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CRW 2 Tue/Thu 9:00 Class (Unit 3 Medicine)

September 10, 2020

Hello everyone. This homework is from Thursday, Sept. 10 and it is due by Sunday, Sept. 13th at 5:00 PM.

Please write your opinion on the following topic: Should everyone have access to free healthcare? Explain. (approx 150 words)

Note: The first time you post a comment, the system requires me to approve it (to prevent unwanted posters), so there might be a delay from the time you post until the time you can see your comment.

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  1. Yim Joon Hyuk permalink
    September 10, 2020 5:14 pm

    I believe that not everyone should have ultimate access to free healthcare for a specific reason. I personally perceive that free healthcare is a very utopian thinking due to the amount of tax that would be required to make this system work. The most effective example to think of would be Finland. Like most of the Nordic countries, Finland embraces a 130-year old healthcare system that virtually provides medical aids without any cost. 88% of the population were satisfied with this type of structure until now, as the population is becoming more and more aging throughout the recent days. Birth rates are dropping, and the majority of the adults that should be able to work in order to provide the taxes for the free healthcare system are failing to do efficient work. Finland’s governments failed twice in a row while endeavoring to reform the free healthcare system; as the nation’s fiscal sustainability is becoming precarious every moment, it proves that a free healthcare system requires an excessive amount of tax budget which puts an enormous burden upon the citizens’ shoulders.

  2. Ahn Gyumi permalink
    September 10, 2020 10:43 pm

    I suggest that patients have to be provided with free healthcare for two reasons. First, all humans have an equal opportunity of receiving fair public infrastructure, including medical services. It is the most fundamental factor of the social security act and human rights. Not only a theoretical perspective, but it is also important not to exclude in a practical aspect. Additionally, the governments should look upon a long-term organization of society. Public health systems can alleviate a discrepancy between the poor and the rich. Some people who support private health costs commonly argue that the quality of service would be much decreased if medical insurance became free. They think that it would result in the underfunding of the medical world and insurance fee. However, the responsibility of taking care of human lifestyle has to be deal with macroscopic implements. If the quality of health care declines, it is entirely due to the inefficient operation of central and local governments, not the tax-form of services by itself.

  3. Cha Yoonseo permalink
    September 11, 2020 3:35 am

    I disagree with the statement that everyone should have access to free healthcare. The first reason is that there is too much financial burden on the government to take responsibility for the health of all its citizens. With the development of medical technology, people’s lifespan increases and the number of people the government has to support increases accordingly. Countries lack of natural resources should cover it with its citizens’ taxes and national money. In the end, workers will have to pay even more taxes, and the national debt, which many countries, including Korea, are now struggling with, will grow to an unbearable level. The second reason is that free healthcare eliminates the people’s motivation which can lead the country to a better direction. For example, the motivation of hard working to earn money and the motivation of taking care of one’s health. You don’t have to work because you can get treatment for free, and you can do whatever is bad for your health such as smoking and drinking because you can get treatment for free. Free healthcare to keep all citizens healthy may make them be impoverished.

  4. LEE EUNJI permalink
    September 11, 2020 11:14 am

    Because everyone is a member of the nation, there should be no restrictions on receiving healthcare. Not only are sick people receiving healthcare.
    In Korea, for example, free prenatal tests are offered for pregnant women.
    Also, health care center provides a variety of nutritional supplements for pregnant women. Moreover, essential vaccinations are also provided. In developed countries, the vast majority of people enjoy free healthcare benefits. I think it’s natural that people pay taxes to ensure their basic rights.
    There are facilities that are thought to have a significant impact on the nation’s life they need continuous management. They include environment, etc., and of course healthcare and health systems. If nation discriminate people by how much they pay taxes, the nation don’t guarantee the basic things of the people. In other words, they do not fulfill the role of the state.

    For these reasons, I think everyone have access to free healthcare.

