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CRW1 Music Videos

March 9, 2017

The homework from Thursday (due Before Tuesday’s class) is as follows:

Find an interesting music video. Upload the video or attach a link to the video. Tell us why you like this video. (i.e., Is it emotive? Visually striking? Thopught-provoking? Stimulating?) Where or when do you prefer to enjoy it? Do your friends like it, too? How about your parents?

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  1. LOTBS permalink
    March 11, 2017 11:55 am

    (I made a subtitle :)-please match the lyrics(music) and the video.

    I know this video contains my subjectivity a lot, but I guess this is interesting video to me and the people who watch this drama. In my perspective, I regard the music video with story the more interesting one. And the most interesting one to me is the video that match with the song’s lyrics. So, I am going to concentrate on explaining why this is most interesting and impressive to me related to the lyrics.

    Starting from the girl and boy’s child hood(before the boy’s memory is erased) there comes the flower scattered through the wind and they are having happy times together. But watching girl’s mermaid tail, the boy’s memory got erased by kiss.
    Time has passed and they got older, the man still can’t remember the girl(mermaid). But she was [the glorious was that person in memory] and he [remember faintly].
    After they got attracted to each other once more they try to meet each other when [petals scattered in the wind-which is snow flakes(that is similar to petals)].
    They remember the promise that they are going to meet on the day of first snow. That [brushing past] which was [short encounter] makes them desperate to each other, and man(Damryeong) try to save woman(Sewha). Because she [is now everything to him.]
    They know that they are different and have lots of obstacle, they are just happy by being [Under the same sky, with together]. But have a concern of the memory being erased [I’m afraid that will be erased]. (Holding a flower of the green tea, which symbolizes ‘recollection’)
    The girl(mermaid) living in sea [could walk toward the horizon of the blue sea], but the man walking through there means ‘the death’. However the man is sure to [not let go of her hand] for being together.

    By having hardship that she gets danger, man realizes to send her back to the sea. So he decides not to be with her but to be in the [Under the same sky], but in the same time he talks to her not to erase the memory, because [he is afraid that will be erased.]

    But man being exiled made the woman dangerous from the people trying to catch mermaid, and he fight against them.
    During the fight he sacrifices to save her [walking toward the horizon of the blue sea]-which is death.’ And in the meantime [she won’t let go of his hand], and follow him.
    In the end, it was really sad that showing their imagination of being happy and living peacefully together.

    This drama and music’s key word was ‘Memories’ and I thought this music video was best in implying it. Though they die, they were together [under the same sky] and [under the blue sea] and memory exists.

    I usually got attracted to this music video when I am listening to the song ‘Wind Flower.’ Then when do I listen to this song? The answer will be when I recall of Lee Min Ho or at the night time when I feel kind of sentimental and lonely.

    My friends who like Lee Min Ho or Legend of the Blue sea will definitely like it or cry, because they have seen their sad story of those two.
    One of my friend who saw this first said “I haven’t seen the drama well, but this is really tragedy and I didn’t expect this to be this story.”, “The video is beautiful because there are lots of sea and river scenes.” “Because the song recalls the scene and song matches well with the video, it was great.”

    Indeed, my mother pointed out the grammatical…mistake I made…first.
    And requesting for her to see later, she said it is touching and remind her of Romeo and Juliet who died at the same place because it is both tragedy. And it is a good music video for the people who watched the drama to remind of the sadness/story of the Legend of the blue sea.

  2. thebear03or04 permalink
    March 12, 2017 1:34 am

    Sia Furler – Chandelier
    Before telling about this music video, I’d like to let you know about ‘Maddie Ziegler’. She is being widely known for music video and performance with the faceless singer, Sia Furler. Her another name is genius dancer. It is hard to believe that her movement is child’s. In her motion, there are emotions, beauty and even professionalism.
    I’ve first encountered this music video about 3 years ago in high school. At that time, I was really interested in the dance, especially the modern dance, in the sense the movements are all created by dancer’s own feelings. To me, this music video and Maddie Ziegler was a huge impact. There is nothing used in this music video except for her movement in order to convey the music.
    Main story of this is about one daily night of a party girl. She is on a stage that can be called her workplace. She keeps her glass full until morning light so as to hold herself on for tonight. She is lonely and feels shame but keeps swinging from chandelier, from chandelier. She has compassion for herself, at the same time encourages on her own.
    Maddie Ziegler expresses. She creates her own actions with mysterious look. She is not just dancing, but forms own works. That works make viewers feel confusing and thinking ‘she is only a little girl but why does her eye give me something weird?’ When she strangles herself, I feel being stuffy. At the end of this music video, she ends her show, doing one motion presumed to be good-bye greeting of performing over and over again with gruesome smiling.
    This music video gives me new feelings every time I watch again. I’d like to say you to view this video. Maybe lots of students have heard about this song ever and one of its lyrics ‘on for tonight’ is really quite familiar to them. When they get a chance to watch this video, I can recommend to pay attention to Maddie’s fingertips, arms, and body. It is so fascinating and spectacular, at once dark and ghastly.

