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CRW1 Unit 4 Transport

April 11, 2017

What is the traffic situation like in your town or city? What suggestion would you recommend to reduce traffic congestion in your area?

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  1. dnedne913 permalink
    April 11, 2017 10:47 pm

    Busan is a metropolitan city, the subway is relatively well-developed compared to other regions nationwide. As the route is increasing, it is easy to go popular place in Busan by taking a subway. Because of this, people who come to Busan from other area for study or company can take this system conveniently. Due to such a system, the traffic in Busan
    Be comparatively well-developed. However, I think the bus system needs to be improved better than the subway. In the morning and evening during rush hour, the roads are extremely crowded, which means traffic is still congested. Therefore, I suggest two solutions for bus system and public transportations.
    First, there is a way that increases the number of bus routes and the number of direct buses in Busan. If people feel convenient to take the bus, there is no reason to use a car. There are many direct buses from other area to Busan, but the non-stop bus goes from Busan to Busan is remain undeveloped. People who work in Busan for long distance commute use cars rather than buses so traffic congestion is natural. Therefore, we need to increase the number of express buses in Busan.
    Second, I propose that public transportation must be more attractive. The subway station in Busan or the bus stop is relatively unclean. Public transportation sites must take remodeling and cleaning. Also, to reduce the thought of using cars, people who use public transportation
    should be given more economic and direct benefits such as tax cuts . A expansion of bus-only lanes are also used for the same reason.
    In conclusion, if we drive more public transportation by improving public transportation, we will naturally resolve the problem with confuse people by traffic congestion. This helps to become a more pleasant city.

    • JW2 permalink
      April 11, 2017 11:07 pm

      I go to school by bus and subway. When I ride the bus in the morning I was tied up in traffic for over one hour. I was often late to school due to the traffic congestion. It can be very stressful to be stuck in a traffic jam. Many people waste their time and get a stress because of traffic congestion. Also, it will take much more time and money to get their work or school because of heavy traffic. Traffic congestion is part of everyday life. Traffic congestion in big cities is a huge problem that we must solve. It is difficult to solve the traffic congestion problems in a short time. But we need to make various efforts.

      First we need to more use public transport. If we ride a bus or take subway at least one or two days a week, we would have far less traffic congestion. These days many people left their car and commute to work using subways and buses to reduce the traffic jam. But more and more people need to use public transport. The government also needs to finds ways of increasing the use of public transportation by the public.

      Second, building the road or bridge will help relieve traffic congestion. The increased car is causing traffic jams, so if we widening the road or building the road, it can be solve the traffic congestion. Also, underground roads can help ease traffic jams too.

      Third, government can charge about toll fees. The congestion pricing is one example. The congestion pricing is that specially charge in heavy traffic. Many countries like America, French have congestion pricing. It can increase the use of public transportation and can solve traffic jams.

      These solutions can help the traffic congestion. so we have to try to solve the traffic conjestion.

  2. jello2 permalink
    April 12, 2017 2:39 am

    Suwon is located in the center of the region, so it has an important role in traffic. Bus and subway routes are opening continously in every parts of the city, and it has traffic systems that can be reached to many other regions speedly. The best thing I like about Suwon’s traffic is nonstop bus service. There are lots of nonstop buses that is connected to many areas in Seoul, and office workers like to use them instead of taking their cars to their workplace. I can say that Suwon’s traffic situation is fair enough in leisure hours. But, congestion is serious in rush hours, so we need a good solution to solve the problem.
    Suggestion for this problem is first, we have to persuade people to use public transportation instead of using their cars. When people use public transportation regularly, benefits for them can be given such as discounts for using bus and subway. Also, if they use public transportation more than the appointed standard, supporting funds can be given to them. As well as persuading people, there is a way to restrict them not to use cars such as making a rule about what day of the week people can use their cars based on their license plate.
    The second suggestion is to analyse traffic statistics and increase buses in the direction where people visit frequently, and decrease buses where people doesn’t visit much. People are jammed in public transportation in rush hours, so it is very discomfortable for them to use bus and subways. Actually, there are lots of situations which people give up to take the bus or subway that arrived, but wait more to take the next one because there is no space for them to fit in. The second solution will prevent people from overflowing in transportations. Also, it can get rid of congestions which occurs from excessive buses.
    For the last, driveways for bicycles need to be developed more. There are driveways now too, but they are very narrow and not comfortable, so people have difficulties riding bicycles. In Japan, most people favor riding bicycles and the system is made suitable for them. So Suwon needs to change the road problems so that people don’t have difficuty riding bicycles.

