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CRW2 Unit 1 Globalization

March 7, 2017

Globalization is a process whereby individuals, businesses, and organizations are increasing interconnected. The trend toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration, while not new, has accelerated in recent years with improvements in technology and transportation. Barriers are being lowered and local people and cultures exposed to external forces. The process has been somewhat disruptive, creating both challenges and opportunities.


Tuesday’s homework (due before Thursday’s class) is as follows:

What is one effect that globalization has had on your country? Explain. 

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  1. pairi permalink
    March 8, 2017 6:12 pm

    As everybody knows, after Korean War, our country is one of the poorest nations in the world. Some economist said it impossible to revive this country and even if it was possible, it takes so long time to reestablish Korea. But contrary to expectation, Korea has the 13th largest economy in the world and it takes only fifty years. Then, which one makes this miraculous thing possible? There are so many reasons to make it, but I think the globalization is the biggest reason of them. With accelerating globalization, Korean economy has grown a lot. Korea has taken export-oriented policy after 1960’s and from this process we had much profited. With globalization, we had grown incredibly and there was nothing to worry about developing of Korea. Until now, we have many global companies like Samsung, Hyundai and they are ranked high on various fields. So I think globalization makes our country more vibrant and prestigious in the economy.

  2. trigger permalink
    March 8, 2017 7:37 pm

    what is one effect that globalization has had on your country? explain.

    One of the biggest effects of globalization on South Korea is the culture change. It is closely connected to the Internet network. In 1993, South Korea government opened the Internet network service to the public for the first time. In the late 1990s, Government subsidies also helped to spread the high-speed Internet in South Korea. Now South Korea has the highest broadband penetration in the world. From this moment, South Korea began changing much more rapidly than ever before.
    People get information through the Internet, accept different cultures all around the world, follow the new form of lives from different people. Food, clothing and housing culture has been changed throughout the period of development of the Internet. South Korea still is in a state of flux.

  3. SJ Oh permalink
    March 8, 2017 8:54 pm

    One of the significant effects of the globalization on my country is that Korea has become heavily reliant upon other countries.
    Back in the days when Korea was self-sufficient that it can survive with its own production and consumption, Korea was not relying on other countries for them. But as the wave called “globalization” hit the country, the barriers among countries around the world started to collapse. This phenomenon pushed Korea into the “real capitalism”, bringing the era of competition to the Korean society.
    The markets around the world have been inevitably globalized, forming the global market. Only Korean Industries which have higher competency compared to those of other countries can survive and keep growing in this system, while the ones that don’t cannot. As a result, electronic companies such as Samsung, LG keep growing. On the other hand, Korean companies that used to deal with domestic natural resources have collapsed due to other countries such as Australia that can supply them in lower price.
    Therefore, as the globalization changed the whole aspect of Korean industry, Korea became heavily reliant on other countries, especially in terms of natural resources. (which could also mean that other countries are heavily reliant on Korea for electronic products)

  4. saigonriver permalink
    March 8, 2017 9:15 pm

    Based on recent trend in Korea, one of the biggest impact that globalization given us is number of options of products and change in consumer’s tendency and preference. Costco is one example. After Costco introduced to Korea, it captured people’s attention.
    Because first, its strategy is very different from Any other Korean markets. Unlike Regular Korean market, where sells only small amount of products, costco lower the price of products by selling wholesale. Which means definitely more benefits for consumers. Second, since Costco is American enterprise, in other words, various American goods are introduced to Korea at the same time. Due to this, range of choices became much wider than before. Now consumers can compare each products and choose better one. Even with lower price
    Probably there are side effects by globalization as well.
    However, from my perspective, globalization partly attribute to market circulation in positive way by competing.

  5. HI ! NE-KEN permalink
    March 8, 2017 9:39 pm

    The impact of globalization on Korea

    I know that since the Korean War, Korea has traded with China’s big markets and learned skills from other developed countries.

    I believe that the impact of globalization on Korea is as follows;

    1. Development of shipbuilding industry.
    2. Samsung’s development (automobile and semiconductor production)
    3. Development of GDP due to trade.

    There have been a number of technological advances.
    But the cultural point of view is different.
    For example, the language.

    As you walk down the street, the name of most Korean restaurants is English.

    Let’s look at the names of the following stores;
    1. Café Bene-Coffee Shop
    2. Yogorpresso = coffee shop
    3. Baskin Robbins 31 = Ice cream shop

    There is no ‘Korean signboard shop’.
    This is the name of the store in English,
    I think it is called “degeneration of cultural development due to globalization”.
    Of course, I only thought about the aspect of language in culture.

