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CRW 1 Unit 10 The Brain

December 13, 2017

This will be the final homework of the semester.

Do the potential benefits of BrainGate outweigh the risk that people might abuse the technology? Why / why not?

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  1. December 13, 2017 6:40 pm

    Science and technologies like BrainGate always have two sides. They can bring advantages to human life, but they can also cause disastrous results.

    Supporters of BrainGate think that it saves soldiers’ lives. Soldiers can control military equipment, such as aircraft and explosives, without directly touching them. Also, they do not have to actually exist in a battlefield, so the casualties who suffer from physical and mental trauma can be greatly reduced. However, critics argue that this technology can be used as weapons which kill not only soldiers but also general citizens. If the mind-controlled machines are hacked, they would attack anyone since we cannot manipulate them normally.

    The proponents are also in favor of BrainGate’s central role in helping disabled people. They are mostly with paralyzed limbs and have difficulty in performing daily lives by themselves, but the technical assistance can improve their life quality by making them lead a life on their own. However, the opponents insist that the technology is not perfect yet. The robotic arms’ actions are not stable enough, so the users can be hurt by an unexpected movement of the machine. Moreover, this can lead to a serious accident since the operators are usually paralytics who cannot quickly react to the accidental situation.

    In conclusion, it seems to me that BrainGate’s potential risks outweigh its benefits. I agree with the opponents since development which makes human life be in danger is meaningless. I think the technology should be strengthened in terms of security as the team elaborates connections between brain and hardware.

  2. December 15, 2017 11:09 am

    Invention some technology will be bring benefits and harm. But the benefits always greater than the harm. So i think potential benefits of brain gate outweigh the risk.
    First of all, if human beings using the brain gate on the paralyzed in the life which for the families it will be the gospel. I have seen some news that a paralyzed person is very hard to get something to drink or eat. it’s very hard to them because they can’t moving. So families must send for the nursing to look after them. But if they have brain gate it will be reduce some problems. Like when people want to eating then brain gate will be help them to hold the cup and let she/he to drink.
    And the advanced technology using the military and government , it can be help us in fighting wars. They created robots and let between robots fight it sounds scary but actually make fighting safer and it’s not harm for people. I think it will be good, but its just my imaginary. Also the government can use the brain gate to benefit society. Like created more elite to invented good stuff.
    In conclusion, brain gate will be helps us to reduce peoples problems. Well, it will have risks, but i think the benefits will greater than the risks.

  3. BossBaby permalink
    December 15, 2017 4:45 pm

    There would be some advantages and disadvantages of BrainGate for future society. However, we have to think about the negative effect of society first in ethic way before we try to develop the technology, then try to figure out how can we solve that issues with minimum losses. In this aspect, there are many disadvantages in BrainGate technology. The most probable issue is about ethic. As we read on the book, the militaries have interests in brain-machine field, which means they might have a plan to use this technology for their war purpose. The crimes are also one of worrying issues. Usually machines are more powerful than human power, which means someone who has machine arm on his body could have more strength then normal people. The criminals could use that weakness for their interest and it needs more powerful police force, and the public order would be damaged. Another problem is the cost of it. It is the most high tech in science field, and individuals should pay more than thousands of dollars each to use it. It would make a huge block and discrimination between the middle upper class and lower class.

    However, these problems are not always unsolvable. We could regulate militaries to use it just for injured ex-serviceman, ban someone who use machine arm for criminal, and commercialize it by supporting. We would be able to solve these problems. Beyond that, there are many advantages that could cover these disadvantages. Firstly, this kind of technology should be developed for medical purpose. We know the most of development in technology is for human convenience, which includes medical difficulties. Secondly, it will save numerous people’s job loss for their sudden disabled body. It would be a benefit for their economy and industries. Many technologies has been followed by ethic debates, but human also has been regulated those problems in good ways. BrainGate’s machine arm and neuro-technology are just one of these doubts for ethic. Human will regulate the technology not to go far from ethic just as they did it before, then BrainGate technology would outweigh the risk that people might abuse it.