  3. ade permalink
    April 12, 2017 1:08 pm

    Daejeon is my hometown where there is not so much traffic jam but during rush hour. There are not so many cars in Daejeon compare to Seoul. So the traffic jam is not a serious problem in Daejeon, but the traffic jam is pretty intense during the rush hour. Transport system in Daejeon is well developed, especially the bus system. People basically can go everywhere in Daejeon by riding the public bus. It would be perfect if the subway system gets better because the subway in Daejeon is too simple compare to the bus since there is only one subway line. Although there is not much traffic congestion in Daejeon, there is still pretty intense traffic congestion during the rush hour.Therefore, I will write about some suggestions that would help reducing traffic congestion in Daejeon.
    First, to reduce traffic congestion in Daejeon, I would say that the city should build more subway lines. As I said before, there is only one subway line in Daejeon, so people can’t go anywhere by subway. Although, the bus system is well develped, it can’t avoid traffic congestion druing the rush hour, but the subway is a transport system that doesn’t get bothered by traffic jam since it works through underground. It’s going to be really comfortable for people if there would be more subway lines in Daejeon without getting stressed by traffic congestion.
    Second suggestion is advertising more about the advantage of walkig and riding bicycle, encouraging people to walk and to ride bicycles, and make a “license plate days”. Eveyone knows that walking and riding a bicycle is good for health and even for the environment but people doesn’t really practice them because riding a car is way comfortable for them. Therefore, the city should make a good and effective advertise that emphasis the advantage of walking and riding a bicyle.
    In addition, making a program that would encourage people to walk and to ride a bicycle is also a good suggestion. The program would be like setting a or couple of days in a week that make people not to ride their own car depending on their license plate number. For example, on Mondays, people who has 1,2,3,4 on their license plate can’t drive their cars, if they do, they should pay more fuel fee or tollgate fee on Mondays. Since there is light punishment for driving cars on the set days, there must be some light reward for them such as people can get discount for public transport system if they use transport system on their license plate days.

  4. baskinrobbins permalink
    April 12, 2017 4:00 pm

    When I was live in Seoul, there was always a heavy traffic jam. Especially on a weekend afternoon, too many cars were on the road. Because of this traffic jam, the air of Seoul was very bad. So when I move to Anyang, I thought there will be no traffic jam at least in Anyang. However, since my high school was in Gwacheon which is right next to Anyang, I had to go to school by bus every morning. Since Gwacheon is next to Seoul, many cars are crowded in Gwacheon in lush hour. So I had to get up earlier than ususal to get on bus before the lush hour. Therefore we can say that both Anyang and Gwacheon have a bad traffic jam.
    To solve this kind of traffic conjestion, government suggested many solutions. For example, building more roads and bridges was thought to be solve traffic conjestion. However, building more bridges or tunnels is not a specific solution. It just makes problems more serious. If there are many roads, there will be many cars also which means serious pollution. Threrefore, I would like to recommend some solutions to solve these problems.
    First, the government can impose more tax on fuel. In Korea, the price of fuel is not that much high. So people have little burden of paying for this. Therefore, people drive cars to the place that is not that much far from their location. If the government impose more tax on fuel than usual, people will refrain driving if their destination is close from them.
    Also, we need to use more public transportaion. For example, we can use bus and subway. But in lush hour, it’s hard to get on this public station on time. So government have to allocate more public transportation system. Then the public transportation can accommodate more people.
    At last, the government have to raise the level of difficulty of driver’s license. In Korea, it’s too easy for people to get a driver’s license. They just need to study little bit, and have a test. Most of people can get a driver’s license in just one time. Since it’s too easy to get driver’s license, many people buy their cars and ride on them. But as they are not skilled well at driving, they make many car accidents especially in lush hour when many cars are crowded. So if the government raise the level of diffculty of dirver’s license, only some of people can get this and there will be less cars on roads.
    There are more solution including these opinions. However what’s important is the cooperation of the citizens and the government. If they don’t communicate much, problems of traffic will not be solved forever.