    To sum up, I think globalization has many advantages and disadvantages to Korea.

  6. March 8, 2017 10:48 pm

    Globalization cause huge change in culture too. Korea is becoming more and more globalized nation. So we can experience other culture both directly or indirectly. Also Korea culture widely spread across the world and people of other countries interested in our culture. It means that people share their culture with others. Globalization unites us in one world.
    Overseas trip has become easier by globalization and people of other countries also visit Korea often to experience our culture. As a result tourism is developed. To increase tourism we produce various tour package and we’ve benefit from it. For example there is Korean wave. The Korean Wave has earned Korea economic profit and fame in the world. Some people of other countries said they study Korean language because of the Korean wave. And others are coming to South Korea because of the Korean Wave. So The Korean Wave promotes Korea to other cultures around the world and we can flourish our tourism.

  7. 131723 permalink
    March 8, 2017 11:32 pm

    I think our country has pursed better ideas with Globalization. In Korea, some old-fashioned thoughts, such as male chauvinism, still remain so that many people suffered from prejudice and discrimination. It is because lots of media contents contain these outworn ideas. For example, some Korean TV dramas which deal with family story show what a good wife looks like and the opposite one. They brainwashed us with old ideas. Though some people criticize these programs for containing such prejudice, they are still popular and consumed widely.
    With globalization, however, we can easily access to foreign media contents which contain their culture and view of value. Those contents not only give us fun, but also critical thinking about what we took for grant. If we only consumed our own, critical thinking could not be evoked. The more various contents we consumed, the more opportunities we can get to have advanced value and ability to think right. In this way, our country can learn various values and get forward to right thinking.

  8. March 8, 2017 11:38 pm

    One thing that I think the globalization has had on our country is that we got the chance to think about the alternatives to our social problems. About 30~40 years ago, when our country had been trying to accomplish the national economic growth, our goal was mainly focused on a total growth, not the individual. And also under military based government, we missed out something individual or liberal such as woman right, equality, social welfare and the happiness of individuals. However, as the globalization has been accelerated in recent years, our world was exposed to these concepts and has opportunities to look at those. Although woman right, equality and the happiness still have a long way to go, I am just grateful about those ideas had been issued.

  9. 3438 permalink
    March 9, 2017 12:16 am

    Globalization has had many impacts on our country. Among them, I want to talk about diet. Globalization has created new terms like McDonaldization and CocaColonization. These terms show a simple example of a westernized diet. Since the introduction of Western food, a lot of greasy and easy food has come in such as a hamburger or pizza. There are advantages and disadvantages to this phenomenon.

    First of all, the advantages are in developing fusion foods. It mixes the advantages of Western and Korean food to produce foods that suit Korean tastes. Its examples are Bob Burger, Kimchi Burger. Therefore, food can be diversified and the food industry can be developed.

    On the other hand, disadvantages are the westernized diet, which increases the rate of obesity and has an unbalanced eating habit. In addition, some people suffered from food that did not fit the constitution. For example, grandparents still hate hamburgers, but children like it, so there is a risk that their own diet will disappear in the future.

  10. March 9, 2017 12:18 am

    I think a variety of foods can be one effect in our country. There are plenty of effects by Globalization. However, foods are easy part of these effects, because we can easily feel in our everyday lives. We can see sushi or pasta restaurants on the street without difficulty, and go to the restaurants. These foods are not our traditional food, nevertheless we can eat lots of foreign food with no hardness. In addition, fusion foods became very common. Someone put Kimchi in pasta or burrito.
    Or we export traditional foods to other country. In New York, there are korean food trucks, and some of those trucks are popular in there. Also foreigners directly come to Korea, make their traditional dishes and open the restaurants. It means, we don’t have to go abroad to taste other country’s food.
    Different from past, people are making various dishes from different countries and enjoy because special ingredients can be imported simply. In other words, various food trend is effected by Globalization. And it already settled a huge part of our daily lives.