  5. KIMHYEIN permalink
    September 11, 2020 3:11 pm

    I think healthcare should be free. Because citizens pay for taxes. So the government must use it for healthcare. Public healthcare is not high quality but everyone can access it. So they can take basic healthcare. Countries have to take care of their citizen and protect them. And also they have to concern about citizen’s health. Therefore, I think the basic healthcare is a duty of the country. Free healthcare is ideal. But applying it for everyone is difficult. Sometimes, some people don’t agree with free healthcare. Because they pay more taxes than others. They think free healthcare for everyone is unfair. However, taxes are paid according to the proportion of their incomes. So I think all citizens pay taxes even though the amount of tax is different. Therefore, every citizen has the right for taking healthcare. Thus the government covers healthcare for all citizens.

  6. September 11, 2020 8:30 pm

    Obviously, I strongly believe that everyone should have access to free healthcare. This is 21st century, and no one should be died for not receiving appropriate treatment on time. As I mentioned it before, we humans are ought to live with dignity. Of course there would be several differences for quality as to compare with private healthcare, but the free healthcare
    would provide basic diagnoses. Besides, we pay taxes. What are those for? The government are supposed to use taxes for people. In conclusion, free healthcare is not an option. It is a sort or human right to live in this earth.

  7. Min Won-jun permalink
    September 12, 2020 12:33 pm

    I am opposed to free healthcare. Healthcare is the important thing. Therefore, I think it should be sustainable. The national budget is limited. As the life expectancy of the Korean people increases, the Republic of Korea is entering an aging society. Free healthcare may be available at first, but the budget spent on it will continue to grow in the future. If so, it will eventually run out of budget and the government will give up on public healthcare. If you don’t want to see such a situation, I think you have to use the mixed system. People who can take responsibility for their own health care costs will be held accountable, and I think it is a smart way to provide free healthcare to people in need, and that will be sustainable. In addition, I believe that being able to choose the healthcare that the citizens who are responsible for costs can choose will contribute to the development of the national medical system.

  8. Sung Jae-Yoon permalink
    September 12, 2020 2:34 pm

    I would like to divide everyone into 3 examples of people from the upper, middle and lower classes. First of all, in the case of the lower class, they will approve of receiving safety net, except in special cases, and in the case of the middle class, the goods they pay for medical care are not significantly different from the services they receive. Lastly upper class, most of them own the means of production, such as companies and factories, or are large shareholders. To start with conclusion, they should see the tax as an investment. Although it may be considered a loss because not only expensive than the market price, but those are not enough quality to satisfy them. However, they own the means of production, and they need the labor to run that. The cost of healthcare can ensure the workforce they can use is healthier. And also, the wheel of welfare cannot go back. People who have already tasted it will never return to life without safety net. If free healthcare is stopped due to the refusal of dissatisfied upper-class, conflicts between labor and management, or government will occur, and these conflicts will have a major impact on their image.

  9. Lee Chiwoo permalink
    September 13, 2020 1:34 am

    I believe everyone should be able to enjoy free healthcare. This is because the right to life is one of the most fundamental rights. It is supposed to be universally recognized as it is explicitly stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Providing people with free healthcare assures that their right to life is being respected. Also, governments of countries have a unique responsibility to protect its citizens. The state has tremendously more power over a mere individual as it is able to enforce its capabilities over anyone if so it desires. The reason why individuals consent into being in such position is because the relationship between them and the state is reciprocal. As individuals yield a significant portion of their freedom to the state, they anticipate protection in return. This protection does not end merely in catching criminals but also extends into providing the citizens with adequate and accessible healthcare. Making medical bills unreasonably high for an average human would mean the state not fulfilling its end of the bargain.

  10. Kim hyewon permalink
    September 13, 2020 3:26 am

    Everyone should have access to free health care. Keeping oneself in good health is especially more important nowadays. Everyone has right to take advantage of modern technology/ medical care when there’s enough resources to cure them. It is unfair to give up the health care because someone’s short of money. We could frequently catch news of the poors and foreigners have trouble getting health care. To make the place where we live better, and in here better place means the place where all humans live feeling less discriminated, the government should interfere the policy about the health care. However, the only reason I might disagree with giving everyone a free health care is that the riches are getting the same deal while they could give back to the society. And some might misuse if the policy is too vulnerable to everyone. But this kind of opinion can be a reverse discrimination to them. So, progressive tax and government’s proper tax distribution to the health care would be needed.

