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CRW1 Unit 3 History

March 30, 2017

The following is the homework due Tuesday, April 4th.

Should students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school?

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  1. Salmon permalink
    March 30, 2017 6:20 pm

    I Personally, I don’t think students or parents should be allowed to set up a curriculum. The reason is as follows :
    First, so a vast volume of requests came in. Millions of students and parents will argue the desired subjects based on their values.That brings more than the amount of demand available in the curriculum. Some of those opinions have to be selected, which brings out the fairness of the opinions of those who have not been chosen.
    Secondly, students and their parents are not teachers or professors with expertise as well as about. Of course, students and parents can make enough requests. However, it is hard to say that it is technically professional because it is formed entirely within their values, even though it is worthy of value,
    Thirdly, lack stability of the curriculum. It continues to accept the opinions of parents or students, continues to change course and to cause confusion among students. Students who lack stable education are unable to live stable in society.
    For this reason, students and parents should not decide on educational courses. However, it should not be ruled out entirely by their opinions. Because they can make demands as well as teachers. In other words, teachers should form their curriculum based on their expertise, but should reflect the opinions of students and parents. Form the curriculum with an open attitude so while maintaining stability in training I think is right.

  2. March 30, 2017 10:21 pm

    I think that students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study. I will provide reason why it would be desirable to do so.

    First, we need a premise that all students and parents should concerned with education. If students and parents want to choose which subjects they study, parents and students should take an active in interested. I think that most parents powerful interested in education. They hope the School class will improve their children’s ability and they involve themselves in their child’s education. These day parents discussed various educational issues with school officials and many of school are committed to extending parental choice in education. So because most parents interested in student’s education, parents can choose subject.

    Second, if students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study, both students and parents have satisfactory result. They will more become interested in study and they can study effective. Beyond required classes, there are many more classes the student may take in school. This is provides more various curriculum. Allowing students to choose the subjects of their choice would drive students to push themselves harder in their studies. And I think that students learned more when they choose the subjects rather than compulsion. So, I think that it is need to more chances for student and parents to choose their subject.

  3. jello2 permalink
    April 1, 2017 4:29 am

    I think students or their parents should not choose which subjects they study at school. There are some reasons to provide.

    First, there are basic knowledge which students should know for necessary. We should make students take in course for the essential subjects. Teachers have professional knowledge, so they can sort out which subjects are important and which are less important. We need to make students to study subjects that teachers think it necessary.

    Second, students have changeable future careers. If they choose subjects they want to study, they would like to study about their intereted subjects which is related to their career. But, many students are indefinite about their future, and it has high probability that they will change their career. So the subjects they chose can turn useless.

    For conclusion, I think students and their parents should not choose which subjects to study. But I think my selection is proper until student’s high school studies. They should learn essential subjects until their high school, and select subjects they want to study in college because they will be more certain and specific about their careers.

  4. LOTBS permalink
    April 2, 2017 5:55 pm

    I think there should be autonomy for students and their parents to choose the subject they are going to study. There are big two reasons for this.
    First, there is difference between students in the field of interest. For example, some students in physics others in social studies. Until high school in Korea, however, school is not guaranteeing students’ interests except the 2nd foreign language. There is chance to choose whether we want to learn Japanese or Chinese, but not in Korean, English, math, science, social studies, history, ethics and so on. Some who against my argument will say that ‘Those are the essential.’ But, I want to ask them ‘Does someone interested in astronomy must learn deeply about history of its country?’ I would answer ‘nope’. Nevertheless, there is a little necessity of learning diverse studies for being a better human. So what I am consequently insisting is that even if there is essential and vital subject that we should lean, there must be rights of selection in learning partially. Furthermore, there are many middle and high school students who nap or fall asleep in the middle of the class. And, in my opinion, it is lead by the little interests they have. Though students try their best to concentrate, we know the difference between the time we learn about things we love and things that we don’t. Also, most of the students get immersed or overwhelmed by the things that they enjoy and get good grades on them. So, I believe if the school gives learner autonomy to choose what they want to learn, it will bring more efficiency and amazing results than just learning in the fixed schedule that is standardized to everyone.