  11. Baller_Wes permalink
    March 9, 2017 1:29 am

    Globalization has effected Koreas’ Fashion industry especially in trading. On 2015 Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement has been effected, influencing Korea’s economic situation by every meaning. Fashion brands which their warehouse is located in TPP asian countries, especially Vietnam, had their chance to lower taxation cost by this agreement.  Fast fashion companies (SPA), such as SPAO or 8eight seconds, and OEM companies are the ones who have advantaged the most. This has led economic boost for not only Korea, but also other South Asian countries. Therefore, human resources talented in linguistic abilities, especially vietnamense, has got more opportunities.
    Also globalization has enhanced our K-media fashion industry. Some years ago there was a soup drama ‘Him from Star(별에서 온 그대)’ whose main actress was Jeon. One of the clothes she wore was very popular to foreigners, and many of them tried ‘Direct Buying’ system but most of them failed by Koreas thorough e-commerce payment system. Afther that korea has removed ‘certificate digital signature act’ requirements for foreigners.

  12. SQUIRREL permalink
    March 9, 2017 1:58 am

    In my opinion, globalization absolutely changed Korean’s thinking paradigm.
    After globalization, Korea developed lots of traffic, communication method.
    Now Korean are able to compare their own culture with other country’s and recognize the cultural diversity.
    So many Korean no more try to live in Korean society if they think it is not quite right for them.
    Korean’s attitude toward country changed a lot. Many Korean are thinking and behaving transnationally.
    (Because of development of traffic, communication method, Korean easily approach to television, internet web site, news, movies etc.
    These indirect experience changed Korean to become more open.)
    For example, as cultural approach become very easy, Korea started to go abroad, apply exchange student program or even immigrate to other country.
    Many Korean no more think they should follow Korean culture by force. Instead, they choose other cultural environment which are more convenient.

    For some reason, Globalizaiton effects on Korean individualism culture.
    And this individualism led to the changing of thinking paradigm.

  13. Steve permalink
    March 9, 2017 9:19 am

    Globalized Korea is economically influenced by political differences with other countries. Recently, the war of nerves between Korea and China is continuing with the issue of THAAD. Responding to North Korea’s armed provocation, South Korea decides to deploy THAAD and proceed with the process, but China is strongly opposed to being a threat to them. Stores owned by Koreans and Korean wave are banned in China under the policy of government. Korea depends on the export of industrial structures, and China is one of the biggest markets in Korea. Thus, the Korean economy will be shaken by China’s policies. In conclusion, globalized Korea can be infulenced by other political positions in the world.

  14. HunHun permalink
    March 9, 2017 9:20 am

    A few years ago, because of globalization, almost all of the world’s goods produced in my country, from small toys to high precision mobile phone and computer. The economic globalization has brought many benefits to our country, because we have cheaper raw materials and labor. Globalization has brought jobs for us, our country also achieved economic recovery through the production. In recent years, with the reduction of the original reserve materials and the improvement of the productivity in other countries, the advantage is no longer obvious. So our country is transforming from low tech production mode to high tech production.

  15. March 9, 2017 11:57 am

    I think that globalization leads to positive effects on my country. Today, many people from all over the world visit Korea to enjoy our culture. They actively involved in promoting a positive image of Korea and improving the regional economy. For example, as many Chinese tourists visit Jeju Island, businesses should hire more clerks to meet their needs. As a result, many people can get a job. Also, many Chinese tourists are likely to visit store in order to choose their souvenirs and eat Korean traditional foods. These activities can improve regional economic growth in Jeju Island. For these reasons, I think globalization has good effects on my country.

  16. abc permalink
    March 9, 2017 12:00 pm

    One of the effects of globalization has had on Korea is the vitalization of imports and exports. As the world has come to be globalized and closely connected, nations around the world began to share each of their limited resources with other countries. As a result, trades of various kinds of materials and services have been activated and, in this process, diverse multinational corporations were set up. As you all know, Samsung, which is famous for its electronic products, is one of the most successful multinational corporations in Korea and actively exports its high-qualified products all around the world. Besides exporting like Samsung does, Korea has been largely influenced by imports caused by globalized world. Korean people easily get an iPhone near their neighbor without traveling to the United States. Like this way, Korean people come to broaden their scope of what to consume and improve their quality of life ultimately.

  17. Chiliad permalink
    March 9, 2017 1:28 pm

    In China, in the past thirty years, due to the globalization there are so many changes in our lives. Before western-style fast food came into China we had used rice, vegetables, soy products as the main food,so the risk of cardiovascular disease is also less than western countries.But after western fast food came into China, also has brought the fast food culture and the fast pace style changed people’s life gradually ,so more and more people began to worry about obesity .And then the globalization began to alter our values.Our personality became diversified and open.The age for marriage is also gradually increased.In the past, people got married under the age of twenty but now even if you don’t get married we won’t feel strange anymore and we discard the traditional family values.In the time of globalization of Chinese young people don’t care about Peking Opera and other folk opera but begin to like some pop music such as Michael Jackson, ladygaga, HOT.These kind of music,film or TV programs will spread throughout all of the China soon.So I think the globalization has a profound influence on Chinese culture.

