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CRW1 Unit 2 Customs & Traditions

March 16, 2017

The homework from Thursday’s class (due before Tuesday’s class) is as follows:


Choose a country; it can be Korea or another one you know or have visited. What advice about customs would you give to a visitor? (Note: you could use p. 37 as a model.)

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  1. jello2 permalink
    March 17, 2017 9:02 pm

    I have never visited England, but I chose England because it is a country that I want to visit someday and it would be helpful if I know their cultures and traditions in advance.

    England is specialized in good manners, self-control and a sense of humor. For basic manners, they like to say ‘Please, Thank you, Excuse me.’ When England people meet someone by chance, they don’t talk too much. They just say simple things like ‘Hello, Hi, or Good morning.’

    When they are at business meetings, men usually shake hands, and women usually kiss each other on the cheek or shake hands. England people usually prefer to get to know each other by the third party, but if it is not necessary, they get to introduce themselves. They don’t exchange gifts to business partners or co-workers, but they can exchange celebrating gifts when they conclude a contract. When they go to meetings, they normally wear dark suits like black, navy or dark grey. Nowadays, there are companies accepting casual clothes on fridays, but suits are most desirable.

    It is also important to know England’s dining customs. When you are invited to a meal, you have to tell the invitor what you haven’t eaten. Basically, you have to say ‘thank you’ for the meal, and start eating when the invitor eats first or says to start the meal. You have to be accustomed to the knife and fork. Use the knife with your right hand, and the fork with your left. Try not to eat with a big mouthful, or make noise while eating. If you want to pick up something far, do not stretch your arms above somebody else’s plate. Just tell the nearest person to pass the thing you need. After you have finished your meal, put the knife and fork on your plate to tell them you have finished.

    For the last, you have to know England’s tip customs because usually it is hard to find such custom in Korea. When you are in a hotel, put 50 pence~1 pound beside your pillow for bed making. In a restaurant, if the charge doesn’t include a service charge, it is better to give a tip about 10~15% of the total charge. For taxi, give them tips about 10~15% of total charge.

    • proftodd permalink*
      March 19, 2017 6:15 pm

      “England is specialized in good manners, self-control and a sense of humor.”
      Except for football hooligans 🙂

      “…you have to know England’s tip customs because usually it is hard to find such custom in Korea.”

      Although I am from Canada, I find tipping to be an awkward custom. But then again, it began as an aristocratic practice, so maybe I find it awkward because I am not an aristocrat.

  2. LOTBS permalink
    March 18, 2017 9:46 pm

    I have been to Florida for 3 times. When I was 5, 11, and 15. And during the travel and studying abroad, of course I had many little culture shocks. But while studying abroad, I had a travel to other city than Orlando where there was a huge cultural shock.
    When we travel to other country and if it is peninsular, it is common to travel to coastal region. And it was ‘Miami’ in Florida. During the long Summer vacation in middle school of USA, my family went to Miami to feel the ocean and cool wind blowing from the sea. It took quite long time driving more than 350km, because it was not familiar to drive that long. Arriving there and parking cars were hard with so many people crowded. After getting off from the car, the culture shock stepped toward me like tsunami.
    It is quite usual to wear bikini swimming suit in Korea either, but not nude. I have heard slightly that ‘You could be surprised when you go to Miami beach.’ Not having imagined such a thing I was frightened and had a doubt why people are naked in front of so many people. By hearing that USA people put importance on balanced sun-tanned skin for beauty, I tried to understand. In the age of mine, however, it was not understandable and I thought it can embarrass people who does not think being naked in front of people is normal. As Florida, especially Miami, is well known for tourist’s hot travel course, many people could visit here whether they are conservative or not and whether their religion ban people from exposing their body.
    Though I explained about the ocean in Florida, there are more nude beaches in USA. So, I want to give an advice to people who are going to travel USA. If you believe in Hindu, Islam and other conservative religion and If you think revealing body to others is improper, I recommend you to walk alongside the crosswalk not on the sand which has possibility to upset you. Travel is to make you self-happy and full of contentment. Trying to see Miami ocean a little bit more distant will make there more beautiful place.

    • proftodd permalink*
      March 19, 2017 6:22 pm

      A funny but older expression for being naked is “wearing one’s birthday suit” as in “she was lying on the beach…in her birthday suit.” The expression comes from the fact that everyone is born as a baby without clothing.