  3. jello2 permalink
    March 12, 2017 5:11 pm

    -Black Eyed Peas

    Video link:

    I love to watch several kinds of music videos regardless of their genre. But I want to share this video because I want everyone to know how meaningful this video is and think about it. I chose ‘Where is the love’ sung by Black Eyed Peas. The rhythm of this song is so buoyant and remindful, but also stimulating.

    This song was released in 2003, but is still loved until today and there are many remakes made with this song.
    I chose this music video because there are many meaningful elements in it, and it makes us think about the world. There are many exciting and eye-catching music videos nowadays, but I think this video can make us think with every lyric lines.

    Black Eyed Peas is a hip hop group making many rollicking loud musics, but they made this video to arise us the awareness of racism, terrors and wars.
    The song’s chorus is like this:

    People killing, people dying
    Children hurtin’, hear them crying
    Can you practice what you preach
    Or would you turn the other cheek
    Father father father help us
    Send some guidance from above
    ‘Cause people got me, got me questioning
    Where is the love
    Where is the love
    Where is the love
    Where is the love the love the love

    By the lyrics, we can know that they want to warn us about how the world is going on.

    As we can see from the parts of the video, there are childrens and weak people coming out and singing the song. They have serious looks on their faces, and I think that they expressed like it to persuade people to make a better world.
    Also in the video, a man sticks a question mark poster everywhere but gets caught by a police. Although he is caught, he speaks out his word to the police. I think it is to criticize the reality of the world about corrupted police and the society.

    This music video is almost more than 13 years ago, but the comments on the video are saying that this song is getting more relevant every year. They say they can’t still find the love and are still waiting for it. I wish that music videos like this can be made more, and become known throughout the world. If we keep paying attention to this society and try to make a solution to help the weak, someday we might have a equal and peaceful world.

    This song is so famous that almost everyone of this class might have heard it more than once, but I would like you to watch this music video one more time and try to concerntrate to the lyrics and the elements included.

  4. March 12, 2017 9:33 pm

    Akdong Musician – Melted

    Video Link :

    This music video criticizes cold-hearted adults. The story of the music video is as follows.
    At the beginning, one old man and ice water appear. And another man who drives his car that is full with many boxes picks one boy up. I guess the man is fired. In the car, the boy likes taking pictures and the man considers him tired. In the result, the boy is kicked out of the man’s car.
    And in the next scene, the boy goes to the supermarket. While the boy chooses things, the owner of supermarket watches him with a frown. Also, when the boy takes pictures on the street, all adults look depressed and irritable. Nobody looks happy, and children don’t understand the adults ‘ battles.
    Even when the boy follows a woman who looks like kind, she has a purpose to swindle. So, The boy who was swindled out of the girl was beaten by the shopkeeper because he couldn’t pay for it.
    The boy who suffers hardship from many adults meets a dog. While the boy smiles to the dog, the dog barks to the boy. At this time, the boy yells to the dog with hatred about callous adults. And an old Indian comes out of the jeep that is behind of the dog. The Indian has a tool to remove the nail. In other words, the Indian heals wound of the boy. It can guess from the next scene that Indian boils tea for the boy.
    And one old man that appears on the first scene stand with melting ice water. That is, the old man is the boy who wounds from a lot of cold-hearted adults. Also, thanks to the Indian, the scar of the boy is healed. It can assume from melted ice water. It is the end of this music video.

    Thus, it criticizes the coldness of adults. If you know Korean, please enjoy watching music videos with lyrics. Then you can draw deeper feelings. This story is not funny, but I think all students agree the contents of music video. So, I recommend this when you want to agree the coldness of the world or feel sad.

  5. baskinrobbins permalink
    March 13, 2017 12:24 am

    Maroon 5 – Sugar

    Video link:

    Since I was a kid, I watched many types of music video. There are various types of music video. Some videos let us listen to their music with storytelling like a drama. And some just show us music’s lyrics on the screen because they want people to concentrate on its lyrics. Like these, many videos are like a drama or showing us a message. And I’m used to this like other people. However, this music video is different from other videos.

