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Unit 6 Environment

November 24, 2016

The homework for this weekend is to describe a case study of a specific environmental problem. You could use the four case studies on p. 116 as examples of what content to include. Of course, you do not have to use a country; you could use a region, city, or local area. By researching a topic now, you will save time for when you write the essay on Monday.

Example from case study A on p. 116:
Southern Australia is susceptible to bush fires. The geography of the area is heavily forested, so there is an enormous amount of fuel for the fires. Recently, the number and intensity of fires, which are especially common during summer months, have escalated. Experts blame the phenomenon on several factors including global warming, drought, and human activity. This, in turn, has resulted in the loss of commercial and residential buildings, animal habitats, and health problems from smoke pollution.

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  1. greentea permalink
    November 24, 2016 8:11 pm

    China is suffering from dust storms which are originated from dry deserts in northern China.
    Severe drought resulting from global warming and indiscriminate logging caused the expansion of China’s deserts. The effects of desertification make dust storm more devastating, and China gets the worst yellow dust storm recently in the province of Shanxi. It had reduced visibility to less than 5 meters and did considerable damage on the tourism industry. The most serious problem of the dust storm of China is that carcinogens and heavy metals are contained in the sand dust because it passed by a factory district. It leads to crop pollution and serious health threat. In addition, Yellow dust which included industrial pollution materials in China is an international environmental issue, because this dust storm blows to other countries such as Korea, Japan and even America.

  2. Dolphin permalink
    November 24, 2016 11:08 pm

    India is one of the countries that are suffering from extreme drought. The country is located in south Asia, so by the beginning of May, the nation’s climate is influenced by El Nino. Recently, the date of El Nino affecting is moved up. This may be due to the fact that global warming increases earth’s temperature every year. This has resulted in the loss of human habitats and increasing price of crops. Therefore, the poor and third world people will become more and more difficult to live.

    • proftodd permalink*
      November 26, 2016 3:27 pm

      “Therefore, the poor and third world people will become more and more difficult to live.”

      Revision: Therefore, it will become more and more difficult for the poor in India to live.

  3. November 24, 2016 11:44 pm

    In New Zealand, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred on November 13th. New Zealand is one of the countries located on the Pacific Rim. Exactly, the earthquake happened in the New Zealand’s second city called Christchurch but almost everyone in that country felt a shake. After 2 hours it is occurred, tsunami which was 2.5 meters high. In Christchurch, another earthquake was occurred in 2011. The death toll from earthquake in 2011 reached 185, but recent one’s death toll was 2. People were evacuated out of the buildings and went to higher ground in order to escape from tsunami. Because of the earthquake, electricity was out and the paved road was damaged. Also, Building collapse was happened so the earthquake inflicted huge losses of property in New Zealand.

  4. izreal permalink
    November 25, 2016 1:45 pm

    The island of Japan is one of the countries that are suffering from an earthquake.
    In Japan, Earthquakes which are more than 7 magnitude have happened annually so buildings have been collapsed and people have been killed from it.
    The earthquakes have affected the island of Japan considerably because they have accompanied a tsunami.
    A earthquake happens in a earthquake zone, but earthquakes of japan frequently happen and the scale is also larger than scale of other nations because Japan is located in area that is facing along the 4 crusts.
    Although it has damaged big deaths in japan, it has also affected to building design(seismic design) and citizen consciousness.

  5. November 26, 2016 2:48 pm

    About two months ago, in Korea, there was an earthquake registered 5.8 on the Richter scale. It was the strongest magnitude in Korea. The epicenter was GyeongJu but citizens even felt ground movement in Seoul located more than 300km from GyeongJu. Fortunately, there were not any casualties and severe property damage. However, many people have been afraid of this unusual nature disaster because majority of the people were insensitive to prevent earthquake. Korea was regarded as safe country from earthquake but no longer. The main reason why earthquake is threatening is its unpredictability. There is not any tool to predict earthquake exactly. Therefore, precautions should be arranged before it happens.

  6. MOON permalink
    November 27, 2016 1:26 am

    Fine dust, which is consisted of air contaminant such as exhaust and yellow dust, is a big problem in Korea. Because fine dust is very tiny, it is hard to see and avoid dust. By just breathing, this is accumulated in body and damages especially respiratory organ. Fine dust not only is made in Korea but also moves from China by the wind. Nowadays, the concentration of fine dust is aggravated year by year due to increase of factories in China, but there are no specific solutions. In spite of its dangerousness and seriousness, Korean government just suggests wearing a mask that can prevent it and staying at home. Therefore, there should be measures at government level.