      • LOTBS permalink
        March 21, 2017 11:25 am

        Oh~~~seems quite reasonable:’) it is sure we are comfortable to be naked. Haha

  3. March 19, 2017 6:42 pm

    I have been the Australia. I live in there for a year. When I live in there, I learn about their manner and etiquette. I also heard about that from Australian.
    In Australia, eye contact is very important when we talk. It means that I listen carefully to the person and respect what the speaker has to say. They think that eye contact is the gateway to communication. When person talk to me if I look at person’s eyes, they think I’m not interested and they were displeased. Even they stop taking. Sometimes Too much eye contact can me feel uncomfortable but I soon got used to it.

    We can move a person aside or bumping into people. In Australia when we walking in cramped place or crowed with people, they always say ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry’. And then people move out the way. Australian habitually use word “sorry”. As I mentioned when they before bump other people or after bump other people in crowed, they always say “sorry”. So when I shopping in department store, there are so many people, I always use word “sorry’ if it is not my fault.

    In Australia, sniffing means “disgusting”. It is strangest and most interesting experience I’ve ever experience their custom or culture. So Australian is brow their nose anywhere. They even is brow their nose in restaurant or in class. In Korea, Koreans really think blowing your nose at the table is rude. In eastern countries it isn’t done to do blow your nose in front of others. But in Australia, brewing your nose at the table is ok. Sniffing is more rude than blowing.

    Beside this, they don’t ask a person about age, job before they get close with. It is similar with most western culture. When I live in Australia, Learning about their culture and custom is very important and interesting. I want to recommend learn about country where you want to go.

  4. aeria22 permalink
    March 20, 2017 1:45 am

    I think that when traveling the country where you hope to go, it is important for you to know some cultural distinctions. It’s the very way you can really enjoy your travel, the country, and their culture. I really wish to travel Finland someday because of primary two reasons, their superb natural landscape and sauna culture. So I have tried to gain some knowledge about their culture for a long time. There are so many cultural distinctions in Finland, but this time, I want to talk about people in Finland.
    The Finn are very conservative, so generally if you don’t have any special relationship, physical contact except handshake is not common. While you shake a hand in Finland, it is polite for you to do it powerfully and briefly, keeping eye contact, whereas it isn’t to be recommended to touch each other like tapping someone on the shoulder since it can be regarded as uneducated. If you are invited to a Finn’s home, you are not expected to take an expensive gift. In fact, an expensive gift can be seen as suspicious. But It’s nice of you to bring some small gifts like wine, or a flower bouquet. Just remember the fact that you must not bring white, yellow flowers and plants in pots because they all mainly used in funerals.
    The Finn are also sincere in their promises and straightforward in general, and they want to naturally have the same manners as theirs. Especially the meaning a word has is so much important in Finland. For example, you should use the word ‘Yes’ when it just definitely means Yes, and ‘No’ when it means definitely No. Consequently, it is easy to have a reverse effect when you ask the same thing more than once. You must listen carefully to the other person’s words and never stop in the middle. In addition, the contact already signed is regarded as something sacred. If you frequently request modification in contacts of the contract, you might in danger of losing your credit. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly check all matters and conditions before entering into a contract, and to put all the present and future requirements into the contract.
    Lastly, Finnish people are very sensitive to time, but at the same time they are very relaxed. It means that you should contact them at least two to three weeks in advance to make an appointment, and that you can give a bad first impression if you fail to arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time. So, if you are late for more than 5 minutes for some unavoidable reasons, please be sure to ask for your understanding beforehand.