  5. fence permalink
    April 12, 2017 10:09 pm

    I’m living in Yongin, but I’ll talk about Gwangju, Gyeonggi. My highschool was in there and I lived in dormitory for 3 years, so it is same as I lived in Gwangju for 3 years. In those days, I felt that Gwangju’s traffic is so terrible. When I took a bus and passed by downtown, I always suffered traffic jam so l had to prepared earlier to arrive on time. I think the first reason why these are it’s roads are too narrow to handle the volume of traffic. There are only two-lane road but a settled population is too large and downtown is so small. Also, roads are so complex, cars get tangled each other.

    To solve these problems, I think goverment should reform the traffic system. In the past, it was one-way passing, so traffic congestion was less than now. Therefore, they should change road systems in its original conditions. Also, in the downtown there is few traffic lights, people jaywalking too much. I think it is another reason that cause traffic jam. So, making more traffic light on the roads can reduce traffic jam. Finally, buses routes shoulg be readjust. Buses get a large share of Gwangju’s traffic congestion because bus stops are in the center of congestion. Now I go Gwangju not very often, but l hope its traffic condition will be develop.

  6. LOTBS permalink
    April 12, 2017 10:34 pm

    Commonly throughout Korea, the traffic situation is either two of them. Roads full of cars or empty roads that people don’t use. So, I can conclude it is biased. The city I am living is Suwon, the place where many people live, but have quite better situation than Seoul. The reason will be that many people living in Suwon commute to Seoul. If we see the reason why Seoul has severe congestion is that Seoul is the arrival for commuters. Most of the big companies and meetings are held in capital for accessibility. However in Suwon, there is Donut effect, which is the phenomenon of being blank during the working time, due to the temporary movement to the companies. So, this effect results in two problems.
    First, the Bottle neck effect appears. During the movement of commuters, Suwon, the passage to Seoul get too dense that the traffic jams are resulted. The passage is limited space and road, but the more and more people prefer to get jobs in Seoul, which leads to more severe Bottle Neck effect.

    Second, Donut effect. In the time when young and economically independent people goes to work, the place where people who doesn’t go for big cities can’t get consumers. People who works and use money goes to the other city and consume, so it cause the economically partial, the imbalance in regional economy. Because Suwon is well-known for the place to sleep and place close to Seoul, I think the vacant situation that happens every day will affects seriously.

    For solving this there must be two major resolution.
    First, there needs to be movement of companies. Like the university owned by Samsung, which is Sung-kyun-kwan University, moved to Suwon, the company owned by big companies can relocate then the commuters don’t need to get out of the place they sleep and live.
    Second, for promoting citizens to use more transportation, Suwon require more convenient and affordable size of transit system. Due to the great number of people moving, everyday subway is becoming the ‘hell gate.’ So, if those transportation gets more affordable with the large population moving, I think more people will use public transportation and it will lead to better traffic situation.

    Also as I am a citizen living in Suwon, I hope there are many subways that has a little allocation interval. Thank you.

  7. Lemon permalink
    April 12, 2017 11:31 pm

    I live in Ilsan which is in Gyeonggi-do. Ilsan is a new town which has lots of population. So I can see frequently traffic congestion in my town because of many people. Especially, I can see this traffic situation when people’s commuting time. I will tell you specific time. In the morning, many people go to school or company. So maybe I think that the time of morning traffic jam is from six a.m to nine a.m. And in the evening, many people come back to their home again to rest and prepare their next day. So there also has traffic jam in the evening. I think that the time of evening traffic congestion is from six p.m to eight p.m. And the subway is also crowded with people going their destination such as school, company and home. But excepting this time, my town become a little quiet and peace come to my town.

    Then I think that people who live in my city and GyeongGi-Do Provincial Government can do something to reduce traffic congestion in my city. So then, what are we going to do to reduce traffic jam? I personally think that there are four solutions to decrease this traffic situation. First, government provide bicycle which can be borrowed to the public for free. Then many people go to their destination using public bicycle to save their money. Second, government make restricted areas which can’t enter cars during rush hour. Then many people think that if they bring their cars when they go to their destination, they know it must have traffic congestion because of restricted areas. So many people use public transportation when they go to somewhere. Then the situation of traffic jam is much less than before. Third, Company and School have to prepare a large-sized bus to use commuting for their many employees and students. Then they are very happy to come their company and school and also save their transportation fee. Furthermore, traffic congestion is much less than before. And Fourth, government have to reduce or support the fee of public transport. Then many people will use public transportation to save their money. And I think that naturally traffic congestion can never happen again.