  4. SamDaSoo permalink
    December 16, 2017 4:10 pm

    There are ongoing debates relating to BrainGate technology, designed to help those who have lost control of their limbs and other bodily functions.
    The main advantages of BrainGate is that it can help people who have been paralyzed make use of their limbs again through the use of their brain. While this technology has not out on the open market yet, it will allow people who were told they will never walk or move certain limbs again to use their minds to make these movements possible again. Another possible advantage of Braingate is that it may also be able to help people that have lost their voice. Because the chip uses the electrical pulses your brain gives transmits, there is the possibility of talking again via a robotic voice.
    However, the critics of BrainGate insist that although the chip is extremely small, it still means surgery on the brain, which is always risky and can be dangerous. if the procedure does not go as plan or if the doctor makes a little mistake, then a person could possibly die or obtain brain damage. In addition, there might be the people who have to fund this project because it is extremely expensive and advanced technology. The BrainGate technology is not yet available for people to buy in the market, but they estimate that the technology will cost thousands of dollars.
    In conclusion, I believe that it will take time to settle BrainGate technology in people’s daily life those who need it. It still demands possible danger in surgery, and also extreme cost for implant procedure, devices, and holding cost. The most serious fact is that while it was not originally created for government or military use. With this technology, better developed and more advanced soldiers can actually be used in fighting wars. If that war becomes real, the benefit will never outweigh the war.

  5. Wazowski permalink
    December 16, 2017 7:32 pm

    Every technology has an ambivalent effect on our lives and BrainGate is one of the rising controversial issues.

    Proponents claim that BrainGate will be promising for the old and disabled people by enabling them to move. However, opponents doubt whether the beneficiaries will be the old and disabled people. They claim that the people who really need BrainGate are mostly unable to afford the enormous price of BrainGate.

    Proponents of BrainGate are in favor of the technology being widespread. They insist that BrainGate can cure soldiers’ serious injuries, which enables them to keep joining in the army. On the other hand, opponents are concerned about the possibility of some people abusing the technology and using for their own purpose. They state that people should be more cautious before developing such technology.

    Even though BrainGate has great potential benefits for some people, it seems to me that the risk of BrainGate is too huge. However it may be beneficial, it is true that BrainGate is too expensive to afford for most of the people especially the old and disabled people. Furthermore, BrainGate technology has the possibility to used as a war weapon if abused. Then, the initial purpose to help people who are having trouble in daily lives will be non available.

  6. Poptarts permalink
    December 17, 2017 1:02 am

    The emergence and gradual dominance of new technology totally changed our lives, and Brain Gate is one of them. Supporters of this new technology focus on the benefits while opponents want to emphasize that it can be abused.

    One of the notable advantages of the Brain Gate is that it can help disabled people in their daily lives by connecting a device to paralyzed limbs in order to make it move and, therefore, those disabled people can walk or even do a simple exercise. However, Critics argue that this technology is still in the early stages, so it will probably cost thousands of dollars per person. This means, only a few of them can afford this technology.

    Critics of the Brain Gate concern another disadvantage; this technology can be weaponized by the military. The Brain Gate can possibly be applied to making robot soldiers so that it can kill thousands of citizens at once. On the other hand, proponents insist that it can save soldiers’ lives because they don’t have to go to the real battlefield.

    The other argument of the critics is that since the chip is inserted inside the skull, the surgery will be drastic. It may lead to severe brain damage while surgery as well as a postoperative complication. In contrast, those who are in favor of the brain gate argue that those injuries are extremely rare, and most of the disabled people would like to bare surgery if they can get helped.

    In conclusion, there are several pros and cons of the brain gate regarding cost, benefits for disabled people, abuse by military and surgery. It seems to me that Brain Gate is worth to be available for everybody, especially disabled people. I personally think the purpose of science is not killing people, so government should keep aware if this valuable technology is being abused.