    Second, opportunity to change and make their school schedule (the subject) will make children independent. Until high school in Korea, students are relying their schools to make their own standardized subjects and schedule. They don’t have chance for thinking about what subject they are interested and or they want to listen to. I regard thinking of the favorite subject and scheduling the timetable of school is part of drawing and designing their own future and life. Not letting them to choose will be part of making them relying person in planning their story. Some will be willing to learn literature and ethics, in order to major in English Language Literature. Others can hope to learn science and math deeply so as to become mathematician or biologist. There are so many variations in human personality and characteristic more than the other era by the informationization and globalization. I assert that we have to follow and respect of the stream of diversity and make people and student choose what they want to learn and overwhelmed.

    From those big two reasons I contend that there must be freedom of choose what we want to learn.

  5. Dal permalink
    April 2, 2017 9:56 pm

    I think students or their parents should not choose which subjects they study at school. Few people refuses required subject because it decrease student freedom and limit diverse interest of students. However, it is far from truth. In the periods of elementary, middle and high school, students have to learn basic knowledge. Basic knowledge strengthens thinking ability of student. In specific, math helps students to think logically and science provides students another point of view for the world. Basic knowledge will stimulate curiosity of students. Thinking ability and curiosity of student leads student to become interested in various fields.

    There are several problem of required subjects’ education. In teaching subject like history or politics, there are risks to infuse thought. Recently in Korea, there was vast discussion on nationalized history textbook. Previous president Park Geun-hye tried to nationalize history book. The cause of the nationalization is that current history textbooks are too progressive. (That also mean I learned progressive textbook, include all people in the CRW1 class.) Previous president Park Geun-hye’s father, Park chung-hee was political soldier who caused the 5.16 coup. There are various views in that case. However, previous president Park Geun-hye tried to describe history biased.

    To make history, politics or other subjects to be required, we have to make up for weak points. Teacher should not compel to students. Instead, role of the teacher is to stimulate student’s thought by providing the truth.

  6. wgcc permalink
    April 3, 2017 5:36 pm

    No, I think students or their parents should not be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. There are two reasons why.

    First, students at school should have opportunities to choose their subjects which they are interested in. But I think, paradoxically, it doesn’t mean that students should choose their subjects they study in school completely. Before they apply to a college or an university, they must choose their major. But if they have not studied various subjects in school, students can misknow about their interests. To choose their major, it takes quite a time and needs some effort. For example, a student thinks she likes math and science but thinks that she doesn’t have any linguistic ability because she is not good at English. So, she can choose her studies in high school, she will choose only math or scientific subjects. She doesn’t have any opportunity to test her interests. Then, she can automatically assumed that she is not good at all linguistic subjects because of her stereotype views. However, she can have some qualities that needed for studying other foreign languages like Japanese or Spanish. No one knows her hidden abilities even her until she tries to find her hidden abilities. If she takes different kinds of classes, she can experience various studies, so it can be help for finding her major.

    Second, some problems may come up about justice. For example, for their grades, students will try to take classes which are easy to get some good grades, even though the classes are not associated with their interests or curiosity. So, fierce competition will occur to register classes. In this situation, students who really want to take that popular class may not study in the class. It is an opposite effect of ‘allowing students to choose which classes they take’

    Of course, it is not bad to choose their subjects for students’ freedom. But I think it is better to not allow that because of this two big reasons. Compounding both aspects, school can designate some subjects which are essential to study for student achievement to take vitally. And then except for the subjects, students can choose some subjects they want. Or, there is a way that prohibit students to take three classes or more which are in same field.

  7. Lemon permalink
    April 3, 2017 7:04 pm

    I personally think that students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. There are three reasons for that. From now on, I will explain about three reasons.

    First, If students should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school, they study much happier than before. And their responsibility about studying is much higher than before. Because they choose the subject what they are going to study themselves. Maybe I think many students who live in the world tend not to like studying something. But I think they must become really like to study if they are studying their favorite part which they choose. There is a certain evidence that I have experienced this. When I was young, I really want to study more about speaking English. But in my timetable when I was middle and high school student, speaking time in English is too short. So I really sad about this. And becoming the time to me that I can pick the department in university, I choose the department that I can speak in English freely. That is the school of global communication in Kyung Hee university. And now I am really satisfied with my choice. Judging from this, if students choose subjects which they study at school, they will be satisfied with studying and happy. And their parents will be also satisfied. Because directly, they can see that their child are studying happily.
    Second, students can study the subject in more detail which they want. If students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school, students have the possibility to become more professional in their department. And they can also save their time. Because they need not study subjects which they are not interested in by choosing the subject that they want. So they can study the subject that they like during much more time. Therefore, they can also improve their interest about the subject much more than before.
    Third, students who don’t know or can’t find their ability, interest and dream try to do many things to find their interest and dream. Because they want to choose the subject in their school which is related to their ability, interest and dream. So many students can find their aptitude by being allowed to choose which subjects students study at school.

