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CRW2 Education

March 21, 2017

The homework from Tuesday’s class (due before Thursday’s class) is the following question:

Should universities be free for students? Why or why not?

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  1. trigger permalink
    March 22, 2017 8:36 pm

    Education is a basic right for everyone living in democracies around the world. Therefore, collecting expensive tuition fee from students is against the basic human right, so that all universities should be free for students. College students need a certain amount of money for living, at least the rent, food expenses, transportation expenses, and the tuition. The tuition fee is accounted for about fifty to sixty percent of the total cost. Some students even give up the entrance into a university because of the high price of school fee. University students who can’t get a scholarship or the support from their parents must work hard to cover up the tuition. The main purpose of the university that is educating people for life and for a profession is reversed at this point and loses its social value.
    The necessity of free education of university can be found in the case of Bernie Sanders, who is an American politician. Sanders unsuccessfully ran for president in 2016 for the Democratic Party. However, lots of university students and the young supported him for his public commitment, especially about the free education. Huge support for Sanders implies not only the situation in the United States, but also in every country which has high university expenses. Students do not have to work for their education, but have to earn money from the government for the education. Some people might say this argument is too absurd, but free education has to be achieved in some day.

  2. 3438 permalink
    March 22, 2017 10:39 pm

    Universities have a lot of money to operate in various ways, so I would like to reduce the tuition fee rather than free. There are two reasons for wanting to reduce it.

    First of all, I hope that there is no one who abandons education due to economic problem. I would like to obtain a wider opportunity for those who go out to society early without college tuition and living expenses. Many of my parents’ generations are still missed because they have become adults without receiving education for money. Therefore, I want you to lower the tuition fee within the amount that you can afford.

    Second, it costs a lot of living expenses as well as tuition fees. When they go to university, they spend money in a lot of places. For example, a month with many friends’ birthday costs a lot of money, and if they make on a living, it will cost them food ingredient or equipment for cleaning. They cannot help paying a fixed amount of living expenses. I would like to reduce the burden on students because the tuition fee can be reduced by applying at the national or school level.

  3. Wes_Baller permalink
    March 23, 2017 12:54 am

    I support free university education in Korea. However, in Korea there are too many obstacles in making tuition fee free. There are three main reasons why I think universities in Korea can not be made free.
    First, even high school is not compulsory education. Before entering university we have to graduate high school. For that, making free tuition should be made progressively, the government should include high school in compulsory education following the tradition of few western countries before making zero-tuition at university level. Second, unlike foreign countries, in Korea 80% of high school students enter university. Based on a research, Korea has the highest university enrollment rate. Providing a universal tuition free university education will pose a serious budget constraint on the government. That is why only few students receive bursary. If few students go to university, the government may afford it. Third, most universities in Korea rely on students tuition fee. Except public universities, most professors’ salary and other working expenses are based on students’ tuition. I think it is okay to pay tuition because with that money university can afford better facilities with prominent professors for students. If we were to retain all these advantages, we can not make university free. Universities need support from government and some large companies or successful graduates in forms of donation to help university. However, sadly this is impossible in Korea. Only few universities like Seoul National university, Yonsei University, and Korea university can get sufficient donation.
    I think progressively Korea can make university free. Most importantly the birth rate is decreasing therefore there will be fewer people to enter university. Since there are few students many universities might go out of business because they do not have enough students to run the school. This is also happening now too. Many universities in countrysides are closing or merging with one another. In the near future, there will be only few universities with students. Therefore just by government support, universities can operate so students can study for free.
    At last discussion I claimed that at 3rd year of high school, we should make students to experience their dream job so that they can choose whether they should enter university to learn expert knowledge or work right away. If this change happens I think not many people will hope to enter university. Also if the government raises the minimum wage to level with Japan, Australia, U.K, and Canada, not many people will enter university because we can live with such wage level.
    In conclusion if government fix some problem in our society, not many people will hope to enter university so that university can run free. I wish someday like Germany we can go university with no tuition so that students do not have to be stressed out from the fee and only focus on study.

  4. SJ Oh permalink
    March 23, 2017 2:02 am

    If the university education becomes free to anybody, there are, for sure, going to be a number of problems in Korea.
    First, some financial problems directly related to the country would be inevitable. Korea is a country with 70 percent of high school graduates who are going on to the university education. If the government suddenly declares that the university is free for any high school graduates, then who is going to pay for the huge money all in the sudden?
    Second of all, Korea is a country with a small territory and little natural resources. The only strongpoint of Korea in global market is human resources based on hyper-competitive education. For example, Samsung is a company which relies mostly on human resources. In fact, Korea is a country which human resources take the most part of it. If we make the university education of Korea for free, the international competency will be in a serious danger, for that it would not be able to distinguish more competent human resource from others.
    My opinion is, at least, we need a steady solution, considering the fundamentals if we want to achieve “free university education”. It will take a long time.