  5. thebear03or04 permalink
    March 20, 2017 5:41 pm

    If you attend to university, I think what you would experience first is drinking-culture and it is firmly related to Korean drinking-custom. This is what I’d like to talk about. Korea has a number of various specialties in drinking party, and these are linked with Korean-senses.
    First, Korean drinking party is mirrored strict hierarchy; relation between top and bottom. Refusing superior’s ‘have a drink!’ is taboo in Korea because it seems like a defiance or disobedience to superior. Moreover, one-shot is also forced. Your rejection would lead discord or artificial and awkward mood. Unfortunately, it is typical custom and regarded as what we should follow for granted. Plus, there are an expression of politeness in drinking area; to receive with two hands when someone older than you pours your drinks.
    Second, drinking a shot is not just simply to drink, but it is extension of business and friendship. Actually in a meeting including a drink, you can make special relation or key-contract with your business partners. In addition, there are a plenty of events involving drinks in college particularly when you are freshmen, in purpose of closeness. Since this personal connections made in drink party would be affected to your future, many Koreans are used to participate most events as long as they can.
    Third, there is some unique and humorous custom in drinking party. Have you ever heard about ‘ja-jak’? It means to pour your own drink to yourself. In Korea, it is prohibited with lush rumors. One of those are if you do ‘ja-jak’, a person in your diagonal direction cannot have boy or girl friend for 3 years. The other jokey one is ‘geonbae-sa’ that you have to make some funny abbreviation in order to do cheers. One example of this is ‘Woojeong-one’ that means friendship is one. (It is parody of Kyung-hee University’s dormitory and this ‘geonbae-sa’ is made by my friend!).
    To conclusion, it is fact that Korea has strict and avoidable drinks custom. However, drinking is a choice of oneself, so it has to avoid not be aimed. Neither participating all events nor rejecting all drinks are not correct answer. Hierarchy is just showing of Korean etiquettes and any personal relationships depends on you not the drinks itself. Humorous culture in drinks is not serious but only a comical stuff to laugh. Make your-own drinking mood, not being sensitive about Korean drinking custom. They are only a culture and custom!

  6. future301 permalink
    March 20, 2017 9:11 pm

    I have never been Japan but I studied about Japan when I was in high school so I want to introduce Japan’s customs.
    Japanese dislike bothering other people. Unlike Korea, Japanese people are very quiet in public transportations. They think talking with their friends or on phone causes nuisance to other people, so they read books or listen to music. So we should be careful not to make noises in Japanese public transportations.
    Secondly, languages of Korea and Japan seem to be similar, but some expressions are pretty different. They do not prefer expressing directly, for example, “I will consider about that case.”. In Korea, this expression is used when the speaker thinks positively about the case. But in Japan, this expression is used when refusing suggestions. So we should not misunderstood these kinds of refusals.
    Also there are many polite expressions: I think there are more kinds of polite expressions in Japan than in Korea. It will not matter if we go Japan for short trip, but we should use a lot of polite expressions if we are going to work in Japan.
    The third one is about eating manners. Unlike Korean peoeple, Japanese people hardly use spoons: they eat rice with chopsticks and they drink soup by raising their bowls to their mouth. Also it is impolite to give food by chopsticks to chopsticks because it reminds of funerals ( a long time ago Japanese people moved dead person’s bones by chopsticks to chopsticks after cremating them. )
    Lastly, they greet many times. When visitor leaves Japanese people’s house, the host keep bowing to visitor until the visitor is out of the host’s sight. Also when they get presents, they mention it several times after receiving them, for example, “It was very grateful to receive that present last time.”. We should remember it when we received something from Japanese friends.
    I have never been to foreign countries and I am not sure these cultures still remain in Japan, but I learned this from teachers who is from Japan or who have been Japan for a long time. I hope my writings help you when you visit Japan.

  7. Dolce permalink
    March 20, 2017 10:32 pm

    It’s important to know other country’s customs. Because you may behave rudely if you don’t know the customs of other country. I searched Russian customs although I’ve never been Russia. That’s because I want to visit Russia, especially ‘Bolshoi Theater’ and ’Red Square’ in Moskva. I hope these informations will help me when I visit Russia in the future.
    In Russia, people generally shake their hands but it’s also common to kiss each other on the cheek and hug. But to shake their hands with the gloves on is rude. And Russians think threshold is the boundary between home and outside. So they don’t greet at the threshold. Also, Russians use honorific title when they talk with senior or business partner. (In Russia, honorific title means his or her name + his or her father name.)
    Russians universally give flowers, chocolates or dessert foods when they visit other’s home. They don’t like expensive gifts. If you give flowers to them, you should prepare flowers in odd numbers. And you should not give them yellow or white flowers. Because flowers in even numbers, white and yellow flowers are used at the funerals. When you are invited to drink, you should prepare a toast. I don’t know why it is, but it’s interesting. Also, you should taste all the food served at the restaurant(It’s okay to eat a little.) and eat them quietly using a knife and a fork. And it is a manner to leave a tip when you have dining in a restaurant.
    Their is a special space called ‘garderobe’ in public place like a restaurant and a concert hall. Russia has long winter, so people wear a heavy coat and a cap. Russians keep their clothes in this place because it is uncomfortable to wear them indoors. Also, when it snows, indoors become dirty as people wear outside shoes. That’s why Russians prepare a simple slipper in case of much snow.
    These are informations that visitors should know. They’re helpful to prepare a trip to Russia.

