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CRW1 Unit 3 History

October 11, 2017

The homework from today’s class is from p. 57. Please choose ONE of the following two questions:

1. Have you ever visited any museums like these? If so, what are your strongest memories?
2. Is it better to learn history from books and the Internet or from museums?

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  1. October 11, 2017 9:30 pm

    It seems to me that learning history from books and the internet is better than from museums. Because books and the internet are the more easily accessible means and we can get historical knowledges, which means literally ‘learning’, not experiencing or feeling the knowledges.
    First, we can contact books and the internet in our everyday life. There are lots of small and light history books that can be taken everywhere, and even simple brochures containing interesting historical information. In addition, searching various knowledges of history is very convenient since most people have their own mobiles, so the internet tend to be the most common way of getting information. On the other hand, we cannot visit museums all the time, which means we are not able to gain historical knowledges in our daily routine from museums. It takes more time and efforts to visit museums, whereas the other way of learning history does not. In other words, books and the internet are better and more efficient means to get historical knowledges compared to museums.
    Second, I think a learning process includes searching, reading, and absorbing the knowledges, while seeing or experiencing are just using background knowledges. Concerning this, I believe that history books and the internet provide this learning procedure and museums just give a chance to remind knowledges which we already have. We can get new information and make them as a part of ourselves through books and the internet, which is beneficial to intellect. However, if we didn’t undergo this process and just go a museum, there is high possibility that the visiting is boring because there is nothing to find interesting matched with ourselves. It is true that we can surely gain information and recall our knowledges from museums, but it is not sufficient to say that we learn something about history.
    With these reasons, I would say that learning history from books and the internet are better options. However, I do not feel that museums are unnecessary. Repeatedly reminding and touching knowledges are also as important as learning. I would like to suggest to use books and the internet to learn history, and visit museums to make our knowledges stronger.

  2. Salmon permalink
    October 13, 2017 7:28 pm

    Today, many suggestion that how we teach history for students exist. Books and Internet or Museum are typical example. Like this, I think that museum is better than books and Internet for teaching history to students.
    Museum has a big difference to books and internet. It is direct experience. Books and Internet that describe artifact very detailed have a limit that is indirect. This experience not bring a history interest for students than direct experience. Students have a deep history information and interest by participating museum that provides direct experience for students. Because “Action speaks louder than words”.
    But I do not suggests that indirect experience is not needed. We are faced difficulty that we do not experience every history directly. So, my opinion is that direct and indirect experience run a parallel course. Just, we should focus on direct experience than indirect experience. First, we learn history by books or internet. And by museum, we learn history more deeping and interesting. This method is best way that teachs history for students.

  3. BabyDriver permalink
    October 13, 2017 7:58 pm

    You probably remember going to the history museum at school when you were a child. It was good experiences for my young. If I had not been to the museum of ancient history, I would not be able to know whether the dolmen is so big. We’d better learning history in museums. When you travel overseas, You may visit museums with tour guiding books. Why? It tells us foreign culture fresher than books. There are several reasons Why museums are helpful.

    First, If you study the history of Joseon Dynasty, You could find a part that makes you more interested in than others. If it is Joseon Dynasty Clothes, You’d better visit Traditional Clothing Museums. You probably started with a small part(Joseon Clothing Tradition). There are a lot of clothes by ages in museum. It helps to enrich the depth of knowledge.

    Second, Have you ever heard of saying ‘To see is to believe’? We sometimes get a unsolved historical questions while studying history books. Museums can help your understanding the lines. Anyone could have experiences like ‘If you see it, It’s understandable.‘

    Third, Many activities are waiting for us. Isn’t it boring to read historical facts? In museum well-prepared activities, We can be a ancient king or queen, soldier, knight. It helps to be more interested in histoy. Activities will be a big role in helping children become excited in boring history subject.

    You might think learning about history from books is easier, faster, more convenient, But I introduce some positive aspects of visiting museums. Why don’t you come out of the books and see the real world?

  4. peace permalink
    October 14, 2017 8:48 pm

    I went to the DMZ museum two years ago. There were artifacts on display, which made it possible to guess the environment at that time. Because of these museums, it seems that we can remember them.
    the most memorable of all the exhibits was animal models, which are same animal that live in DMZ section. So, it was many kinds and big. There are a lot of rare species in DMZ that can not be seen in the surroundings. So it is called ecosystem treasures.
    Next, I saw barbed wire actually used, which is seemed to symbolize divided country. it was good time to have time to touch directly. So I can remember longer. I think it is a museum’s merit to be able to experience this.
    Finally, I felt the heaviness of war when I saw the remains of the dead in battle. And thanks to them. Therefore I think the work of discovery of humans remains should continue. By remembering them we can develop.
    The biggest reason we learn history is that we learn from the past and apply it to the present. So we can reduce failure costs and progress.