    This video is about people who are going to marry. In the first scene, the band named Marron 5 got on a car and went somewhere. The place they arrived at was a wedding hall, and people was waiting for a newlyweds holding a wedding reception. Suddenly, other people came in the wedding hall and started to make a stage with stretching a curtain. The bride and the groom looked confused, and they wanted to know what was going on. After a while, the curtain was removed, and the band Maroon 5 started to sing their song ‘Sugar’ on that stage. At first, everyone including the bride and groom looked surprised, but soon they enjoyed that moment. Like this way, Maroon 5 went to a wedding hall to celebrate about 7 couples that are just married.

    There are many reasons why I chose this music video. First of all, it has a variety of colors which are bright. These make this video more dynamic and give us many things to see. The video show us the day and night of the Los Angeles while Maroon 5 driving their car. It makes the video’s atmosphere more special and feel like a festival. Also, this music video is special because it has people’s real stories. Unlike other music videos, this video is a real filiming of 7 couples who are getting married. By watching this, we can know people’s actual responses like being surprised or happy. At last, I chose this video because its video matches the lyrics. When you read the lyrics, you can feel the man’s earnest heart towards his girlfriend. Like its lyrics, the video show us many romantic scenes.

    I watch this video when I want to feel more happy. By watchig many people being happy, I want to be more energetic like them. Including me, my friends say that this music video is so sweet and it does give them lots of impression. Some of them say they feel like they want to marry after watching this. Still, this is my favorite music video because of these reasons.

  6. March 13, 2017 10:13 am

    This song in the music video is “closer” by chainsmokers. This song has reached the top the Billboard 100 list for a long time. And the video of this song has been viewed by many people. When I visit Australia last year, I heard this song first time. I really like the song when I heard it. This song has hook which lingers in mind. And then I found lyrics of this song and singer. The lyrics are that the couple break ups and make ups. “we ain’t ever getting older” it’s part of the lyrics. This is part of hook as well and I liked this part.
    And when I visit YouTube to hear this song, there are various versions about this song. Actually this video is not original “closer”. This video is covered version by Sarah Hyland. I like watched America drama “Modern Family”. Sarah Hyland is character is Modern Family. This is reason why I like this video. I like her and her singing efforts in the video have made me impressive. And it was so fresh. Also personally i think that covered version better than original version for me. She who I like singing my favorite song. This is reason why I like this video.

  7. March 13, 2017 10:39 am

    video link:

    This song in the music video is “closer” by chainsmokers.
    This song has reached the top the Billboard 100 list for a long time. And the video of this song has been viewed by many people. When I visit Australia last year, I heard this song first time. I really like the song when I heard it. This song has hook which lingers in mind. And then I found lyrics of this song and singer. The lyrics are that the couple break ups and make ups. “we ain’t ever getting older” it’s part of the lyrics. This is part of hook as well and I liked this part.

    And when I visit YouTube to hear this song, there are various versions about this song. Actually this video is not original “closer”. This video is covered version by Sarah Hyland. I like watched America drama “Modern Family”. Sarah Hyland is character is Modern Family. This is reason why I like this video. I like her and her singing efforts in the video have made me impressive. And it was so fresh and new. Also personally i think that covered version better than original version for me. She who I like singing my favorite song. This is first reason why I like this video. Also every time I see that video I fell happy and comfortable. Watching videos is more interesting than just listening to music. Because artist play guitar and drum in video and I can enjoy their playing.

    I still enjoy watching this video. So I want to recommend my friends.

  8. ade permalink
    March 13, 2017 12:03 pm

    Music Video Link:

    The name of this song is “I” that a Korean singer sings. A girl in the video is who sings the song. The main reason why I chose this music video for the question is the quality of the song and the story of the music video. I really like the song because the singer sings so well, she has emotion when she sings. The lyrics of the song gives hope and comfort to young people who are hurted because of the reality. When the singer sings the song, she knows how to comfort people through her voice and the lyrics. The music video expressed that so well through the story in it.

    In the music video, the singer comes out as a main actress. There are two different conditions of herself in the music video. One (the bright one) is in the nature, who enjoys the nature. She looks peaceful, beuatiful, and seems like she doesn’t have any worries in her life. But the another one (the black one) seems like having a hard time in her life. She is a waitress at a cafe. Her owner doesn’t let her to take a rest but makes her work all day. She looks really tired of it. She seems like she dreams a life like the another one is enjoying. By the contrast, the bright one is still having fun by herself in nature. But the most important part o the music video happens in the middle of the music video, the bright one sends a butterfly to the another one, then the another one meets the butterfly and she decides to follow what she dreamed for. She just quits her work right away, and she runs away to nature, or maybe what is an ideal life for her which we can also call it as a dream of her. Finally, two of them meets in the end of the music video then both of them smilled at each other and the music video ends. I believe the bright one is the ideal form of the another one, and she finally finds herself and peace after she meets the ideal form of herself.

