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CRW1 Unit 4 Model Essay

April 18, 2017

The map shows the traffic problems of a busy city.

Many of the people in this city have to travel to their offices and schools on the other side of the river from where they live, so the city suffers from very bad traffic congestion. This makes people late, wastes fuel and adds to pollution in the city. The main problem is that there is only one main road. The problem is made worse because there is only one bridge. To make matters worse, there is a junction near the housing area where traffic builds up in the morning when people commute to work and take their children to school and in the evening when workers return home and parents collect their children.

One solution to the traffic congestion problem is to widen the main road. Currently, the road is only a two-lane motorway. However, if the road were widened to include one new lane in each direction, a bottleneck would occur at the bridge. Thus, a new bridge would also need to be built. Unfortunately, building ridges can be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, during construction, which could take years, congestion would be serious.

Another solution is to build a railway line from the residential area to the city center. This would reduce traffic because some of the drivers would switch to the rail service. Fewer cars would mean less congestion. However, a railway line would be quite expensive to build, as it would also require the building of a new bridge. Also, the cost to operation the railway could be high.

A slightly cheaper solution is to run a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system of electronic cars to and around the city. Such systems are computer-controlled to ensure that not all cars arrive at the same junction at the same time. Although they are expensive to set up, the running costs are minimal.

In conclusion, the main problem with the city is the bottleneck caused by the single main road, the lack of bridges and the congestion and pollution these cause. Overall, a Personal Rapid Transit system is the best solution to this problem. It would reduce congestion and be the most environmentally friendly choice. Unless a PRT system is installed soon, city life will become impossible.


*Note: Model essay taken and adapted from Unlock Reading and Writing Skills 3

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