  7. peace permalink
    December 17, 2017 12:32 pm

    Recently, BrainGate technology has been expending its realm of use. As a result, there are many opinions about uses of this. Those who stand on the negative side of the BrainGate that it can lead to many ethical problems. If the BrainGate is used for military purpose, there will be a significant gap depending on the existence of the technology. Because the robots are usually stronger than humans, and this will become a winnig skill in the future. In addition, the technology has always posed a danger of hacking. The damage would be devastating if it is used for a terrorist attack and used for a negative purpose. In terms of cost, the benefits of this technology could only receive a handful of wealthy people. Thus, depending on the existence of money, the difference between life and ability will worsen inequality.

    However, there are people who live in new life because of BrainGate technology. It can be used in medicine, for example, people who are paralyzed and disabled body can move back, which means that it is possible to solve the mental and physical damage caused by discrimination. So it is going to be a huge benefit for the victims, given the loss of their families. Of course, although it is expected to be expensive, it will be complemented by a system like Medicare if it becomes generalized. Advances in technology can not be prevented because it is a trend of the times. Therefor we need to discuss how we use this technology to set up a system.

  8. Fannyfink permalink
    December 17, 2017 4:22 pm

    Here is an ongoing issue about whether the potential benefits of Brain Gate outweigh the risk that people might abuse the technology or not. This essay will outline the arguments for and against of Brain Gate, concluding that we should develop this technology.

    Some people claim that there are risks to abuse the technology. For example, governments and military can use this technology for weapons. Humans will control the powerful weapons behind them, not being hurted. And the countries can hack into each other’s weapons. Therefore, opponents of Brain Gate claim that people will become hardened to the war. In addition, it is predicted that Brain Gate will cost thousands of dollars per person when it becomes available. So, many people claim that it will discriminate the poor because of its substantial cost.

    However, I think Brain Gate can save a lot of lives from the war rather than threatening the world’s peace because humans will be replaced by machines. Although this technology can be abused and hacked, if the international organization regulate it, we can manage those kind of problems. Another reason why I support the Brain Gate is that it can help disabled people in the future. Unless we develop the Brain Gate, we can’t make sure when human overcome the disability. Also, in the long term, if the Brain Gate technology were generalized, the poor could use it with available cost.

    Technology is the fruit of human civilization. It means we can control it as well as utilize it for common good. Thus, I would say that the benefits of Brain Gate outweighs the risk of abusing it so we should develop this technology.

  9. BabyDriver permalink
    December 17, 2017 8:00 pm

    The goal of braingate is help for the handicapped to manipulate the wheelchair, TV, and the Internet just by undestanding their thinking. In my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. When braingate technology provides assistance by supporting moving for the disabled, there are more potentiality for further development in many areas. Paralyzed person can surf the Internet by thinking. Not only paralyzed, but also many other disabled can use braingate. For example, braingate for people who lost their voice is helpful. The main purpose is to solve the difficulties of communication. Braingate can understand their thinking and show their intention.
    All helps for disabled are social advantage. Because it provides opportunities for many disabled people to participate in society, this will make society more abundant with fresh ideas. It means more Stephen Hawking can make our society better.
    While science and technology are rapidly developing, regulations for them can not follow which cause confusion and conflict. This cause many social problems. People can handle risks with making an institution to prepare for the development of science and technology.