  7. Kiko permalink
    November 27, 2016 1:50 am

    The Sahara region of the North Africa has been suffering from drought regularly since the early 1980s. The simple fact is that the area naturally experiences alternating wet and dry seasons. Recently, the extreme drought makes life worse for people who live in the Sahara. As we know, if the rains fail it can cause drought. In addition to natural factors, the land is marginal. Human activities such as overgrazing, overcultivation and the collection of firewood can lead to desertification, particularly when combined with drought conditions. The important fact is that the Sahara has drought conditions and diverse human activities which I mentioned above.
    The result is crop failure, soil erosion, famine and hunger. Moreover people are less able to work when their need is greatest. It becomes a vicious circle and can result in many deaths, especially among infants and the elderly. Specifically, in Niger which is including the Sahara, the situation was made worse when a plague of locusts consumed any remaining crops. In these cases, people only rely on food aid from the international community.
    Therefore, food aid is essential in the long term. What is really needed is well-developed aid, which involves educating the local community in farming practices.

  8. AndJuly permalink
    November 27, 2016 5:15 pm

    The north poor, whick we usually call Arctic, has lots of environmental problems these days. Arctic is suffering global warming, eventually almost 10 percent of the ice from Arctic are melting now. This phenomenon affects to wild life, for instance, polar bear needs ice to hunt or to live, but when ice melt they could not survive easily. However, some reserch says that in Arctic, the ice will almost disappear in 2070, and more serious thing is that in 2050 almost every polar bear will dye by this serious situation. Globla warming is affecting serious problems not only to animals but also to people in that area. In Arctic, residents usually go for hunting in ice berg, they need to be aware of the serious danger so that they explore that place first. However, when ice melt, they don’t know exactly whether it is safe or not, because it seems solid, but once they get step on that ice berg it sink rapidly. It means that they can’t not hunt at that place anymore. Arctic is becoming uninhabitable place and also for animals. In oder to solve this serious problem, we need to concentrate more on environmental problems, but it seems so hard. So government or international organization should lead people to aware serious danger of global warming and they need to think of the solution for this.

  9. go CR2 permalink
    November 27, 2016 8:04 pm

    Canada, known for majestic landscapes, is having serious environmental concerns these days. There are two biggest environmental issues that concern Canadians: one is about sub-Arctic and Arctic regions in Canada and the other is about air pollution.
    Canada can be largely divided into two regions; Northern and Southern regions. The Northern region is mostly sub-Arctic and Arctic regions, which are susceptible to global warming. It is ironical that it is Canadians themselves that endanger those Arctic regions by contributing hugely to global warming, since their economy relies mostly on exporting natural resources, especially oil and gas. This leads to the one of the two issues mentioned above, air pollution. Extracting oil and gas inevitably increases carbon emissions, the major cause of air pollution. The problem is that large proportion of the population lives in urban areas, where air pollution is serious.
    Now the Canadian government is racking its brain to solve this ironical problem. Will Canada trade its enormous wealth with the majestic view or will they come up with a majestic plan for sustainable environment?

  10. idontknow permalink
    November 27, 2016 10:22 pm

    Nowadays, Amazon is suffering a lot of forest fires. There were not forest fires as much as these days. Enough humidity that is produced by trees in Amazon can control forest fires. However, the climate changes that have been produced by global warming make Amazon not prevent the fires. Because global warming makes the rainy season of Amazon shorter than before. Amazon’s rainy season is also important to various plants to grow. The dry weather that is now longer than the previous weather help Amazon be destroyed. Futhermore, There is a higher probability that Amazon would begin to under-go a process of desertification.

  11. k123 permalink
    November 27, 2016 11:11 pm

    On September 12, Gyeongju had great damage from the earthquake. The magnitude was 5.8, which was the largest scale in Korean history. The earthquake was detected in Seoul as well as Gyeongju and surrounding cities. This huge earthquake caused destruction of buildings, paralysis of communication networks and lots of citizens experienced confusion. In Korea, most of the citizens had recognition that Korea is a safe country from the earthquake. Due to this unawareness, when the earthquake happened, citizens in school, workplace and home could not cope with earthquake properly. Also, disaster situation was not promptly reported by the press and the government. Besides, in the aftermath of this huge earthquake, more than 500 secondary shocks are followed until the present. Some of weather experts and earthquake experts argue that this earthquake is a sign of the larger earthquake than recent earthquake.

  12. GOGI permalink
    November 28, 2016 11:14 am

    The United State is suffering tornado every spring. The geography of the area is a dry plain and this terrain is best place for tornado occurrence. When the hot humid air flows into the cold stable high atmospheric pressure in the field, air become unstable and abrupt soar which called tornado happens. Tornado happens nearly five times a day in the spring in the middle southern US. It usually moves 40-80km/h speed and the speed can be increased over 500km/h. It is very fast comparing with the fact that human can only run at 15km/h normally. Severe tornado results in the destruction of home and other buildings, animal habitats, infrastructures like road and transmission towers. People cannot prevent the tornado 100% but the government and experts struggle for minimizing the effect of tornado.

  13. Rachel permalink
    November 28, 2016 12:51 pm

    In China, air pollution is one of the serious problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality scale, any pollution rating above 300 means the air is unsafe to breathe. China is the world’s largest coal producer and accounts for about half of global consumption. Air pollution is cuased by coal consumption, also car emission contribute
    serious air pollution in China. There were a record 17 million new cars on the road in 2014.