    I argue that if these four solutions take effect, the situation of traffic congestion will get any better. Thank you for reading my writing.

  8. aeria22 permalink
    April 12, 2017 11:37 pm

    Incheon is my hometown. I have lived there for 21 years, so I know very well about its traffic conditions including even bus service routes. First of all, Incheon is located around the capital area, and it results in a lot of traffic jams. There are seven subway lines, more than two hundred bus service routes, and international and domestic flights. People often use subways and buses, so they are very important parts of traffic networks in Incheon. Surely public transportation in Incheon is very good, so there is no place we can’t reach through using it. However, many cars and buses on the road during the morning/evening rush hour because of doughnut pattern, and it seems the most serious problem to use traffic mean. To reduce traffic congestion, Incheon plan some campaigns like Car Free Day, but it seems that its effect is so temporary. I will argue that Incheon should introduce forced Number-Based License Plate Rationing in this essay.
    Most people answer to a question how to reduce traffic jams that we can do it by using more public transportation and making bus-only lanes. But it does not make sense in case of my hometown because many people already use it so briskly and there is a well-kept policy about the bus-only lanes. It seems that we need some other alternatives, and I think the answer is the forced Number-Based License Plate Rationing System. It means stopping people from driving cars by relating date and the last number of license plate. For example, if you have number five in your last number of license plate, you can’t drive your car on the fifth, the 15th, and the 25th of this month and somebody who does not follow this rule has to pay a fine. There are too many cars on the road despite some traffic policies, and now we need some other transportation policies. I definitely agree an idea that we need to introduce some more specific policies about that system. It is already on the way for events, but I think it should be forceful. If that were to happen, it seems that cars on the roads will shrink markedly.

  9. wgcc permalink
    April 12, 2017 11:46 pm

    When I was young, I lived in Hwacheon in Gangwon-do. Hwacheon is surrounded by mountain and in the middle of the town, north Han river flows peacefully. Also, cars could not go around the elementary school, so almost all students went to school by walk. So, I could not imagine any traffic congestion in daily life.

    When I became a middle school student, our family moved to Chuncheon, which is the biggest city in Gangwon-do for educational problem. Chuncehon is a tourist attraction famous for its beautiful nature. The terrain is similar with Hwacheon, but there are more facilities to enjoy the nature. It takes about an hour to Chuncheon from Seoul through expressway or ITX train. So, more people than before come to Chuncheon. Especially in spring, many tourists come to Chuncheon, so some regions near with tourist affections are overcrowded with cars and people. In off-season, like other cities, there is traffic congestion in rush hour.

    I suggest vitalization of public transportation (Bus). Now, too long allocation Interval of buses is a major problem. If I miss bus, then I have to wait at least 20 minutes or more. Many users don’t wait for next bus, so usually they take taxis. In addition,
    routes of buses are not efficient. It takes 50 minutes to go somewhere but if I drive a car, it takes only 20 minutes. Bus company is operated by private operators, so it is not easy to solve problems without any profit for the company. So, local government of Chuncheon should try to cooperate with them. If the problems are solved, traffic congestion in rush hour will be solved naturally.

