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CRW2 Unit 4 Risk

April 13, 2017

The homework question, due before Tuesday’s class, is as follows:

Are you a risk taker or are you risk-averse?

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  1. HunHun permalink
    April 14, 2017 5:58 pm

    I’m a risk taker, because I do not know what is my goal in life, I do not know what should I do,when I am young. I just want to take a look at the world and all the people in this world. I just want to visit new places, understand what I did not understand. I just want to experience anything which I had never experienced. Maybe I will know more about me through these experience. And I want to find myself, realize my value and really interested in something.

    I am afraid of constant life. Even if I know that I should settle down and have a family sooner or later. But I want to enjoy myself before I settled down, then after the adventurous life, I could really lives a very quiet and peaceful life. If I didn’t do it, the adventure heart will always keep stirring.
    If we do not take risks and experience when we are young, what time do we have to wait?

  2. 131723 permalink
    April 15, 2017 5:28 pm

    I am risk-averse for some reasons. First of all, I feel very nervous when I am in thrilling situations. I don’t enjoy thrilling things, such as roller coaster, skydiving and driving fast car. Because they only make me afraid of being hurt or die and I can not feel any good from them. Biologically, people’s bodies generate adrenalines and endorphins when they experience thrilling situation. These chemicals affect their bodies in beneficial ways like reducing pain and making feel good. However, I can not take those advantages and I am just very nervous and scared. I think the ratio of good feelings and anxiety varies from each person and I am the one who feel anxious mostly.

    Other reason is that I don’t want to be a victim of any accident. If I enjoy dangerous things, the possibilities of meeting with an accident would be increased. An accident will absorb lots of things from me. For example, if I am hart from an accident, I should have my injury treated and it would take time, money, and happiness from me. To live happy and healthy life, it is necessary for me to avoid risky things.

    For those reasons, I am risk-averse person, and I think it is important to be careful in all circumstance. There are lots of risky things in our everyday life such as running fast cars and unsafely designed buildings. For proper response to those risks, governments should thoroughly conduct safety educations and individuals should abide by them.

  3. April 15, 2017 7:44 pm

    Someone might really a risk taker but for me, it is half. However, I am a risk taker especially in the area that I have interest. I do not afraid to take a risk to achieve what I want. There are two episodes that I can explain how I took a risk.

    Firstly, I tried a bungee jump When I went to Newzealand. I saw an article that bungee jump is one of the must-do things in New Zealand. I visited Queenstown where the first start region of the bungee jump in the world. It was quite expensive and seems dangerous because staffs only tied ankle for the safety equipment. However, I decided to do because I might regret if I did not challenge it. It was the bravest thing that I did the thorough in whole my life.

    In another case, I am giving a challenge during an exam period. My colleagues suggest me to join their project which is a contest of LG company. I was hesitated to participate in the contest because there is a risk that I could get a bad grade on mid-term due to lack of study. However, this contest is that I have interested for a long time and if I won it, I can go abroad to doing a research about my project theme with my friends. Thus, I am spending my time to prepare the contest even I could not study much.

    In conclusion, I think to take a risk is much worthier than not try anything because of the risk. The risk might come from a fear of worrying. Although the result is bad, I can get lessons from taking the risk. Thus, I would like to be a risk taker rather than risk-adverse.

  4. SJ Oh permalink
    April 16, 2017 9:02 pm

    Many people prefer well-settled, stable and predictable life. In other words, people usually do not want to face risks despite of the after rewards and lessons that follow the risk. However, I, a risk taker, have a high opinion of the following rewards and lessons, which makes the risk worth taking.
    First of all, there is a saying “higher the risk, higher the profit”. Since I am currently majoring business administration, in fact, the relation between risk and profit is a well-known formula in the field of risk management. For example, like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett, there are a number of businessmen who made dramatically successful results through taking risks such as conducting drastic investments and projects.
    Second, risk taking activities are often unusual, meaning that they are considerably far from everyday life. These unique experiences give the risk taker a life lesson. For instance, I served as an airborne infantryman of the marines. Airborne parachuting risks the person’s life and only few selected ones get the qualification to jump off. It was a life-risking job in extreme environment, however, I learned tremendous bravery and boldness; and that changes my attitude towards problems that I face in everyday life in a good way.
    In conclusion, I am definitely a risk taker since I believe taking risk gives worthy rewards and life lessons.