  5. Shepherd permalink
    October 14, 2017 10:14 pm

    Books and Internet are good materials for searching and studying.
    You can find information anywhere, anytime you want.
    But when you are trying to learn history, I think visiting a museum is better even if it takes a lot of time and money.
    There are two reasons that I recommend the museum for studying history.
    First, the text in the books and internet can be boring to some people. It is the age of information, and there is a lot of amount of articles in the websites. You have to select carefully whether it is accurate or not. Sometimes you can hardly understand what this information is about, because you are only relying on those texts. When it comes to history, you are going to learn about people and their custom which were existed at a certain time. Seeing it and hearing it with your own eyes and ears can be the best way to study them. There is also a expression like ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.
    Second, the museum shows us a history by various ways. It can bring us in to the past, and can let us see how people in old times lived, by replica of costumes they wore, tools they used, and diorama which reenact the historical event in detail. And there are some special exhibition that certain themes. You can experience the traditional culture by participating a program presented by museum. For example, the Wonju historical museum, which is located at Gang-won do, open an experience program on weekend that visitors can make traditional costumes and accessories. Also some of the exhibit which is donated from someone’s private collection can be very special and meaningful for us to study history. You can’t find those in a book or internet!
    In conclusion, unlike the passive, one-sided ways of books and internet, the museum can take us to a wave of history in an easy, active, and interesting way.

  6. Aron permalink
    October 15, 2017 3:06 pm

    When I was in Canada twe years ago, I had a chance to travel around the USA. I especially remember I went to New york because there are a lot of attractions to enjoy even alone. I visited some world-famous museums such as the American museum of natural history, the Metropolitan museum of art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. The museum I was impressed most is the American museum of natural history.
    First, I was shocked at the overwhelming scale of the museum which has a variety of dinosaur statues in real size. I had never seen such a big statues. So I couldn’t take my eyes off the displays I was completely attracted to. They were very elaborate and I felt like they looked like a real thing.
    Another thing I was surprised at is admission fee. It was actually fixed but it was paid by donation so I could pay the fee as much as I want. That payment system can’t be found in Korea so it was quite amazing.
    Finally, gustes can take picture with artifacts on display. Most museums don’t allow people to take picture for preventing artifacts from damage. So, I could enjoy taking picture freely and their artifacts were open to guests so I could get more vivid picture. It was very nice experiecne for me.

  7. Jihyun Lee permalink
    October 15, 2017 6:32 pm

    When I was eighteen, I went to England for traveling. England is one of the country that I always dreamed to go, so I had lots of expectations for explore there. During the journey, I could see and experience many symbolic icons of England that I only have seen at books. Everything I have seen was new and amazing to me, but one of the most impressive place I have been in England was ‘The British Museum’.

    The size of the British Museum was tremendously huge and there were many exhibits in every area of its inside. I surely have been to plenty of museums and exhibitions in my country, but It was the first time that I felt wonder from the size of it. There were various departments of display and named them with the places and civilizations where the artefacts are come from. Also, there were unusual displays such as the piece of the Parthenon, big-sized mummies, and the carved stone with hieroglyphics. Those were magnificent, so I truly admired to people in the past while I was watching every exihbits.

    However, the reason I have got strong memories with the British Museum was not from these surprises. While I was looking around the museum, I suddenly thought about exhibits’ origin. Lots of them were from Egypt, and rest of them were from other countries and civilizations which are England is not included. More precisely, the things are displaying in British Museum is from countries which were British colonial in the past. It was very strange to me that numerous artefacts not from British culture are on exhibiting at the ‘British’ museum. If they are taken from other countries, why do not the British gave it back? I heard the news that Greece is constantly asserting the right to get back the part of the Parthenon from England, but England insist to have it. It seems to me that England should return the exhibits they once plundered to the countries, which want to have them back.

    Thus, I could not only be happy with watching wonderful display in The British Museum. If I get a chance to go back in England next time, I want to go to the museum exhibiting about history and culture of England, not other’s.