  10. CSH permalink
    April 12, 2017 11:52 pm

    These days, there are too many cars in the road. Actually, there was not much traffic congestion before. After the Industrial Revolution happened, cars were produced. My hometown is Busan. Busan is famous for a vacation spot. Many people visit Busan for rest and play with their family and friends. So traffic congestion is bumper-to-bumper around my neighborhood.
    As these happen, there are many problems. Firstly, it needs much time to get the destination. An oil is even consumed while car stops. This energy and time are unnecessary. Secondly, we are caught of roads and parking. The more cars increase, the more roads and parking need. However, the speed of increasing cars is too fast. There are too many illegal parking. So we need to hurry up and solve these problems.
    I will suggest three solutions to solve the problems. Firstly, government executed the system called “a car rule of day of the week”. It is the rule that the car can’t work on settled day of the week. This is managed by registering online. However, many people don’t participate it. Government should encourage to people who join this program such as tax cut, free of tollgate fee and etc. Secondly, we have to encourage to ride a public transportation. Now, the charge of public transportation is too high. We should bring down the fee. Government should be burdened it by using tax. Third, it is a good idea that the government impose tax to the cars which go the limit. This means that government should set the standard ‘KM’ to every cars they can move. Drivers should drive in their limitation. If they have to go to far, they should submit an application for extension.
    I think these enforcement will play a good role to reduce traffic congestion. Of course, the government should help to work well, our effort also needs to do these plans. We should take the public transportation more than the cars. I recommend everyone to walk if you can go on foot.

  11. April 12, 2017 11:57 pm

    The city that I live has subway and bus. Also, my city has taxi station. In my city, there are six buses, including town bus. Although there are no many buses, we use this, well. And when people go to other cities, they use that public transports. Also, people always use buses and subway than taxi because of cost. Actually, my city has fewer resident populations and floating populations than other main area. In this reason, my city doesn’t have traffic congestion. However, because there are no bus and subway at night, citizen doesn’t go to other cities or come to my city late.

    To solve my city’s traffic problem, I suggest extending the operation time of bus and subway. Some people work at their company till late, but at night, there are no bus and subway. Because of short operation time, people that work late or come my city and go to another city should have a car. So, to help resident and floating populations’ convenience, my city’s bus and subway should extend the operation time.

    And in traffic congestion – actually my city doesn’t have it, I recommend that government execute the ‘double shift’. ‘Double shift’ is a system that decides to drive a car by car number. For example, if today is even number day, only even car number can drive. And if today is the odd number day, only odd car number can drive. This system can reduce the number of car and traffic congestion.

    Lastly, I hope that Korean prefer public transport than their own car because of environmental pollution like global warming. Also, I will have an effort to protect the environment. Thanks.

  12. thebear03or04 permalink
    April 13, 2017 1:36 am

    In my opinion, Suwon has two main traffic problems; the one is commuting from Suwon to Seoul, and the other is extreme traffic congestion at some main places.
    Suwon has been a satellite city for several decades ago, so there are lots of commuters who oscillate from Suwon to Seoul every morning. Thus, the government has needs to build roads between two cities and public traffic system. What has been developed as a result of these commuting is various red buses and M-buses. Therefore, these buses are serviced frequently especially for rush hours and allowed to use bus-only lane on expressway for quick rotation of commuters.
    Suwon has several main streets; Suwon Station, Ajou University, Ingye-dong, South Gate of Hwaseong and etc. As a sequence, those spots are always crowded with people and cars. We cannot take sights of secluded mood at there. I guess that government may struggle in order to clear it up with diverse ways; traffic police arranging the road with whistle and red-light bar, infrastructures as pedestrian overpass or underground passage to help passerby rotates well. However, it seems not to be quite practical to figure out traffic dilemmas.
    I could suggest to increase public transportation more and constructs elevated or underground roads for vehicles. First, if the government offers more convenient and low-priced public traffic facilities, people would gladly do not use personal transports but take public transportations well. It would decrease transmit congestion between individual vehicles and lead civic-dimensional pleasure. Nevertheless little ownership to private automobiles, for people obliged to take their own autos, the government should endeavor to clean the roads up. Already installed roads cannot be pulled out due to financial questions, so it is faster dealing with to take the approach of erecting new one, rather than plowing all over. We can pile the overpasses up or dig underpasses down as the way of new construction. Regardless of the level of structure, the government should attempt to clarify the traffic troubles in Suwon.

  13. ohyeah permalink
    April 13, 2017 1:54 am

    Before starting this essay, I’m going to tell my experience. When I went to a university in Seoul to have a writing test for entrance, i used a bus which goes through a highway. I departed more earlier than it takes, but the road was clogged. So I came close to be late. The stress I felt in this situation is indescribable. Like this case, many people suffer inconvenience due to traffic situation. The traffic congestion occurs because of too many cars flocking onto the roadway. In this situation, unexpected car accident can occur and cause more worsened situation. The traffic congestion also usually occurs in my city in rush hour.