    I like this music video because it provoke me to think. I belive the music video shows the reality what we, the young adults, face for today. We all have different kinds of dreams but we can’t really dream it since the reality doens’t let us to dream. The society makes us study hard, and work hard to ahieve the “success”. But the “success” is not the real success for everyone. Before we take the “success”, we should take some rest and find what we really want for our lives. I want to be succeessed, but I want to achieve what I really want for by my own standard not the standard what the world make for us. I hope the young adults would take some rest in the middle of this compettive society for better days like the main character of the music video, and take the real success of their lives. But taking a rest doesn’t mean wasting time and energy, we should do something productive and helpful for ourselves.

    I like to watch this music video in my room when I feel depressed or whenever I like to be comforted. The music video also has visual attraction since it shows the beautiful nature that we are not able to see in city. It helps people to refresh their minds. I think my friends will also really like this movie since they know the singer and the song, they can concentrate more on the story and the beauty of thisvideo. I hope they will also think about the story and also to refresh their minds and thoughts after they watched it. My parents definietly like this music video since the song is good and the singer has clean voice. Also they really like to see nature throught TV or image, so they like the visual attraction of the music video.
    Therefore, this music video is one of my favorite music videos.

  9. Lemon permalink
    March 13, 2017 1:26 pm

    PSY – “Father”

    Video Link –

    My interesting music video is PSY’s song named “Father”. Before I start telling you why I am interested in this music video, I am going to tell you about PSY simplify. I think most of people know PSY. He made a big name because of the song called Gangnam style in 2012. In other words, he became a world star because of his song named Gangnam style. I think almost his song’s style is pleasant and cheerful. But his song named “Father” that I will introduce to you is serious. Until now I told you about PSY.
    Now I will tell you about my interesting music video. I really liked almost PSY’s song. But especially I liked this song named “Father”. Because When I listen to this music, my mood is so calmer than before. And When I watch this to the music video, I really understand my father’s mind well and decide to serve my father with devotion. Also when I watch this, I feel really touched. I usually like to watch animation and this music video is made up an animation. This is the difference of other music videos. Because many music videos don’t be made up an animation. There are two reasons that we can understand the story of music video very well. First, the material of this music video that is “Father” is whoever sympathizes. And Second, this music video matched well with animation and lyrics. But what about the case of foreigners who don’t know the korean language? No problem. If they watch this music video, they can understand well because of the animation.
    I enjoy this music video in my room. Because after I watch this, many things come across my mind. So I need a snug place that thinks comfortably. Therefore, I enjoy it in my room. And when I am alone, I prefer to enjoy this music video. Because when I watch this music video, I surely drop tears. And if someone sees this, I become really shy. So I prefer to enjoy this, when I am alone. Or When I felt that I became lazy, I watch this music video. Because after I watch this, I feel that “My father is working very hard because of me.” And then my laziness is become a diligence.
    I usually like to introduce the music video that I feel good to the acquaintance. And of course I introduced this music video to my friends. After they watched it, they really liked it and touched. And also they decided to do well their father. I was really satisfied with the result. And I also introduced this music video to my parents. They said to me that this music video was very touched them and dropped tears to think about their parents who are my grandparents.
    Thank you for reading my writing.

  10. future301 permalink
    March 13, 2017 1:41 pm

    I want to introduce this MV ( ), ‘Gain – Carnival’. My friend recommended this to me. I like her group ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ and I am still listening their music which released almost 9 years ago, so I delightfully watched it. Fianlly it became my favorite MV.
    I love this movie because the story of the video is so sad. Seemingly this video is about a bright and happy girl but I was surprised that some of the scenes was about her funeral. So I saw this video again and I could not help crying. It was about a dying girl who says “don’t be so sad after I am dead” to her lover. I especially love some part of the video: “I was there and beautiful enough”. This scene seems that the girl’s soul is on a funeral car and her dead body is in the car. Also, the video is so beautiful. I love this type of photo filter, lights, and clothes. And Gain is so beautiful in the video. I can feel how much Gain loves herself by this video.
    I enjoy watching it when I feel depressed. It gives comfort to me. My friends love it, too, and you will love it, too. My mother liked it when I recommened it to her. I hope you enjoy it!

