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CRW1 Environment

November 6, 2017

The homework, due next Monday, is as follows:

Choose ONE and write an opinion.
1.What can the government do to reduce the effects of climate change?
2.What can individuals do to reduce the effects of climate change?


CRW2 Unit 3 Medicine

October 18, 2017

The homework for Wednesday’s class, due by Monday, is as follows:

Should health care be free?

CRW1 Unit 3 History

October 11, 2017

The homework from today’s class is from p. 57. Please choose ONE of the following two questions:

1. Have you ever visited any museums like these? If so, what are your strongest memories?
2. Is it better to learn history from books and the Internet or from museums?

CRW2 Unit 2 Education

September 25, 2017

From Monday’s class, here is the homework:

Please outline the advantages or disadvantages of learning something online.

CRW2 Unit 2 Education

September 24, 2017

Hello students. Sorry for the late posting of this week’s homework. I would like you to write a response to the following question:

Should university education be free or not?

CRW1 Unit 2 Customs & Traditions

September 18, 2017

Your homework from Monday’s class, due before Wednesday’s class, is as follows:

Choose a country and describe some of its customs.

CRW1 Unit 6 Health and Fitness

May 16, 2017

The question below is a controversial moral issue, namely: how much control, if any, should governments have over individuals? Modern political philosophy focuses on respecting rights. At one end of the spectrum are libertarians; at the other are liberals. Libertarians prefer a laissez-faire approach – that government should not interfere in people’s lives and that people should make their own decisions, even if the consequences are harmful. Liberals prefer government intervention such as rules and regulations to minimize detrimental effects on citizens. A tax on products that are bad for health would be supported by liberals to prevent harmful health problems. On the other hand, libertarians would argue that the tax law was an example of paternalism, i.e,government acting like a parent. Libertarians argue that paternalistic laws are not morally justifiable, even to protect people from harming themselves. (Note: On economic issues such as tax, libertarians and oonservatives share common values.)

Students: Do you agree that governments should charge a tax on products that are bad for health? Why / why not? (Note: The background information above on Western morality is not necessary for your answer. You may disregard if you like.)

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