  8. Fannyfink permalink
    October 15, 2017 8:02 pm

    We can learn history in varied way. But usually we read books, browse the internet, or go to museum. But can you choose which method is better? I am going to deal with this question and give my opinion.
    When you learn history by going to museums, you can stimulate your senses at the same time. The exhibits motivate you visually and some interactive activities inspire you. It works as educative results. Children can be interested and the knowledge remains longer. But you should find appropriate themed museum that you can learn what you want to know and actually go to the museum. And we have to look around the whole building. But we cannot sure you understand the contents at once. So you should spend time, energy, and money to learn history with museum, but still you might have to go museum again.
    However, considering the feature of history, it is better to learn about history from books and the internet rather than from museums. History is narrations of facts. So when we learn history, it is important to know its flow. Books are written in detail so reading the text helps understand the flow easily. And you can read it several time until you can understand. Also when we use the internet, we can briefly get the information that we wanted to know, without looking around the museum. And they are both portable today so we can gain knowledge regardless of time and space.
    Therefore, I suggest learning and studying history from book and internet.

  9. BossBaby permalink
    October 15, 2017 9:46 pm

    There are both advantages and disadvantages on learning history from books and internet and from museums. First of all, learning history from internet suggest us far much information because it doesn’t have any restrictions against the space. Moreover, it is easy to find out the exact information which you want whenever you just search it on the website. However, learning history from the book and the internet doesn’t give vivid sense of realism because we cannot touch or look into it. It means it doesn’t give us such impact or inspiration.

    But in terms of museums, it sounds different. We can touch and see it directly, and it let us feel more vivid, which makes us understand more deeply. Moreover, the impact from the actual place stimulates the memory, so that the children who learn history can memorize the information for long term vividly. In these aspects, it can be said learning history from the museums is more efficient than from books or internet.

  10. christmas permalink
    October 15, 2017 11:07 pm

    I think learning history from books or Internet is better than museum. If you want to get interested in history, going to museum will be a good choice. However, if you want to know about history properly and deeply, books and Internet will be better teachers.
    First, you can find various and vast documents through books and Internet. When you go to history section of the library, you could see a lot of books filling the bookshelves. You can choose the books we need in a wide range. Internet is also full of information, so it’s often called ‘sea of information’. In contrast, when you go to museum, you can just see and learn about the materials which is in the museum. For example, if you go to Silla history museum, you will able to know only about Silla. You can acquire very limited information in museum compared to books and Internet.
    Second, books and Internet is more accessible than museum. When I took a history class last semester, I had to visit history museum in Jongno. The way to museum was so far and annoying. It also took much money to travel back and forth. On the way back, one question was on my head. “Why should I go to museum?”. There’s much more convenient way to learn about history like reading books and researching Internet. If there’s no museum near where I live, it could be the worst way to learn about history. Compared to that, books and Internet is very easier to access. Especially, Internet is really omnipresent. We can search for information anytime, anywhere using Internet.
    That’s why I argue Internet and books are better for learning history. I agree that there’s many advantages through going to museum, but I would recommend books and Internet for these reasons.

  11. KimchiNaverDie permalink
    October 16, 2017 12:33 am

    My answer for the question ‘Is it better to learn history from books and the internet or from museums?’ is that both of them are necessary for education.

    Books and internet gives enormous amount of historical information that a person can hardly look through while alive. However, majority of the information here are not verified to be the truth. Some may contain opinions of the poster and some others may not be the fact. History textbooks, especially, always bring controversy as corrupted leaders attempt to authorize the government to be the writer of it. The result will be severe pain to the society as students learn edited history. Internet, in addition, is the biggest source of knowledge, which students can take advantage of. Students are able to look up detailed story of what they have learned in the school and do their own research too.
    Museums provide evidence. There are two ways museums can help educate the students. For those who found interest to history through books and internet, museum is the next step to widen their knowledge. Close looking at the historical relics and artifacts is what you cannot do at home. On the other hand, museums can be a trigger to a student to be a history-lover. There are many people who say that they were either shocked or attracted to certain historical incident after they had visited museums.

  12. Wazowski permalink
    October 16, 2017 3:12 am

    I highly recommend students to learn history from museums rather than just learning from books and the Internet. Even I preferred learning history from books and the Internet in the past because they are time and money-efficient. But after I visited the Korean National Museum when I was in highschool, I totally changed my mind. Museums sure have their incomparable advantages that books and the Internet can’t have.
    First, the museum’s spatial characteristic makes exhibits more special. The quiet and cold air with dark background makes the visitors completely be immersed to the exhibits, inviting them to a whole new world. Through this, spectators can find the special sides of the exhibits they’ve never seen before and can be fascinated to them. I also have a similar experience to this. At the Buddhism corner in the Korean National Museum, there were a great number of statues of the Buddha from very tiny ones to huge ones. The tiny ones were so amazingly exquisite which was unbelievable. The huge ones were enormously big that made me feel marvelous. I fell in love with museums since that day.
    Secondly, unlike the information memorized from books and the Internet lasts temporarily, the experience from museums lasts for a very long time. I still cherish the experience at the Buddhism corner, while I don’t have much memories from textbooks which I used to learn with from middle school to highschool. Words from books and images from pictures only end up being reference materials for memorizing the historical facts to students. Of course books and the Internet might help students feel interest in history, but they are extremely incomparable to museums.
    Lastly, there are various theme museums these days that many people can visit and enjoy. Because museums became subdivided by themes, visitors can choose museums which match their interest, and became able to learn historical facts and watch exhibits in depth. Theme museums have many special activities for visitors too, so I believe people can find interest in history much more easily.
    These are why I strongly claim that students should learn history from museums. Time and money spent on museums are worth it. Any person who wants to find interest in history should visit museum and try to feel the historical moments and relics with their whole senses. It will present them an unforgettable, special memory which will remain in their heart forever.