    • ELLA permalink
      March 13, 2017 2:24 pm

      I really like this video too! Gain is so adorable in black hat and umbrella. and My favorite scene is firework scene. It’s so beautiful and impressive!

  11. Salmon permalink
    March 13, 2017 5:28 pm

    Music video link :

    I prefer this video.Becasue this video is very emotions. Anyone can familiarize himself with the animation by adjusting the animation 짱구.The contents of this video show a person from childhood to adulthood. Anybody have a childhood. Also anybody have a adulthood. Nobody start a adulthood. People who seem to always look as adults have their own childhood ages. Many students also will be adult,someday.
    I prefer this video when i’m fight my parents. Because parents have a childhood, too.They might want to behave like a child.However, they do not do so under the name of adulthood. I try to understand this and I apologize to my parents.
    My friends and parents like this video too. Why? We are humans. Young to old. This path is inevitable for all of us.Therefore everybody like this video which shows young to old.
    I hope you watch this video when dawn. And figthing the family. Thank you.

  12. wgcc permalink
    March 13, 2017 9:31 pm

    I would like to introduce my favorite music video, ‘Betrayal’ of ‘Big Mama’. Before you watch this video, do you know ‘Big Mama’? Maybe not many people know well about them because now, they actually disbanded a team and don’t release any album. But they are historically valuable vocalists in K-POP because they standed against lookism that was rampant in our society even when we listen music. They play fair with their amazing singing ability. The authenticity they showed moved people and their songs made a great hit.

    They released ‘Betrayal’ in 2007. At the beginning of the video, a besuited man takes some pills that assumed as medicine related with nerves. The man seems to feel uneasy a lot. Watching this beginning scene, we may wonder what’s happening to the man. Soon, a title of this song, ‘Betrayal’ is represented in the scene and music video starts in earnest.

    From now on, I will explain a story that helps understand this music video. In this video, a woman comes on the scene. The man and the woman, they were lovers. And they decided to marry. They were so happy with their promised marriage, and they waited long time for their marriage. But one day, the woman proposed that she has had another lover. The man was shocked. Because he loved her truly. He could not believe this fact, even showing extreme abusing actions. Eventually, he chose suicide. Thus he couldn’t find any meaning in his life without her. Before he killed himself, he made a call to her. He got betrayed by her, but it didn’t matter to him and he needed her even at the final moment of his life. The woman pleaded with him to not kill himself. However, he knew that she didn’t love him any more. In the end, he killed himself with his car. Their love made this tragedy.

    While watching this movie, I had an opportunity to think about the value of ‘real love’ and what ‘real love’ is about. Also, a certain person came into my mind. That person is my boyfriend. I have a boyfriend now, we have been getting along since we were sophomore in high school. At first, we just liked our meetings. But we didn’t aware that we were feeling reliance together. Speaking honestly, I feel lonesome that I am alone in this strange city thus I am without him in weekdays. I am 20 years old yet, but these days, I feel new kind of feelings about what is ‘real love’ Everybody said that a couple would break up if they live in long distance. However, different with their sayings, I start to know what is real love even though this feeling is abstract, not clear.

    I hope that you too can consider about what is ‘real love’ with this music video. This video has gloomy mood, but you may feel preciousness about a person next to you.

  13. aeria22 permalink
    March 13, 2017 10:27 pm

    I want to introduce ‘La Mort De Juliette’ song by Cecilia Cara as my favorite. It’s one of the great pieces of music in a French version ‘Romeo&Juliet.’ (The scenes of music video consists of those in musical.)

    When I was young, I had a chance to watch the musical ‘Romeo&Juliet’ in French version. Since I didn’t have any knowledge of French, I had to rely on Korean subtitles displaying on sides of the stage. Nevertheless, it was so touching, and I’m still into that musical to the extent of even having the special edition of its DVD. At that time, I can’t find the words to describe how moving it was. There are so many great pieces of music in it, but above all, ‘La Mort de Juliette’ is my favorite. So I upload that music video, and first of all, I want to talk about which part it is.
    Juliet’s family had forced Juliet to do a marriage of convenience. Because she loved Romeo so much, She decided to pretend to commit suicide with the drug that stops breathing during the day in order to get out of the family. The plan was successful and Juliet could be freed from them. But there was one crucial mistake. Romeo was fooled, too. He thought his lover totally died, and then he thought that he should die along with Juliet. So Romeo really committed suicide. After that, Juliet woke up and she despaired singing ‘La Mort De Juliette’ when she saw the dead Romeo.
    As I said before, I don’t know any French. At that time I saw the musical, just only the actor’s feelings were communicated to me. But feelings that get in the song made me sad. I can feel the character’s emotion without languages. Since then, I am not afraid of watching works of any foreign version because I surely know that feelings can be communicated to me without languages! In short, I love the song ‘La Mort de Juliette’ and its music video because it is the foreign music that I enjoyed for the first time without feeling language barriers. ( Actually, It was also enough to make people around me sad, so I think that it is a magic of Juliette. In addition, through this music video and song, I am able to have a thought that French is one of the beautiful languages, not buttery. )