  8. wgcc permalink
    March 20, 2017 10:58 pm

    When I went to New Zealand in 2009 winter, I met some Brazilian friends there 8 years ago. I was young, but I still remember ‘culture shock’ that I felt at that time. I have grown up in Korea so I was not familiar with their opened culture. My grandfather emphasized strict decency to me and my younger sisters. Therefore, I didn’t even know about concept of physical affection.

    To me, Brazilian expression was amazing impact. Not because it is good or bad. All actions they showed me was very new to me. For example, they rub their cheek against me, hug me when I meet them, and speak with exaggerated gestures. Can you imagine me? I was scared stiff. Maybe if you grow up similar with me, you may be frozen like me.

    So I can give some advice to Korean who will meet and talk with Brazilian. First, basically, be ‘open minded’. I know it is not easy to be opened for conservative people. It will be awkward to open your mind. But you cannot be real friends with them without ‘open minded’. Second, be ready to approach, you are open-minded, and then it’s time to approach. Don’t hesitate and go ahead. One sided relationship cannot be lasted long. I am sorry to myself that I hesitate many times. I knew that activeness is important to make friends and become intimate. But I was wavering a lot because I was very pluckless. What I want to say is, ‘Don’t hesitate’. And finally, don’t be afraid. Actually, three things I said seem to be same sayings to you, but they are totally different things each.

    At first, you may be embarrassed because Brazilian culture is amazingly different with Korean. However, if you refer my advices, it wouldn’t be

  9. fence permalink
    March 20, 2017 11:24 pm

    Behave appropriate for other countries can be benefit to your business relationship or other relationships in there.
    You can get impression that you are wity or well mannered.

    I’II introuduce about Switzerland’s customs for your visit.
    The reason that I choose Switzerland is first, l want to go Switzerland. Seconly, I don’t know about its custom, so l want learning about it too.

    In terms of business, it can be bad manner that take off the jacket without ask for partner’s understanding.
    Also, even if it is summer, people wear long sleeve shirts and suit and avoid to wear causal clothes. So, if you wear round T-shirts or other in suit, it can be seen as have poor sense.

    When people meet first, they shake a hand.
    In Switerland, give a present to business partner is banned and it can be considered as bribe. But small present like traditional toys or cell phone chains are OK and can improve your relationship.
    If you recieve a gift, you should unwrap it where partner is absence and make a call or send a letter to thanks.

    When people are invited dinner(It is very rare situation), they bring a bottle of wine commonly. Also, you can bring handmade chocolate or bouquet.
    Finally, you should arrive at the appointment place few minutes earlier than the appointed time.

    If you consult this tip for your Switzerland trip, you can have a more enjoyable time.

  10. Lemon permalink
    March 20, 2017 11:37 pm

    I want to advice about customs of Korea to you.
    Koreans really like polite person and think very important about manners. Therefore, many Korean students almost take etiquette lessons in their elementary, middle and high school. So when you meet Korean, you should greet with a deep bow if you meet the elderly or shake hands with each other. And when you are leaving from Koreans, you should say bye-bye to them. Because they think it is important to say hello or bye-bye when people meet or leave others. Keeping one’s appointment is also very important to Koreans. Because they can decide to trust you by keeping your appointment. And to Koreans, it is very important to be punctual. punctuality is also related to faith. Because punctuality is the kind of appointment with someone. So if you are punctual, many Koreans like you much more than before and can trust you. Many Koreans are formal. So if you have to meet Korean because of the business, you should wear dark suits. Because dark suit is well matched with formalness. If you are invited to a Korean’s home, you should surely arrive there on time. Because as mentioned above, many Koreans think it is significant to be punctual. And when you are going to a Korean’s home, you have to bring a gift that can express your mind about Korean. Korean must be happy because you show your mind to him or her by giving a present. The size or price of gift is not important to Korean. But you should be careful when you are choosing a gift. Many Koreans hate the number 4. Because they think the number 4 is related to the death. So you should avoid choosing a gift that is related to the number 4.
    Thank you for reading my writing.