  11. Min Ji Eun permalink
    September 13, 2020 10:07 am

    Every citizens should be able to get free health care. Most importantly, free healthcare is better prepared to deal with pandemic. The current situations clearly show how a contagious disease affects various aspect of society and why free health insurance is needed. An outbreak of COVID-19 directly have negative influenced on overall economy; tourism, international trade, productivity of work, etc. In free medical services, all individuals are able to get proper treatment or tests for illness, regardless of their financial status. So a infected person or an asymptomatic carrier will be quickly identified and able to get remedy. In this sense, free health coverage not only promote citizen’s general health but also it allows government to take initial action on infectious viruses and to prevent from rapid spreading of disease. High accessability in medical coverage is more likely to minimize the economical, social loss caused by infectious disease.
    Moreover, It can prevent financial exploitation of a medical institution. If medical professionals can charge consumers directly, it may creates the perfect conditions for abuse. In private services, citizens may be charged higher cost. Then, only people who have money are able to access to the care, whereas others are not. If the cost is not free, all people “formally” have a right to get healthcare but only few will realize their rights. In this regard, private system may raise an ethical issue; money beyond the life. Thus medical coverage should be free.

  12. Park Jeanie permalink
    September 13, 2020 10:38 am

    I strongly suggest that everyone should have access to free healthcare.
    The first reason would be fairness. I think the poor and the wealthier ones should all have the same access to free healthcare. Since health is a matter related to life-or-death situations, it should not be the standard by which the financial hierarchy is divided. Therefore, the poor has the right to get healthcare regardless of their income, and the wealthier ones also should not be alienated from those benefits.
    Secondly, one of the purposes of hypothecated taxes would be providing healthcare for their citizens. If those taxes are not used for free healthcare, what are they for? As citizens fulfill their duty of paying taxes, the government must also take full responsibility for its obligations to national health.
    Lastly, some opponents insist that providing free healthcare to everyone will result in low-quality healthcare. Yes, it surely could be. But it would be better than getting nothing. Moreover, free healthcare won’t be their only choice. There will also be private healthcare that provides high quality of medical resources, if one wants it.
    For these reasons, I insist that free healthcare to everyone would be beneficial.

  13. Park Ha Yeon permalink
    September 13, 2020 11:55 am

    I think public healthcare is necessary. The reason is that medical services which are funded or managed by the government are fair and reliable. As it is the nation’s financial assistance, every programs and systems such as staffing, effectiveness and specialty must be thoroughly examined. Therefore, the national taxes are not wasted and people trust the public healthcare services.
    However, if the government is not concerned in healthcare, some private healthcare providers will try to earn more money rather than focus on the fairness and the whole nation’s safety because they are commercial companies. Some of them might attempt to Illegal ways. For example, in Korea’s private plastic surgeries, so called ‘ghost surgery’ have detected several times. During plastic surgery, instead of a doctor who make the contract with patient, not examined surgeon comes in and perform the surgery.
    To sum up, the government should give public healthcare to prevent private providers from putting their income over public safety.

  14. Han Seung Ha permalink
    September 13, 2020 3:52 pm

    For some people, having access for everyone to free healthcare is right in terms of equality. However, I believe that this kind of issue is rather about the people with financial problems. In that, I suggest that free healthcare should be provided to people who really needs it.
    People having difficulty to afford themselves or their family a medical attention should be the first one in line for free healthcare. The reason is that people with low income tends to put off taking care of their body condition in dealing with the difficulty of other priorities, mostly related to money. Moreover, the infectious disease may spread more quickly if their immune system is unstable. This could lead to serious concerns like current pandemic situation.
    Not only that, giving free healthcare seems desirable but it is rarely proper in many countries. In order for some developing countries to run their government efficiently, flexible solution is required. By providing healthcare for free or relatively lower costs for people with hard living, the gap between the wealthy, who can obviously take care of themselves, would be narrowed in terms of equity. This productive welfare could also lead to higher motive for working and living. Therefore, the limited budgets should be wisely paid by giving certain groups of people to access free healthcare.