    For these reasons, I think students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. Thank you for reading my writing.

  8. April 3, 2017 7:16 pm

    I think that students and their parents should choose which subjects they study at school. But, this opinion is based on the premise that school has basic liberal arts education requirements. The reason is as follows.

    First, if students can choose which subjects they study, they can study more deeply. In Korean schools, most schools teach the students by forcing that they memorize knowledge, not understand. So, the students memorize the knowledge simply. And they didn’t understand what means the knowledge. I think that deep knowledge is more important than the superficial knowledge. By choosing which subjects they study, they will learn the subjects more deeply.

    Second, choosing which subjects they study helps that the students choose their career. learning various subjects makes the students confusing about their interesting. Furthermore, some students suffer from studying many subjects. And this makes students lose interesting about all subjects. Actually, my friends lost their interesting and they choose their major according to their grade.

    So, we should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school.

  9. future301 permalink
    April 3, 2017 7:23 pm

    I think students and their parents should be allowed to study which subjects to study at school, but except history. Since last year, students who take Korean SAT should study history and take history exam. I support this system, but current curriculum of history is too simple and easy to pass the exam. So I suggest that students and their parents should be allowed to choose what to study, but the compulsory curriculum of history should be more detailed.

    Firstly, all students and their strong points are different. Some students are good at math, some students have artistic individualities, and so on. Students who forced to study subjects that they do not have interests, they will lose desire to study. So I think the curriculum of elementary school should be balanced lightly just like current states and the curriculum of middle and high school should be chosen by students.

    But I think students should study detailed Korean history in a form of compulsory education. It is important for students to know where they came from, what had been occured, and mistakes which were done in the past. I feel completely different after I studied Korean history in detail. (I took Korean history SAT when it was not compulsory and the Korean history curriculum at that time was very detailed.) Especially, Korea is currently in a state of anarchy, and very large part of this problems are from 1950s: the corrupt relations between politics and economics, autocracy, and so on. I can feel that recent big issues are similar to recent 60 years’ events: The opposition winning a majority, and negotiations between former president Park and Japanese prime minister concerned about war crimes. Also, Japan has not apologized about their violation of human rights which was done to Koreans. So I hope that students in Korea learn and think by themselves about these events.

    Someone might say that it is dangerous to teach in a standardized history curriculum, and I partly agree with it. History is not always true, it is just a record of winners, and I feel upset about there are only few records about womens. So I think the history curriculum should be more balanced in all fields, viewpoints, and genders. I strongly insist that knowing is better than ignorance. For these reasons, I think students and parents should be allowed to choose what to study except history.

  10. ELLA permalink
    April 3, 2017 10:40 pm

     I think students should have rights to choose subjects that they would learn except basic courses. Most Korean students have to learn same fixed subject and just have chances to choose in few subjects that are chosen by school. But it doesn’t consider personal differences.

     For example, students preparing arts or music don’t need math so they have low interests and concentration. They tend to think math class is waste of time. Then teacher seeing them lose will to teach. I heard that Korea is the only country that humanities course high school students learn calculus. It doesn’t mean mathmathics is not necessary but making every students learn math in wide range like this is inefficient and unessential.

     When students can choose what they learn, they can learn much better with higher interests. I learned society subjects that I chose at my third grade in high school. I chose Law & Politics that was less popular but was thought essential to me. And I was able to learn the subject in joy.
    I think students should choose their subject to learn because interests and needs will be different for each students.

  11. aeria22 permalink
    April 3, 2017 11:38 pm

    I disagree the idea that students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. We live in a society where to go one of the top colleges is more important than anything at one’s school days. As long as this picture of our society is maintained, most people would choose subjects only helpful for their entrance exams of colleges if they faced the situation to choose what they study. It is guaranteed for some non-essential subjects, relatively less helpful for their ultimate goals, to be more neglected.

