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CRW1 Unit 1 Animals

March 7, 2017

The homework from Tuesday’s class (due before Thursday’s class) is the following:

What is an example of an endangered species? What can be done to protect these animals?

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  1. aeria22 permalink
    March 8, 2017 2:44 am

    These days there are many endangered species. We all know how serious the problem is, and easily remind some pictures about them. Maybe the representative picture is that the polar bear on the very small ice pack losing its habitat. I think that it is all because of human, and want to account for why I thought like that in the bottom.
    According to the latest report from Ministry of Environment, highly endangered species includes the wolf, the Asian black bear, the musk deer, and the roe deer. In addition, the animals like martens, seals, wildcats, and flying squirrels are classified as some that might be extinct in the near future. When I was young, I could come across some roe deer and wildcats in the mountain, and it felt terrific to meet some animals in nature. But if things go on like this, we all might lose our chances to find out some animals in nature.
    If so, how can we protect these animals? As stated, I think that human is the cause of extinct animals. People don’t let the animal live! They hunt them for food, leather, furs and even horns. In the past, human hunted animals to eat for survival. I think that nowadays we kill them for any other reasons especially for decoration. Animals that don’t need to die have been died like flies. In my opinion, if people decide not to use or reduce the use of any products which are made from animals’ body parts, we can protect endangered animals to some degree. Surely, it is essential not to pollute natural areas, and to protect nature where they live on community and individual level. But prior to do that, we should let them live! It is a top priority I think.

    • LOTBS permalink
      March 10, 2017 10:09 pm

      I agree to your opinion of the representative picture of endangered animal is ‘polar bear.’ And the second paragraph of saying ‘chance to find our some animals in nature’ was kinda touching to me. It is normal and being normal for us to see famous or representative animals during the travel of one country/city and I can hardly imagine no safari tour in Africa or no snorkeling in Hawaii. I guess the animals are being familiar with our life.
      And to the third paragraph I agree with the reduction of the using things which come from animal, but have doubt about will people participate. So, my opinion was to make a strict and harsh penalty that every state and every people ‘should’ do, by legislating in law.

  2. Dal permalink
    March 8, 2017 4:20 pm

    Endangered species which I want to introduce is ‘Red-crowned Crane’. Originally, ‘Red-crowned Crane’ was often seen animal in Korea. From old times, thousands of ‘Red-crowned Crane’ comes to Korea in October. But nowadays only 120~150 red-crowned crane are coming to Korea. Red-crowned crane is now natural monument in Korea. When I walk around near my house, I see many birds which look like red-crowned crane. But it’s different bird like ‘Oriental stork’.

    To protect these animals, we have to be aware of ‘Being familiar’. Many of us are accustomed to using a leather bag. They think rare leather is symbol of wealth. These kinds of thinking promote killing endangered species. There are many movements by environment group, to protect endangered species. They sue fashion luxury goods brand and do trial. But there’s no big change. To protect these endangered species, we have to change our mind together. Imagine that our flesh is used as leather. Isn’t it horrible? I think we have to access to this problem with ethical issue.

  3. thebear03or04 permalink
    March 8, 2017 4:33 pm

    The endangered species that I would like to introduce you is the Barbary lion. The Barbary lion is at “Extinct in the Wild (EW)” level of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The primary reason of its extinction is combat with gladiators at Colosseum. At the time of the collapse of Roman Empire, the number of individuals is mostly exterminated in North America Finally in 1922, the last individual in the wild was killed in Morocco. Nowadays, only a few of individuals presumed to be its descendants are raised in Temara zoo, Morocco in secret.
    We can try to protect these endangered animals with the way of patronization. If you search ‘protection of endangered species’ in Korean at Naver, you can face various organizations who wants your patronizing to keep endangered individuals. Supporting these institutes with financial way is the easiest and fastest way you can do right it now. You have to participate to these movements of endangered animals’ protection.

  4. ade permalink
    March 8, 2017 5:43 pm

    Polalr Bear is one of the endangered species in the world. They became an endangered species since their habitat has been destroyed. Global warming is the first reason for why the Polar bears started to lose their number. To protect the polar bears, humans should stop being selfish. Global warming had been started because of human’s selfishness. Human produced too much chemicals which destroy the environment including the glacier at Arctic. Humans shoudl put more effect to develop natural energy, such as solar energy, water power, and etc to protect the Polar bears from extinction.