  10. Shepherd permalink
    December 17, 2017 9:18 pm

    Still, the debate about BrainGate technology continues to be controversial. The supporters are in favour of its benefits, while critics worry about its risk. I will list some pros and cons of this issue and show my opinion in conclusion.
    First, the proponents argue that BrainGate technology will support disabled people with robotic limbs which is controlled by human thoughts. However, opponents state that it cannot help the poor who cannot afford when the technology is available, because it will cost thousands of dollars per person.
    Second, hacking is another main point for debate. Supporters claim that they will be under control with the government regulation and can prevent attacks. In contrast, critics worries about security and safety. No matter how safe it is, they think hackers will attack on main control system, which is more easier to manipulate a variety of machines.
    Finally, the use of technology in the military is one of the major issues. For those who agrees with this technology think it will give positive effect to army, because more lives can be saved by sending drones and A.I to dangerous areas. But opponents strongly object the use of military because of its ethical problem, vulnerability to be hacked, and mistakes that can kill innocent people.
    The supporters of BrainGate technology state it can give disabled new limbs, under safe, controlled condition, and also contribute to military, while critics say it is expensive, vulnerable to hack, and can harm people at the army. Overall, in my opinion, If we continuously be careful, keep ethical questions in mind, and prepare for its consequences, the possibility and benefit will outweigh the risks.

  11. Ideal permalink
    December 17, 2017 9:21 pm

    BrainGate technology is a hot issue nowadays. It is a technology that people can use robotic arms or legs by utilizing connected computer chips accepting electronic signs from brain. Some people argued that this new technology brings a lot of benefits to human race, on the other hand, the others said that it can be used in bad ways. In this essay, we are going to look at both arguments followed by some reasons.
    First of all, supporters of BrainGate claimed that this technology will be a central role in helping the disabled. People without limbs can not live like ordinary people because they should get help of moving something. By using BrainGate, not only they can move everything they want by using robotic arms, but they can also escape from dangerous situation. On the other side, critics of this technology said that BrainGate is the newest tech so that only a few rich people can afford it. The disabled are usually in poor condition so they can not buy it. It is too much expensive to cope with the price for the disabled or poor.
    Next, proponents of it are in favour of saving soldiers’ life. If this technology is released, soldiers will not need to control tank or warplane directly because there are robotic arms that push buttons. Soldiers can save their life from unexpected circumstance or enemy attacks. However, opponents present a question of hacking. Computer chips should be used in this technology at any rate. Then, hackers can hack in any route even if it will be protected by lots of vaccines or white hackers. Rather, it can kill our soldiers.
    Finally, supporters state that BrainGate is just a kind of technology and technology itself is a value neutrality. Main problem is a human who uses it badly, not itself. People should develop technology which can bring benefits to human race. BrainGate is a sure method to provide helping to people and we should consider it. But, opponents argue that derivation of it is much harmful than benefits. People can use it as a weapon like dynamite of Novel and negative consequence will be enormous.
    In conclusion, there are both arguments of potential benefits of BrainGate and risk of it. I think, nevertheless, BrainGate should be ongoing. I agree with some regulations will be needed but technology itself will solve many problems of human race.

  12. Jihyun Lee permalink
    December 18, 2017 1:36 am

    BrainGate is an amazing technology, which is attached directly to the brain and run by a computer. This technology has a variety of advantages. It helps disabled people who can’t move their body properly by connecting brain and robotic arms or legs. BrainGate also can be used in military, to get rid of the mine hidden in the field. It might be used for another dangerous situation which soldiers cannot handle it, to save people’s life.

    However, what if the military do not use only for a good reason? There could be many risk of abusing the technology by military. Technology always has a possibility that can be weaponized. In other words, even though the BrainGate is invented for the public good, its purpose can be overturned. For example, Novel’s dynamite and Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb is representation of abusing technology. Both scientists did not expect their invention is going to be a huge threat to humanity. If the military buy science technology and have it privately, then nobody can predict what is going to be happen in the future. Not only the military, if some groups which have a bad purpose gain this technology, our society can be put in a massive danger. As the BrainGate runs by computer, it can be hacked all the time, so people who are using BrainGate might threatened by criminals.

    In conclusion, I agree with argument that the potential benefits of BrainGate outweigh the risk that people might abuse the technology. Some evil part of the human’s minds that cannot be controlled at will and unconsciousness of using technology might bring catastrophe in the world people live in.