    These days, many people think that physical education and art classes are a waste of time. It’s because those classes actually don’t do much to pass the entrance exam of a college they want to go. So, as students get closer to their nineteen’s, classes except major subjects are just changed into a study hall, not meaning a lot. But as you know, non-essential subjects including art, music, and physical education make students’ school lives happy, even giving their lives a boost. Furthermore, someone also expects his or her spiritual comfort and physical health and makes a decision on which career path will be right for him or her through these classes. Surely, we cannot help but agree an idea that major subjects play an essential part in college admission. We, however, need to take the various areas of education to develop our intellectual capacity healthy, as our bodies need the intake of diverse nutrients to grow well. In that point of view, none of subjects we learn are useless. So I think that it is necessary for students to study as variously as they can. They do not set limits to what subjects they learn.

  12. fence permalink
    April 3, 2017 11:59 pm

    I think students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study only at high school.In other words, they should conform fixed curriculum in elementary and middle school.

    The first reason that I think in this way is because of formation stereotype.
    If people choose which subject they study, they can have a narrow viewpoint
    So, when they face problems in their life, they access only one side that they learned.
    Therefore, learning various subject until middle school is necessary to expand the scope of their thinking.

    However, since high school, giving autonomy in choosing subject which they study is helpful to people. It can enhance the interest in study because they choose the subject by themselves. Also, it makes us can be independent in study. Futher it makes us independent in decision.
    Give an example about my personal experience, when i was 2nd grade in high school, science was required to learn. I hate so much science, but I had to studied because it was contained in my school records. So, I lost my interest not only science but also other subjects because all subjects made me be pressed.

    In summary, proper educational strategy and balance between autonomy and limitation is important.

  13. dnedne913 permalink
    April 4, 2017 12:28 am

    I think that students and their parents be not allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. Many people usually think that if we learn subjects that we want to learn. They think that way has efficiency in student’s term. But I think these way has flaw that doesn’t consider the base of study. There are two reasons by that opinion.

    First, if students and their parents choose subjects which they want to learn in school, It can be disproportionate of knowledge. The knowledge that students learn must be varied, and It must not be limited to their interest or specific field. If they choose subjects that they want to study, It is good for their interest of study in short term. However, It isn’t good for their
    knowledge in long term. I think it is very poor foundation for study. If foundation is poor, their depth of learning has limit.

    Second, a study curriculum that students and their parents choose is less professional and delicate than the curriculum that a professor or teacher choose and made. Sure, the liberty of study is important. But, I think that liberty must be made on the base that the teacher made. Because that base has made and modified in many years to way that good for children by many education experts. I think that all students must study a basic field of study, and in next step, they can choose study that they want to learn. In my opinion, the basic curriculum is good for depth of their study in long term.

    In conclusion, students and their parents have to follow the way that the teacher and experts made for them. It is good foundation of study for students to choose the way that they want. So I think they be not allowed to choose which subjects they study at school.

  14. Dolce permalink
    April 4, 2017 1:04 am

    In my opinion, students and their parents should not be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. Here are two reasons why I insist that.
    First, there is a basic knowledge that people should know fundamentally. If students don’t learn a basic knowledge because they want not to study it, they may find difficulty in their daily life-they may not understand other people’s speech-. Here is my experience which is related this. When I am a highschool student, I did not learn ‘Earth Science.’ So sometimes I am frustrated when people say about Earth because I did not have a basic knowledge about it.
    Second, students and their parents don’t know well which subject is important because they are not experts. So they may choose less necessary information. Therefore, they should learn the subjects which are chosen by teachers. It will be much more accurate than students and their parents choose the subject. In conclusion, I think although it is freedom to focus more on certain subjects, it is not good for the students and their parents to choose which subjects to learn.
    However, if the students are university students, I think it is okay to choose which subjects they study at school. That’s because most university students know a basic knowledge and they can think about which subjects are better or more necessary for them.
    Consequently, I think students and their parents should not choose which subjects they study at school until they become university students.

  15. baskinrobbins permalink
    April 4, 2017 1:26 am

    In korea’s high schools, students go to school by 9 a.m. and study until 10 p.m. From 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., they just sit down on their chair and listen to their lesson. There is no choice for them. They need to study subjects that the government designated to study. There are some reasons that why students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school.
    First of all, learning about subjects that they are interested in is helpful for development of the nation. For example, some students might don’t like to study math and prefer to study English instead. In this case, learning more about English than math is a good idea for them. Because if they study English more, they can develop their skills of language and can find their career while studying this. By finding their job that they like, they can produce efficient work force which is helpful for development of the nation.
    In addition, teachers can have discretionary power. When students are in class that they don’t like, they just fall asleep or even ignore their teachers. However, if they can choose subjects that they like, they will pay attention to their teachers and try to participate with passion. Then, teachers will give lesson more eagerly. As a result, the educational system will be operated actively.
    Like these, various choices for students are important for their development and future. Listening to students’ courses with autonomy will be helpful for their school and even their nation.