  5. Wes_Baller permalink
    April 17, 2017 1:51 pm

    I used to be a risk taker before I took military service. Before then I was an active person enjoying extreme sports such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, and car racing. I liked these kind of sports because it is thrilling and exhilarating. Since I loved extreme activities I applied to a helicopter unit which needs various adventurous training. What I liked the most of my unit is that I had the chance to ride helicopter 3 times a week with carrying riffle and also taking many risky training.
    However, during one of the dangerous training I went through a terrible accident. Due to that accident I had to get a surgery and stayed at hospital more than one month to recover. The whole procedure caused me so much pain and suffer. I could not walk for some weeks and even could not go to bathroom so I had to stick some nozzles on. I could understand why people say that health is everything. I regretted my past wrongdoing experiences.
    After my experience in the hospital, I became a risk-averse person. I always try myself to prevent from risks and be careful from possible danger. This accident also changed my point of view towards future career. I used to dream of running my own company, having various risks but at the same time making a lot of money too. Also I have bought stocks of high risk and high return. However, these day I prefer to be safe and comfortable so I changed my goal to be a school teacher and stopped buying stocks. Based on my past experiences from military I would like to recommend people not to take risk but to be risk-averse. We only live once and nothing is important than our life.

  6. trigger permalink
    April 17, 2017 8:39 pm

    I do not enjoy risk-taking activities such as being on a roller coaster or doing extreme sports like free climbing and paragliding. However, I am a risk taker. That sounds strange because most people think a risk taker is more related to doing life-threatening activities. There are several reasons that I call myself as a risk taker even though I do not prefer extreme sports.
    One is related to my life patterns, especially the contingency time schedule. For instance, I made the overnight trip to Budapest, Hungary when I was in Croatia for the exchange student. That night, I felt very lonely and gloomy due to homesick, so that I decided to go on a short journey to Hungary. The sudden trip to Budapest made me overcome homesick and gave precious memories that I could never forget. From this time, I used to go on a travel alone with no plan. Indulgent journey and chance events always make me happy because they mostly bring unexpected happiness.
    The other one is about the pursuit of lifestyle which is out of the stable life. My motto is “You only live once.” This motto leads me to do something high-risk, thrilling, and exhilarating so that I can do anything that makes me happy. I have plenty of dreams that I want to pursue in my life. There is no time to do things that I do not want to. I do not have any interest to earn lots of money or honored job. I will do what I want, and I will follow what I dreamed even though it is risk-taking. For those reasons, I call myself as a risk taker.

  7. Steve permalink
    April 18, 2017 10:42 am

    Usually, I tend to evade danger which can occur around me. In other words, as a risk-aversion person, I do not enjoy the risks. When the risks arise, I can choose two options. One is facing to danger. The other is avoiding danger. In my case, the latter is better than the former.
    The reason why I want to be a risk-taker is that I don’t like to be injured. When I have to do something which has possibilities to hurt, I won’t do risky activities. While I get hurt, I am under behavioral restrictions. In sports, I prefer less physical altercations sports such as weight training and billiards to strenuous exercise. When I play the strenuous exercise like soccer or basketball, I tend to avoid tussling with other people.
    Another reason is that I have many worries about risky activities. Even though they have proper safety equipments, I think about the worst case. For example, if I do bungee jumping, I won’t enjoy the thrill of the bungee jumping. Rather, I worry about the possibility which is that the rope cuts off. There is slight or minimal number to occur problem, but what if the problem actually occurs? These worries make me evade dangers.
    In conclusion, I’m risk-averse and don’t be about to do the risks in the face of danger.

  8. Pairi permalink
    April 18, 2017 1:11 pm

    Are you a risk taker or are you risk-averse?

    I think I’m risk taker but not too much. I just like playing with friends, going on travel with no plans and wanting do something. From the child, I usually act before thinking. Maybe it is a result from my values. If I am standing at the crossroad doing something or not, I always do something. Of course, we can regret from our choice. But we don’t know future results caused by our choice. It can be a good to you or not. So I think that at least it makes me have lots of experience if I do something, even if its result is not good to me. It will makes me more improving person. For this, I have lots of travel experience. I toured not only all whole country like Gangwon-do, Gyeongsang-do and Jeonla-do, also many nations which are U.S.A, China, England, Spain and so on.

    Other reason is that I have a high competitive spirit. Because of this, when I had been playing soccer or other exercise, I usually got hurt. It is more important to me to win the game rather than getting hurt. For this, I usually go to hospital when I play somethings. Since these two reasons, I think I am risk taker ,of course not too much, even if I don’t do extremely dangerous sports or acting.

  9. April 18, 2017 1:30 pm

    Are you a risk taker or are you risk-averse?

    I don’t like riding biking and roller coaster, because when I ride them,
    I honestly feel that I will die. Some people can say that “you are afraid of challenge”. However, I can say with confidence, I don’t afraid of challenge.
    This is beause, when I have to decide something for dream, I don’t afraid of decision
    and enjoy challenge. In my life, there were a important moment to decide something.
    I should have chosen that settle for the present or challenge others for dream

    Upon my high school graduation, I was having a hard time to decide
    which college to attend. My parents didn’t agree me to go
    other areas to study.They said, ‘if you decide go to the other area,
    we will not support you anymore’. However, I had a dream to a journalist and wanted to study abroad. Finally, I was determined to study other areas. Now, I am working part time for my school expense. However, I don’t regret my decision.