  11. baskinrobbins permalink
    March 21, 2017 12:02 am

    I have been USA, Canada and Europe but since it’s been a long time and was a short travel, I don’t know each country’s customs deeply. Therefore I’d like to talk about my country, Korea’s customs. For a visitor, there are some customs that he or she need to know when visiting Korea.
    First of all, in Korea, a visitor needs to be polite to other people. Since Korea has the Confucianism culture for a long time ago, Koreans use the honorific to older people and try to respect them. For example, when people need to hand over something to older people, they give it to them with two hands. And it’s an etiquette to eat food after older people start eating.
    Also, it’s a bad idea to write someone’s name with red pen in Korea. To Koreans, writing someone’s name with red pen means that person is dead or is going to die. In other countries, it’s not a big deal to do this, but it can be a rude behavior in Korea. I even saw a crying child who thinks he is going to die because someone wrote his name with red pen by mistake.
    In addition, when working in Korea company, he or she needs to spend some time hanging out with their colleagues. Having dinner and drinking parties is common in Korea. The purpose for this is diverse. This get-together is usually held by a boss to have a cooperation mind and to be close to others. They even go to a karaoke for having fun. This means like showing their loyalty to their company and it’s important because this can affect their promotion.
    And paying attention to others is important in Korea. Since Koreans put emphasis on community spirit, asking after somebody and knowing their neighbors in detail is common. For example, Koreans know how many children live in their neighbor’s house and they even know how old they are. This is different to other countries, because they think knowing other’s private situation is like being nosy. So when someone visit Korea for the first time, he or she might be unfamiliar with this.
    Like these, there are some customs that people need to know when visiting Korea. When you read this, you can notice that most customs in Korea are about ‘getting together’. This can be unfamiliar to others, but you’ll get to know that it has many advantages, too.

  12. dnedne913 permalink
    March 21, 2017 12:52 am

    Although I have never been to Taiwan, I always have interested in a culture and sights of Taiwan. So in this chance, I want to introduce a custom of Taiwan that tourist must remember. A Culture and custom of Taiwan are concerned with Buddhism so e​tiquettes of the tourist are also have related to It, too.

    First, the tourists must not take a picture in front of statue of the Buddha. And they also must take off their shoes in a place where the religious picture or statue are stand. A ‘light outfit’ is banned such as a sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sandal. The tourists are also have a polite to not only the picture or statue but also to priests. They must don’t touch priests. Like these taboo, the etiquettes that the tourists can don’t know are concerned with Buddhism. It has absolute holy in Taiwan.

    Tai have also their unique culture which has concerned with monarchy that the tourists must know. A face of Tai king is in a Tai bill, so if anyone who step on the bill, he or she can go to prison.

    There are another etiquettes that the travelers must know, too. Above all, Tai believe that
    a god live in their head, so they feel very displeased if the travelers touch their head. So the travelers must not stroke their head. And a pointing action or gesture is rude to a Tai, so It is an action that they must avoid to do.

    Like that contents, there are interesting and important etiqutte that the tourists are well-informed of. If they know these contents, they can enjoy Taiwan more! 🙂 I also want to go to Taiwan to enjoy many places and customs. When I go to Taiwan, It will be a good tips for me.

  13. March 21, 2017 1:07 am

    I have never visited Denmark. But i read a book about Denmark and today, i chose Denmark that i want to go to.

    Denmark’s dining manners are similar to those of western countries. In Denmark, one serving is served according to the order of the diet. After you remove the serving dish, you must treat the next food and continue filling the food during the meal. The drink, including water, is served by right hand behind the right back of diner, and other treats are treated with left hand behind the left back. Then place the bow of each plate in front of the front row.

    After sitting on the chair, You should spread the napkin on the knees. And when the meal is finished, you have to fold it back and put it on the table. You should cut food into bite-size pieces. Fork and knife are placed on both sides of the dish and marked on the table. Then, after finishing the food, you should arrange it neatly on the right side of the plate. Do not lean your left elbow against the table while eating, or make sure that you do not shout loudly or loudly.

    And if you are invited to a meal, it is customary to wear a black tie on a formal dress. In such a meal, There is solo called snaps. In this time, you can drink a liquor after the owner drink a toast.