    To reduce this congestion, we have to encourage people to use public transportation. People think it is more convenient to use their own car when moving closer to their destination. So we have to make more buses which goes into alley. Secondly, we can make more bicycle rental station in accessible location. It might be faster to ride bicycle than waiting in the road. So we have encourage people to ride bicycle. Thirdly, most traffic congestion occurs in rush hour. So the company should encourage people to use public transportation and bicycle by offering them a public transportation ticket and support fund. The traffic congestion cannot be improved by individuals. Government, corporations and individuals have to try with one accord.

  14. SEOUL permalink
    April 13, 2017 2:01 am

    In Seoul, the capital City of Korea, lives over one fifth of the entire population of Korea. This means that the city is very densely populated. This had eventually led to a huge number of car owners, and naturally the traffic congestion is extremely severe. It is extreme all-time, but it is especially intense during rush hours. In places like Gangnam, where the traffic jam is considered to be the most severe, it takes people more than an hour to get back home. Bigger problem is that this traffic problem is very hard to resolve. It’s because it’s not only the roads that are suffering but also other transportations. For instance, the subway get extremely crowded during rush hours as well. People have to cram into the subway and gets barely enough space to stand up comfortably.
    How could we solve the problem? It’s probably the best to have people uses buses more than their cars. To do this, the government can set up certain rules. Chinese government has set up a law concerning the use of private cars. In China, one can only ride their private car once every two days. This is because each day in China, only the cars with either odd number or even number can be riden. For instance, if on monday only the cars that’s last digit is odd number can be running, then on tuesday, it’s only the cars with even numbers. Such rules can reduce the amount of cars that is running around the city each day. Therefore, it depends on the government whether the traffic jam is going to be better or not.

  15. Dolce permalink
    April 13, 2017 7:20 am

    I think the public transportation system in Suwon is very well-organized. Especially, the subway is connected to several areas. Therefore if you take the subway, you can go everywhere you want. Also, there are many bus stops so it is convenient to get on a bus. One of the best aspects of Suwon’s traffic is that there are many ways to Seoul, which is the center of transportation. However, in the morning and evening during rush hour, we can’t avoid traffic jams because there are so many cars. Traffic congestion pollutes environment, wastes fuel and makes drivers get stressed. To solve this serious traffic congestion in Suwon, I suggest three ways.

    First, people should use public transportation voluntarily instead of their own car. Also, they should walk or ride a bicycle when they go nearby. The city hall has to benefit people who frequently use public transportation or walk or ride a bicycle and encourage them to use it more.

    Second, most traffic jams occur because of a traffic signal. Therefore, the government needs to get rid of unnecessary traffic lights and increase the number of express buses or nonstop buses. It’s also a good idea to construct tunnels and bridges. Also, illegal parking or stop cause terrible damage to traffic cycles. Therefore, the city hall should restrict illegal parking or stop and create more parking spaces.

    Third, the government should reinforce the policy ‘the 10th-day-no-driving system’ which is currently being implemented. It is a system that limits driving if the end of the vehicle number is equal to the end of the date. For example, if your car number is 1234, you can’t drive that car on fourth, fourteenth and twenty-fourth. This policy is currently being implemented in voluntary participation by the public so it is poorly conducted. Therefore, the government has to execute this policy powerfully. If a person who should not drive drives a car, the government should pay him or her a fine.

    To solve traffic congestion in this way can reduce air pollution, save resources, and prevent drivers from getting stressed out.

  16. david permalink
    April 13, 2017 9:30 am

    I live in BUNDANG where is good at smooth transportation. In this city, main transportation is bus and subway. In terms of bus there are downtown bus and general bus. Downtown bus just roams in downtown. Therefore, the cost for using that bus is cheaper than general bus about 300~400won. And this is the only merit that this bus has. However, many people use this bus. So, there are a lot of people when we use this in rush hour. So, we can’t sit freely in that time and we have to be stand in stiffen. But, In terms of general bus such as 57bus, 200bus(green bus) and over 1000 bus(red bus), they move much farther than downtown bus. And the red bus moves much farther than the green bus. For example, the red bus move city to another city such as SEONGNAM to SEOUL. So, the cost of using the red bus(over 2000won) is almost two times expensive than the green bus(1250won).