  5. poly permalink
    March 8, 2017 5:54 pm

    There are lots of endangered species these days. For example, there are Siberian tigers, pandas, rhinoceros, dolphins, black bears, leopards, etc. There are several ways to protect these animals. First, we should not capture them and should reinforce strict laws about poaching. Second, we should protect the nature. Throwing away rubbish or wasting environmental resources can destruct their habitats. Last, governments all around the world should support for protecting those animals. They should warn people about disappearing animals and suggest proposals to stop them from extinction.

  6. LOTBS permalink
    March 8, 2017 7:30 pm

    i will change the word exert by fume.

  7. LOTBS permalink
    March 8, 2017 7:57 pm

    I regard the ‘Polar bear’ the extremely endangered animal nowadays.
    There are 2 big reasons for it, and 2 big ways to solve it.
    First, the climate change. As the result of humans using fossil fuel uncontrollably, temperature of the earth has increased and the iceberg for polar bears to rest and care cubs diminished. So the polar bears are swimming through their whole life time after the independent from their parent’s back riding. Furthermore, using their energy on swimming not hunting made their health and physical ability decline and lead them to death. To save them from dying in cold, I think the artificial land or place have to be made where most polar bears live. I know this will be hard, but I heard that there aren’t many polar bears left and I guess it will be not hard to find them. And fundamentally, we the world ‘should’ cooperate to reduce the fossil fuel using. Though some developed countries are making promises to reduce the fuel using, but it is not well progressed. So, not only the developed but also the developing countries (such as China) must participate and make the penalty harsher for promoting all world to make it activate.
    Second, the food chain. If we recall the prey for the polar bear, I am sure many of us think of ‘seals’. But people living in the arctic usually hunt seals to eat and maintain their lifestyle. So, there is a problem maintaining the population of the seals. So what will it affect? I guess the answer is ‘polar bear’s survival’. From this, I thought the provision for the arctic living people to eat (such as, processed meat) is essential to reduce the hunting of the seals. I guess that will make the food chain back to natural and let the polar bears can easily find their prey better than this hardship condition.

  8. 214mn permalink
    March 8, 2017 8:13 pm

    Today, uncountable kinds of animals are in endangered-state. One of these examples is an Northern White Rhinoceros usually exists in the wild. Only 10 rhinos in the world are being protected in California and the Czech Republic. Other examples are the Mexican wolf, Hawaiian Crow, and the Island Fox.
    Then, why did animals become endangered? I think they became endangered almost because of humans’ environment destruction. So, humankind has duty about their protection. What can we do for their preservation?
    As individual side, people need to have mind that respects animal’s preservataion.
    And people’s minds may develop into public campaign or events that encourage right civic duty.
    Finally, government can carry out animal-preservation policy. If preservation activity goes out externally and many people know, our action and mind to animals will change.

    • LOTBS permalink
      March 10, 2017 10:15 pm

      Oh…It is shocking to me that only 10 rhinos exist…Sorry to hear that.
      Are rhinos susceptible to the habitat change?

  9. March 8, 2017 10:19 pm

    One of examples of endangered animal is European otter. Because of water pollution and poaching, the number of European otter is decreasing. And asiatic black bear is endangered animal, too. A number of war and environmental pollution make asiatic black bear die.
    To protect endangered animals, We have to learn about animals. By learning about animals, We can understand animals and provide proper field. And we have to avoid excessive development. People develop many fields, buildings and machines. This developments make base of animals devastated. So people should reduce development and protect animal’s base of life.

  10. jello2 permalink
    March 8, 2017 10:34 pm

    There are lots of endangered species these days. For example, there are Siberian tigers, pandas, rhinoceros, dolphins, black bears, leopards, etc. There are several ways to protect these animals. First, we should not capture them and should reinforce strict laws about poaching. Second, we should protect the nature. Throwing away rubbish or wasting environmental resources can destruct their habitats. Last, governments all around the world should support for protecting those animals. They should warn people about disappearing animals and suggest proposals to stop them from extinction.

  11. dnedne913 permalink
    March 8, 2017 10:47 pm

    There are many example of an endangered species such as wolf, fox, tiger, eagle, otter, seal and leopard.

    So we have to make a lot of way to protect endangered animals.
    There are various ways to protect them, but I think government’s role is the biggest in this case. Because they have a biggest compulsion and force in the country, so they can protect endangered species from many risk factors effectively.

    There are three ways for species by government.

    First, country must reinforce the
    strength of punishment that imposed to people who damages an endangered species.
    Second, they have to protect not only just ‘endangered species’, but also habitat of ‘endangered species’. It is the most important base of breed and survive of an endangered species. The government must designates reserve for endangered species and care for systematic. Last, they also have to promote about ‘an endangered species’ and build up sense of safety about them to people. People’s reinforced sense of safety also helpful to species.