  14. Gunner permalink
    November 28, 2016 1:01 pm

    Japan which consists of islands in the Pacific Ocean always suffers from frequent earthquakes. There are about 1,500 earthquakes that people can feel every year. It is because Japan is located on the circum-Pacific earthquake belt where four massive tectonic plates are crashed. Earthquakes in Japan do not only cause just shaking of ground, sometimes, but also cause tsunami or the eruption of volcano because of its geographical position. In 2011, the severe earthquake in Fukushima resulted in a nuclear power plant accident. Because of extremely frequent earthquake in Japan, earthquake resistant designs, earthquake evacuation trainings and early warning systems are well developed.

  15. ezreal permalink
    November 28, 2016 1:21 pm

    The island of Japan is one of the countries that are suffering from an earthquake.
    In Japan, Earthquakes which are more than 7 magnitude have happened annually so buildings have been collapsed and people have been killed from it.
    The earthquakes have affected the island of Japan considerably because they have accompanied a tsunami.
    A earthquake happens in a earthquake zone, but earthquakes of japan frequently happen and the scale is also larger than scale of other nations because Japan is located in area that is facing along the 4 crusts.
    Although it has damaged big deaths in japan, it has also affected to building design(seismic design) and citizen consciousness.

  16. Jelly permalink
    November 28, 2016 1:24 pm

    Japan is the country that always suffers from earthquake. The main reason of this natural disaster is location. Japan is standing at the contact point of four continents. Since continents tend to move, the underground of japan contains massive energy and pressure. An explosion of this energy occurs the earthquake. Even though japan is quite well prepared country for this happenings, humans are weak in front of natures power. It can take away everything. For example, in 2011, 9.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed the northeastern coast of Japan. Especially the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. After this, damage of earthquake itself was critical but radiation damage was also severe. Current radioactive level of Tokyo is over 0.5μSv per hour. It means Tokyo residents will probably have leukemia in a decades, because they were exposed to radiation. Also radioactivity can affect other countries next to japan. It means the earthquake of japan can be the problem of whole universe.

  17. Lana permalink
    November 28, 2016 2:35 pm

    One of the biggest environmental problems in Korea is yellow dust. It is phenomenon that dust that is from desert is blown up to high atmosphere, and it gradually falls down to the ground. Yellow dust historically existed on Korea, however, influence of the problem become intensified recently. One cause of this phenomenon is rapid desertification in China. Fine dust made by China’s environmental problem affects people and economy of Korea. As a point of economy, it makes error in machine and decreases profits of company. As a point of one’s health, respiratory disease could be caused.

  18. November 28, 2016 2:49 pm

    Annually, Indonesia located in South-East Asia suffers from devastating flood. Last year, flooding arise 373 times from January to August in this nation. Numerous houses and buildings were submerged and people couldn’t pass road freely due to waterlogging. The flood was caused by monsoon which means the season in Southern Asia when there is a lot of heavy rain. Monsoon flood is frequently generated between countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and India. One of the sever monsoon floods was occurred in South-East Asia from December 2014 to January 2015. As a result of this, hundreds of thousands people had to be drown out from their flooded homes and seventy-five people were died.

  19. bingo77 permalink
    November 29, 2016 11:42 pm

    The threat to polar bears is the loss of its habitat due to global warming in Arctic. The polar bear is actually a marine mammal that spends much more time at sea than it does on land. Its is on the Arctic ice that the polar bear keeps its living, that is why global warming is such a threat to polar bear’s well-being. There are two things that polar bears are impacted by global warming. First one is that the population of polar bears are decreasing in just 20 years. In southern portions of Canada like Hudson, it is difficult for bears to hunt their prey so average bear weight has dropped by 15 percent, causing reproduction rates to decline. The other one is the scarcity of food. Because of the loss of hunting areas, it is expected that the shrinking polar ice cap will also cause a decline in polar bears’ prey such as seals. Polar bears are going hungry for longer periods of time, resulting in cannibalistic behavior.

  20. BOO permalink
    November 30, 2016 2:17 pm

    Recently, in Korea, the most serious problem all people think must be fine dust. In the past, we could go out without mask, and we didn’t keep attention to the news which inform that how much of fine dust would be today. However, we should make sure to recognize today’s level of fine dust before going out. Recently, all people surprised at the news that the OECD report that Korea will be the first country out of other nations in early-death rank because of yellow dust and fine dust in 40 years. This news is so serious that people can’t imagine it easily. Especially, fine dust is too tiny for ordinary people to see it so, it is difficult for them to find out how bad it can affect on our health. Once people breath in and out, it would pass through their respiratory system, then it could accumulate in their deep organ. Then, it can ruin our organs and also, it affect our brain. Not only organs in body but also brain it affects. Dementia is caused by fine dust. The government should take action for fine dust.

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