  5. 131723 permalink
    March 23, 2017 2:11 am

    I think universities should be partly free for students. University education is not necessary for everyone because it is considerably deep and difficult study. However, there would be lots of students who really want to take some university courses but don’t have enough money. They should be assured their right for studying. The universities, however, also don’t have enough money for accepting all those students. That’s why the degree of support should be differed according to the courses and students’ economic situation.
    The universities’ courses are divided into academic and vocational courses. Academic courses don’t need to be free for all students. It is because they are not necessary condition for having a job or living happy life. In academic courses, students study deeper part of disciplines. They are usually far from everyday life. However, universities should assure some poor students’ right for studying. So, they should carefully select those who have passion and qualification as scholarship students.
    On the other hand, vocational courses should be free, because they are essential parts to have professional jobs. Advanced learning for working skill is required for professional jobs and those are also necessary to society. For instance, doctor is a professional job, which needs vocational course, and it also contributes to public. However, their tuition fees are usually too high for common students. Thus, it is beneficial for all of us to offer the vocational courses free, but surely the opportunity should be given to carefully selected students.

  6. HI ! NE-KEN permalink
    March 23, 2017 7:26 am

    Should universities be free for students? Why or why not?

    My opinion is that free is better than paid.

    University tuition is more expensive than I thought.

    After graduation, it is a problem to pay back tuition fees.

    It would not matter if you go to university after high school because you want to study more.

    Moreover, the university is a place where you can learn a lot of knowledge.

    Therefore, students should be able to learn for free.

    Learning knowledge at universities will make society more advanced and talented people.

    Therefore, if we free university in the country, we will have many benefits.

  7. SQUIRREL permalink
    March 23, 2017 8:19 am

    I agree with 3438 but different reason.
    Because of operation expense, I can’t insist free education fee.
    But I can insist that University should reduce their tuition.
    My point is this, reduced university tuition makes equal starting.
    There are people who studying in blind area of scholarship.
    Someone said “If the tuition is too burden for students, university can give them some schorlship.”
    This is wrong. Because almost every student (especially who came from under-class and middle-class) need scholarship.
    Under the university’s scholarship programs, only few students can get scholarship.
    I understand that under-class students really need scholarship.
    But sometimes other students also need scholarship because of their household situation.
    In this case, if universitiy require reduced tuition, university authority can keep operate university and students can endure tuition.
    + Some students who came form immigration familly, single parent family, a child head of household and etc can get extra scholarship from state scholarshp or private scholarship as a `way of life` as it is now.

  8. Steve permalink
    March 23, 2017 10:53 am

    I support the opinion that university education should be provided freely to students.
    First, free education system can promote future human resources. There are lots of students who want to enter into the university but having a financial problem. If they have a outstanding latent ability, this is a national loss. To prevent this problem, the government should boldly invest in students.
    Second, students can guarantee personal times. They don’t have to spend time in part time job to earn the education fee. Getting education freely reduces psychological burden so that students can concentrate on their study more comfortably.
    Although free education demands excessive study courses, I think advantages of free education are larger than disadvantages of that.

  9. Pairi permalink
    March 23, 2017 11:55 am

    Recently, opinion of lowering university tution is the most popular issue in Korea. Already, Universities in Germany have no tution for students, they get only subsidy by government. The public in Germany say young people are futeure of nation so they should give opportunity to them excepting money worries. But in USA, they receive high tution fee from students. They say it is the reasonable. By the tution fee, they can give high quality lecture or semina, and university is developing more and more.

    I think students should pay tution because I think knowledge is also property. In other words, universities sell their lots of knoledge to students, and students buy it by tution. So I agree on recieving tution. But government and universities help poor students who want to go univerisy but have no money to pay tution. Also they help passionate students who study hard. They should give scholarships to students by many ways and make more chances that students can benefit from scholarship systems.

  10. wkddbstj permalink
    March 23, 2017 12:54 pm

    In my opinion, the tuition fee should not be free, but to reduce the fees. Because if we made education free I feel that the value for education would be downward. The reason why we value our high education so much is because we know we’re putting a lot on the line for the education we seek. The loans we have taken out for this education is what reminds us why we’re pursing out this dream. If it was free we wouldn’t have as much drive and not to mention many would abuse this education policy. And also, if we made education free how would the professors who teach us get paid? Or the faculty who serves the school? There are many issues with making education free. But if they could lower tuition and give colleges more funding to help support students with their educational needs that would be the proper solution to this issue.