  18. tteddy permalink
    March 9, 2017 1:57 pm

    When I think of globalization, a word ‘trade’ comes up first to me. Though a global trade market, customers had given a variety of choices in cheap prices. If it was not WTO, it would not be possible for us to purchase other country’s domestic products and vice versa. Before WTO, a country was trying to help their own country’s product by imposing high tax on other country’s productions. However, WTO made the customs duty on other country to be reduced. Due to the regulations of WTO, country was not allowed to help their own domestic production.

    The impact of globalization on South Korea has positive and negative phases. The positive part is to Korean customers, we get to have variety of choices to purchase in even cheaper prices. In other words, we get to have a chance to experience other country’s products in our own country. Next, the negative effect was on domestic agribusiness man. They had to compete with the vast amount of cheap agricultural products, which led them to get a blow.

    Globalization seemed unavoidable with the development of technology and made the world closer.

  19. March 9, 2017 2:16 pm

    I believe that one of the biggest influence that globalization has had on my country, that is Korea, is the loss of cultural national identity. Only a few decades ago Korea had its own distinctive form of cloths, food, and shelter. However, after the Korean War, Korea was strongly influenced by Western and in the post-war rebuilding process, the traditional ways were died out. And then the trend of globalization had spread rapidly in Korea, consequentially Korea had lost its link to the centuries of heritage.

  20. wungchanpark permalink
    March 9, 2017 3:26 pm

    In my opinion, One effect that globalization has had on Korea is changing pattern of consumption. Nowadays Korean consumers have more options whatever they want to buy. Globalization had provided Koreans opportunity to achieve economic growth. Because it has facilitated their exportation and their economic growth relied on the exportation. At the same time, to promote more economic growth, Korea has signed FTA with several countries. It has required Korean has to import some products too. Even though there are many demerits, it is true that Koreans have more options in their daily life as a consumers. For instance, some wine lovers who interests to Chile wines could buy them at affordable prices. Before these changes, people who want other countries’ products had difficulties like a tax load. Now they can easily purchase them.

  21. March 9, 2017 3:48 pm

    I think globalization effects on Korea many sides.
    Firstly, people start to eat western style food like pizza and hamburgers.
    It changed people’s favor of food from rice to bread.

    Secondly, people are more likely to explore other countries by globalization.
    As various countries are being shown on TV programs, people have more chance
    to see other country’s lifestyle and travel site. This makes needs of traveling abroad

    Lastly, as internet is accesible to most people, it is easy to find
    information. Internet allow our daily life easier. For example, by using
    SNS we can contact with friend from other country without calling or e-mail.

  22. March 9, 2017 4:01 pm

    One effect that globalization has had on my country is that we can consume many kinds of food. In the past, people feed themselves and it was natural to them because exchanging food with other countries was not common at that time. However, now we can easily get foods that are from other countries. Weather or land condition in our place doesn’t matter because we can just import the food from other countries. Globalization makes us get large variety of choice and we can also increase our nutrient intake. Food itself doesn’t have all nutrients that we need. By eating various foods that each has different nutrient, we can overcome a shortage of nutrient. Lots of food that are from other countries makes it more easily. We also can make food by using exotic ingredient. Through this, we can experience new flavor that we’ve never known before and get plentiful experience and knowledge. I think we can’t avoid globalization, so if we try to used to this situation, we can enjoy our lives and achieve personal growth.

  23. March 9, 2017 4:22 pm

    Globalization has had huge effects on Korea culturally. One of that example is ‘Pokemon GO’. It is AR(Augmented Reality) game that we can play with own cell-phone. At first it was released in America, Germany, England, not in Korea because of a map data problem. But finally it was released in Korea on January, 2017 and catched tremendous popularity. We can enjoy this game in everywhere around the world and compete for the first with citizen of the world.
    Another example of globalization is the World Baseball Classic(WBC). WBC is a baseball game competed with different nationalities teams. Korea also participate in this competition and both players and spectators see various style of pitch or realize some problems with domestic baseball.
    We can experience some new technology or culture which we haven’t had seen and sometimes we can also take time for self-examination through globalization. I think these effects whether it is good or not will be helpful for development our country to better way.

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