  16. thebear03or04 permalink
    April 4, 2017 1:42 am

    What do you think about whether the education is a right or a duty? This question perhaps can be a root of our argument about choice of subject in school.
    If you regard an education as a duty, you can say that it is not proper to provide option of subjects to students. Korea defined educational duty on Constitution for national and according to this, we got compulsory education since we are 8 years old in Korean age. People who are on this view could argue that if we have no compulsory education and allow student’s free will for study, it can breed unbalanced education and it would be damage for nation. They also question to us that we clearly believe student’s choice or not because they are not a grown adult. Realistically, moreover, we cannot support all schoolboys’ select due to the cost.
    I agree to their demand about obligatory education for least education. However, I think after that period we have to give children to be educated on their own will. Education is our right prior to duty, so we have to respect child’s willing. Furthermore, we can improve ourselves through this. Our world is so competitive and hard to survive if you are same as the others. We need to specialize ourselves and this right to choose their curriculum would be useful for preparing individualizing. Finally, as the child grows up, they need sense of responsibility for themselves. Choosing own subjects, they can raise their responsibility and self.

  17. ade permalink
    April 4, 2017 2:24 am

    I think students and their parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school, especially at university since they have basic educations at high school. I believe high school is where students can get basic educations overall fields such as History, Science, Math, language, and etc. After these basic educations, the students would know what they want to learn deeply at university. Then it will lead them to choosing their schedule by themselves accroding to their own interests.

    I believe students finished their basic educations at high school, so it’s time to choose their own subjects by their desires at university. University provide higher quality of education so students can learn anything they want more deeply. It is really important to know what does student want to learn and to choose subjects according to the student’s decision.

    A student can learn more when he or she learns about something he or she is interested in. For example, I like to learn language or cooking, then I don’t sleep during the class but I can more focuse on the class. Also I don’t feel bored if I learn something interesting for me and even I do my homework, I can have more effective result if I take an interesting class. I believe it is same for everyone. We go to university for better education condition, and to learn what we want to learn more deeply. It is university student’s right to choose subjects what he or she wants to take for him or her self. Also we can save our time by learning what we feel we really need to learn instead of taking every classes including those subjects that we feel unnecessry for ourselves. We can spend those saved time for learning something that we really want to learn.

  18. CSH permalink
    April 4, 2017 2:41 am

    I think students and parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. We all came KyungHee university for learning some more detail things. Certainly, we can gain many things when we take the classes.
    First, we can think of various kinds of thoughts through many subjects. We learn Korean, Math, English, and so on. Students in school not just sit at a desk and study hard. We discuss in group and do many activities for learning more deeply. So it is not such a boring studying. We can learn a lot of things in integrated way. When we study, learning from learning may help others. Maybe it will be an interactive way. We could have a fusion thinking.
    Second, students can study the all subjects when we take classes in school. We can learn not just for only one subject, we have to learn every subjects. So we can study without prejudice to our favorite subjects. In short, we can study well-balanced studies.
    Third, the most of students don’t have an obvious dream in their future. We can’t experience a lot of work when we are student. So subjects which study at school can guide us into our goal. We can think our dream or find our way. Studying in school gives us a sense in direction in life.
    For these reasons, I agree with allowing the topic. I believe there is a reason for the fundamental rule. Therefore, I think the curriculum of school will help us to live well.

  19. david permalink
    April 4, 2017 10:15 am

    I think students and parents should be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school. In Korea, curriculum is so rigidity. Therefore, Korea students should follow what the Education Ministry designated. Of course there is merit when we follow fixed curriculum such as expediency of comparing students. But, as you know, we can not claim this is real education. It is just for accomplished generation, not for students. So, in Korea, many students don’t know purpose of studying and they are just wandering in rigid curriculum. Therefore, if we want to say our education is just for student, first we should make curriculum adaptable.