    When greeting in Denmark, shake hands briefly. In a place where both men and woman meet, you shake hands with woman first. And if you sit down on chair, stand up and shake hands. On the other hand, when greeting the first lady, you gently bows down to her eyes.

    When you open the door, the woman first enters the door while the owner opens the door. And when you climb up the stairs, the men rises first and when you step down the stairs, the woman descends first.

  14. ade permalink
    March 21, 2017 1:09 am

    I had lived in Indonesia for about 5 years. I had so many new cultural experiences while I was living in Indonesia. Since I lived there for a quite long time, I can say that I know their culture pretty well.

    Indonesia is Islamic country that about 80% of Indonesians believe in Islam. Their religion is very important for their overall lives. Since it’s their rule to pray for 5 times in a day, they like to wash their faces, hands, and feet. They want to be clean before they pray. Therefore, if you go to Indonesia and meet the natives, they might ask you whether you have washed or not. You might feel little uncomfortable when they ask that, but you don’t need to be uncomfortable because they will not consider you as a dirty person although you haven’t washed yet since you are a foreigner. Also, if you are a woman, you better not to wear tight shorts or tank top in front of natives, because they might think your clothing is not appropriate.

    In addition, many natives still use their hand when they have a meal. Using a hand is their traditional custom. This custom shows another culture that they use only right hand because they use another hand at Toilet. Therefore, it’s better using only right hand or a hand that you don’t use in Toilet for every situation. For example, it’s better to give money with right hand after you buy something, to shake hand with right hand, and get something from other people with right hand.

    Furthermore, Indonesians are very familiar and they like to chill, so I suggest you to talk a lot with the natives. They will like to talk with you and share each other’s stories. Don’t be too afraid to meet new people in Indonesia.
    I really suggest you to visit Indonesia since it is such a beautiful country. Its weather, food, people, buildings, and other many customs will refresh your mind, and it will give you a new cultural experiences.

  15. Otter22 permalink
    March 21, 2017 1:26 am

    I have been to some foreign countries such as japan and tailand. But I don’t know well about this countries’ customs. I want to talk about Korean customs. Above all, I want to introduce to you honorific.
    As I know, there are no countries which use honorific except Korea (maybe some countries use honorific..). Most of people in other countries talk to adults and children in the same way. But in Korea, we need to use honorific to adults strictly. Even, we nees to use another words to adults. For example, we use another word to call adult’s meal with ‘jinji’. Execpt this one, there are many words which foriegners are hard to understand. Those honorifics are influenced by atomosphere which we lay stress on respecting adults. I don’t intend to say that other countries don’t respect adults. I think it is more important to respect adults in korea that other countries are. Therefore, when foriegners have time to speak Korean adults, they need to use honorifics at most. At least, If they don’t know about any honorifics, they need to respecting attitude to adults.
    All over the world, there are many original customs of each countries. But it is hard to know all of them. Thus, when we meet other country’s people, we need to show attitude that we tried hard to understand other cuntries’ customs. It is good for making good relationship with other countries. Only understanding and reapecting other countries’ customs, we can harmonize with foreigners.

  16. CSH permalink
    March 21, 2017 1:48 am

    Suppose I live in Thailand, Thailand is a country dedicated to the king. We regard the king as treasure. Therefore, we have some things which we have to follow. It is prohibited to point the picture of king, queen and flag. In law, touching the head is banned to. So you have to be careful to touch the child’s head. Buddhist people think it rude. Staring for long time is also rude behavior. You have to be careful this, too.
    Then, you shouldn’t hand objects in left hand. Right hand is regarded as new and clean. But left hand is opposite to that.
    Thailand is a Buddhist country. So we can’t take a picture in front of Buddhist image in temple. Buddhist image is holy thing. You should take off your shoes if there are images about religious thing. You can’t enter to temple when you wear sandle, short pants, sleeveless clothes and etc. In case of precaution, it is good for you to bring neat clothes.
    The most important thing is that you have not to drink water in yourself. Because water in Thailand is lime water. It is bad for our health. You had better buy mineral water in Mart.
    Thailand people honor Buddhist monks. In bus, there are extra seats only for monks. They are very important that much.
    Also, you should not to ride a taxi which stops in the road. The drivers intend to rip off a taxi fare. I will show you around after I follow you.