  13. igloo permalink
    October 16, 2017 7:06 am

    Learning history from books and the Internet or from museums, both have their advantages and disadvantages.
    We could learn history in detail with words and pictures from books and the Internet. They offer a wealth of information and resources, so you could get information that you want simply by finding the information. Learning from books, however, has its flaw because there is a possibility that the writer would highlight specific events or person. Then, we might learn distorted history. Also, the Internet is full of false information so we should be careful when we search information on the Internet. I think Learning history from words, pictures and videos is not so attractive unless you have a great interest in history.
    Meanwhile, the museum provides historical objects and things to experience that interest us. We could watch and feel more vividly in the museum. but museum could be just as boring as learning from the books and the Internet to the people with little interest in history.
    I think it is best to learn history from books and the Internet, and use the museum as aids for that learning. We would accumulate a wide range of the knowledge in this way if we could keep false information away from us. And the experience at the museum will add depth to our learning by stimulating our senses.

  14. Bella permalink
    October 16, 2017 11:43 am

    As history is one of the indispensable subjects of korean national college entrance exam, the importance of this subject has increased. However, there are many students who are plagued by memorizing a vast amount of historical knowledge. In the school, teachers use books and internet materials to teach their pupils. In this method, there are advantages and disadvantages of learning about history from books and the internet.
    In terms of disadvantages, students can feel bored with ease, leading a text book all the time. A lot of students regard history as a boring subject which they have to memorize all contents. This may lead to give up learning history after all. Additionally, they are likely to forget what they have learned after taking examinations.
    On the other hand, there are good reasons why it is better to use books and the internet. First of all, students can learn historical facts in details. They can search information on the internet or books when they could not fully understand their lessons. This enables students to make sense the subject more and more deeply. Also, using books and the internet is much more accessible for students in a daily life. Going to the museum would take much time than using them.
    For these reasons, eventhough there are disadvantages of learning history from books and the internet, I would say that using those materials is better for students. However, I’d like to recommend to visit history museums after learning historical knowledges via books and the internet. Visual materials can help you to memorize for a long time

  15. Serena permalink
    October 16, 2017 12:37 pm

    I am somewhat not familiar with the history because it is so hard for me to remind the exact name of the king and date of the certain events. However, thinking going back to the past, when I was a student, I really enjoyed the comic books which covered a variety International the histories. There were brave hero and heroine, so I was eager to be one of them someday. However, the things are changed when I started to study history with a text book. This is because firstly, I had to memorize all the dates and king’s name. It was not important to just remember and understand the historical contents. Teachers wanted to us to memorize the all the contents in history textbook because that way was the most effective to make students be lined up according to the grades.

    I doubt why we should memorize all the materials in textbook. I think the reason we have to study history is that it is helpful to deal with the current unsolved problems by comparing the past accidents and this finally helps us to understand modern society well. If I had been given more opportunities to learn the history vividly, I would have been accustomed to it. To sum up, I strongly agree with the statements that schools should teach the history from books and museums. Just memorizing and learning about the past events at school cannot make students’ mind move sincerely.

  16. Ideal permalink
    October 16, 2017 1:24 pm

    Have you ever visited any museums like these? If so, what are your strongest memories?
    Last year, I traveled the East coast of America for celebrating my military service finished. I visited the most famous cities and New York was one of them. In New York, I heard about the Metropolitan Museum which is one of three world museums. Soon, I decided to go there and waited for an hour in line before opening. Of course, it was not mischoice to visit. Still, the Met(Metropolitan Museum) is my unforgettable museum. Now, I will describe the most strongest memory about her reminding my las year memory.
    The most strongest memory of the Met was form of admission. The Met had unique taking entrance fee : donation. People should give donation to get a entrance ticket. Some people who have not been here might think the cost of donation will be considerable because the Met is a well-known museum. However, it is incorrect. It is not important how much you pay for donation. They do not have guideline so it is okay to give just a dollar to get inside. In reality, I just paid only 2 dollars and took a ticket. Limit of donation does not exist so the rich can donate a lot of money, whereas the poor can donate only a dollar. It was impressive for me because it seemed that the purpose of donation for entrance fee was not wealth itself. Also, it was great opportunity to take a look beautiful exhinits for poor tourist like me.
    This is the very strongest memory about the Met. The form of entrance fee was special way that I can not find in Korea.