    From now on, I will tell you about the reasons why students and parents should be allowed choose which subjects they study at school. First, when we choose adaptable curriculum many students can know what their talent is and what is their excitement of study. When we see students in school where use a rigid curriculum, many students are just sitting on a chair and are sleeping or they do not hear teacher’s speech. I think that cause is not from student, just from method of education. Originally, people do not have interest what they do not excited. So making flexible curriculum, we can solve this problem. Obviously, in flexible curriculum, there are a lot of subjects. And students can choose what want to hear or what they think which subject is excited. Form this, student can easily find their dream or what their talent is.

    Second, we can make student’s stress reduced. Lot’s of student get stressed when they study in school where follows fixed curriculum. In Korea, they believe getting a high score can make our life flourish. Therefore, many students are competitive. Because they should follow same subject, same test and same activity in rigid curriculum. Therefore, this makes student stressful and some students lose excitement of studying. But in adaptable curriculum, all students do not get same subject, test and activity. So, we can reduce competition from students. And students study their subject for their own

  20. ohyeah permalink
    April 4, 2017 11:06 am

    I agree with the idea that we should choose the subjects to study. Here is three reasons supporting my idea.

    At first, Adults says that we should study autonomically, not by force. But if students are studying a subject what they don’t want, isn’t it is force? Studying a subject just because someone said to do loses the autonomy. As the students are the subject of study, they have to be the subject who decide the subject to study.

    Secondly, Korean students are suffering an exessive stress when they study. I think this problem occurs because they are studying what they don’t like. In my case, when i was high school student, I was interested in English and Art. I enjoyed them but i got a lot of stress in the Math and P.E class because i was not interested in them. According to the WHO, Korea’s suicide rate of student is the highest among OECD members. To relieve students’ stress, we have to protect their right to study what they want.

    Finally, to study a subject that is fixed by someone cannot lead a genuine study. I think genuine study is to study the field that we are interested in. It can motivate us to study and progress of that field.

  21. hyedamkim permalink
    April 4, 2017 11:25 am

    I think we can choose which subjects they study formally. Contrary to the past, students are permitted to choose liberal arts or natural sciences when they be high school students. Also, almost high school introduce ‘choosing class’ that students can make their schedule applying for classes they want to study in vacation. However, there are many problems.
    First, if we choose liberal arts or natural sciences, we can’t have a chance of study opposite subjects. Of course liberal arts students should have classes of science and natural sciences students also learn social studies. But these classes are time that we can study we want to learn for exam in high school. We just choose liberal arts because we prefer literature, social studies to math, sciences. We don’t hate opposite studies. This is applied to natural sciences students equally.
    Second, ‘choosing class’ can’t reflect all student’s interest. Especially, in high school, ‘choosing class’ focus on system of an entrance examination, so we are received restricted classes. For example, my high school opened language, math, english, exploratory subjects and badminton classes, and especially math and english classes were most much opened because these subjects are important to system of an entrance examination. As a result, we need to choose the subject that we need, not the subject that we want to hear. This is not practical freedom of choosing.
    The department of education just give us formal policy, so we should find practical solution.

  22. Otter22 permalink
    April 4, 2017 11:54 am

    I think students or parents should be allowed to choose what they or their children study at school. There are two reasons why I think like this.
    First of all, children have their own personality and illectual curiosity. Some children may want to study science, or some children may want to study philosophy. If school choose what children study at school, children can’t study what they want to learn.Then, children can easiely lose their desire to learn. Surely, some children don’t know whay they want to learn. At that time, parents should allow to choose what their children study.
    Secondery, when childern choose what they want to study, they can find where thier desire to learn is at. Many children don’t know what they want to read or what they need to study. One may well say so, but if school always choose what children will study, then children can’t find their aptitude. Also, when they choose to what they will study, they become to know well many subject. At that process, they can find their aptitude.
    However, there are subjects which they should study such as history or some language. Therefore, some subjects should be chose to study for children and other subjects should be chose to study by children on their own or their children.

  23. torimom permalink
    April 4, 2017 2:01 pm

    I think that students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school under a given condition.

    As there are some basic knowledge to learn, students are going to school. They should learn necessary knowledge from basic learning courses.

    However, after leaning a basic courses, students and their parents have the right to choose what they want to learn. Someone may want to be a lawyer in the future and someone may want to be a basketball prayer. I want to say that each individual’s needed educational courses may differ.

    And these differences make student differ person. So i think that students and their parents be allowed to choose which subjects they study at school.

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