  17. Dal permalink
    March 21, 2017 2:28 am

    Customs & traditions

    Understanding other culture is important. The understanding of other cultures is not only important when going to the country. To know the culture of the country means to understand the history and spirit of the country. In this aspect, knowing different culture makes one person’s sight wide.

    Before Republic of Korea, in Korean Peninsula, there was Joseon Dynasty. To understand Korean culture we have to understand Korean history, at least up to Joseon Dynasty. Joseon was a society of neo-Confucianism. Everything had formalities and norms. The hierarchy was clear and people took it for granted. It has been over 500 years. Currently there is no king in Korean society. However, Confucianism deeply rooted in people’s thoughts. And it still remains. Koreans honor adults. Still Koreans are sacrificing. In Korean society, the word of honor is kept strictly. All the things like these are role as order of our society till now. Confucian culture is also common in universities. Many students come to college and spend a lot of time drinking. (I did not say it have to be.. anyway!) When we drink, we turn our head against elder person. And we receive drink by two hands, when elder give drink. It is kind of showing respect.

  18. david permalink
    March 21, 2017 9:59 am

    Today, I’ m going to talk about the Philippines and France about traditions and custom. The reason why I introduce those countries is about visited country and wanting to visit that country.
    The former, the Philippines, has a lot of islands, volcanoes and had been colonized by Spain and America so Pilipino and Filipina have similar culture with America and Spain. For example, their main religion is catholic. Therefore, they really love Christmas and New Year. Another example is multicultural. Like America the place where is multicultural, the Philippines is multicultural. We can find that reason in the past because the Philippines had been colonized by strong country. So, there are many half-breeds. When we go to the Philippines we have be careful in some manner. We must say “how much is it?” by Tagalog in market. There is no fix price at there. So, we must show them we are informed about the Philippines. By that way, we can avoid explosion of price. Another thing that we have to avoid is we should not give scratch in their mental. I think this is main polite in global. But, in the Philippines, this is really really important thing. Generally, the Pilipino and Filipina have strong pride and tender mind. So, they can get wounded heart easily. So, people of advanced country should not be aggressive. Last, we should avoid rainy season. When we go to the Philippines in that season, we could not play anywhere or be dangerous.
    The latter, France, is the place I want to visit because of foods, buildings and people. France has a lot of famous buildings that we know. For example, Eiffel tower, Louvre museum, Versailles etc. and we must be careful about those structures for not damaging. Those structures are world treasure. So, damaging to structure can be harm to world people because they could not see original. There is distinctive culture. They can not use ketchup in elementary school. Because, France people think ketchup makes traditional food harm. So, I think we should not eat ketchup when we eat traditional food in France. Last, we should not talk about money with them. Exactly, any country hates talking about money when we have just met. But, France people really hate people who are talking about money

  19. ohyeah permalink
    March 21, 2017 10:13 am

    I’m going to introduce the culture of India.
    First, In India, There is a special tradition in eating. They don’t use tools when eating. You have to eat foods by your right hand. This is the most important rule of table manner. It is because Indians believe that right hand is the most clean thing. In addition, They never use left hand when they hand money, presents or important documents. You have to pass it with the holy right hand. Secondly, you have to be careful when you bisit other’s house. When you visit your friend’s house, you have to dust your shoes off. Also, you must not go inside the kitchen. It is because Indians regard kitchen as a holy place. If you are going to bring present, fruits are good for. You have to buy the fruits in even number. Also you have to avoid 1,3,13. When you cough, If you cough one time, It regarded as a unluck. So you have to do it one more time even if you don’t need to. If you have plan to go India, you should keep on mind these things.

  20. ELLA permalink
    March 21, 2017 10:29 am

    I’m going to talk about Korean custom cuz it’s the thing that I know well. Korean value politness. And respecting old men is big part of that. Korean society have thought old man is wiser than young man. When A family have a  big things to decide, eldest man had right to decide in past. There is still a tendency like that nowdays. In meal with family, Children can eat after their parents start to eat. You must use polite expressions to older people and be in ears when they say. And younger person should say hello first. Let’s find other customs following to ocassion. It’s bad manner in Korea that staying other’s house late to dinner time and visiting about meal time. Because It makes house owner offer you that taking meal with them. Korean student don’t eat seaweed soup before important exam cuz seaweed is slippy. Slip has similar meaning as fail in Korean. Like this reason, Korean traditional sweets ‘엿’ is prefered as gift to students. Its sticky property is simbol of pass. We eat 짜장면  when we graduate. And it was tradition that eat noodles at wedding ceremony as meaning of live long together like noodles.  One-year-old baby has big party to celebrate called ‘돌잔치’. At that party, baby choose his/her favorite stuff of several things. There are things like pencil, threads, money and various things nowdays like microphone, stethoscope and soccer ball. We share rice cake with new neighbors when we move to new house. And representative Housewarming present is toilet paper cuz it’s thought as useful gift to new house.