  11. March 23, 2017 1:01 pm

    There might some people who believe that universities should be free for all students. However, I personally disagree with the above idea. I think that universities should be partly free for students who don’t have enough money and get a good grade.

    First, students can develop sense of responsibility and study more hard. Let me bring my personal story as an example. When I was fresh man, I didn’t want to study, so I just skipped school and lessons. As a result, I received an F for poor attendance and had to pay high fees for lessons. However, my friend who named aedi always studied hard and she could get full scholarship. Through this experience, I learned that enjoying freedom means that I have to take responsibility for my actions and I was motivated to study hard. Afterward, I eagerly participated in my courses and could receive a full scholarship.

    Second, students who have the difficult situation at home can concentrate on their studies by receiving free tuition fee. Some students don’t have enough money to live in university so they should work part time job in diverse places. As a result, they feel difficulty in studying about many subjects. If universities support poor students, they may not need to concern about a money. In addition, they can have some great opportunities to get a good grade. For these reasons, I think universities should be partly free for limited students.

  12. torimom permalink
    March 23, 2017 1:53 pm

    I think that University education system should be paid by moderate tuition fee. Compulsory education system not paid has been for several years to everyone.

    Compulsory education is needed to all the people even if they do not want it. However, University education system is an optional thing. Students have a oppurtunity to choose whether they are going to University for futher study or not.
    Students who are going to University get high quality lectures from professor. And these lectures are not easily get from anywhere.

    Therefore, I think that moderate tuition fee for University should be needed.

  13. March 23, 2017 2:25 pm

    Of course, it should be free. Since higher education has been considered as a social ladder in Korea, limitations from unaffordable college tuition should be disappeared. However, there are too many universities to support the whole tuition fee for them, I think that it will be appropriate to implement it after a decade when the number of students is dropped about 300 thousands. Currently, about 70% of high school students enter to the college and this is so difficult that there is no law or enforcement can meet their demands, but as we try to lower the college tuition, I suggest that, first, public universities must be free. There are about 40 national or public universities, which their are already half of others by the government; nevertheless, national and public universities are the cradle of native talented students who ultimately become local talents give energy into their society. So for reducing loss of that talented students and their inevitable cost of coming up to Seoul for college, public universities that are located in each provinces have to be free. After we make them to be affordable, I think they will be the popular institutes again, because private institutes’ tuition cannot be compatible with free tuition. As a result, I assume that all universities become competitive because the number of students is predicted to be half of present. Therefore, after, we help public institutes to be free and we should apply it to others gradually.

  14. tteddy permalink
    March 23, 2017 2:32 pm

    I believe that university should not become free for students. To be honest, free tuition fees for students seems righteous and ideal. However, the reality is different. The problems will occur in the money.
    Who will going to pay the salary of professor? What about the maintenance cost? This leads us to one question, does Korea government have enough finance that could cover all the tuition fees of university? The answer seems no.
    According to BIS (Bank for International Settlement), South Korea turned out to be the first ranking among 20 countries that had the fastest growth rate in national debt over the last five years. During the five years, Korea’s national debt increased 66 percent.
    In this circumstances, the free tuition fees for students seems impossible. Even if it seems ideal, but the reality should not be neglected. If this policy push forwards without considering the national debt and budget, the situation could become even worse.

  15. abc permalink
    March 23, 2017 3:08 pm

    I think universities should open their gate and let every citizen in the nation enjoy education system, because it is the fundamental right for people to take the educational benefits in mordern society. However, what I intend in the words “opening gate” does not mean that tuition fees should be abolished but that equal opportunities to enter unversities and get a higher level of education should be given to everyone. As a matter of fact, it is inevitable for universities to receive tuition fees due to various kinds of maintanence expenses. Government also cannot pay for all of those costs for every universities nationwide. Thus, universities should not be free for their fees, even if there is need to decrease it.

  16. March 23, 2017 3:15 pm

    Should universities be free for students?

    A university is an institution that grows highly skilled people which the society needs. Therefore, it is good to have more graduates. However, the idea of free universities would consequentially make people not to go to the universities. It costs huge amount money to run a university. When students do not pay to the university at all, it will cause the quality of education to suffer because there would be less teachers and lectures, thus the number of students per professor will increase.
    Besides, many opportunities are given to the students from economically poorer backgrounds, to help making education fees. There are scholarships that both government and universities funded, and also student loan, thus they can make the students to be able to afford it. Therefore, I don’t believe that the idea of free universities will cause a good consequence.