  10. wungchanpark permalink
    April 18, 2017 2:38 pm

    I am risk-averse. To start with, when I have to choose among something risky, I am usually averse to taking risk. Even though there is less benefit if I choose safe one, but I think that people must consider damage or loss when we failed. For example, there are many national examinations which are very risk-taking in the way that they need much time and have high level. They promise successful career, but the losers would get nothing for such long times. I have no assurance for big failure. Thus I choose more safe option.
    What is more, I believe that there is no none-risky thing. Therefore, risk-averse people are not coward or runaway. Winning small success is sufficiently valuable. Our society doesn’t want to allow one big mistake. I think we are becoming risk taker although we do not take it particularly.

  11. April 18, 2017 2:50 pm

    I like doing extreme activities such as riding a roller coaster, doing skydiving, or bungee jumping. It seems that I am a risk taker, but actually I am a risk-averse. Before doing something, I search it a lot and there are two examples to explain it more specifically.

    When I plan to go somewhere, I look for a lot of information about the place, transportation, and food. I do not like wasting my time because of the lack of information, so I try hard not to face this situation. I think that knowing many things in advance is always good to prepare new things. If I am in a state that I do not know anything, I feel nervous and can’t enjoy that time. Some people say, traveling without plan is really exciting and makes focus on themselves. However, I could have better time when I had enough information.

    Other example is that I am a prudent person, so I need much more time to do work to get better output. It is hassle for me to repeat same thing over again, but it is worth to me. If I did my work well, I will not get any risk about my work. Of course, making the best work all the time is hard. However, if it is possible to prevent any risk earlier, then it is better to avoid it. There is no reason to get evitable risk.

    For those reasons, I will call myself as a risk taker. Doing things that make me thrilling is amazing experience, but I don’t want to do it that has lots of risk.

  12. April 18, 2017 3:31 pm

    Some people consider the value of a stable life as important. They do not like facing risks, and they regard safety as a priority. On the other hand, some people enjoy the risks. They are willing to accept the thrill of risks. I think myself as a mixture of the two.

    First, I do not enjoy exposure to physical risks because I have experienced accidents like a car crash. Thus, I am far from extreme sports such as bungee jumping, BMX and snowboarding, and I do not even drive bicycles or cars. On the physical side, I prefer the safety.

    On the other hand, in business, I am a risk-taker. Just as there is a saying “high risk, high return”, I enjoy the thrill of high profitability. When I worked as a manager of a bar, I implemented aggressive, yet risky marketing strategy for fast profits. I can face the risks in that way.

    To conclude, I am a risk-averse/taker in a sense that I do not enjoy the danger in my body, but I do like the thrills of high returns.

  13. saigonriver permalink
    April 18, 2017 3:41 pm

    to answer to this question, i would probably say i am risk taker but in different way. I am not the person who takes risks by going to station right before the train left or skipping an instruction before using any machines. Instead, i say yes to every new chances and opportunities come to me. Even if it is for the first time or bold.
    Actually i was risk adverse in the past. However as times goes by and everything i been through changed me.
    First, somewhere back in time i started to think why everything interesting is happening outside but not to me and keep questioning myself that where my life is going im not getting any younger than the very moment. Then one day i realized i have been saying no to everything that is not familiar with me. I wanted new things to happen to me while i am putting no efforts at all. Since then even though i don’t want to, or little scared, i took all the changes. Some became great memories some were humiliating failure. Nevertheless, these experiences made my life somehow much more extreme.
    Second, after i decided to take all the risks, i finally learned that nothing’s gonna happen to me if i sit still. Something will come to me if i make moves. Those exhilarating feelings are earned after i rode roller coasters or jumped from the sky. I only get shots for talk with strangers if i talk first. And yes all very magical and amazing things that happened in my life which i was hoping but could not imagine that would ever happen in my life were came true after i become a risk taker.

  14. tteddy permalink
    April 18, 2017 4:02 pm

    I think I am in a procession of becoming risk averse from risk taker. When I was young, I had nothing to fear about. Maybe because the less I know, the more brave I became. I use to feel comfortable and feel excited to do anything. Everything looked like fun to do and the world seemed to go around me, centered. As time gone by, I started to see the world in realistic way. The world was less close to beautiful and happy world, there were lots of dangers forbidden in the world. The more I know, the more timid I become. I started to worry about the chances of dangers and accidents. Since getting used to wory about things, I started to incline to risk averse.

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