  12. March 8, 2017 10:49 pm

    Butterfly fish is endangered species. The butterfly fish is a generally small sized species of marine fish. But today, the butterfly fish is considered to be an endangered animal mainly. Butterfly fish populations have been threatened due to water pollution and habitat loss. Experts said The destruction of coral reefs occurs mainly from boats, and without their coral habitat, the butterfly fish find it difficult to survive as they have less food and are also more exposed to predators.
    Due to human activity, many species around the world are losing their natural habitats and becoming endangered. So I think that people should act to save this endangered species. To save endangered species, the government should regulate the hunting endangered animals for commercial use and people from harassing, poaching, or killing the endangered animals. And development has been destroying their habitant. We have to protect their habitant. If we protect their natural protect, more animals can survive. Also we must solve environmental problem. There are many things to save environment. This begins from small thing. The important thing is We should take more interest in the endangered species.

    • LOTBS permalink
      March 10, 2017 10:21 pm

      Does it mean the polluted oil or gas from the boats make the sea in bad condition and it affects the coral?
      Then…does the sailor of the boat avoid sailing above the sea where the coral exist?

  13. Dolce permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:02 pm

    Tigers, crocodiles, foxes, polar bears and spotted seals are endangered. Among them, polar bears and spotted seals are on the verge of extinction because the environment(their habitats) is polluted or destroyed. Many polar bears are died because glaciers melted. There is nothing to eat because sea was polluted and fish are reduced, so many spotted seals are died. Therefore the government should impose a fine for people who destroy the environment to protect these animals.(For example, to throw away trash and illegal fishing are included in that behavior.) And we should be concerned about them and try not to destroy their habitats.

  14. Lemon permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:16 pm

    There are so many animals that are endangered in the earth. For example, Rhinoceros, Panda, Leopard, Fox, Polar bear, Owl, Wolf, and Pink dolphin are all endangered animals.
    Then, What can we do to protect these endangered species? I think that there are four solutions that we have to do to preserve endangered animals. First, We should not capture the endangered animals. Because if we capture these animals, the number of endangered animals is less than before. Second, We have to protect the environment. Because if we should not protect the environment, the global warming is getting worse than before. Then the ice which is formed with the arctic will melt. And the polar bear can’t live in the arctic. Third, We should not do tunneling work. Because When we make a tunnel, we have to dig the mountain. But many animals live in the mountain. So if we dig the mountain, many animals can’t live well in the mountain. Forth, We have to inform many people about protecting endangered animals through the public relations or the event. Then many people can remember that we have to protect endangered animals easily because of the public relations or the event.
    Thank you for reading my writing.

  15. baskinrobbins permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:19 pm

    There are lots of animals in the world and we humans are responsible for protecting them to survive together. But nowadays some species are endangered because of human’s greed. Especially red fox is endangered because of many reasons. And the main reason of this is that people hunt them for their fur. Red fox has beautiful fur with its tail. When humans hunt it illegally, they make a coat or a woolen muffler with its fur. Each year, many red foxes are killed because of illegal hunting.
    As we realize how serious this problem is, we should know about the way to protect them. For example, we need to pay attention to illegal hunting because it’s the main cause of endangered animals. Joining a campaign that objects poaching can be a good example. Also, we can buy items that the profit for it is going to be used to protect endangered animals. In this way, we can protect many endangered animals.

  16. fence permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:28 pm

    One of the endangered species is leatherback sea turtle.
    Leatherback sea turtle is the largest species of turtle that has no carapce.
    Collect egg of turtle, crash with ships, be caught in a fishing nets are the reasons that they are endangered.
    So, we have to show concern when we sail the ocean and fishing so that avoid the turtles.
    Also, we should not collect egg of turtle to protect the leatherback sea turtle.

  17. fence permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:48 pm

    One of the endangered species is leatherback sea turtle.
    Leatherback sea turtle is the largest species of turtle that has no carapce.
    Collect egg of turtle, crash with ships, be caught in a fishing nets are the reasons that they are endangered.
    So, we have to show concern when we sail the ocean and fishing so that avoid the turtles.
    Also, we should not collect egg of turtle to protect the leatherback sea turtle.
    Most of all,we should recognize the necessity for take more interest and have more caution for endangered species.

  18. ELLA permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:54 pm

    I can come up with some endangered animal species like tiger, asiatic black bear, wolf, elephant, rhinocereos, mink, crocodile, whale, sea turtle, polar bear and penguins etc.

    So many kinds of animals are in danger of extinction because of reckless hunting , environment pollution and people’s endless desire.