  17. Poptarts permalink
    October 16, 2017 3:11 pm

    I think students should absolutely be allowed to choose which subjects they study.
    Korean high school education offers two different curriculums: Liberal Arts and natural sciences. As you choose to study Liberal Arts, a student will learn much more about literature, society, philosophy, and English. Meanwhile, students who choose study natural sciences would only register chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other science subjects. People usually nod their head when they look pretty well- organized and make sense. However, once you choose one side, for example, Liberal Arts, you are not allowed to take any intermediate science and mathematics classes. Furthermore, when you decide a major, liberal arts students can’t choose majors that are related to natural sciences. When I was a high school student, I chose to study liberal arts subjects, but at the same time, I wanted to study chemistry. At the end of SAT, I had to choose one of the liberal art majors. According to my experience and apparently high school curriculum, this is not effective and is taking chances to study diverse subjects. Therefore, It seems to me that students should be allowed to choose what they want to study at school.

  18. Poptarts permalink
    October 16, 2017 3:46 pm

    For me, I went to Natural History Museum in New York this June where I personally really loved from The co the entrance.
    Collections were put into each specified sections so that I could look at overall artifacts. It seemed to me that the grand entrance hall is dominated by a massive display of three dinosaur skeletons. This entrance was breathtaking, and I was fascinated by all the other sections starting from Big Bang to the modern human being.
    The Hall of Ocean Life takes up a large two levels, ocean life, and fossil perspective. It was all about the many creatures that live under the sea from approximately thousands of years ago. While experiencing the ocean, I could touch the rock, fish models, and when I pressed the button, there was an explanation what I’m seeing. On the ceiling, there was a huge Blue Whale with 21,000 pounds, 94 foot. I guess lots of people would miss this Blue Whale, but for me, It was truly amazing.
    When you finish exploring Ocean section, you will be moved to the Mammal section where all the mammal models are made sophistically. They had a sound effect and actually could move their arms and legs like real animals. Size of those magnificent is usually really huge, but meanwhile sophisticated. Every single fur, eyeballs and with the sound effect, it made me feel like I was in real ancient time. Also, American Natural History Museum had an impressive and expansive anthropological collection, with multiple halls indicating human origins and peoples from all around the world.
    Those experiences were the memories that I will never forget, and If I have any chances to go there, I will definitely visit again.

  19. SamDaSoo permalink
    October 16, 2017 5:04 pm

    Some might say children aren’t responsible enough, or mature enough to choose subjects that they may find boring, but they need that in order to succeed later in life. It has a point, they will also pick subjects that do not help to challenge their knowledge. However, people do not predict or know every knowledge they are going to need for their whole life , and I believe the main reason children get motivated is the teacher, not the level of subject. Therefore, I think students and should choose their own subjects.
    Moreover, Each person lives in a different environment, making each person need to learn how to survive in their own unique circumstances, and what they individually think they need to learn for their own survival is based on their past experiences. Therefore, depending on the individual’s environment, the individual will make a mental list of things they want to learn, then they try to learn the information for their own survival and happiness.
    In addition, giving them a chance to select subjects they want to study would put a pressure on them, causing them to think more about their future, giving them more chances. Furthermore, this can support the economy because people will be demonstrating their ability in each different section.
    In conclusion, I believe students can be offered encouraged and recommended subjects by having their own choice. It will make them clear about their goal and this motivate them to work towards their own goal.

  20. inapeace permalink
    October 17, 2017 11:57 pm

    I would like to share my experiences and the things that I learned from them. I had visited some museums since I was young, and the strongest memory is from one of them.
    I remember that I had visited “Glass museum” with my parents when I was a elementary school student. At the glass museum, there were a lot of informations about the glass including the way of making the glass. I also could watch the progress of making the glass and even experience making the glass by myself.
    While I was looking around the museum, the progress of making glass gave me some interesting impressions. That feeling made me to try making the glass and this experience was unforgettable yet I remember the feeling at that time.
    I remember several things that I went through by myself through the museum even though I am not interested in any science or history, whereas I do not remember anything that I heard during the class or read from the books. By this reason, I would like to recommend having a experiment like visiting museums when students are studying science, history and etc.

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