  21. torimom permalink
    March 21, 2017 2:39 pm

    Today, i want to introduce about some Korea’s special traditions. I choose the nation Korea bucause that even me like Korean did not know our nation’s traditions well sometimes.
    At first, there are some special traditions about eating food. Korean usually use the tool called chopsticks and spoon for eating. Korean’s famous foods are gimchi, bulgogi and bibimbab. In the past, it was considered that rude to eat food before an adult holds a spoon.
    But recently, the custom has gone away. In addition, leaving the food considered be rude too. Koreans are tresure the agriculture crops and fisheries products.
    Secondly. there are some special traditions about wearing clothes. In the past, Koreans wear a traditional costume called Hanbok. However, Hanbok is inconvenient in real life, so in now days, people wear Western style clothes.
    Finally, there is Korean traditional martial arts called Taekondo. Taekwindo is the arts training both mind and body. Usually, Korean boys learn Taekwondo when they are young. And also there are many traditioal art performances mixed with Taekwondo.

  22. hyedamkim permalink
    March 23, 2017 3:35 pm

    I yearn for France’s art cultures and atmosphere, so I planing France travel in the near future and investigating the France’s customs to avoid my mistake from ignorance.
    First, French cheek to cheek each other telling “Bisous” in meeting with familiar person. Greeting “Bisous” is done between women and men or among women mainly, and shaking hands is more familiar among men. In different area, they officially select count of number ‘Bisous’, for example in Paris, people usually take a “Bisous” twice. This custom have very difference from Korea. In Korea, skin ship is unfamiliar expression in meeting with other people. Just skin ship of handshaking is used frequently in business. Maybe I think French’s greeting is unpleasant behavior because of my ignorance, I have trouble of communication with them and difficulty in travel.
    Second, French think having a meal is social intercourse, not just eating time. This is an answer to a long meal. Therefore, silence in eating time is a rude attitude to French. We should talk a lot with others to build closeness. However, Korean of ancient time thought the silence was virtue, and this custom impacts on our behavior and thinking today. Also, French should call a waiter though eyeing, whereas Korean usually shout “Here!” and push a bell to call a waiter. In special eating etiquette, fish food is not turned to eat in France. Because the dinner is important time to French, we should be well acquainted with the dinner etiquette.
    Third, We usually use ‘gesture’ while talk with other people. Gestures are regarded subordinately language in the world, however that’s meanings varies from country to country. Gesture like play a plot mean that the story of man who speaks now is borning and doubtful. If you extend your hands to your shoulders and shrug your shoulders, it means nothing, whereas if you raise your palms up to your chest, it expresses ‘ What should I do?’. So we must study traveling country of gesture to express accurate meaning.
    I expect to be travel in France and hope to learn other customs by watching and experiencing in person.

  23. September 19, 2017 8:31 pm

    As we know, China is an ancient country that has an approximately five thousands years of history. There have a lot of traditional and customs. Today i want to say something i know about China.
    Spring Festival is a big day and also very important day in China. By the Spring Festival ,family members are coming back from the world to celebrate the festival. Maybe we can called that day is reunion day. In the New Years eve, family get together making dumplings and chat . At midnight, we are eating dumpings over wacthing Spring Festival Gala. At the meantime set off firecrackers in the outside to celebrate New Years.
    On the second day, we are wake up early come to relatives home. When you came to relatives home, you need to say Happy New Year and relatives will give you ”lucky money”. Don’t be schocked ,its prevalent in china.So many kids look forward this moment .If you in that day who is the biggest happier person, it must be children. Also grandparents are dressed up traditional chinese garments. That color must be red. MAaybe you have quetion of color? I give you anwser, red color means ”lucky” or some good things happens.
    Chinese people are very friendly and hosptality.If you have chance come to China and feeling Spring Festival .It must awosome and you will never forgot it.

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