  15. Kim Ji Min permalink
    September 13, 2020 4:01 pm

    I do not believe that everyone should have access to free health care. Free health care can degrade the quality of service which can even lead to bad treatment. The number of patients will rise greatly once health care services are fee. This would mean that doctors and nurses have to work from day to night on a packed schedule. If they get over worked on the daily basis it can cause a lower quality of service which is why the main goal should be treating patients with the best quality rather than quantity. Free health care can also cause people to be irresponsible and taking advantage of these services. Sometimes when health provided people tend to ignore what they are offered. Rather than taking care of themselves they can start living an unhealthy lifestyle because they have easy access to free healthcare services if any issues arise. If more people are dependent on free health care than there would be a huge waiting period for any results. Booking appointments would take weeks many months. These are a few cons on why it cannot be denied that free healthcare would lower the quality of service and make people too dependent on free health care.

  16. Lee ChaeYeon permalink
    September 13, 2020 4:37 pm

    Every citizen has the right to live a healthy life. To do this, I think that the government has a duty to protect the people with free health care.
    Regardless of much progress in medical technology these days, it is unfair to miss the people’s right to be healthy because of lack of treatment. Rich people will be able to stay healthy without free health care, but poor people will be left behind in health and burdened with becoming vulnerable to disease. So it is necessary to create a healthy life for many people with a good quality of free health care rather than respecting only a few rights.
    So without anyone being left out, as many people as possible should be allowed to approach free health care. To do so, the government should make contributions to settle down the people a safety net.

  17. Chae Bo Yeong permalink
    September 13, 2020 4:51 pm

    I don’t think all medical services need to be free for everyone. If everyone gets free medical care, the government will not be able to afford the huge budget. It is clear that free medical benefits that the government cannot afford will cause problems in the health care system. Above all, the quality of medical services will decline. As everyone knows, medical services are directly linked to the lives of the people. Therefore, the quality of health care is a very important issue, and it is natural that the government cannot easily implement policies that could undermine it. I think there is a more reasonable way than free medical care that everyone has access to. For example, there is a method of paying medical costs differently depending on income and property. It is to pay medical expenses according to one’s financial situation. This allows many people to access medical services while securing medical service costs.

  18. KIM HYEON BIN permalink
    September 14, 2020 6:54 pm

    Our lives are totally based on Capitalism these days. Not for every countries but most of the countries in the world have applied this kind of rule on themselves. And with Capitalism, as we all can expect easily, gap between the Rich and the Poor seems to be quite serious. People who have enough money to do the thing whatever they want or at least get the thing they need, has no difficulties to pay for the medical treatments when it’s needed compare to those people who are not. On contrary, people so-called poor always struggles with money to maintain their lives. And it is not their choices to live that way. For example, Some people might be under pressure by financial crisis which is was driven by their parents, not themselves. Even in Korea, there are a lot of people who are living struggling all the time. I know that some countries like The United States have no duty to protect their individuals but i think under this kind of system which is called Capitalism, there must be some exceptions for policies when it comes to this kind of serious thing which is highly and directly related to their people’s lives. So I think even if there were not any exceptions like this and also it might be going to be the one and only exception, i think we should let everyone get free health care that allows every citizen have their lives go on ‘equally as a human being’ at least.
    Thank you.

    Actually i think i mistook the due day of this homework with the another one from SD1. So I’m a bit late. Sorry for being late. Have a nice day.

  19. Ludvig Dovberg permalink
    September 15, 2020 8:41 pm

    Misfortune happens to someone else, not me. Some people tend to think that. It might be a reasonable defense mechanism to escape from the reality itself, or maybe just an unwillingness to understand. Yet, understanding the risk of a tragedy is undoubtedly dissatisfying the benefit of public healthcare could result in comfort for everyday living. Whether the individual is rich or poor the right for public healthcare is something deeply rooted within the social contract. To ensure that it might be useful someday by delegating the responsibility and expertise to someone else is rather luxurious. But we never know. The fact that it might be useful is as uncertain as to if you win the lottery tomorrow or if your car got a bump at the parking lot while shopping. The uncertainty of your health isn’t something that should be measured with your wealth.

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