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CRW 1 Unit 10 The Brain

December 13, 2017

This will be the final homework of the semester.

Do the potential benefits of BrainGate outweigh the risk that people might abuse the technology? Why / why not?


CRW 2 Environment

December 4, 2017

The following is an example paragraph from p. 119 #3:

There are a variety of actions householders can take to protect their homes from floods. These steps, if followed closely, can minimize the damage from any unwanted water that may flow into the dwelling. The most important step involves personal safety, so residents must decide whether to stay in the house or not. If the flood is severe and the occupants are old or in poor health, they should be relocated to a safer place as quickly as possible. Secondly, valuable possessions like furniture or electronics should be moved upstairs or raised off the floor. Finally, it is a good idea to pile sandbags along the outside walls and doors to limit the amount of water that enters the house.

CRW 2 Unit 6 Environment

November 29, 2017

Today’s homework, due Monday, is to write a short description of a specific case study on an environmental problem. You might review the example paragraph on page 112 (paragraph 2) about drought in Kenya, as well as look at the example below, which is a description of case study A on page 116. Note: You will be able to use the description of the case in which you are interested when you write the essay at the end of the unit.

Case Study A: Fire Risk
Southern Australia is susceptible to bush fires. The geography of the area is heavily forested, so there is an enormous amount of fuel for the blazes. Especially common during summer months, the number and intensity of the destructive fires have escalated recently. Experts blame the phenomenon on several factors including global warming, drought, and human activity. This, in turn, has resulted in the loss of commercial and residential buildings, animal habitats, and health problems from smoke pollution.

CRW2 Unit5 Environment

November 27, 2017

The homework from Monday’s class, due Wednesday, is as follows:

What are the benefits of dams?
What are the disadvantages of dams?

Choose ONE only.

CRW1 Unit 6 Health and Fitness

November 20, 2017

The homework from today, due before class on Wednesday, is as follows:

What can individuals do to keep fit?

CRW2 Unit 4 Risk

November 15, 2017

First of all, my apologies for not uploading the homework assignment sooner. Thus, there is no homework due today, Wednesday the 15th. The homework for next Monday is as follows:

‘Taking greater risks leads to larger personal, professional, and financial rewards.’

We listed the arguments for and against this statement on p. 79 of our text book. What is your opinion?

CRW1 Environment

November 6, 2017

The homework, due next Monday, is as follows:

Choose ONE and write an opinion.
1.What can the government do to reduce the effects of climate change?
2.What can individuals do to reduce the effects of climate change?

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