    To protect them, We should prohibit hunting by law and give strong penalty to hunting.
    And also we can protect environment in life to preserve animal’s own habitats. For last, We must try to notice that animal extinction is serious problem and to change people’s mind so they will not buy products and luxuries that are made of animals anymore.

  19. ohyeah permalink
    March 9, 2017 1:33 am

    The ministry of environment designated endangered animals and classified them according to the degree of risk. There is wolf, fox, leopard, otter, hawk, tiger in first-grade endangered animals. In second-grade endangered animals, there are seal, owl, eagle, serpent, etc. Above all, i’ll introduce the example of Korean tigers. In South-Korea, there is no Korean tiger in wild. But only a very small minority of Korean tigers are barely living in the zoo. In Russia, there also remains some of Korean tigers in wild, fortunately. But even them are in danger due to the poachers and dying forest. Many organizations are striving to save Korean tigers, but it seems difficult to solve this problem. So to save these endangered animals, they need our help.

    We need to open our eyes to the importance of the endangered animals. Most of us often have no concern about endangered animals just for the reason that they are not directly related to us. This ignorance let the animals extinct. I think to solve this problem, the scale of activity should be wider at the perspective of realization. In the view of student, we can do some kind of campaign that can change people’s realization. There is a organization which helps endangered animals with the sales profit of their goods(bracelet). Engaging in this campaign by wearing the bracelet, we can spread the seriousness of this problem. Also we can induce many people to engage in the relief activities. If these small endeavor and concern hold together, it will make a great change.

  20. Orangutan permalink
    March 9, 2017 2:31 am

    Along with the technological advancement of humanity, various types of living species has become endangered. This is because people have invaded into and destroyed habitats of different species such as forests and the ocean. I would like to introduce an example of an endangered species, and some possible ways to protect these animals.
    An example of an endangered species that I would like to suggest is the Orangutan. The Orangutan belongs to the ape branch of the animal species. Orangutans, the largest mammal that live on trees, are only found at specific places on Earth like Indonesia and Malaysia. Unfortunately, these two countries are notorious for their high rate of deforestation around the world. Hence, Orangutans are losing their homes. To make the matters worse, these countries are now working on the conversion of forest for palm oil plantations which pose a greater threat to the species. It is told that approaximately 1,000 Orangutans are killed each year.
    Many programs are in practice around the world in the purpose to protect the Orangutans. The World Wildlife Federation, in an attempt to stop the reduction of Orangutan population, has cracked down on the pet trade to lesson the Orangutan population that are being captured. Like this, there are a number of things that the governments, even organizations or individuals can do to protect this endangered species. For example, producing an advertisement to raise the awareness of the reducing population of the Orangutans and proposing it’s severity may reduce the number of trading Orangutans for domestication. Also, brainstorming and recommending some environmentally friendly ways of producing palm oils and endorsing the use of these methods and encouraging the manunfacturers to adopt these methods may play a role in protecting the Orangutans.
    There could be a lot more possible ways that individuals and organizations can come up with to protect the species, and doing so may also bring about a sense of dedication and pride to people. Thus, protecting species, not only Orangutans, could be both beneficial for the species, as well as the people.

  21. otter22 permalink
    March 9, 2017 3:40 am

    Nowadays, there are alot of endangered sprecies in the world. Among the, I want to introduce you ‘otter’. At Korean ministry of environment, otters are designated as the first grade endangered species of wild fauna and flora.
    Otters mostly became endangered because of destruction of their habitat. Hunting otters indiscriminately to get a fur is the other reason why otters are designated as endangered species. That is the case, how can we protect otters from extinction. There are two ways. One can be actioned at a government level, the other can be acted at a personal level. First of all, goverment should enact some laws to protect otters. For example, goverment can protect otters’ habitat by banning building a dam. Also, prohibiting hunting otters to get a fur can help to maintain the number of otters. Secondly, individual’s effort can prevent otters form extinction. For instance, not fishing at otters’ habitat can help to retain the number of otters by not removing otters’ prey. Futhermore, just not taking a trash at river which is otters’ principle habitat.
    Except otters, there are uncountable endangered species such as tiger and wolf in the world. To solve this problem, goverment and individual both considered seriousness of this problem and try to act the proper solution.

  22. david permalink
    March 9, 2017 10:09 am

    From now on, I’m going to talk about endangered animals that have been categorized as likely to become extinct. I think there are two big reasons that make animals endangered. One is just animal’s ability of adapting environment and the other is merciless activity of human. The former is natural in ecosystem like mammoths which were died out. So, human can’t protect those animals of the kind easily. If any human can protect those animals, this is not for general people. However, the latter is the thing which I’m going to concentrate on. Because, this is the problem that human make and which is directly connected with human.