  14. Dolce permalink
    March 13, 2017 10:32 pm

    This song is ‘up & up’ by coldplay. And I love this music video the most among coldplay’s songs. This music video is fantastic and imaginative. So you will enjoy it too.
    In this music video, cars fly in the space, people play soccer on the sponge and ski on the pillow. Also, seals swim in the sky and birds fly in the sea. Have you ever imagined these situations? Probably not. This music video expresses that we’ve never imagined. So this video is dreamlike and novel. That is why I like this video. And I think this video goes well with the song. I like that point.
    Although this music video doesn’t have particular story, it’s visually striking and stimulating. So when I see this video, I feel a visual pleasure. And because this song’s lyrics are positive, this song gives hope to people. Therefore when you feel bad, you can relax and feel comfortable by watching this music video. Also, I recommend you to watch this music video when you need a creativity.
    My friends and family also like this music video. I hope you like this video.

    • Dolce permalink
      March 13, 2017 10:34 pm

      Coldplay – Up&Up (Official Video)

  15. fence permalink
    March 14, 2017 1:39 am

    video link –

    Taeyeaon – 11:11

    This music video is Taeyeon-11:11.
    Taeyeon is member of Girls Generation, and this song is solo of Taeyeon.
    11:11 is loop type song that day and night change alternately.
    11:11 come two times a day.
    11:11 in morning is the time that happy time with her boyfriend, and 11:11 in night is the time that the advent of parting.

    In this music video, Taeyeon shows up in beach or her room.
    The beach means reality that she have to recognize she brokeup with her boyfriend.
    In contrast, her room means dream that escape from reality.
    In her room, she reminds precious memory and fall into dream again and again.
    But her room is so old and shabby. This mean there is no use in trying to remind the time with boyfriend.
    Telephone shows up often in this video, and this play role as a medium that get out of the dream.
    The movie ‘Miss Peregrine s Home For Peculiar Children’ is another case of loop type, and they also use telephone to get out of the dream.
    At the last part of this video, she recognizes that the memory and pain become accustomed as time goes by.

    l like Taeyeon and her songs originally, but Loop type video and Taeyeon’s attracted my interest and soft voice more attracted my interest.
    I think not only meeting, but also breakup helps us to learn about real love.
    So l want to exprience situation like this video.

  16. dnedne913 permalink
    March 14, 2017 1:41 am

    Can I reach to my dream? How far I’ll go?
    This muskc video supports a courage to that question and fear. It is a main original soundtrack of animation ‘Moana’, which speaks for Moana who stands at the crossroads. Moana is a princess of tribe, so she will be a queen of tribe if she stays here. But her wish is beat for danger which threats for her tribe. So she want to go to the big ocean and have an adventure.

    However, her family make a strong the opposite. Now, Moana is confused, but she will advance for her wish. Music video is appear for her wish. Also, this music video is very clear and cool in visual. So It is hopeful, beautiful and presents brave. So when I watch this film and music video, I wondered about not only image beauty but also lyrics. Especially, when I listen these lyrics, ‘See the light as it shines on the sea? It’s blinding, But no one knows, how deep it goes’, I felt hopeful and

    Also when I listen this lyrics, ‘See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls meAnd no one knows, how far it goes’ I felt thrilled with resolution and expectation. And I want to tell this affect of mv. How far I’ll go? Can I go to somewhere I want to reach? When I study for go to university, there are many moments of fear and anxiety. So when I watched ‘Moana’ and
    this mv, I recalled that moments and at the same time she(Moana) gave my hope that I can do it. That hope is as beautiful as appearance of this music video. So this music video is a thankful guide that gave brave to hitchhiker who have a troublefor his or her dream.

  17. SELFIE permalink
    March 14, 2017 2:30 am

    #SELFIE – The Chainsmokers
    Video Link –

    This video is a music video for the song “#SELFIE” by a well-known DJ duo called “The Chainsmokers”. The song was released about 2 years ago, and it’s music video has reached over 480 million views over the world on the web.