    These buses have a good system which is good for taking a bus to another bus. We call this system transfer institution. In Korea, most of companies are located in SEOUL of which real estate is very expensive. So, many people can’t live in there because of money. So, they live in bed town such as SUWON, SEONG NAM etc. so, we need to use 2 or 3 transportation to go company. If there were no transfer institution, we would need a lot of money. However, we just can get the transfer discount. So, We need one and a half transportation cost and this can be connected with subway such as bus to subway and subway to bus. This system was started by MB government. And I think this the only thing that he did well.

    In my city, there has good transportation system or tunnels or much transportation. But, BUNDANG is main city for moving to SEOUL. So, a lot of cars which are for going to SEOUL, delivery are using this road or tunnels. So, sometimes we have to wait for two times for one traffic light. Therefore, traffic congestion is happened. Actually, we have a lot of solutions to solve this problem such as extending the road, encouraging public transportation or bicycle etc. But, I think these are not ground solutions. I once read the book which explains about extending the road for solving traffic jam. In there, extending the road make the car’s demand high. Because, the cars which are running fast on the road make people encourage buying personal car. So, traffic jam will be occurred soon. And transportation is already full of people in rush hour. So, I can’t recommend using subway. The essential solution is lowering the depending level of SEOUL. In Korea, 120,000,00 people lives In SEOUL and people who live in SEOUL metropolitan region are going SEOUL for universities or jobs. So, traffic jams is generate for that reason. Therefore, next term government should think about how to make other cities independent from SEOUL..

  17. Dal permalink
    April 13, 2017 9:59 am

    I live in Suji, Yong-in. Traffic of my town has good network. There are many transports to carry people, like subway, bus, taxi, bicycle and walking. I can go Gang-nam, Seoul in 25 minute by taking subway. It means that location of my town is near to the metropolis.
    My town, however, has dilemma in traffic. Suji is the typical example of thoughtless development. People are crowded in the city of Yong-in, and many construction firm tried to build apartment as many as they can. The matter is not ‘build apartment’, but ‘build apartment without thinking’ is the matter. Because of the thoughtless development, the road is not secured. Roads are not systemic.
    To solve this problem, the roads have to be re-paved. Beside my pre-living apartment, traffic conjunction always happened in the early morning. The road is in the important location which connect Suwon and Yong-in. Therefore, city tried to re-pave the road and extend the width of it. Now, the road has no traffic conjunction.

  18. ELLA permalink
    April 13, 2017 10:39 am

    My town Suwon has very convenient transport. We have two subway line – line 1 and line Bundang. Subway stations have good accessibility. You can take subway to move another location or move in Suwon.
    Bus is a good transport to move around Suwon. There are many red buses go to Seoul or other cities. A double-decker bus appeared few months ago. Also you can take fast buses at Suwon terminal.

     Suwon have several conjested spots that jobs are gathered. They always have lots of traffic. At commute time, it takes about double to get destination everywhere in Suwon. So I suggest two ways to reduce traffic jam. First one is increasing elevated roads. It will help traffic to be distributed. Second is promoting to use public transport. Increasing popular buses, subway and double-decker bus will help decrease traffic by taking more people at public transport. Making more benefits to use commutation ticket and advertising that is one way too.

  19. hyedamkim permalink
    April 13, 2017 10:41 am

    During rush hours, we can easily see endless streams of car in road. Because of development of technology and economic growth of family, almost people who live in city can get their own car. In recently, families that possess several cars are increasing steadily, so many people in city have tendency to ride cars to go to anywhere. As a result, traffic congestion become severe because of too many cars. Also, I think that fee of public transports is expensive and we can’t use public transports at dawn or at night, so we can feel uncomfortable about them.

    I think that we can solve traffic congestion in our city to introduce several policy. First, we should improve ‘vehicle day schedule policy’ that use public transports instead of our cars on designed days. Now, we execute this policy in particular city as a personal choice and driver who execute this policy can be entitled to a tax reduction. I support that this policy is implemented in all city and government should offer a higher discount rate for people who choice it. Second, government need to make ‘reduction fee of public transport’ to activate using of public transport like bus and subway. If we don’t use cars, we need to ride bus or subway several times in day so transportation fee can bear a burden. So I support that ‘reduction fee of public transport’ policy need to solve traffic congestion. Finally, ‘lending bicycle’ policy should implement in various areas. We can lend bicycle recently, but the rental shop is very limited. If bicycle rental shop is increased, people who use bicycle instead of their cars also are increased.

