through looking over the history of coffee, there are a lot of interesting stories in the process. If anybody has an interest in coffee, I recommend searching other amusing stories.

    • Gavin permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:51 am

      I’ve once heard of this story before, a shepherd and goats with red beans. I thought that this story is interesting as one of the coffee shops across KHU’s main gate is called ‘Kiv Han’. I think it would be nice if you visit this coffee shop I mentioned above.

  12. Rachel permalink
    October 6, 2013 1:25 am

    Where does the hamburger come from? Do you know that? Most people know that the hamburger came from the USA or Germany. However, the hamburger came from Mongol. The patty of the hamburger came from horsemeat jerky of the Mongols. The Mongols who are horse-riding people placed the horsemeat under their saddles so that it would crumble with the constant jogging. They added seasoning like salt, onion juice and pepper powder to the horsemeat jerky. This horsemeat jerky was introduced to Europe by merchants of Hamburg, Germany in the 1200’s. Then, it was called the tartare steak and it became very popular at that time. Germans roasted the tartare steak to make it more delicious and then it was called the hamburger steak. After that, in 1904, a cook who cannot manage many guests put the hamburger steak between bread at the St. Louis World’s Fair. This is the birth of hamburger that we eat currently. In the end, the hamburger made this way caused many chain stores such as McDonald, Burger King and Lotteria. Also, the hamburger is very popular with people all around the world now.

    • Gavin permalink
      October 6, 2013 1:47 am

      Wow… That is really interesting! I didn’t know that it was from Mongol and I coulnd’t even guess that it was originally made up of horsemeat. This is really interesting. =)

  13. October 6, 2013 5:42 pm

    History of perfume

    Nowdays, people use perfume often. On Coming-of-Age this is contained as three special presents.There are many kinds of perfume. We can’t count the number of incense. Have you ever thought origin of perfume?
    Its history dates back to about 5,000 years ago. First ancient people used for rituals. After that Egyptian civilization perfume spread through Greece and Rome and elsewhere was the nobility of the luxury goods.
    In Korea, for 372 years the monks of Goguryeo, Baekje in 382 years, each monk was sent to China and brought perfume. This is Korea’s the origin of beginning.
    Commonly known anecdote, especially the 18th century in France Marie-Antoinette and nobility do not clean the mess and it has developed a lot of perfume. This anecdote gave me a different image about that time, cultures.
    Writing this this article, I learned a lot about the origins of this. I’m glad now because I know about the origins of perfume that we use often.

  14. October 6, 2013 9:27 pm

    History of Coffee in Korea

    Coffee can be called the most favorite drink of people all over the world.
    Coffee was first discovered in Africa, and spread all over the world.
    And each country has developed its own coffee culture.

    Korea accepted coffee later than other countries,but We have accelerated the growth of Coffe for last 100years.
    The person who first encountered and tasted coffee was the emperor Gojong according to the historical record.
    When the Japanese threatened his life, he took refuge in Russia.And he first exprienced coffee in there.

    However, before then, ‘서유견문’ has first mentioned about coffee .The author of this book is 유길준.
    He was very clever and smart intellectual and had much knowledge about Western culture.He wrote What the coffe is,and
    how it is being imported and exported across the world.So maybe 유길준 had tasted coffee earlier than emperor Gojong.

    After ‘손탁’-the German first sold coffee, many coffeeshop has opened and coffee has begun to be known among the citizens.
    Then after the Korean war, the American Army base provided instant coffee so many people started to enjoy drinking coffee.

    I learned not only about coffee but our history as I investigate history of coffee in our nation.

  15. Gavin permalink
    October 6, 2013 11:54 pm

    History of Forever 21

    Have you ever heard of Forever 21? If not, what about ZARA, UNIQLO, or H&M? These brands I mentioned are the names of fast-fashion companies. Fast-fashion is a term indicating a rapid change of trends in fashion field. And those above brands are the most popular fast-fashion brands.

    I decided to introduce the history of Forever 21, as the CEOs of Forever 21 are Koreans. Their name is Jinsook Jang and Dowon Jang; they married each other. And they recently ranked top 7 at the top 50 richest people in LA.

    They started this brand in 1984. The name wasn’t Forever 21 at that moment; it was Fashion 21. Then, the size of a shop was only 25 square meters. 5 years later, as they made a contract with the Panorama Mall in Panorama City, they upgraded its name to Forever 21 in order to keep their brand ‘FOREVER’. Finally, in 1995, they made one of its branches even in Miami, Florida. It was the first one that is out of California. And as a result of their continuing every-6-months launching, there were almost 40 branches in 1997. In 2001, they even made their first branch in Canada and made a successful debut as a global fashion company. Furthermore, they launched their online shop in 2003. In 2007, their sales broke the $billion line. They didn’t stop expanding their business, but they opened their first flagship store in Harajuku, Japan in 2009. In 2010, they opened first flagship store in Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas, LA, and also in Time square, NY. 1 year later, in 2011, they finally made their way in Austria, Ireland, Spain, UK, and other Europe countries.

    They made rapid progresses and huge differences in fast-fashion industry. Young and trendy clothes at reasonable price! I wanted to share the history of Forever 21 as this brand is one of my favorite brands. It was nice searching for this topic in many reasons.

  16. cs9999 permalink
    October 7, 2013 12:33 am

    History of Hamburger

    Hamburger is representative fastfood which is eaten in almost every country around the world. Because of brand like Mcdonald, Burger King and KFC, etc. most people think hamburger is from U.S. But it is came from Hamburg, Germany. In 14th centuries, the sailors at the Elbe river preferred the food that can be eaten fastly and easily. On their voyage, they learned how to cut meat into slices and the sailors started to enjoy seasoned or slightly grilled the sliced meat. From their trvel, people in Hamburg accepted the recipe and it was spreaded to whole country. Then, in 1904, at EXPO in Saint Louise, immigrant from Germany submitted the recipe of the bread with mustard souce, cabbage, and sliced meat. This was the first hamburger. At that time, nobody realized it would be the worldwide food. After the convention, hamburger shop had been opened and almost 50 years later than first show of hamburger, McDonald brothers purchased an restaurant and opened fastfood restaurant ‘Mcdonald’. Even though it is not good for your health, it can be made quick and easy so it caught great popularity. This was the start of merchandising a large quantity of hamburgers. After that, hamburger has been very popular all around the world and nowadays, even the price of Big Mac is used to the criterion of price.

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