    Representative examples that some animals are categorized endangered are ruthless hunt for fun or health, environment pollution and wrong import transmarine animal etc. Asiatic black bear, wolf, oriental stork, European otter, honey bee are categorized endangered animals by those reasons. Besides, even now a lot of animals have extinguished or endangered, so, human must get seriousness. Because, animals are part of our life and issue of the vanished animals gives damage to human. Therefore, we ought to reflect on how to protect endangered animals. There are two big ways to solve problem. One is for country and the other is for common. In macroscopic view point, council has to make law like not hunting endangered animals or not importing animals that harm to endangered animals that live in territory. In addition, government must employ specialized people who are professional in managing endangered animals or in clone. However, microscopic viewpoint is also critical thing. Even if laws are affirmed, there is no usefulness if people do not observe those laws. Therefore, people should think about obligation of animals and try to know how to protect endangered animals such as not throwing items that are harmful to animals or hunting ruthlessly

  23. CSH permalink
    March 9, 2017 11:14 am

    In today, many species have been decreased for many reasons. Animals are one of the existence in our life. We have to protect them and then we can live well. Because life is not just for alone, furthermore maybe it is building which connect each other. Some examples of an endangered species are african penguin, african wild dog,bonobo,giant otter and so on.
    If we do not protect endangered animals, and they might be extinct animals. We have to work for this global problems for our ecosystem. I think the best we can do is to solve our air pollution. It affects directly to living things. We have to strive for riding public transportation. Also, the laws must be rereinforced. And we have to regard animal like treasures. Nobody can’t hunt endangered animals for their food. This issue is never small problems. Big deals are made from small things. So we have to make a effort from trival things. And then we have to think more in animals’ enter.

  24. future301 permalink
    March 9, 2017 11:24 am

    Wolves are almost extinct in Korea and I learned this for the first time when doing the homework. Also there are many endangered species such as Asiatic black bear, Oriental stork, Otter and other 242 species in Korea. I was surprised that wild wolves have not seen to humans since 1960s, because I could see wolves in many movies.
    Before doing this homework, I thought we can do nothing personally to save endangered species. But there are many ways to help them personally: not using disposable products, turning lights off, recycling cell phones and other products, and donating. There are many non-profit organizations helping saving endangered species and they are selling products such as bracelet with drawings of endangered species. ( Also we should give our votes to politicians who cares a lot about maintaining ecosystem.
    Companies and Governments must not reshape nature thoughtlessly. I was so diaspointed about ‘4 river projects’ and Pyeonchang Olympic Games. For Olympic games, many mountains which need to be protected are destroyed and there are many troubles between government and residents. Also laws that ban injuring nature must be enforced.
    I hope all creatures in the world be happy.

  25. hyedamkim permalink
    March 9, 2017 11:24 pm

    There are many species of endangered today because of change of ecosystem and destruction of nature. Canis lupus coreanus, Lutra, Aquila chrysaetos and Cygnus olor are represented the endangered animals. Because disappearance of animals have a negative influence on environment, we must take responsibility for environment pollution, we look for solutions that endangered species can keep their life.
    First, Promote citizen’s awareness of endangered animals through the campaign. For example, the Smart Berry that considers the environment and practice the sharing sell a ‘ECO In-Ear’, earphone drawn with endangered animals, for raise the money used to protect them. This event can activate participation in the protection of threatened species in various ways.
    Second, Ban the indiscriminate urban development. We recognize that every organisms make a living in earth together, so we should not use earth for only our benefit.
    A little bit of attention and effort can lead communal life with threatened species.

  26. Salmon permalink
    March 13, 2017 5:05 pm

    In morden socitey, Too many species are endangered. There are many reasons, but the greatest reason is human greed. A typical example is the decrease in Antarctic penguin populations. The oil of penguins was used as a fuel for making oily grease and used as a human food for humans. Also, in zoos and other facilities, penguins were captured with tourists.These actions have lasted for decades.Therefore, the number of penguins has declined dramatically.
    In the end, a law called the ” Antarctic Environment Protection Protocol ” was enacted to prevent such decline. The Act was enacted in 1959, which states that it can not claim sovereignty over the Antarctic and develop mineral resources until 2047.Under the law, the number of penguins could be kept intact. I hope the law continues to persist and preserve the populations of penguins after 2047. Moreover, I believe that the improvement of all of us will result in better outcomes than just the legal effort.

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