    I believe that we can solve traffic congestion as soon as possible by introducing various policies.

  20. future301 permalink
    April 13, 2017 11:26 am

    I live in Seoul, and there are many transportations move across Seoul. There are many bus and subway stations, cheaper than other cities. Two most used transportations are buses and subways, because they are the easiest way to approach. Usually people choose subways to travel fast, but some people prefer buses because they don’t need to walk stairs to take them, and some special buses are faster than subways. Also, here are bus-only ways not to be locked in the traffic jam.
    Driving at Seoul with automobile needs patience: there are many traffic signals and speed limited ways. Some five-way intersections such as SinSeol-Dong intersection are always congested, with many accidents. And in rush hour many major roads such as in Jongno, and Jamsil are extremely locked. So there are many arterial roads, such as Eastern, Southern, Western and Nothern arterial road. It is much faster than driving in cities, but sometimes there are traffic jams. So many people prefer buying navigating system with a function of searching current traffic states.
    I think roads with many intersections should be reformed. I often pass through Sinseol-Dong intersection with bus and there are under subway construction so it is extremely annoying to wait green signals. This affects to other major roads such as Chyeongnyangni and Jongno so it is seriously needed to reform signal systems of there. Also, raising in the number of public transportations and accessibility to them are needed. In rush hour, all transportations are filled with humans, it is so exhausting. If the number of subways and buses is raised, people using automobiles will choose to use public transportations more, and there will be less congestion in the road.
    I am not well-informed in transportations, so I hope to learn a lot about solutions of traffic congestions.

  21. Otter22 permalink
    April 13, 2017 12:02 pm

    I live in Suwon now. In our town, traffic situation is pretty good. We have subway station and many bus stop. Even, in suwon subway station, there are ktx. Therefore, it is easy to go to far from suwon such as busan, daegu and so on. However, when we use our own car, we consume so much time sometimes. Franklly speaking, in Korea there are too much cars. As a result, there are traffic congestion frequently. We need to get a resolution.
    There are many ways to solve traffic congestion. For example, we build more roads, limit people to use cars and widen the road. But some solutios will make people feel uncomfortable. Only building more roads will make people feel satisfied. But, if we make more roads, there are many cars on road. We can cause envirnmental problem. We need to solve this envirnmental problem gradually. Primary problem is traffic congestion.

  22. Salmon permalink
    April 13, 2017 5:57 pm

    My hometown, Seoul, is the center of transportation. Many cars are always crowded with traffic jams. It shows the lives of a busy modern person and shows the characteristics of Seoul. So is there any way to quiet down the busy roads?
    I recommend the strengthening of public transportation. There will be many ways to reduce traffic congestion, such as car obligations. However, the actual effect of these measures is marginal. People who follow the rules are subtly avoiding and always standing on the road. Public transportation will not completely eliminate traffic congestion, either. However, it will be the most effective of many ways.
    First ,currently, most roads have only one lanes for buses. We need to increase this to two. We should make people prefer buses to cars by increasing the smoothness of the bus movement. Furthermore, increasing the number of bus lanes will reduce one lane of traffic in general. This will soon lower the speed of the general line. Some might argue that changing lanes in the country could infringe on the principle of privacy freedom. But I don’t think that the public benefit from changing lanes is much more problematic than the amount of privacy that is being compromised.
    Secondly, it is the speed problem of the subway. Now we can see that the subways are well established in each region. So, it is not a problem for the subway accessibility because it is continuing to build subway stations in some parts of the country. However, the subway lines speed vary depending on the line. In other words, subway lines, like Line 1, are slower than the ones that are not long after Line 9. This should be improved. Of course, speeding up speed is not a problem that can be solved easily. We may need to create a new subway station. Or maybe we need to break through a new road. In the long run, however, the improvements in public transportation will greatly increase public transportation preferences, which will eventually result in greater value than those invested in these areas.
    Once again, the enhancement of public transportation is the best solution for the traffic jam.

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