  13. christmas permalink
    December 18, 2017 3:14 am

    BrainGate is a marvelous technology, which can control movements with a robotic arm just by using brain. Also, scientists are currently planning to connect the brain device directly to people’s own arms. Some people think its potential benefits outweigh the risk that people might abuse the technology. However, others worry about the unexpected terrible outcomes from BrainGate. This writing is about the arguments between the proponents and opponents of this technology.
    First of all, supporters of BrainGate suggest the benefits of disabled people who can’t move their arms and legs. If this technology were well developed and successfully deployed on a commercial scale, the disabled would be able to carry out a variety of movements with their own limbs. It must be a miracle to them.
    However, critics are against using BrainGate to the disabled. They argue that it will be a dangerous surgery because it should be attached directly to the brain. They think the technology at least should be inspected and tested thoroughly if it has a possibility of causing side effect or threatening lives.
    Proponents argue that our life would become much more convenient with BrainGate. People can write an e-mail, take notes, or even text kakao-talk messages, just by using brain power.
    Opponents of BrainGate worry about the potential problems caused by this. The technology could be abused by hackers and no one could be sure about the size and severity of the damage from it. For example, if military got hacked to this technology operating tanks or weapons, many people would be died and something more terrible could happen.

    In conclusion, it seems that there are a number of benefits we can have from BrainGate. Especially, the disabled would be the chief beneficiary of this technology. However, it is also clear that we should consider about the risk and abuse of the technology. In my opinion, the benefits outweigh the potential problems because I think we can prevent the risks by another technologies and regulations in advance. ‘BrainGate’ would be ‘hope’ for those who cannot move their limbs at will. We should not deprive the disabled people of their hope only because we are worry about unrisen things.

  14. Bella permalink
    December 18, 2017 10:34 am

    Brain gate make it possible for us to move something by using our brain. Apparently, this will give us more comfortable life. However, brain gate technology is controversy so that there are advantages and disadvantages. I will discuss about both sides of aspect and make a conclusion.

    Supporters of brain gate are in favor of using this technology. They argue that brain gate is an important factor in enabling disabled people to use their body or control subjects since they can’t use their body without other’s help. Another reason why brain gate is useful is that old people who can’t take care of themselves don’t need to rely on other people’s assistance. In addition, in a military aspect, proponents of this new technology think that soldier’s life can be safe.

    Critics of brain gate are against commercializing it in reality. They state that brain gate has a negative impact on the military because military equipments without a human controller can kill not only soldiers but also citizens. Furthermore, military company will get a huge benefit which is eventually for rich people. Other opponents of brain gate think that not all people who can’t afford the substantial cost to use the technology won’t be able to take advantages from it.

    To sum up, there are potential risks and expectancy effects of brain gate. However, I would say that brain gate has more disadvantages than advantages because there are still significant problems to consider such as military, hacking or cost matters.

  15. igloo permalink
    December 18, 2017 12:57 pm

    BrainGate is a technology that allows the human brain to move robots around, by connecting the human brain to a computer. The invention of BrainGate, a communication technology between the brain and the computer, enables humans to do things that is physically difficult. This makes both benefits and risks coexist.
    First, the area where BrainGate is most valuable is the medical sector. This technology can help the daily lives of patients with uncomfortable limbs. For example, people can move a wheelchair only with their thoughts, and patients without arms will be able to drink their own water.
    Next, BrainGate can be used in the military. This technology will be useful in military because they can use robots to do dangerous tasks in the place of humans.
    Lastly, BrainGate can be used in game technology. The game “Mindflex”, currently developed by a toy compant, is the application of human brain connecting technology. This game uses electroencephalogram to move balls as well as manipulate virtual characters. BrainGate can be used in game technology as well.
    However, it is highly likely that this technology will be abused in thinking that we can easily do things that are hard to do just by thiniking. This technology is feared to be used in criminal activities such as theft and homicide. Also, it is so expensive that only rich people can afford it. Therefore, it is likely that the uoper layers purchase it and abuse it for their own benefit.
    BrainGate can be beneficial in many areas if it only complements ethical issues and commercialization issues, so I think the potential benefits of BrainGate outweight the risks of abuse.

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