    I thought the video was really interesitng because the way it was made was very unique. Throughout the entire video, appears selfies of different people who has hash-tagged “Selfie” on instagram. The fact that many of these people are completely random, and ordinary people makes this video unique. This kind of method has never been approached or practiced in the music videos that I have ever watched.

    It is also very impressive because not only the video but the song itself also implies sarcasm. A lot of people all over the world are now engaged in more than one SNS, and a majority of these people are posting their selfies on these services. The fact that many of those who are posting selfies on different SNS are simply “addicted” to this SNS related postings, it has become a social issue that appears quite frequently on many news and blogs. The song is sarcastically criticising this social issue.

    As an individual who enjoy listening to electronic music and dubstep music, I have been enjoying this song over the past few years. I normally listen to this music in all kinds of occasions, but I believe listening to it when I’m tipsy makes it even better.

    Many of my friends also enjoy the song, and I personally think that most of the people who enjoy electronic music would find this song very catchy and enjoyable. I don’t think my parents would like the song because I don’t think they actually enjoy loud music.

  18. ELLA permalink
    March 14, 2017 8:42 am

    I’m gonna introduce of 장기하와 얼굴들(Kiha & the faces).
    장기하와 얼굴들 is a indi band of Korea,
    but they are so famous and popular not like most indi singers. I chose this video after long concern. A big reason of choosing this one is strong impression when I saw it first time.
    It was very humorous. There are only hands that are dancing and shaking in this video. But curiously, eyes are focused at screen about 4 mins. It fits well with song and song is catch. This video is simple and funny. I felt fresh when I first saw it cuz it’s different from other videos that I had seen before. There is no message or visual points. Rather, the images are simple and repetitive, making watcher more focused on music. I think it’s the most important role of music video. And this video is addictive and has a power to make you follow the motions. But you will know when you try, it’s little bit hard to follow. Actually I saw a posting on a website that introduce this mv for stretching hands. I saw this mv when I feel down or just bored. I recommend you other music videos of Kiha & the faces too cuz they are also simple and funny. I show this mv to my younger sister to do this homework and she said it feels like hands are talking to her. And she liked the scene changing hands to person. I think she is much better than me. Thank you!

  19. david permalink
    March 14, 2017 10:21 am

    Today, what I’m going recommend us ‘if I leave’. When I was 12years old, I saw this music video. And I felt rage and sorrow. As you know, this music video shows about EULMI incident. Before telling the music video, I will put speaking about EULMI incident simply. Because, reminding of that incident helps to make this music video ample.
    EULMI incident is a case that myung sung queen (she is called min queen by many historian and sometimes I call her like that. But, this name is downgradation of myung sung queen. Because of her many achievement in history) is killed by japan which broke out 1895. The reason why japan killed her is result of Russophilism. In that period, japan had rival relationship with the qing dynasty and Russia. From Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, japan was try to make korea colony. By that reason, myung sung queen restrained japan by making a good relationship with the qing dynasty. However, the sino-japanese war made japan more dominant relationship with the qing dynasty. Therefore, myung sung queen showed attitude conversion which is Russophilism. So, japan gat afraid by myung sung queen who made a good relationship with Russia. As I outlined, this is a background of EULMI incident. From that incident, all of nation people got sorrow and rage when they heard about this story by text, drama, musical or movie. Although some media have distortion of history, truth of EULMI incident doesn’t change.
    In music video, scene of video is the part of drama which shows the life of myung sung queen and the story of assassination. Furthermore, famous actors act characters lively. So, we can be emotional and impressive easily such as watching one movie. For example, when the part of assassination showed up, the singer (JO SUMI who is one of the best soprano) song with lyrics “though I may be sad I’ve got to live because I feel so sad I must gone. I know that I will understand when I’m gone. Why I just had to live my life here in this world.” And I think this is highlight part of music video. Another reason recommends this is reminding of history. These days, we just live in bust society. And we easily forget about important history. Therefore, by only just about 10 minutes, we can remind about that incident and agony of ethnic.