  17. sagonriver permalink
    March 23, 2017 3:49 pm

    Even though tuition fee can cause equality issues, In my opinion, I think every students who receive any form of education should pay for it. There two reasons to support my idea.
    First, quality of education will be decreased if university education become free. From every buildings to facilities, there’s nothing can be maintained free in university. Even government support and invest money to university, might not cover the amount of money that university originally needed. Therefore gradually, shortage and insufficiency will appear. In other word, attempt to educate more people become total failure. Maybe succeed in number of people but not in quality.
    Second, students might take their education less seriously. Tuition fee is one of the burden for university students among grades, homework and ETC. Because money is not coming from nowhere. It’s from whether parents, scholarship or student loan. Some people might think this idea is pretty absurd, but I think as long as students has financial burden, it could play one important role as motivation. It could push students to work harder in order not to waste their money to the university or not to disappoint whoever support them financially.
    Education is regarded as one fundamental condition to people. Under name of equality, education should be provided freely to certain level like elementary However university, everyone who chose to get deepen education should pay higher education.

  18. March 23, 2017 4:08 pm

    Universities don’t have to be free for students. Instead, it would be good to lower the tuition fee. There are two reasons to support my opinion.

    If university doesn’t get the fee, students who don’t have any basic skill to take a class also can enroll the school. Of course, it would be a good chance to get high quality class for free, but it also can lead the quality of the class to lower level. Professors have to make students understand what they teach. However, many students don’t have ability to follow the course, so professors have no choice but to teach easily. For this reason, students who have great ability can’t take high level class. More and more, going to famous university has no meaning and learning something is getting hard someday..
    Second reason is quite simple. How can we cover the tuition fee? By using the fee, we can take classes and use many facilities in school. I think it is impossible to change the tuition fee for free, so we can cut down it to the minimum. It’s hard to learn something without enough resources. In addition, when we pay for classes, we can study harder because it’s not free. Sometimes, free makes people lazy and faithless.

  19. March 23, 2017 4:22 pm

    I think universities should not be free for students. There are two reasons why I think so.

    Firstly, the quality of lecture can be lower if university becomes free.
    In fact, University in Seoul in Korea introduced half price tuition fee plan. However, the student of the university felt that since the tuition fee became a half, the number of the class being reduced so too many students need to take in one class. Thus, students discuss to higher the tuition fee for the better quality of education. This show that a free entrance of university would not be a good way for students who want to study in a good environment.

    Secondly, students need job experience more than a studying at university without tuition fee.
    Nowadays, there are too many people who graduate university in Korea. Thus, if the university accepts students with no fees, more and more people will try to entrance the university. However, I do not think giving more education can make people smarter and be a useful person in society. Still, many students in university do not know what they want to do and find their interest. I think it is more important for students to give the opportunity to get experienced in the various field of the job instead of higher education.

    In conclusion, I disagree with the opinion that providing university education by free.

  20. HunHun permalink
    March 23, 2017 11:15 pm

    From the perspective of the students, college tuition free is better. Compared to South Korea, Chinese university tuition is very low. And the government has given the grants to family difficult students. Students only need to pay a small part of the tuition and accommodation fee,and they will be able to enjoy college education. This system reduced the pressure of students. And let students focus more on learning. For the countries which population is less, financial pressure of lighter, it is possible to implement free education.

    But whether a government should pay the cost of a public service for citizens, should be made by local voters through the Democratic review and voting to determine the way. Whether the government should do it, is according to the legislation. If the legislation said that the government should pay the tuition fee of compulsory education for nine years, they would be free to the students since the law. If the law does not stipulate that the university is compulsory, it is necessary to get a justification for taking a large amount of taxpayers’ money as tuition fees.

  21. wungchanpark permalink
    April 4, 2017 2:05 am

    I think universities should be free for students.
    First, it is a problem of people’s right. In my country, every person has right to receive an education. As time passes, this right has got to be more universal. The right to an education is enough appropriate for the dignity of human. The society admits that an education helps self-realization of all people. So, university which is the highest level of education should be free for students who want to study. It must be expensive, but it is one of the top priorities in terms of the rights.
    Second, it would be good for Korea. Utilizing human resources is Korean best interests to build a rich country. Besides, in elementary school to high school, the students often listen that they should study hard for their country. If that being patriots is so important, my country has to invest for it first. Enforcing people to be functional could be a bit necessary in international world that Korea is placed. But sufficient conditions should be satisfied. It is free university education.

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