  20. Dal permalink
    March 14, 2017 11:21 am

    I like to introduce you a music video. The name of the song is “Professional Rapper”, sing by Lil Dicky. Lil Dicky is an American white rapper. He didn’t live harsh life. Unlike most of rapper, he graduated Richmond University and got a job. Many people think that “Rap” is ‘telling their pain and effort’ genre. So he had to face with prejudice.
    This music video is about Lil Dicky’s interview with Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg evaluates Lil Dicky as a measure of existing hip-hop and Lil Dicky appeals to himself. At first, when Lil Dicky enters the interview, people look at the white rapper strangely. This is a scene showing people’s prejudices. Snoop Dogg asks the background where Lil Dicky grew up in the interview. Lil Dicky graduated from Richmond University and grew up in a middle-class family. And Snoop Dogg said “So real shit you ain’t never had to struggle for much.” Lil Dicky replied to his saying, “I wouldn’t say it like that, we just had a different kind of trap.” As you can see in the music video, he does not think his life track is not suitable to hip-hop. He just loves doing hip-hop. Lil Dicky wants to rap in different way. Snoop Dogg said “But traditionally speaking, this shit works, right?” I think Lil Dicky has ambition. I love his music.
    In the second bull, Lil Dicky talks about his strengths. Snoop Dogg asks what his goal is. Lil Dicky says he wants to be the best. I also want to create a genre called anti-rap. But Snoop Dogg said “but you ain’t shit until cheddars involved.” It means you have to get some money.
    I love this music video because Lil Dicky trying to break existing prejudice and show his ambition. I also want to do music in new ways as he do, not the same way as others.

  21. do young kim permalink
    March 14, 2017 11:31 am

    When I first encounter this movie, I don’t know anything about hip-hop at all. But, this music and video make me feel novel emotion on hip-hop, so this video was a kind of ladder for my musical taste. Especially, this video looks like containing scene just by cam, but this video also contains computer graphic when beenzino(main character of this video) goes back to the past. And among the process of this past scene, this video appears fantastic and dreamlike effect well, so it is matched well with lyrics compared other hip-hop music video. So, I think this point is charming and show us why a rapper named ‘Beenzino’ is very popular and remembered as ‘artistic rapper’. The friends around me whose musical taste is similar with me also praise of this music and video, and they say why beenzino is the best in Korea. Oh, of course this video doesn’t contains any harmful for teenagers, so my parents will like this video at least though I didn’t show them. :^)

  22. hyedamkim permalink
    March 14, 2017 11:50 am

    The impressive music video I’d ever seen in ordinary is ‘Up&Up’ of Coldplay. It was made from Vania Heymann director of Israel, which was explained as collage mixed social problems of all over the world and director’s ideal world to express the lyric of Up&Up. I want to be a video director, so this music video visualized balancing with imagnation and reality was influenced to my career.
    First, sky is identified with ocean. I think this identification is presented harmony with the highest spot and the lowest spot. And playing at the nature and driving on the space are expressed warning the environmental pollution and importance the balance with people and nature. Ships piled up trashes floated on the fluid tell us to serious ocean pollution, various explosion reminds our of the pain of war in all over the world today. Besides like famine and endangered animals, this music video deal with various social problem. Watching this music video, I can also dream of making video of these social problems and letting many people know the seriousness of these problems.
    Another notable feature in this video is the analog images inserted in the middles. These analog images made the atmosphere of the video more dreamlike. So if you are interested in image or social problems, I recommend watching this music video.

  23. Otter22 permalink
    March 14, 2017 11:55 am

    Say frankly, I don’t prefer to watch music video. I just enjoyed listening to music. However, I watched this music video many times. This music video is different from other music video. It is not very fancy. Also, It has no story. It only focus on singer’s singing. Maybe, I just this song but not this music video. But, when I watch this music video, I can imagine some images. Furthermore, just looking at singer’s singing, the emotions are transmitted vert well. Nowadays, many music videos are suffered from controversy. Some music videos are too lascivious. Some music videos abasement some people. In this case, this music video is more desirable from any other music video. But it is not good attitude to emphasis moral too much to music video. Except morality of music video, I love this music video’s transmitting emotion.

  24. CSH permalink
    March 16, 2017 3:21 am

    I really enjoy listening music. But I usually don’t watch music video. When I check homework, I think this music directly. Surely, this song is popular in the world. So many people like this song. But in my opinion, this song became popular because of this music video. Music video has a love story between two men and a woman. It is too tragic. When I first watched this video, I was an elementary school student. I didn’t know about love at all. But I wept at the sad story. To put the story of music video briefly, woman was sick, but she didn’t want to tell her boyfriend the truth. She misbehave to him on purpose. So she say goodbye to him. He didn’t know about anything at all. He got angry with her attitude and bothered her. After her death, he know all the fact. He cried all day and suffered from remorse. I didn’t experience that emotion, but I can understand that feeling a little through watching the video. Story is solid. It still touches my mind. Bigbang is worldstar and has a talent in music and directing. Most of my friends like them, too. When I first watched this video, not only I like this video but my friends also love. Their voice is both popular and special. I like all of their music. But I really love this song and video.

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